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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ohh! denied. mommy, wake up. it's time to play. [laughs] oh, henry. i'm late for work and you promised. ok, buddy, go get your shoes. go on. yay! [groans] when will a day off ever actually be a day off? in about 14 years. [chuckles] come on. oh, uh, so, remember, have the play date with cameron.'re on your own for dinner. oh, i'll manage somehow. mm. i love you, too. i love you. i love you three. jump! come on. ohh! i love you four. you have to go to your mama, ok? ok. yeah! are you ready to play soccer? let's play soccer. ready? all right, kick it to mommy. kick it. whoa! score! say, bye, daddy!
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all right. kick it agai [doorbell ring good morning. breakfast is served. thank you. mm. am i early? no, no, no. we're running late. we're just having too good of a time. hey! beth! come and look at our fort. wow! you guys! this is inspired. where's your cape? i'm wearing it. [laughs] yeah! come and see inside. wow. ohh! we slept in here all night. it sounds so much fun. i'm jealous. we're going to do it again tonight, right, dad? sure, buddy. no problem. could beth sleep over? [chuckles] could she? [laughs] i... [indistinct chatter] you want to see it? it's so cool. ok, ok, uh, the tv movie is in hall h at 9:00.
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you think we can we make it to the captains of the enterprise panel at 11:00? obs. thanks for coming with me. of course. i've been knitting this scarf for weeks. penelope. kevin. hi. you came. and you brought a friend. csu technician sharp, how are you? fine. you? i am also fine. ok, well, see ya. you're not gonna go in? no. actually, we just went in and it's super lame, so we're leaving. oh, ok. oh, great costume. yeah, you, too. that was awkward. oh, my god. we used to come every year. i can't believe he brought someone else. well, you brought someone else. yeah. someone i couldn't possibly be sexually attracted to. you're welcome? whoa, rossi! why doesn't this surprise me? are you here for the convention? who schedules a cigar aficionado event back to back with... this? i know, right? it's the greatest party ever. well, it was gonna be. unless it involves gentleman jack
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i find that statement to be highly dubious. kevin brought another woman. i'm plotting revenge. do you want to help? no. now, you know i love you both, but this is saturday and it is my day off, so i'd prefer to love you from afar. so, have fun. it's my bedtime. it's 9 a.m. you're judging me? thank you. thanks. i don't know. emily, what's not to know? it's a beautiful place.
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cracks can be fixed. no, they can only be hidden. they're still there. what, are you afraid the place is gonna fall down? i'm afraid it's never gonna be as strong as it was. ok, somebody's heart is not into it. what's going on? [sighs] i don't know. when i first came here, i felt like i was home. and now, it's just an uphill battle. people kill for opportunities like this. am i crazy to walk away? well, you gotta do what's best for you. follow your gut.
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thank you. [beeping] it's ok, ma'am. go ahead. did you remember to bring your key? yes. did you remember your glasses? yes. nag, nag, nag. [beeping] over here, sir. i'm gonna ed to see your bag. ok, sure.
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over here, sir. it looks like everyone's setting that thing off today. sir, over here. hey! [screaming] oh, god. i want to see hands in the sky! now! try to triggerny alarm or give me any damn dye packs and you're dead. you understand? do you understand?! yes! cash in here. cash in here. go, buddy! come on! time! 1:45. yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are the face cards. maybe you've heard of us. [speakingerman] [speaking german] get your fes on the floor already. i see eyes, you see bullets. get it? get down on the ground! get down on the ground! 1:30. what the hell is that?! i said no dye packs.
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i'm sorry. oh, she's sorry. you sorry? ohh! you're gonna be sorry. please. we'll cooperate. just tell me what you need. what i need? well... lynne... this is a bank, right? what do you think i need? [laughs] oh. take me to the vault, sweetie pie. go. go! one minute. dispatcher: all units in the vicinity off penn and southeast, robbery in progress at colonial liberty bank. that's one block over. shots fired. repeat, shots fired at the colonial liberty bank. all units. 426 responding.
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30 seconds, boss. all right, coming. on the ground with the others. what do you mean? we got trouble! black-and-white. get down. down! down! side door. let's go! faces on the ground. count to 100. don't even think of moving. i said count! better pull back and see if they respond. 10-13. officer down.
