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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ok, you're gonna meet your new daddy. uh, have you seen jackson? i think he's down there. thanks. hey. hey, beautiful. it's your birthday party and you are working. yeah, i'm sorry. i'm almost done. this is a hybrid of vitis venifera and vitis ripia.
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what is that? a birthday valentine's day hybrid gift. you got me a puppy? wow, this is a big step. it's- yeah. like we adopted a furry baby together. ( laughs ) big step. thank you. well, let me clean up. ( laughs ) ( dance music ) look how cute she is sleeping. she isdorable. hey, how did the interview go? she made me an offer. that's incredible! and she said that i could start in two weeks. i am so proud of you! people kill to work with real estate guru nancy spencer. but i'm not so sure about being an agent at such a large company. are you kidding me?
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they could let me go without a reason. it would never happen. you're brilliant. and the timing is not so good. ok, what's stopping you? the job is at the new mexico head office. so? all your frids live in new mexico. but you don't. thanks. come on. molly, listen to me. i know this is important to you. if we need to move, we'll move. but you love san francisco. plus, you'll need to find a job. i've got my doctorate. if that doesn't work out i'll be a sommelier. are you sure about this? as long as we're together. grab a seat. molly, you know i'm horrible at giving chocolates
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being on time. being on time. and- and you let people take advantage of your good nature. and i'm no good at expressing how i feel. i have something for you. jackson, it's your birthday, not mine. but it's also valentine's day. true love is often spoken but seldom found. and i believe with all my heart i've found love with you. wow. i thought you said you weren't good at expressing yourself. i wrote cheat notes. ( laughs ) jackson, you can't afford this. i can afford it. it's... it's beautiful. you really don't need to buy me things. that's why you deserve it. besides, it's valentine's day.
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has anyone seen jackson? vanessa? isn't that your ex that cheated on you? yeah. jackson. will you get us another bottle of wine? sure, what kind? red. just give me five minutes to deal with this. ok. thanks. jackson, i've been calling. i changed my number. it's been almost a year. ( dog whimpering ) vanessa, listen. it's my birthday, i've got people over, this is kind of- ok, no. we need to talk. now. in private. ok, come on. i haven't seen you in months. why now? because i had a baby two weeks ago. wow. vanessa, i am really happy for you, but what does that have to do with me? everything. what are you talking about? cody isn't kyle's father. oh, the truth comes out. so, who else did you sleep with, hmm? mike? ted? no, no, no, it was paul wasn't it?
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the dna results came in this week. you are the father. what? you're a father? no. no! yes, he is. kyle jackson wheeler. no, it's impossible. we broke up over a year ago! ten months ago i came over. you were there for me. you comforted me. tell me it's not true. molly, i am so sorry. she came over, she told me her father died, i was helping, and then wine, and then one thing led to another. i- i felt terrible and it was- it was love. no, no, no, it's not like that. maybe it is like that. woah, woah, woah. she was totally lying, her father isn't even dead. he was dead to me. i believed that you loved me. moll listen to me, please. you and i were just friends back then. you are the father, jackson. the odds of that are completely ridiculous! i have papers! bye, jackson. molly, wait! hey, hey! you knowhat? just leave it alone. maybe it's better this way.
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ok, fine. but you are the father. molly, wait! leave me alone! it's not what you think! no, it's worse! you cheated on me and now you have a kid! back then you and i hadn't even kissed yet! i was taking things slow! ( crowd gasps ) let's talk about this! molly, please. please don't do this. please talk to me. please. no, no, no, no, no. don't do this. no, no, no. molly, molly, molly, molly, i love you! what did you say? i love you. love hurts. please, please, please, i can explain. oww! aaargh!!!!
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hey, baby. what're you doing? greg, what am i doing? what areou doing in my shower? aw, honey bunny. i came by to drop off a gift after racquetball. i didn't want to wake you. well, we have rules. you know how i feel about my space i know, but we've been together almost a year. you really should let me move in. i can't deal with this right now. i have to meet with some billionaire and i can't be late. billionaire? one of nancy's clients. i did this thing that got me some attention and now he wants to meet. why am i telling you this? i have to go. first i have something for you. re. these are huge. greg, this is too much. score one for the rickster. rickster? rick hooked me up. these were found backstage at a beyonce concert. check it out.
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and there's a little "z" on the other. i'm going to prison. so you like 'em? yes, i love them. thank you. they're beautiful. now please leave. oh, uh... molly? i love you. i love you, too. this is another property that i was wanting to show you. i think it's a fabulous, fabulous location. oh, molly! wow, perfect timing. i know it's a little unorthodox, but i'd like to introduce you to randall slade, he's our newest client. a pleasure. hey, molly. i am totally stoked to meet you.
