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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  March 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: isis has claimed responsibility t. started with # explosion in the departure half disaf venton airport outside the airport arouou 8:00 a.m. brussels time. about an hour later an explosion at the mall of the subway station. both attack at peek morning hours. >> i can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable. it's really hard. >> reporter: prosecutors say the two men in black seen here were responsible for the subway attack at the airport. and owe figure shall are look for the men in white oo a the you petting. and sa salah action december lamb. the last suspectctn the paris terror attack. and it their working assumption that the network thaha carried out the brus ella tack the same that carried out the attack in paris. president obama addressed the belgium situation at the top of remarks in havana.
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supporter friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible. meanwhile here in the u.s. no specific threats but heightened security at transportation hubs like new york station and major airports like washington, chicago and los angeles. in washington karen kay fa. 7 news. >> there are powerful images coming out of brussels. >> lynn: that's right people cauring the fear and con fiewftion the survivors on the cell phones and some of the pictures are hard to look at. 7's nicole linsalata continue nicole. >> reporter: that for sure they are difficult to look at but they give ace first hand look at the chaos cawed by the terror on those tack. the horrific images of the aftermath in brussels reached far beyond belgium. he people around the world watched aspictures like it these show what look like a war zone with injuredassengers lying helpless in the smoke airport. another photo taken after the
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phone and another with a bloody face. her expression a silent but strike image of the shock and horror felt by many who were just there to catch a flight. out side of the airport reporters nap pictures a ambulances rush the scene to help the hundreds who were injured. and cameras captured the show of force a armed police stood guard with evacuated passenger. the fear spread across europe. images showing french soldiers check unattended boxes left on the platform at the railway station in fairs frafnlt security increased at all major airport inin russia, poland, germany. italy and great britain. security in new york city also tight end as images continued to pour in from b bl buvment the horror and hope as some walk wade from the last unharmed wrapped in blak plan cessments others seen hugging each other and wiping way tears at yet another bloody affect violence.
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playing a big role in connecting loved ones and allowing people to declare themselves safe, unsafe or not in the area. live in the plex. 7 news. >> lynn: all right from nicole linsalata across the newsplex now to jessica holly. >> coverage continue with such a jessica. >> reporter: well, jeff and lifnlt belgium is famous for the beautiful count try side. chocolate and beer but quickly becoming infamous as a recruiting ground for jee what defighters. >> monday morning terrorist attack hit without warning. the belgium prime prime minister wouldn't call them up expected briefing his country is at war. ladies and gentlemen what we feared has happened e e prime ministers charld michel. our citizens have been hit by blind violent could you bard wardly acts. belgium has become a hot bed for terrorist cruiting because of
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are roo pee an cities a a prior to paris no immigration check between nations of and the euro fee an union. intelligence agencies had been on high later for a possible tack since friday's arrest in belgium. a ciewd pair ace taks conspirator salah abdeslam. ee and of the fighters we were look for. abdeslam told thoartz had created a new network and plan nug attack. unclear if the brussels terror attacks were already plan or if they were a direct response to the terrorist leaders arrest or his network that sent them into motion. officials have been after abdeslam since the tack in france in november. ananmonday belgi officials announced the identity of another suspect add tacker. he although they a not connecting the # attack. the blast in belgium were set off one day after the release of his sketch.
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porgt terrorist futur t. is also exforth them as compared tornlg western nations per capita belgium what the highest number off foreign fighters to join isis in syria. ve in the newsplex. jessica holly. 7 news. >> okay jessica. our treem 7 coverage of the terror in brussels does not end here. coming up at # tonight. we'll show you how south florida owe figure shall are ready to react if a similar tack happened here. >> >> lynn: meantime president obama bidding farewell to cuba. he wraps up his historic visit jut a short time ago. his final day on the island clued a message to the cuban em p. he spoke at the gee dea tra in havana about what the countries have in common and couldn't tra biewtions the cuban have given america. >> in the united states we have a clear monument to what the cuban people can build.