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[shouting, siren, horn honking] jj: "fear is met and destroyed with courage." james f. bell.
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[siren] [indistinct radio communications] are you ok? yeah. it's definitely them. i only saw the king and the jack, but i figure the queen's inside, too. the media's calling them the face cards. 7 bank robberies in 7 months. they've killed one person at each robbery. rossi: m.o.? single gunshot wound. each of the victims has bled out. serial killers with a 30-day cooling-off period and 're only just hearing about this now? well, headquarters has always characterized them robbers first and killers second. no one kills 7 people without serious psychopathic tendencies. i disagreed with the original assessment. i was overruled. so why are we here now? because crisis negotiation is overseas. what more do we know about them? they're organized, they're efficient. each strike lasts about 2 minutes. they gotta be scouting the banks in advance. why haven't we been able to i.d. them off of surveillance footage? they hack the security feed and turn off the cameras, both during the initial canvass anduring the robbery, until the masks come back on, and then we're allowed to watch.
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yo! lynne!hat's another way out of here? just the main entrance and the side door. it's forecurity. i know that. you think i'm stupid? what went wrong? we were on count. i need a doctor. is anyone a doctor?! [baby crying] would you shut that kid up! he's a baby. what do you expect her to do? it's ok, baby. it's ok. no one asked for your opinion. it's not just the cops. we've got the feds now, too. we're screwed. you have to apply pressure. i can't even feel it. yeah, i know. just push down as hard as you can. would you focus on what's important. sh the hell up! he's bleeding out. it's his fault we're in this mess. nice heads-up on the cops, olly. maybe think it was your count that was off, huh? how bad is it? you're gonna be fine. i don't want to die. we're all gonna die if we don't get out of here. you shot a cop. shut the hell up! you're not gonna die. we're trapped in here, ok.
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all them. rossi: they're using the hostages as human shields. this is the first time they've been interrupted. what went wrong? it's a big bank. it's possible they weren't about to round everybody up before someone triggered an alarm. why haven't they cut e feed now that they've been cornered? letting us see inside gives up a tactical advantage. they gotta know that. hotch: they don't seem to care. jj: they're overconfident. arrogant, even. the face card masks add to their narcissism. their personas are the royalty of poker. jj, reid, and prenti, look at past robberies. that's gonna be our victimology. pull another analyst if you need to. dave, i nt you to handle negotiations. and, morgan, strategize tactical options with mpd. chief strauss. the director ordered me to supervise your operation. puts you right in the spotlight. well, you've got gunmen with hostages in the capital. the hill's concerned. we're about to open lines of communication. what about a tactical assault? i don't think it's a good idea. there are hostages in front of the doors and windows.
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the jack's bleedg out. they'll ask for medical attention. hotch: the female unsub might have something to say about that. look at her body language. mm. she is cold and detached. the king seems genuinely concerned about his partner's welfare. but she couldn't give a damn. the men probably know each other. yes. garcia? shuffling my technofabulous deck of databases, sir. hey, don't look. it's gonna be ok. we're all gonna die, aren't we? i'm sure the police will give them what they want. stop talking! [ring] it's gotta be the feds. [ring] i'll be right back. [ring] who the hell is this? my name is davidossi. i'm with the fbi. to whom am i speaking? all right, i want a doctor sent in, and then i want out of here. well, we certainly can discusthat. let the hostages go and we'll give you all the medical help you need.
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how about a sign of good faith? send out the women and children and i'll see what i can do. he's trying to negotiate. negotiate? we're not playing games. no, no, no, please! daddy! either we get what we want or everyone in this room dies. do that and you get nothing. take me instead. please. take me. it's ok, baby. oh! aah! daddy! you better send in some help
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we're sending in a medic. that's just gonna give them another hostage. if they st shooting people, it's worth it. if we give in to one demand, we'll have to give in to them all. the director disagrees. at least make it an agent with medical training. that way he can take advantage of an opportunity if it comes. fine. the brass thinks they'll act rationally, but there's no evidence of that. this is personal for the men. the king could have run after the initial gunfight, but he didn't. instead, he pulled the partner inside out of harm's way. and stayed with him, while the woman searched the bank, presumably for a way out. he's more worried about the partner than he is about her running away. garcia, narrow your search. i think the male unsubs might even be related. roger that. in 6 robberies no one's been able to build a sketch of the unsubs before they put their masks on. these witness descriptions are all over the map. prably because of the trauma suffered inside. they've been zig-zagging north and south but in a relative straight pattern from washington, d.c. this is the largest bank they've hit.