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i wish i could be there in person, but i had this tech convention scheduled in japan. in fact, we've got, like, 96 seconds to ta so let's do it. randall is the inventor of wipeout. wipeout... it's the hottest new dating app. it's like a video pitch. you have to make an impression in, like, ten seconds or you get crunched by a giant wave. wow, that's... fast. yeah. i came up with it when a cruncher knocked me off my board. you should total try it. i have a boyfriend. randall has some investment ideas. i've gained this affinity for wine and i want to own a label, from vine to bottle, the whole lot. and he would like you to handle the purchase. yeah. i heard you made cotter sick cash on a lame-o mini-golf course so i figured why not give nancy's new hot shot agent a go? i used to date a guy who managed a viyard. you see that? i had the old feeling inside you were right for the job. ok, cool.
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it's vintage, organic, web presence, they do everything back to basics. and it's trending. gonna be hot. but it's not for sale. unlike kellar vineyard, which i highly recommend. nancy, you're such a bummer. broken hea was recently sold to a group in california. i just don't see them turning around and selling so quickly. ok, so let's offer them double. double? yeah. it's all part of the plan, man. what do you say, molly? make it happen? i will do my best to deliver you broken heart vineyards, mr. slade. i like her so much better than you, nancy. oh. ( beeper goes off ) uh-oh. time's up. time to water the daisies. oh, i schedule everything. even trips to the washroom. allows more time for true serenity. it's very odd. downer, nan. don't call. i won't answer. ok. molly, namaste.
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the only card that lets you earncash back twice on everypurchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. make an appointment with the curator at broken heart. her name is miss tisher. find out who the owners are. randall slade is very good at wasting money. you can count on me, mrs. spencer. good. should i roll him somewhere? uh, no. someone will pick him up. aw, that's sweet.
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this flower-obsessed, good-looking boyfriend of urs? keep him. the scallops in the sage butter sauce is amazing. another part of their new menu. i like their old menu. it was reliable. reliable equals boring. every six months you gotta change something. greg is reliable. every monday morning at 9:15 there are flowers on my desk. that's a subscription th your rebound forgot to cancel. he's not my rebound. two weeks after jackson you moved here and meet greg. as a lawyer i can tell you it's an open and shut case. oh, come on. is flowers all it takes to get you in bed? no. what about... nice earrings. greg got them for me. they're too flashy, aren't they? no, they frame your face nicely. ( laughs ) ok, very convincing. anniversary? nope, just greg being sweet.
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you really should let me cross-examine your boyfriends. and that's why i never introduced you to jackson. ( laughs ) ( gasps ) oh! what are you looking at? go get more napkins. at least it's white wine. it's still gonna leave a stain. that's ok. go online and check out "wine, women, and song". it has the best remedies on how to get wine out of your clothes. but it's white wine. it's still gonna stain, look. "wine, women, and song". and check out jean-luc pierre's daily blog on the site. it's hot. never heard of him. he's this elusive, sensitive writer from france who documents his life, love, music and wine. the blog is on the ten most read list. i'm not really into bls. you'll be into this one. jean-luc still yearns for carmen, the love of his life. it's so tragic. it makes me tear up just thinking about it. what is wrong with you? you have to read it.
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ok. jean-luc, not so bad. carmen is gone. i made a fool's mistake. love is fragile, and with my careless actions i've crushed my carmen,
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and now i fear tomorrow. i fear loneliness. i fear that love will never enter my house again. fear is all that is left without carmen. hello. i was introduced to your blog today. your writing is heartfelt. thank you for sharing your experiences with us. molly. ( sigh ) what am i doing? ( message alert ) molly, it's my pleasure to have met your acquaintance.
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terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. that's why i'm here. c'mon let's sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people will get shingles? i dn't know that. i did. he's on tv saying it. but have you done anything? (all) no. that's why i'm reminding people like you to ask your doctor or pharmacist about yourisk of getting shingles. because if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh. who's had chickenpox? scoot over. me too! when i got shingles i had this ugly band of blisters and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. so talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
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(all) yes! good, 'cause if not we're gonna watch highlights of my career 12 hours straight. i know, talk about pain. seriously now, talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. nice vineyard. it's so close. who owns this place? as f as we can tell, a few investors from california, but they're hiding behind a couple corporations.
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( sighs ) they don't want to sell. i have to convince them. well then, i'm going to walk around and check the place out while you go and do that. i'll text you when i'm done. as soon as you're finished here i'm pretty sure we've got another leak over in the rondos. got it. well hello to my new boy toy. hot day. hi there.