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for all our difference, the ban and american people share a common value in their own lives. a sense of pay tree six and patriotism and pride. a lot of bride. a profound love for family. a passion for our children. a commit the to their education. and that's why i believe our grandchildren will look back on this period of isolation as an ab bore rrk a trk ino and one tory of family april friendship. >> lynn: the president had a highly anticipated daition with with discussion case coants. he recognized all the courage the people at the table have shown by speak out on the issues they care deeply about. and then it was time to play bat. president obama and h h fall almost family joined raul castro at abase ball game as the tampa bay rays face ofd against the cuban national tete. and one south florida family has a personal interest in the match up. their loved ones owe figure she
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with the family as they watched history just a few hours ago. 7's sports director steve shapiro joins us now with their reaction. steve you know what lynn t towrntz to be a did story. i got an e mail last night from anna key avmentz turns out her brother is part of umm pierg crew. lazaro laz diazz was born in miami, the son of cuban exile. he was the third base umpire in today's game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team in havana. >> laz's dad was one of those who left on a boat among 20-foot swell. >> diaz family in miami gardens watched the game together diaz cuban born mother wa the most emotional. >> i feel happy i cried. diaz a veteran major league umpire.
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but for hi family, today's game on cuban toil soil was equally significant. very important time and it make me proud that hopefully relations will be better betwe cuba ant u.s. a which i think it will because there are changng already. >> diaz was one of two cuban american on the umpiring crew today. angel hernandez was born in cuba. he now lives in pembroke pines. for diaz family, what they witnessed live on television today is almost unbelieve able. >> i'm very proud and happy for him. >> it's a very emotional and wonderful time of for us as a family. >> laz diaz is going into his two # season umpiring in the big leefnlgt diaz turns five # next week. pretty good prebirthday party for him today. tampa bay beat the cuban national team # to. live if the newsplex. i'm steve sha bir ir pir o.
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>> will oath 7, firefighters battling fierce flame in a of neighborhood. flames break out at a house in north miami over night. no one live in the home which is for sale. it happened near northwest # 3rd street and north miami avenue. the cause ofhe fire tonight is under investigation. >> lynn: a deadly drive in corral spring. a car plunging into thisanal off ramble wood drive and at lan pik tick boulevard. divers pulling out the driver who was killed. police believe he may have been speeding. >> a disturbing discovery near fort lauderdale. the body of a teen found in an alley way near southwest 16th 16th street and state road seven. police say no visible signs of trauma. homicide detective are investigating. >> >> lynn: the search is on for a missing child in central florida. 12-year-old jade enramirez was last seen in lake mary. 5-foot two and weieis 132 pounds. ramirez was wearing a grai jacket with yellow sleeves.
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if you've seen her or have any information call 1888-fl missing. a touching tribute to young victims of violence as parents mark the anniversary of their daughter's tragic death and as walter morris reports they are also relay age very important message. >> coral gables pd fowngd the pavement handing out fliers hlping many one will voiz this man. who they say robbed and sexually sailtd woman last week. >> it' very traumatic this. eye surprise. it all went count march 3-7-7g. police say the victim was walking south on gra nad da boulevard near venetian avenue just before seven imlon. >> lynn: all right. that was the young story. we'll get thing straight and get back to that nay few minutes. but first more on the top story coming up on 7 news. candlelight memorials in brilsz after terror attack rock the it ti's core earlier today are, early this morning actually. the president says the u. are help bring justice to those
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>> and the police department gets ab extra set of eye when it come to patrolling the streets.
