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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> theair were joined with their respected dell giergses a new photo op. this a new day. a new eva dea. and he made remarks broadcast on cuban television. castro says the trade em wargo that only congress can lift needs to end the blockade stance as the most important obstacle to our economic development and the well-being of the cuban people. dwhraz it's removal will be of the essence to normalize relations. >> and it will also be necessary to rern the territory obtained by guantanamo base and and president obama with a message to come back home offered this. >> the the embargo will end. when? i can't be entirely sure but i believe it will end and the path that we're on will continue
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>> they also agreed that they remain deep kiss agree ments on human rites. made it clear the united states will continue to speak up on behalf of democracy including right cuban fem to decide their own future. we'll speak out on behalf of the hun rites and freedom of speech and re assembly and religion. and the question about political prisoners on the island drew a from us sphraitd response at castro at a challenge to name names. give me a list of the politic prition nors laind release them immediately. just mention the list, what political prisoners? give me a name or names. besides the tough questions about deep ce virks monday was in a word with symbolism. the president began his first full day here with a ceremonial reej a wreej laying at the jose marty memorial and he is reveered as a hero.
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stopping sign a guest book. the white house released the could be tefnt message a. ray great honor to pay tribute to jose march team. his foorgs liberty, freedom and self determination lives on in the cuban people today. and while serious doubts remain about the pros speskts liberty and freedom. cuban people even after a thowg of a half sen stiewr ri of cold war. thon date change was in the air as the star spangled banner played in havana. >> >> craig: and what you're lookin at right now, live pictures of a symposium going on not far from where we are. the president is meeting with business leaders. those who are currently doing business or would like to do business here on the island. those are one of his initiatives to improve the economics here and in hopes of improving the liefef people here on the island.
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mentioned from the newe event which turned into a news conference briefly with cast troovment president obama says quite emphatically the embargo will end, no it's a matter of when and not if. memberer of con grefs the south florida delegation might have something to say about that and raul castro took a quessments that's something he doesn't generally do. he seemed to be uncomfortable and didn't enjoy it. president obama said they agreed head of time tyke one or two questions head of those are of sorts. and specifically last night we mentioned that he had diend at one of the increase lig popular family owned restaurants you're stieg see them all over the restaurant. alex diprato went to check it out today and also about thees how these operate alex. paula disars ray new thick, pretty new in cuba. they have been approved by the
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homes turned into restaurants president obama is here of course talk b biness and capitalism. no doubt this is one of the reasons he chose thi particular restaurant. the cliewt first family was come together san cyst tar salazar was the slew of secret agents. and momentsp later president obama walked through the door. i say well, hello mr. president. good evening. i'm rail. i'm going to be youraiter. i'm going to be here to listen to iewvment an honor for iewssments and he sat with this photo of fidel castro 5 feet way. but the president fo cutiond on what is next to fa daicialtion picture of jay z and beyonce. i think i heard jay z came here. and jay z came here first to
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the president ordered so la mia la plan ta. steak on the grill medium well and hi a side of vegetables. his daughters had slice and pork and mrs. obama hs sliced steak and wine but not the president. >> and i asked to the president, are you having this bottle of wine? and i said no, i have to work tomorrow. >> and these are homes that have been smarlly turned into rest rest cure tour ants. this room use tiebd bed room. this. used to be a terrace. they replaced it with # two bedrooms. >> the government authorized paula star ways for cubans to ke money. the owner said it was an opportunity to have our own business. my house is big and my husband is a chef. owner never imagine whad she started to make ends meet would
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he paid for his own dinner in cuban occur an sai or about $80. so president oma not wanting to drink he told the waiter because of all the work he to do today. as for pal star dar's cubans that operate. they they have to pay to a fee to the government as a thruflt new business venture here on the island. >> a a a lot of critics would point to that that that they are privately boind not substantial light. the government takes a substantial cut of what they eerchlt and thanks tore sthairg with us alex. schedule. he is ting the symposiumith business leaders thssments evening he is slated to attend, he and plis obama a formal state dinner and then tomorrow the much anticipate add dress to the cuban people. >> that's it for now from here with easm de pra do. i'm craig stevens live in hana >>
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thanksksll e. the. great job. little havana here. and lorena es estrada has that reaction. low lorena. >> danielle: snoo while many agree we need change here in cuba. we're still hearing a mixed reaction about the president's visit:. >> music blasting. both cuban and american flags wafgz protesters in miami's little what snran took their anger out on the democratic party. >> the outrage over president obama's visit to cuban protesters chanting trader and snai havana obama. >> obama has been a sellout to us the cue wans. we feel disgusted. we feel he betrayed. it is hurt morg than winning. castro will not do anything for
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>> one cuban exile in tears calling the steen dismeen cuba a nightmare. only change in material tho human rites is more depression. >> reporter: but not every one expressed opposition. >> this will help our relationships in a way it hasn't happened before. >> i think it's just amazing. i think wt he is doing is change the culture. noelle la rodriguez who came to ver size in a t-shirt gave us her take on the president's visit. she is puerto rico but spent a lot of time on the island she. is married read toy cuban. >> people h he sufficient ferksdz it's been very hard couple mix. but i feel the change sin eve vit able. and a feel it's nessments no matter how the opposition is. it will hpen and the community happy about it and a think it's welts oofer moments after speaking to 7 news she was run off by this group of protesters. >> every one aeed greece that cuba needs change.
