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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  September 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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one local woman is out $4,000. she's warning others of credit card skimming at local gas pumps. very concerning. >> yeah, she banks with chase which called to notify her, there was suspicious active with her account, not long after she filled up her tank at the gas station. >> i tried to use my debit card declined, and i knew i had money in my account. and i tried to look in the account, and i started to see things that i did not make purchases. >> like $3,000 of stuff. along with other declined charges, she never made. she believes, she was targeted at a gas station in river west,
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>> i wonder who's doing it. >> this comes as more than a dozen gas pumps were found to be rigged with illegal credit card skimmers, that can be ball game online -- bought online. so far, three confirmed locations in our area. the open pantry on blue mountain and brookfield, the 7-11 on franklin, and quick stop in random brittany hopes whoever is doing this gets caught. >> it was not a fun experience to go through, and now i'm out of a debit card for seven to ten days. i have to change my bilge information and it's a huge pain. >> a few things you can do to protect yourself. check for tampering, wiggle the card reader, it should not be
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with cash or go inside the station to pay. today's tmj4. >> i like the last options, thanks. take a look, do you recognize this man? he's one of three wanted in a brookfield home invasion. the break in happened at 10:30 in the morning, and a woman was home at the time. the victim said the man put her in a closet, while gathered her jewelry. call the police if you saw anything suspicious in the area. we have a description of the vehicle investigators are searching for. the police describe the vehicle as a maroon or dark red newer model lincoln four door sedan with dark tinted window. a person in this vehicle, fired at another car sunday, injuring a child.
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the milwaukee county sheriff's department. a fast moving robber, hit three banks in 30 minute. it happened this afternoon in kenosha. we talked to customers who dealt with the aftermath. >> at one point this afternoon, police start to position squad cars around other banks, but the robber was still able to make three, and made off with cash. three banks, hit one after another in same man. the suspect was in a wig, went in, demanded money and took off with cash. >> concerning, i hope they get the guy. >> the first happened at the chase on washington road. the second at the chase on 6th avenue, and the last at johnson bank on 60th street. >> i didn't see it, i don't know filled have noticed. >> the whole series of
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minutes. the short time frame is why the police suspect he likely got in a vehicle in between the robberies. despite the fact by late afternoon, it was back to business as normal at the bank, but customers were still worried. >> we do our business here for the american legion, but they deposited the money. >> for crime, this is more upscale downtown, wdo >> kenosha police are still searching for the man, they're working with the fbi on this ooze well. they -- as well, they do have good surveillance video of the man himself. today's tmj4. >> hopefully they can solve it, thank you. u.s. senator ron johnson wants the department of veteran's affairs, to
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calling for the investigation after reports of understaffing for the facility. johnson referenced a veteran whose body was found last week. his mother said her son was denied health in june, seeking mental health care. the facility would not turn away an eligible veteran. plans to extend the oak leaf trail are moving forward. people met tonight to discuss the future. we h >> the plan in this area, is to extend the trail and connect the rock's forth complex with franklin's commercial center. many are thrilled of the trail that's slated for an expansion, and others have their safety concerns. the trail extends about 3,200 feet in the route river parkway, the project's principle engineer
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for years. >> to get connections to neighborhoods and other trails, build a trail network, and make it available for recreational use, to get people on their bikes to get people off the road, using alternative modes of transportation. >> 80% of the project is funded by a federal today's tmj4. thank you very much. >> milwaukee supervisors met with residents today, to consider the ways to control the number of people playing pokemon go at the parks. they want to hear from you, if you're unable to make it tonight, there's another meeting tomorrow night at lake park, in the community room beginning at 6:30. this sunday, hike milwaukee.
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hike. we're a sponsor and our staff will be there hiking with you. sign up via our website, the clouds rolled in and it's definitely cooling off. >> left the windows open, when i came home to walk the wolf dog, and the wolf dog was curled up like a hairless cat. >> oh, dad, it's chilly. just wait, the dog, it'll get chilliern earlier today. welcome to the weather center, and no precipitation to speak of. some light showers to the north of milwaukee. nothing major, here's a live look. still an overcast sky. some of the clouds could produce showers overnight. but the bigger story is the weather word, cooler. a one day drop in temperatures, coming on the way. outside, we've dipped into the
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the dew points are still up, but they'll drop after the cold front. look for a few overnight rain drops, but starting tomorrow morning, we'll see improvement. we will tell you how long it'll last. >> see you in a bit. a community celebration is planned to honor the life of talk show host, eric vaughn. it takes place tomorrow, from 3 to 7, he died last thursday, he almost 30 years. we're getting a look inside the racine home where more than two dozen dogs were rescued last week. the animal cages on top of each other, 24 of the animals are treat at the wisconsin humane society. >> this morning, i came to work and i saw one of the dogs walking outside, wagging his tail with an equally joyce volunteer, and their future
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friday afternoon. >> that's good to hear. the dogs are still part of a criminal investigation, so they're not available for adoption. updates will be on their facebook page. a pantry is in desperate need of help. the need of food has increased. they have summerfested meals to people who are homeless, or nearly homeless. you can make a donation, we have a link on for your money a new option for people, looking for work in milwaukee. this job center access point, connects the unemployed with dozens of employers as well. still ahead, apple store, so why don't they sell i-phones? >> why one store is causing
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three phoenix officers were
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driver targeted the officers. okay, if you're an apple user like me, you may have run into a problem today. >> some who were quick to download this new software, but they got a bug that left their phone useless. >> i have ignorance problems, but we'll move on. and many crashed, and to fix it, the users had to connect to i tunes, system. there's an apple store in green bay, that doesn't sell i-phones or computers. it specializes in apples. the ones you eat. they opened for the season monday and sold their fruited before the day was done. but the store's manager says they get a lot of calls for people asking for apple tech products. >> we get calls on how to fix