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>> >> imagine your phone cowb company wiped out every phone number from your noafnlt what quow do. >> lynn: freak out. and they that happened to one customer. and now we have "help me howard" with patrick fraser. >>eej ceej roberts has his own company. helping maul bis fleses apply for government contract. hairk there's an opportunity
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the opportunity and see if it's a fit for you. >> keith travel a lot and yous his cell phone to stay in touch with his contact. i wld say several thousands because that's night of the beast. have you to have a data base of vendors to go to. then he bought hi wife a new phone and planned to wet a new phone and give his phone to hi daughter. her information from the old phone was sa po to be transferred to the new phone aipped would have my old information from my cell phone travel tran ferd to my wife's cell phone because i would be in possession of it. the store clerk said everything was done. keith went home. my wife said honey, where is the phone number. i said what do you mean? i did not check at store because i've done this for 13 year. the phone numbers from keith's phone and his wife's phone were not transferred but delete oovmentd lookeke at phone and shock. my wife's phone numbers are missing. myhone numbers are mission.
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they contacts were de leed leeted and all six our phones were what you called wiped clean which mean there is nothing on the phones. all the contacts of his potential customers that had taken ten years to accumulate were gone. there were several hundred contact in the data base not to mention the 300 in my wife's data base. it all gone unfortunately. and the trk mobile told them it there was tbho way to get back the numbers. it took the wind out of me. i cannot believe this has happened. howard, legally what can you do if this happen to your phone. legally are you out of luck because we check the # major cell phone companies. in the contract thaw sign or agree to, they allay they are not responsible for data lost when transferring from one phone to another. meaning they do not have to compensate four your loss.
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we the were great. keith asked for free phone service for his family's phone. since he signed a form not to disclose what t mobile did he could not talk but we were happy ti pi to confirm we were able to reach agreement with the customer amount and we asked them to reset the phone. delete does not mean delete. there's no information on it. despite the phone's being wiped clean robert offer to try and retrieve the contact for free and found quite a few of them. we were able to recover 36 # contact from one of the # cell foafnltz the other was no contact able to be recovered. good news for keith. i'm very appreciative of the service the company what provided me. and some advice from robert. make sure you wack up your phone. whether it the imoogog play store or i- cloud or nift back up service.
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back up, back up, back up. we all know we need to back up our phones but wa when wa last time you can it. if it's been a while do it now. you might lose that phone tomorrow with all your contact information. got a problem you w wt too delete from your life. wiped out trying to fix t. phone us. heap fully we can provide back up for you and dial up a solution. with this help me me howard, i'm patrick fraser. # news. seven niewmpletz. a of touching tribute of victim to gun violence as parents mark the anniversary of her tragic death. >> lynn: and back to that story we toll buvment and walter morris reports they are al also relaying a message. three, t, # one. bet it go. and balloons for a birthday party that never game.
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sha diswrai above turned nine. and in her honor. all this just block way from where she was murdered. and that can change our community. religious leaders praying for nkins and others taken by gun violence. back in # 2006 the 9-year-old killed shot outsidede her front home. and herarents relive the painful moments every time. it's like they reopen the wound and pour salt into t. and that's a sti that can never stop stinging. now members of this community are make a call to action to keep other children from becoming victim. ey need to know that we care because that's it. they say they all need to work together to make a change. maybe somebody will listen. maybe somebody will think. maybe money will say enough is enough. >> and it doesn't stop here. jenkins family says they will continue to t together twice a
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community stops. florgt miami walter morris. 7 news. >> >> lynn: 7 news at 5:30 coming right back.
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>> now 7 weather with meteorologist brent cameron. and the big weather story is the coldldap this morning. wide spread 50s across all of miami-dade and broward county.
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the last one that we see of this season before temperatures rely perk up for good? a far a the wind speed out of east and wop the cool connection out of north april wind gusty at time of up es just after 7:30 tonight. seeing the up hind peer through the clouds that continue to move across south florida mog on the move open the radar. >> we'll likely stay dry for wez wednesday. we'll seehat plume of moisture stoight our south and that moisture area is going to start to notch back in our directions as wind turn later on this week and our wind will become more ouo of the south. we'll watch as temperature go up but so will the rain chances swreevment to get out the rain gear and umbrellas by thursday and friday of this week.
