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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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flooring. they long to get back inside. the gate's been locked since march. >> tell me how you felt when you found out you couldn't play here? >> i was very sad. i was like -- >> the dream playground is all inclusive, with swings, and a merry-go-round for children with special needs. >> 3,000 people came together and put this playground together and that in itself makes the story so miraculous. >> sadly, five months later, tests determined15 feet of rubber flooring defective. >> it meant that children who had disabilities, again, in our playground were sitting on the sidelines again. >> the city considered suing the original contractor, but this week came to an agreement. >> the settlement is for approximately $230,000. that will help offset part of the new project costs. >> the new project costs $588,000.
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it will be paid in part by the tax inincrement district and rent collected from cell phone towers in kenosha. the work's expected to take at least 7 weeks. >> i think it's going to just be a very emotional day when the play dome reopens, and we see the smiles on the faces of the children and we hear the sounds of their laughter. decision 2016, primary day in wisconsin. we have less than two hours. >> polls close don't forget your i.d. >> and high profile races to be decided, including the speaker of the house paul ryan versus business man paul nehlen. the race received national attention after nehlen received praise from top republicans, including trump. >> running against current district attorney john chisholm. there is no republican in the
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mandela barns is challenging taylor in the democratic primary. the election commission says no major voting problems have been reported so far. julia fello joins us live outside the polling place at rufus king international school. >> we have seen a steady stream of people coming. less than two hours before the polls will close, charles. statewide the voter turnout is expected to be very low. this may be the perfect time to take advantage of that and make come november. milwaukee's election commission only expects about 15% turnout among registered voters. november's turnout is expected to be up to 87%. statewide, about 16% of eligible voters are expected to come out. while the voter turnout for the last presidential election was about 70%. >> these seniors have adopted
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king international school. 17-year-old lieu see yeah is not eligible to vote, but she'll be ready. >> i was an uninformed voter. i learned a lot. >> including the pitfalls of the voter i.d. law. >> they always forget. >> the executive director says you do not have to have your current add on there, just your photo and signature. >> as long as you're already registered at your current address, the address on current. so, if you haven't updated your driver's license you can still vote today. >> reporter: all of the money made by the students volunteering here at rufus international high school, all that money is going to be donated to their scholarship program, and also for school improvements here. this building was built in the 1930s. it needs a lot of help. sounds like a win-win.
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shortly after polls close at 8:00. expect updates on air and online at and get alerts sent right to your phone with the tmj news app. the app is free. the search for an endangered missing teen in delafield. 17-year-old jeremy shanklin is bipolar and if he see him, call police. investigating a double murder, two men killed early this morning at a home near 36 and congress. one was shot the other stabbed, just after 3:30. no arrests have been made. so far this year, there have been 76 murders in milwaukee. that's 17 less than all of last year. a driver is interested a hospital after her suv smashes through this home. on the north side, it happened
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no one was home. the suv was clipped by another car causing it to veer off the road. new at 6:00, a local girl scout honored for helping save her father's life. casey geraldo talked to the 12-year-old about her quick thinking during a traumatic moment. >> girl scouts of wisconsin southeast, bestows the medal of honor to girl scout cadet caitlin hannah. >> this a moment a girl scout can >> but most would hope never come. >> she helped her family get through her dad's life-threatening fall from their attic. >> i heard a noise, and i thought the dog knocked over the shelf. >> i remember falling. >> i saw him laying there, he was conscious, but unresponsive. >> luckily caitlin has seven years of girl scout first aid training. >> i sent my brother to get my mom in the garage. and then i went and like tried
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and then my mom arrived, i went into the house and called 9-1-1. >> caitlin helped her mom, a nurse, for 20 years, act quickly. >> she remained on the phone with the 9-1-1 dispatcher, and gave them all of the information i was getting. >> it was cool-headed thinking that helped save her dad. >> i was very proud of her. >> now, they hope her award helps others too. >> and that it will encourage other girls to do the same. >> i think she's going to be a good example for other girl scouts. >> inas today's tmj4. "storm team 4" now, take a live look at the wisconsin state fair, and check in with meteorologist jesse ritka from storm chaser. >> we are loving the clouds that have come over state fair park. you can see them on our 360 tower cam right behind miss emma here. how are you doing? >> good. >> can you switch over to our
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tell us the temperature. >> 83. a dew point in the mid 60s. wanted to talk a little bit about our dew points, and how you should do your hair, because we've got a band coming today. what's your name. >> lexie, julia, addy, katie, emily. >> everybody is sporting different air looks. you got your hair down, this is what you do with dew points in the 50s. this is why you have to put the pony tail. how are you feelin >> or you could do -- you could have no hair on the back of your neck at all. >> smart move there. because that's when dew points are getting into the 70s, you want to have the stickiness away from you. >> why do you have snowflakes in your hair. >> thinking cool thoughts. >> or we can all just cool down with some root beer cake. back to you guys.