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we don't want communist in hugh cuba. >> reporter: what what has decide the sem leaves them r run luck tant. >> i don't think it will do anything g gd short thyme term. maybe long term but we'll just have to wait and see. >> and it will depend on what the president does tomorrow, whand dise in cuba. so as you heard many will be waiting and watching to hear what the president that's say to the people cuba when 'dreez dress thems though. will be watching close light. we're live in little what snrafnlt lorena es stra saturday. 7 news. >> and all rain la lorane nanment the ladies in white marching for liberty on the streres half vanna before the president's visit. coming ucht 5:00, hear from some of the women who were detained yesterday. and preparations underway for a real change changer. a major league waist ball team will face off with cuba's national team tomorrow
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coming to up on 7 news at 5:30. >> now to this developing story in miami. a desperate search for a seen age eemplet polic fear for the teen's safety. >> belkeys: let's get right to the scene. 7's jessica holly is live in miami's overtown neighborhood with details for us. jessica. >> reporter: well, belkeys and jeff. police as you said are desperately searching for this 13 yeerl girl. they say she is mentally changled. she disappeared from this neighborhood in this area. the town park area that's where the searched started in overtown. as we go to video you'll see a fly thear police have released. according p pice jazmin ra ravel went mission last night from her home on 17th street. department of law enforcement has issued a statewide alert. police say she was wearing a spirchg top and striped pajama bottom swrevment video of a police withh a bloodout hound out
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she is 13 years old and has the mental pa ca tas pif a six year old. right now police are talking to people in the area and a distributing tbliers her picture. >> what i want to do is ke a picture of her and post it on facebook for all my friends in the overtown area so we can find little jasmine. every one we need to find jasmine could o-k. get out and thank you. >> reporter: again this child is 13 years old with the mental capacity according police of a six year thoavmentd have very concerned about her safety. they want to you take a glook hear the picture and if you see her, if you think you see her, immediately call 911. we're reporting live in miami's overtown neighborhood. jessica holly. 7 news. >> in the race for the white house, replican front runner donald trump tried to sho show up support with gop law makers in washington. this as hillar clinton held a major foreign policy spreech spreech.
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with the latest on the campaign trail. sheldon. belkeys and craig, donald trump sp known for what he is best known for doing. straik a deal. toninit he will address the middle east. as for his mem nem ma circumstances hillary clinton that the u.s. and israeli stand together. >> the audience for the 2016 democratic presidential front runner is the american israeli public fairs committee and to hillary clinton, this speem speech for supporters of israe is. >> one of the biggest yet. >> reporter: that's because what the former secretary of state says is at steak world wievmentd the threat of israel, the sumplet and elsz wrvment and continued complex tease in iran, where it be hostages or nukes. >> if i'm elected, the leaders ever of iran will have no doubt that if we see any invtigation that they are violating their commitment not. >> to see, develop or acquire
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states will act to stop it and that we will do so with force. >> the conflict between the il israelis and pails stin yans is another hot wut on and seemingly unending issue in the region and where it comes to where she sits on the matter. clinton isn't mincing words. >> these attacks must end immediately. and palestinian leaders need to stop inciting violence. stop celebrating terrorist as martyrs stop payingewards to their families. >> also in washington monday there, was, this donald trump's cam headed to a meeting with republican lawmakers amid a perceived division within his party.
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gop run that don't anything but front runner. and t t it's just politicians. they want to make deal. they want to come in and be part of it. most of the lawmakers meeting with trump are known as bench backers of the republican party. no realig witionz and none of the current gop leaders attend ood a. and former speesh speaker newt gingrich was there. we're live in the plex. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right sheldon. >> and much more coming up at 5:00 including panic at a south florida hotspot. >> and a heard a pop and twhaz my foorm went numb. >> a survivor speak out after the fun is shattered by gunshots on die evaluate de duval street. a confrontation sprig trig gored by road rage. >> and trawl is over but tonight an investigation is underway and a county worker under reas accused of a despicable crime against a woman who attend the music festival.