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have 74 in miami but warm spot of texas and dallas and san antonio and well into the 70s. and the warmth move into the accept tral part of nation where strong storms could brew tomorrow and that warmth will over spread must east. boating forecast use caution do to the onshore wind and also because seas are still up to about 5 feet tore to fight. risk of rip current at the beach and d all craft advisory until 11:00 to night in the keys. temperatures not as cool tonight. no longer will we be feeling the 50e678s the comfortable 60 50e6789s mild weather for tonight and a little breezy near the beach location. tomorrow's highs exactly where we should be for this time of yeert and it does get warmer as mentioned temperature get well into the 80s in the forecast and the bet better rain chance
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>> that is 7 news at 5:00. thank you fofo watching. i'm lynn martinez. >> and i'm jeff lennox. 7ews at 6:00 starts right now. now on 7 news. deadly terror attack crippling another european capital. tonight a manhunt is on. >> security tep up here in soh florida. team 7 coverage on the terror in brussels. >> craig: i'm craig stevens in havana. the president delivers a historic message to the cuban people. >> i have come here to bury the last remnants off cold war american. >> i have come here to exten the hand of friendship to the cuban people. and a ten dan ate historic bl game. we have live coverage. >> and deputies showing off something new letting you see what they see.
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now at 6:00, a deadly explosion at an airport. and the tack did not stop there eye can't explain t. looked like war. >> tonight fea in another european metropolis. live coverage of the terror in brussels. >> belkeys: good evening wefer eefer one. the fears of one city coming true. terror attack rocking brussels. >> it come a month after terror attacks shook pair ice and # follow the local concerns to the manhunt. we begin with nicole linsalata with the latest out of brussels. >> nicole. well jeff isis claiming responsibility for the blast. the death toll at three # with nearly # hundred injured. these explosions happened during rush hour and investigators found a third bomb in had the airport that they were able to nutra lie. tonight they also have a picture
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responsible and one of them likely on the run. >> the sound of terror. travelers dove for cover after a blast near the ticket count tears at t e brussels airport. you can see a stroller left abandoned. others huddled or injured near their lug gang. suddenly 200 to # hundred people went wrairk from the security check point. toward the gate. passengers directed to the tarmac as official shut down the airport but it was not over. an hour later, an explosion ripped through the mall big metro stage close to the r rr pee an complex. video from the immediate aftermath shows survivors struggling to escape in the dark. outside paramedic triri to to saft dozens of wounded. can't explain t. looked liki war. it unbelievable. it unbelievable.
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i'm a firefighter. i have almost 45 years of service and it the firstime i see something so terrible. and american among the injured according church of jesus day. >> christ ladder day stain. # missionaries from utah visiting in france to work for a mig nair ri. and now they have a picture of the suide bomber. the two men on the left, each wiring one glove on their left hand. investigators think they tried to to hideebt to nay towards in those han. and police found explosives debris at the airport. take a loooo at the man on the right in a light colored jacket. police believe he may have crucial information about the tack. attacks belgium officials had been tbriergs. >> ladieand gentlemen what we feared has happened. our country and our citizens have been hit by blind violent anancowardly attack. president obama with his tail
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wat tack along with susan rights. he later discussed the bombings at a tampa rayame. the notion that any political agenda would justify the killing of innocent people like this is someing that's beyond the pale. now those three mesh from utah are all in the hospital. and former oakland university tirr player sa bass again bell on a civilian was also injured. live in the satellite stern. nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> and nicole we turn now from the search of a suspect and the clue of the investigation. hell done fox continues the coverage from the newsplex. sheldon. >> and police a lition the following name. filled bomb and chemical process and isis flag is what they have found so far post tack. what they are strike out on could be finding caught wardly massed killers that have brussels reeling and the world in shock again. the guy or some sort of sniper way rifle. men with long guns on choppers


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