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is trying to put the hall of fame game fiasco behind them, looking ahead to saturday's match-up with cleveland. aaron rodgers talked about the impact of the first pre-season game being cancelled. rod burks is in green bay. >> it was a missed opportunity for the green bay packers when they cancelled against the colt in canton because of the football field. aaron rodgers knew early on that the game was in jeopardy. >> it was the field. i went on the field at do a workout. and i noticed the end zones were firm, like a plastic consistency. and i was surprised by that. but, you know, when i went out the second time to see scott, maybe if scott was going to be out there and andrew, i could tell there was something going on. made the decision, in the interest of player safety, the substance they were trying to
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promise you, was not health conscious at all. so, i think they ultimately made the right decision. >> now the packers have to get ready for the cleveland brown on friday night getting help on the practice field. cook, montgomery, and barrington will be on the practice field tonight. here in green bay, i'm rod burks for today's tmj4. all right, rod, thanks, looking forward to that. and looking forward to tv tonight from rio, michael phelps set to take on his rival from south africa inhe fly. final video of them before last night's semi-finals. the guy was trying to get -- >> he looked like a boxer more than a swimmer. >> the guy from south africa was trying to get in his face, and it didn't work. >> it did not. not with the phelps. coming up next, on live at 6:00,
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?? more news now, the mystery of green bay's creepy clown is over.
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forward claiming responsibility. photos have gotten a lot of attention on social media. the filmmaker says it was all part of a marketing campaign for his upcoming short film. >> we got a lot of copy cats, who are claiming they were going to do things. and i just -- i wanted to put a stop to it. at least officially announce that it was for a film. >> that's good, didn't even have to use marketing to get this done. the film is scheduled to be released by halloween withoc screenings planned. >> all right. a new look at a video that helped land a madison man in jail. police say glen live stream threats to kill police. a video shows him driving around looking for officers. an off-duty officer from new york came across the video saturday morning and alerted police in madison. glen was arrested after
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patrol. a knife was found in his car, along with two bb guns. >> a happy day's star visited milwaukee. and have you seeing double. >> pretty cool. a live look from the state fair. chief meteorologist john malan has a special live musical
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so where does the fonz go when he visits milwaukee? of course he stops by the bronze fonz. henry winkler sent this house.
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live at the fair. john malan has a front row seat. >> john, you have a musical guest. >> john: we do. first we're going to start with this family. what does henry winkler do on the fonz. >> hey! you got a very famous recognition. >> we got recognized for having our farm in years. >> and you're the current owner. >> husband and i are the current owners, been in the family since 1866. >> how many grandchildren. >> four. we have two other grandchildren and another son. there was twelve of us here this morning. >> congratulations. olson family. now, i promise you some music. these are kids from wisconsin. where do you perform.
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amphitheatre. >> amaze us with a routine. go ahead. ?? >> give them a hand, folks! [applause] >> john: before we go, charles, and shannon, i promise you some food. show them what that is. >> this is layman's bakery. we have danish kringle. >> which one is the eau claire. >> this big chocolate custard one. >> that's for charles and shannon. what do you want?