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>> >> he was are w- drawing cash when he was suddenly sloorchltd call 911 because i'm dying he said. >> an tearing on the lose after this atm ambush. >> surveillance video capturing some of the frantic moments snoo. >> belkeys: 7's brandon beyer live in loud where this tack happened. brandon. >> reporter: well, belkeys, he was trying get money out of an atm. he was almost robbed and now si in the hospital. >> blood dpraipg his arm. the 22 yeerld man stumbled ieft gas station. fort lauderdale police say he just been slashed at this atm on davie boulevard and 31 anue when a man tried to to rob him early monday morning. the suspect got away, victim ran to the gas station for help eye
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say call 911 because i'm dying. he said. >> reporter: moments later paramedics arrived and rushed the victim to the hospital. police gather evidence at the scene before slg vg his car tow wievmentd it's usually a safe area but it's changing. those who live nearby are surprise bid the suspect's alleged actions and say it's a reminder not to be lean late at night. >> never, never. >> not without your husband, right? >> neverithout him. and meanwhile this 22-yeararld man is grateful for a quick thinking clerk who offered towels for his wound and called 911. >> and 911i- came quick. i never seen anything like that. >> all right. the victim remains in the hospital having surgery on his injuries. he is expected to talk with detectives. meanwhile that suspectson the lose. if you know anything, call wro broward crime stoppers, 4-493-tips. could be worth a cash reward. we're in fort lauderdale. live tonight, brandon beyer. 7 news. >> okay bran done.
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next up p om the newsplex. a south florida teacher gaight lesson in the law and back in court today. while he was forced face a judge again. >> and a superstar slaimg ceo haifs controversial comments about female tennis players.
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>> now 7 weather with meteorologist brent cameron. >> and what i difference a cold
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a fairly strong one that pushed through over the weeke well. will warm air. the humidity and activity on the radar. but notice the dry sweep all across the region right now. and here's some big time evidence of the drying. cel rel tif humidity 37 %. it's been a wild since i've seen a number that low here in s. that's a number we haven't senior fevmentyou might say this move march. winds on the gusty side out of north and northwest. at times this afternoon those wind gusts were up around 30 especially nowrt florida keys. now, we still have some lingering cloudso going into the evening, these are tend to hang around and that will keep temperatures fairly steady. with you later to night more of these clouds should break unand then temperatures will fall from the 60s into the wide spread 50e6789s 63 in fort lauderdale and key west. 63 also around the panhandle and ten pa so la. so these temperatures very uniform croots state. not going to stay that way though.
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clearest of sky over north florida, eecially northcentral parts state. they are watching for the potential for frost first thing tomorrow morning. and that will happen around ocala. and we're watching clear dry air around a huge area of high pressure. that high centered over the deep south where you see the absence of clouds. and that high is going to be on the narks will move out into the western atlantic and as it does so, aind switch and if you're ready for a warm up, this will be good news for you. starting tomorrow afternoon, winds will tend to turn out of the northeast a a then directly off the ocean waters and that will lieu temperatures to pk up once again to spring levels. small craft advisory in place. we have waters that are ruvment that extends through t keys tonight. as mentioned a chilly one. w 50s. well inland. otherwise mid and upper 50s near the coast. highs tomorrow about 20 degrees
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then temperatures really rebound with above 80 degree warmth. that's your 7n 7 forecast. >> okay. we continue to fololw this developing story out of miami's overtown. police at this hour searchihg for jazmin ra ravel. 13 years old and went missing earlier today and accding to police she is mentally challenge oovmentd. >> belkeys: last seen wearing pink striped pajamas and if you see her i take no chances and call 911 immediately. we'll be right back after a break.
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>> belkeys: that is a wrap for us 59:00. caio caio i'm belkeys nerey. >> and i'm jeff lennox keep it here. 7 news at 5:00 is up next.
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>> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> lynn: first tonight at 5:30, tempers flaring behind the whreel t. ens with at death of one driver and another answering rage. good evening every one. main driven mad accused of drig gorg trouble i 7's nicole linsalata live on the scene in fort lauderdale with more on this story for us.
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>> and jeff. deputies say this all began when one driver cut off another and then one of those drivers followed another to his home. this is his driveway right here but they say that say decision that would cost that man his life. he is just a fun loving caring, free spirited son. just tell me yu did that to my son. why? why? why? why did you do that? >> reporter: but broward county sheriff's office investigators believe they know why don williams alvarez were ot to death. he and 28-year-old jack wa lee no who lived lifs near in this neighborhood were involved nay road rage incident and according to deputies alvarez wouldn't let it go and detect fifs recovered surveillance video twhaz on a cell foarchlt the glfriend's cell phone. she was in the car with her
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and it shows them actively pursuing this individual. >> in front of his home, bali into made the clear he a gun. he even asked someone nrby to call 911. he was near clier not the aggressor based on the statement that were taken and joitd that the detectives were able to review. i hear pop, pop, pop, and i see the lady in the garage performing cpra. alvarez shot and all ef forwards to save him too late. but a another still mother still in pain but th all signs show this was a case of self ce dpens. and deputies say they do believe jack bellino had a concealed weapons per next are not filing any charges in thls case. they say they are respherg everything to the state attorney's office for a final decision. to reporting in fort lauderdale. nicole linsalata. 7 news.


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