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this afternoon.i'm charles benson.and i'm shannon sims. the county executive says the additional tax would fund the county transportation needs. but as pete zervakis reports... those who had the chance to comment on the proposal this morning think it's one fee too many. about 10 speakers turned out here to the mps admin. building to weigh in on the county's proposed budget for next year. most targeted the 60 dollar vehicle registration fee - or wheel tax - included in the budget proposal. a bologneit would generate about 27 million in new revenue each year... to help fund the county's transit system... and other transportation needs. these speakers don't want to pay it. you're going to get people to move out of this city and if you put this wheel tax on i'll be the first one to move out ?the state already charges a 75 dollar registration fee. ?and drivers in the city of milwaukee already pay a 20 dollar wheel
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tax would take the total up to 155 dollars a year. others worry the wheel tax - if approved - would disproportiona tely hit collectors... or those who ride motorcycles. my motorcycle can't be driven all year round but i'm going to pay 60 dollars to keep it stored in my garage? i got a car i take out twice a year, i have to pay 60 dollars to drive that around? another public comment session - before the full county board - is scheduled for october 31. at 53rd and vliet, pz, tmj4 the county's finance and audit committee...which hosted this morning's meeting... will now review and amend the budget proposal before sending it along to the full county board for consideration. storm team 4 now....the humid has broke and despite the wind, a nice wisconsin fall day meteorologist scott steel joins us with how cool it's going to get tonight.
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through southeast wisconsin leading to a shift in wind direction from the warm southwest to the chillier northwest. a lack of moisture allowed the boundary to cross the area without kiin any significant precipitation. the drop from our near record warmth yesterday will be more local news now... marquette university police are searching for the vandals responsible for defacing a pro-life display on campus.the 'marquette for life' group
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unborn" every includes 12- hundred blue and pink flags.police say the suspects pulled those flags out of the ground and vandalized the banners. two months after the violence in the sherman park neighborhood, people living there continue to work to restore the community.riots broke out after a milwaukee police officer shot 23-year-old sylville smith following a traffic stop back in august. the violence caused millions of dollars in damage. tonight anyone living in the area is invited to a meeting at the sherman shop to discuss the progress made.the meeting starts at 6- 30. a new report shows wisconsin finished the fiscal year in the black.according to the department of adminstration: the state had about 314 million dolllars left over as of june 30th. the reports says the state collected 15 billion dolalrs in general-purpose revenue taxes. that's a 4 percent jump from the previous year. if you are training for your next big marathon, milwaukee
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to the real estate website, red-fin, brew city comes in at number 10 for best marathon training looked at things like, number of parks per square mile, daily temperature and amount of sunlight each day. 11 children rescued from sex trafficking in milwaukee.. george mallet is in the newsroom with a story new on live at 5... shannon, charles... here's the of the cases in milwaukee involves two sisters under the age of 18. tonight the chilling account they gave to federal agents about that's coming up on live at 5... still ahead on live at four... hyundai recall.which models are affected and the reason behind the massive recall.also ahead...thinking of taking the pets along with you for trick-or-treating... the signs of whether they'll be able to
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4 your money this afternoon.... here's a look now at the markets at the close of business today.... more money headlines w. air bag issue has prompted hyundai to recall more than 84- thousand cars in the u-s.the recall involves genesis coupes from the 20-10 to 20-16 model years.the car manufacturer says a wiring problem can cause the air bag to unexpectedly go off or not inflate enough, giving little protection. walgreens customers now have the option to "ship to store" for free.the new offering allows customers to shop walgreens' online for a range of products typically not found in-store... and pick up
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duane reade store.not only is the shipping free, but there's no minimum order needed to take advantage of the service. if you're looking for a good investment, you may want to consider netflix.the online streaming service's stock rose by nearly 20-percent in after-hours trading on monday. the gains come after netflix announced three-point- six-million new subscribers in its third quarter.the number exceeded company by more than a million. if ?you? shop online from well known retailers, pay attention. not all items featured are being sold by the retailer. some are offered through a third party with different reputations and terms and conditions. karen stiles of our call for action office joins us in the newsroom with more information.