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i'll take any of those. >> i think the kringle is yours. how is that? >> yeah, the whole kringle. absolutely. looks like you're having fun. join those singers, wake them up before they go, go. welcome to the weather center. he's having fun, why not? the weather has been terrific. beautiful blue skies all across southeastern wisconsin, until this afternoon when we got those darn old cumulus clouds, they occur during the clouds obscuring the sun a little bit. but, we're starting to see clearing our way like in our waukesha county area. looking to pewaukee showing a few of the clouds beginning to dissipate, and plenty of blue skies, as well, and you can see, as we show you your weather headlines, we're going to be sizzling soon, before you know it. get ready for the muggies to continue moving in. it, in fact, is starting to feel
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least over the next couple, before we see the next round of precipitation, a possibility by the end of the week. outside now, still in the 80s, we're in the 6:00 hour, it is 84 in fond du lac. 83 in milwaukee. 85 along the lake in kenosha. the dew points have begun climbing significantly. remember yesterday still some 50s out there. we're now seeing the upper 60s inland locations, 68? the dew point in watertown. 67 in beaver dam. that is a good indication of the rising humidity levels and uncomfortable level of muggies that will be moving in before you know it. wind are starting to die off. once the sun sets they'll become near calm. that could produce patchy fog by the predawn hours tomorrow. as we widen the view, look at temperatures, absolutely remarkable. 91? in wichita, 88? right now in sioux falls. 85 in rapid city, south dakota. and even as far north as fargo. 82? there. that warm humid air creeping
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bye-bye high pressure pumping in southerly wind leading to hazy, hot, and humid conditions. this will be held at bay, i think until thursday night or friday before we see our next opportunity for precipitation. future forecast bears that out. our computer model showing quiet conditions as we head into mid week wednesday. your storm team 4cast this evening into tonight, skies will become mainly clear, warm, patchy fog developing toward morning. temperatures down to 67. for tomorrow, look for mostly sunny ski warm, and very humid. our high surging to 88?. here comes your "storm team 4" 7-day forecast, get ready for 91? on thursday, with dew points in the low 70s. those two combined could lead to heat indices approaching triple-digits readings, dangerous heat and humidity thursday. thursday, into friday, is when our showers and storms could roll in, as we head toward the weekend, precipitation departs, we come off.
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comfortable weekend ahead. stick around, we've got much
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welcome back. the packers get some key players back with title end jared cook, sam barrington and wide receiver thai montgomery all activated off the physically unable to perform list. with the rookies in the pre-season game, here's rod burks. >> the green bay packers on cleveland browns friday for the rookies, the first time they get an opportunity to show the coaching staff what they got. >> yeah, stepping into that first game and stepping onto lambeau field for the first game is going to be that much more special. >> it is huge, an opportunity that, like i say, put that last one behind you, we can't go out there and make the opportunity now, got to focus on the next game. it's a huge game, because, it's
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coaches outside our practice and actual game that you can be alive, and do the things they're looking for, and in an actual game setting. >> decide to just go out there and show my talents, and, i mean, just go out there and play football, you know what i'm saying? i haven't played a game since my last bowl game. i'm excited to go out there and play. >> for the rookies, they want to keep their mistakes on the football field at a minimum. with the pack, i'm rod burks for today's tmj4. >> thanks, homerun celebrations with the bowling pins falling down. prince fielder's career might be over because he can't get medically cleared after a second neck surgeriment texas expected to hold a press conference tomorrow. he has 319 home runs, the same amount as his dad. badgers under way and kick off their season against lsu,
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lead a fierce front 7. >> i consider myself a leader, whether it was back in 4th grade t-ball, or in wisconsin rapids, my father always instilled in me being a leader, and that came very natural to me. to be able to earn the respect of my teammates my senior year
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(jet engine reving up) you hear that?
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tonight... on the olympic ?? tonight... on the olympic zone... some say the future of us boxing is in the hands of this undefeated teenager... shakur stevenson is out to prove that in rio... the future is now. plus... what i did in london was miraculous. >> what paralympic gold medal... just a year after a bomb explosion took his sight while on patrol in afghanistan... but for former navy officer brad snyder... that was only the start of his road back. and... jill martin hits the streets of rio with international supermodel adriana lima... in search of the perfect outfit for copacabana beach.


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