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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1230PM  NBC  October 18, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm CDT

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medicare open enrollment ends december 7th. call now and see if the benefits of an aarp medicarecomplete plan are right for you. ?? thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. here's a look at your top stories today. members of the public had the chance to weigh in on milwaukee county's proposed budget for next year.most came to protest the 60 dollar vehicle registration fee - or wheel tax - included in the county executive's budget proposal. and others think the proposed bus rapid transit route between downtown milwaukee and the regional medical center in wauwatosa is a waste of money. a community meeting happening tonight to discuss future plans on restoring sherman park neighborhood.the violence broke out after a milwaukee
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23-year-old sylville smith following a traffic stop back in august.anyone who lives in that anyone who lives in that area is invited to the meeting. it starts at 6:30 at sherman perk coffee shop. wisconsin has the widest high school graduation rate gap between white and black students in the federal data show that almost 93 percent of white students in wisconsin earn diplomas within four years, compared to just 64 percent of black
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former wells fargo c-e-o john stumpf may have known about the fake account problem sooner than he september-- the bank fired 53- hundred workers over the creation workers over hundred workers over the creation of about 2 million fake accounts between 2011 and 2015.stumpf told congress he wasn't notified of the problem until
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employee addressed to stumpf warned of widespread "unethical and illegal activity" inside wells fargo. cnn money hasn't been able to determine whether the letters were actually sent, nor actually sent, nor whether stumpf or the board members read or board members read or received them. more news nowa wisconsin family has learned that a body found off a beach in corpus christi, texas is their missing teenage son.the body of 13-year-old gabriel carpenter was found in the water yesterday water yesterday afte and his brothers were swimming at the beach sunday night when he went underwater and never re-surfaced. the teen and his family were visiting corpus christi. a very close call caught on a police car dash camera monday. the officer is helping a motorist with a flat tire on a bridge on the minnesota- wisconsin border.she sees another vehicle coming and jumps out of the way... just as the patrol car is hit, slamming into the concrete wall and sliding across four lanes of traffic. the
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she wasn't hurt. "i was just thankful my officer is alive and not injured.""our squad car and this pickup truck were within feet of her as they went by, and i am amazed that she did not get again how close lundberg's squad came to hitting her."the 31-year-old man driving the pickup had non life threatening injuries. the minnesota state patrol is investigating the crash. a teen driver is recovering this afternoon after crashing an s-u-v into a house. police say the driver lost control of the car this morning airborne and struck power lines before crashing into a home.investigators say the car was stolen.they say the teen suffered life-threatening word on if anyone was in the home at the time of the crash. some hurricane matthew victims in north carolina say fema help is not enough to help them rebuild their lives. gilbert baez has more from cumberland county. crews have spent this morning going from apartment to apartment removing everything.
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are 99 apartments in this complex. that means the lives all those families have been turned upside down. toya meadows is one of them."i don't really have no clothes... a little bit of clothes. furniture i pretty much gave away. a lot of it got messed up. the beds got wet."meadows spent most of this morning cleaning out her first floor apartment. many here... had no flood insurance and says money from government agencies will not be enough to start over. "even with fema helping... it's still enough to help me put down a deposit and get started so i can do it myself."it's a scene being played out at homes all over our area. the city is using large trucks to pick up debris and take it to the dump. the big question now... where are these folks going to live? "that's the difficult part. people getting enough resources when they already don't have enough resources to be able to start over again. so thank god that some people have friends and relatives
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be difficult process... no doubt for people. and they are going to be hurting for a while." in today's nbc insider"the voice" continues its battle rounds tonight but it's already looking ahead to the next season. the show announced today that gwen stefani will return as a coach for the season that's likely to begin in late february. stefani made her first appearance as coach last year. she'll be joined by adam levine, blake shelton and alicia keys.the show's also making plans for announced that miley cyrus will return next september as a coach. a new exhibit is unveiled on the flight is unveiled on the flight deck of the u-s-s lexington in texas.. and as you can see.. it's special in more ways than one. the fighter jet was painted pink in support of breast cancer awareness month. it's the first plane exhibit ever to be painted pink and displayed on the lady lex. the city of edgerton only has around 55-hundred has around 55-hundred residents... but, come this friday, the tiny
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fansthis weekend is the city's second annual harry potter festival. the three day festival takes the community into the world of hogwarts.the event is expected to raise more than 600-thousand dollars for area non-profits. still ahead - we'll get a look at the markets this afternoon... and -- halloween on stage. a local production from the goosebumps series. the theater company putting on the show... and how long you
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program, and letting insurance companies deny coverage to cancer patients.
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right now...dow:nasdaq:s and p: perfect for halloween... a family thriller on stage at the marcus center's todd wehr theater... ...from the popular goosebumps books series... comes goosebumps the musical: phantom of the auditorium. it's put on by first stage theater... and we're joined by john maclay who wrote the book and lyrics for the show... and young performer... matthias production.
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phantom of the auditorim runs through november 13th at the marcus center's todd wher theater. for times and ticke information... you can check out the links section of our
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on tmj4."packers live with larry mccarren" at 6:30. followed by "the voice"-- "this is us" and "chicago fire" then its more local news on live at ten. thanks for watching.days of our lives is next.our next
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