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you plan to purchase is from the retailer or a third party seller? watch for the fine print that states that the item is being shipped or fulfilled by a different company. sometimes retailers feature items from a third party seller in a format similar to items offered direct from the retailer. mention of the third party seller often appears as a caption or near an order button. what are some of the problems that people could run into with a third party seller? are reputable, some are not. they may have different terms and conditions that will not allow you to return an item. shipments may take longer than expected, the third party seller might go out of business or is slow to respond to requests for customer service. or, in some cases, the purchase might involve scams where you pay but the merchandise never arrives. what can we do to avoid having some of these problems? check out the reputation of the third party seller before making a purchase, and check
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conditions. contact the seller direct with any questions or concerns, especially about shipments, quality, returns, and warranties. and, if something seems suspicious or you run into a problem, contact the retailer to alert them of the situation and to ask for help. if you are unable to get the retailer to provide assistance, contact consumer organizations like our call for action office for help. charles and storm team 4 weather now... forecast now.... meteorologist scott steele joins us now with how long we can expect the humidity to stay away. a cold front has passed through southeast wisconsin leading to a shift in wind
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northwest. a lack of moisture allowed the boundary to cross the area without kicking off any significant precipitation. the drop from our near record warmth yesterday will be gradual as the full effect from the new air mass will lag behind by a couple of days. readings will continue to trend downward over several days with the chilliest day expected to be on friday as the mercury only reaches the low 50s. meantime, high pressure will eventually take over leading to an extended period of dry weather
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time now for time now for ask the expert....with halloween just under might have some questions about whether it's a good idea to bring the family pets along during help us answer some of those questions, we're joined by animal behavior specialist, kyra mandas. when we head out trick or treating, should we bring our dogs along or leave them at
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put costumes on your dog?can you tell us more about
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got a question for our experts? email them at ask the expert at today's tmj4 dot com. you can also leave a voicemail. the number is 967-5253. just ahead.. the trick-or- treating secret that could help score more candy this halloween.. and coming up at
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comments that caused five students to be expelled from their prep school.. here's an updated look now at the markets at the close of business today. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program,
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deny coverage to cancer patients.
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storm team 4 nice fall day out there. a little windy, but nice and's some video capturing the leaves changing up in port washington. a cold front has passed through southeast wisconsin leading to a shift in wind direction from the warm
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northwest. a lack of moisture allowed the boundary to cross the area without kicking off any significant precipitation. the drop from our near record warmth yesterday will b coming up...the big change that could soon be coming to an apple store near you.also up next...the nominees just announced for the 20-17 induction in the rock and roll
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you could soon notice a big change the next time you check out an i-phone at apple stores. the tech giant is considering doing away with the security cables attached to cables attached to the phones.they did it at their flagship store in says doing this so customers can get a feel for the phone and try out different cases while in the word if they'll do this at apple stores in the u-s. pearl jam, janet jackson and tupac are just a few of the 20-17 nominees for the rock and roll hall of fame.the hall of fame announced today 19 artists and bands are up for induction next spring during a ceremony in be eligible for the hall of fame, artists or bands must have released their first recording
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tupac's first year of eligibility. bob dylan apparently needs some time away being awarded his nobel peace prize in literature... he hasn't been seen since.the swedish academy which handed out the award hasn't been able to get a hold of him.represenatives say they've been in contact with a close associate of dylan's, but not the man himself. however, they're confident he'll be present to accept the award on december 10th. if you're trying to help you kids get a bigger haul of candy this halloween or find out your neighbors favorite costume.a new survey by online retailer zu-lily found nearly 25-percent of adults admit to giving more candy to their favorite costumed kid.animal costumes ranked the top candy getters followed by princesses and princes.
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now at 4:30 - say goodbye to the 70' might not feel like it but a cold front is


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