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they don't want me working on their computers. >> they feature sweet tango apples, and more varieties are expect in the the coming weeks. an evening event, donald trump unveils a new child care plan. tax reductions, and gra leave. hilary clinton is resting from a bout of pneumonia, and she'll return to the campaign trail on thursday. it's been a deadly month stemming from dug overdoses -- drug overdoses. >> a veteran was one of thousands who struggled with addiction. we talked to a local vet about
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getting clean is more than going to rehab. >> good evening, more than 60,000 veterans in the nation, suffer from opiate disorders. both of these are local veterans, both suffered from addiction. and both went through a similar treatment programs, unfortunately, only one survives. >> he was an amazing >> after being in iraq -- >> he gave all of us hope. >> they became roommates, and for the past five months -- >> he was doing really well, doing everything he was supposed to. >> but he relapsed. >> it was all within a couple of
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>> terrance was more than a dozen people who died of a drug overdose over labor day weekend. it's common, more than 20% of vets with ptsd, have a substance abuse disorder. one in ten, returning soldiers have a drug or alcohol problem. >> a lot of guys have a misconception they'll come in a treatment program, and these people will make them better. you have to make yourself better. >> one veteran who struggled with addiction for years, following a spinal cord injury. >> i was injured in an accident, a balcony collapsed underme. >> it left him paralyzed, and put him on a painful road of recovery. he hit rock bottom, when he was thrown in jail. >> i realized that i didn't have an excuse for i didn't grow up
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up in that environment. i lost everything, i gave it away. >> after getting out of jail, he checked into a rehab program at the va. it's here where the staff encouraged him to find a passion. >> they helped me with the addiction piece of my life, but a major part of my support network is the sports i do. i can feel accomplished things, it has to be done differently. >> most of h training for triathlons. >> i came from the gym to come here, and then i'll swim laps in the pool later. >> he completed one in chicago, and even though he didn't win -- >> a close second. i lost by 20, 30 seconds. >> it's the motivation to win the next challenge. >> the biggest barrier you have in life is yourself. >> the va has provided him with
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my every day life without them. >> in 2015, 334 veterans sought inpatient substance abuse treatment, roughly 80% ended up completing the program. if you know someone who needs help, we have a list of telephone numbers on our website, >> it's an important story. >> inspiring. and we're feeling like on the verge >> we were at oakland avenue. people were out and about, some wearing sweaters. september nights are here, the best of weather. >> we'll get a taste of it tomorrow. but let's be carol about it -- careful about it, we'll warm back up for the weekend. yes, outside, you can write a
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no precipitation to speak of on radar. there's more back off to the west. here's a live look from the west bend tower cam. up above, we have cooler air coming our way, the gray goes away though as sunshine builds back in, and get ready for a seasonal stretch for the weekend. high temperatures in the area, made it in most spots in the 70s. waukesha the international was reached early in the afternoon, two degrees above average. outside, we're at 64 officially, and closer to the 50's inland. 51 in waukesha. 50 in fond du lac. just about everyone behind the cold front, half a dozen degrees below where we were yesterday. the trend will continue tomorrow, but the dew points are dropping as well. so it won't feel quite as humid.
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an indication the front has gone by, and another indication, look at the temperatures. 43 in fargo. the one day drop in reading is coming our way. this little cluster of storms, is robbing the energy that could affect us. the front goes by, and we could see stray showers. the front is tomorrow's promise of improvement. the future forecast, indicates we'll have to deal with rain drops, and improving conditions with sun the forecast for tonight, look for mostly cloudy skies, more rain drops while we're sleeping, down to 58, and tomorrow, start with clouds and finish with sun. cooler, up to near 68. here's the seven day forecast. get ready for a nice rebound for readings, back in the 70s, and return to more showers and storms on the way on friday, and i expect that there's a possibility, we could see a
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this point, is looking to be pleasant.
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a
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seniors. not for wisconsin. the green bay packers, showed how important he is to the offense and the future. the contract extension, makes him one of the highest paid lineman in the nfl. less than two week off an acut him, they extend the deal that'll pay more than $51 million over four years, with 17 of that guaranteed, he was in
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deal, the packers wanted to lock him up early. and maybe a good sign that adams rebounded from his year last year. he made this incredible catch, the 2nd quarter, the packers win over the jaguars. that catch was big, it gave them the lead before halftime. the head coach liked it. >> i think it's what you're looking for. to go out and make a big pl an extended play, situation. the throw is phenomenal. a phenomenal catch. just as far as the coverage, and through that. it's definitely something we'll accomplish. >> i feel i had a pretty good training camp, and continuing to do that, to take the steps to get them to throw the ball. >> a big time catch, coming up in the second segment of sports,
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the brewers and reds back at it tonight. the reds get on the board home run from joey votto. and keon broxton, smashed a solo shot to left, and tied the game up, and then in the third. jonathan villar gave them a 2-1 lead. and later in the third, game tied up at two. scores a couple of runs, and reds take it.
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start this season, with wins over lsu, and they're hosting georgia state next this saturday at camp randall, here's the head coach on how they win the football game. >> it always comes down to there's an opportunity you have to make a play, whether it's a sack or a stop, and i think it's been pretty good on first and sec downs. we started the first two game the way you like
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here are the winning megawinning number. it'll be we start with cloud and should finish with suns, and a quick thank you to the folks, i was honored to be the emcee. it was the big fundraiser for the college money. >> it matches the out fit. thanks for joining us , on live at 10. >> they would appreciate it if
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- shailene woodley,


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