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so today was always a part of their plan. but why the nation's capital? to make a statement? i pulled schematics from the previous banks. this is the first one with metal detectors. maybe that's what went wrong? no, they cased the branches too well in advance. they'd know to be ready for them. these are takeover robberies. no faces, no passing notes, no prints. they're professionals. hey, there is something all these robberies have in common. the queen's the only one who pulls the trigger. sir, i found a thing. see, i took height and weight measurements and i crossed with known related offenders who specialize in bank jobs and home burglaries-- yes. show me. these are brothers chris and oliver stratton. they are petty thieves from philly, turned bank robbers in jersey. they were put in jail for two years after an attempted heist went sour, and they were released two months before the first face card robbery, and their measurements are a match. when didn't the ncic database connect them? because the brothers have never used third partner, and shooting people is not part of their m.o. it looks like they weren't very successful criminals.
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reid: the woman chose a different type of victim eh time. it's not just the security guard. it's been a mother, a manager, and a young child. she shoots them in the gut. they bleed out while they rob the bank. she's sadistic. she gets off on her victims' pain and the fear it incites in those around her. move him out of here. [couing] stay with me, olly. where's my medic? i don't see him. kill someone else, then. make them listen. it also appears the king is in charge of the money-grabbing operation while the queen keeps track of time, making sure they're in an out in under two minutes. she's more in control of the operation than they let on. turning the king and queen against each other could be the key to disarming them. he's not a killer. that could be our in. only if the jack doesn't die. if he does... no, no, no. i want you to put that in your bag. the woman's probably going to want to search you. but chris is gonna be too focused on getting aid to his brother to delay long enough for her to check the bag, too. all right.
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no unnecessary risks, you hear me? once you stabilize oliver, check on the hostage they just shot. understood. he might still be alive. do not draw your weapon unless you can subdue the unsubs without endangering the hostages. yes, sir. [telephone rings] [ring] why hasn't anyone come in yet? we're sending in the medic now, chris. tell oliver help is on the way. hurry. they know our names. not all our names. is she putting on lipstick? they're sending someone in. chris. [groans] olly, olly, no. no, no, no, stay with . what are you doing?
6:23 pm
i don't feel so fine. no! no! no! get over here! you're gonna save him, right? i'm gonna try. oliver, can you hear me? come on, olly. stay with me, oliver. this is not good, aaron. morgan, tell green to make a move before chris does. green, you gotta go. green, go.
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[indistinct radio communication]
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snipers are moving into position. strauss: the director's ordered a full tactical assault. his last orders cost us an agent. swat's getting itchy fingers. you remind swat that bank robberies are federal jurisdiction. right. no one fires until they're ordered to. all right, when t crossfire starts, what's gonna happen to the hostages caught in the middle? that's the wrong call, erin, and you know it. it's not my call. you're here and you're in charge. so you want me to disobey the director? yes. no, i just want you to buy us a little time. don't be quite so efficient. whatever you're gonna do, do it fast. all right. reasoning with them is still our best option. and murdered someone. in retaliation. his we're dealing with two killers now. we have problems, sirs. outside nefarious sources have hacked into the surveillance feeds. i'm trying to i.d. them now. at least a couple of them are media outlets. can you block them? no, not without blocking ourselves, too, sir.
6:30 pm
hey! everybody move forward 5 feet. come on! move forward 5 feet! line up! i'm sorry about olly. just shut up, would you. we've got to pull ourselves together, figure a way out of here. what happened? hmm? who triggered the alarm? was it you? calm down. we need to focus. call them back. demand an armored truck. what, you think they're gonna let us go? we killed 4 people. two cops. so what? we don't try? that's just great. why don't you walk over there. i gotta think for a minute. whatever you say...


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