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you shouldn't be out here. it's off limits to the public. hey, let her stay, man. she's hot. i'm lost. can you help me? sure. i'm jackson west. jackson west. i know that name. and you know a lot about wine. yeah, that's why i work here. you're the jackson west. do i know you? no, no. i've just heard your name before. uh, probably at a wine tasting. and i'm romeo, but my special friends call me romeo. ( laughs ) , romeo. i didn't know we had a tour today, romeo. you don't. um, my friend is meeting with miss tisher about buying the place. i told you man, not to trust the old bat. it's ok. your friend is- her client is some rich billionaire who wants to dabble in wine. dabble? in wine?
11:28 pm
dabbling in... things. ye i'm sure it won't work out. look, i should probably get inside and find out what's going on. no! i mean, i've never been to a vineyard before and i would love to look around. well, there's not much to see. we're in the middle of our season. our harvest isn't until august, so it's pretty slow. slow is exactly what i need. ok. would you excuse me? sure.
11:29 pm
wonderful view, isn't it? miss tisher? you must be molly dawson. it's a pleasure to meet you. come. let's discuss this offer of yours. how was your drive? it was beautiful. so, what's your name? liz. elizabeth. alright, elizabeth. i'll take you over here. we've got a wateringystem i need to check on. is it close to any wine samples? ( laughs ) i'm sorry, but you've wasted your time. the owners will not sell. miss tisher, i represent a very aggressive buyer who is willing to give your owners a more than fair price. at least take a look at the offer. oh dear. that's six zeros. seven.
11:30 pm
well, um... uh, i'll mention this to the owners. but even at this price i'm not sure they'll accept. we own several trending brands and trademarks... ( phone vibrates ) do you need a minute? no, i'm sorry. well, i'll uh... i'll hang on to this and um... i'll see you out. great. wine has been around since the start of time. plato once said nothing more valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to men. winemaking is an art just like painting, only i use sunlight, water, and love. jean-luc pierre. you stole that from wine, women, and song. you know jean-luc?
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yesterday's blog on "wine is best served on a broken heart". you have experience? ( message alert ) i do the heartbreaking. "lethal liz" they call me. hey, molly! where? hey! there you are! calm down. good girl. you named your dog molly? molly's a pup, really. i've only had her about a year. here, go fetch! how's the tour going? are we ready for the romeo special? no. look, i'm really sorry but we have to get into town to get some supplies, don't we? it's been really good to meet you. you can find your way out through ere. yeah, sure. ok. lady, you forgot your bag. ooh! ( barks ) we're gonna get sued, amigo! shut up, romeo! elizabeth? molly, get! molly, get out of the way! molly, get out of the way! backpacks are ready to go, and it's only sixteen hours to the border. they have vineyards in mexico! no, no. i'm ok, i'm ok. really.
11:32 pm
yes. you took a pretty nasty spill there. yes, i'm fine. i think i can stand. liz? we're dead, amigo. oh my gosh, liz. are you ok? i'm ok. molly, quiet! excuse me? oh, this is awkward. jackson? molly? ( slap ) back away slowly. some tequila, to help with the pain. is it top shelf? only shelf. ay ay ay, that's not looking so good. it's an old relationship with a lot of baggage. how passionate. just like a telenovela. in this entire state, how big is it, and you come to this winery? oh, come on.
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you knew i worked here, just admit it. i didn't. no- you knew worked here. i didn't know- say it. no, i did not- you knew i worked here. no, i have a client who wants to buy the place. over my cold dead body. that's an appealing proposition. especially since miss tisher is taking the offer to the investment group tomorrow. investment group? mmmhmm. hey, you never gave me a chance. you cheated on me! come on, we had gone on two dates when that happened! i made a mistake, yes. but cheating? hardly. where's the kid? hah! ok, you want to know something? she was right, kyle is mine and vanessa took advantage of my good nature so you know what i did? i fought for custody. and lost. she took him from me and moved back to texas. i'm sorry. that sounds terrible. yeah. but what about the emails and the phone calls? you still moved here to stalk me. stalking?! who found whom? two months you called my phone every night! and on top of that, you named your dog molly? only a stalker would name his dog after his ex-girlfriend! hah!
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it's only molly with one... "l". moly. jackson? yes. may i have a word with you? sure. you need to look at this. what is it? their offer. the answer is no. just look. six? seven zeros. ah, yes. why? i don't have a clue. but that offer is nearly two times the market value of the vineyard when you bought it. i appreciate what you've done, trying to save my life's work, but that offer is enough to pay off the bank loans. you can go to france. start over with some really good land. and me? i'm staring at retirement. she's asked for full disclosure as to who the owners are.


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