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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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came too far too far too too too far and going down the drain. >>reporter: thursday night miami-dade police say the baltimore ravens rookie corner back was riding his white honda dirt bike westbound on north west 75 street when he crashed into this ford escape. >> i have been by his bedside since i first the found out what happened. >>reporter: walker was dressed in dark clothes detectives say and wasn't wearing a helmet. he had no lights on the dirt bike. >> i seen him on the same dirt bike. i was going the opposite way. i look. i was like. >>reporter: family and friend crowded outside ryder trauma center at doctors struggle to ve walker. his body was too danieled. >> respond to go nothing he try to do they try everything. i told him i love him and always love him and i'll keep his spirit and dreams alive. something he wanted to do. raven nation. >>reporter: friday night the
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grieving the loss of special young man. rip tres walker former teammate tued fellow nfl player bridge water posted on instagram today we lost more than an athlete. we lost a sochbility brought. teammate. classmate. friend and a g gat person. you proved that something positive can come out of miami northwestern and off 71 street. >> miami-dade police say the woman who was driving the car walker crashed into did stay at the scene thursday night and cooperat with investigators now miami-dade traffic homicide detectives say they are still investigating now fatal accident. in miami liz 7 news night team. >> just one station tonight. alarming arrest south florida doctordr. lieber maynes under arrest. he's facing charges including attempted m mder. false imprisonment and battery. podiatrist accused of attacking
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she escaped and ran to neighbor who in turn called police. >> president obama historic stroyvt havana just two days away. >>onight robin takes us around the island to show us where he will and will not be visiting. >> tourist from around the world have been visiting cuba for years. >> you see the need for the cuban people. they need that. they need the economy to improve. >> foreign money is a big help. >> where are you from. >> can. we have been coming here for a while. >> they do the thing small easy painting but rough thing. they have to wait for money i think. >> president obama will get a glimpse of the need in cuba but likely just a glichlts 8 months ago this cathedral was completely obscured by
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ready for the president visit on sunday and all around this part of old havana item clean. it is beautiful. here you see a building with trees literally growing out of the sides of it. scaffolding rusted out. walls crumbling. streets completely falling apart. this is what we see and lots of park around old havana. places in need of desperate attention and repair. >> another thing the president is likely to see while driving the streets of havana people huddle around the smart phone. that's something we share. we love our smart phone. in the u.s. we have internet access all the time. it's in our hands. but here in cuba you have to come to public wi-fi hot spot to get the precious internet access. most people don't have the luxury of having it at home. >> our country working on it to make it better for to us use the service and make it faster maybe even use it from home. >> the american taking
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restrictions say it's not just cuba information super highway that needs improving. actual road and other basic infrastructure needs help, too. help that could be on the way with needed infusion of new american dollars. >> the road very few roads you can even drive a car on. and so much need for help out there. and item going @ake longer to reach the outskirts buteverybody here needs help and it's economic help. >> venzuela president nicholas flew into havana today to meet with raul castro and castro actually awarded him with the order of jose martin. that is the nation highest honor here in cuba and the meetinin seen by many as show of socialist solidarity. uses days before president obama arrives here again president obama steps foot in cucu.
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>> reporting in havana cuba, 7 news night team. >> stay with 7 news and our web site for continuing coverage. live reports tomorrow morning on today in florida. i'll northbound havana sunday joining our team when the president arrives when air force one touches down about 5:00 o'clock or so in the afternoon. you will see it here on 7. >> now at 11:00. bright lhts. booming base. but that's not the only ultra thg taking over south floridathing taking over south florida. as spring breakers flock to the beach. tonight it's party time. >> that's right party people. trawl music festival is back lighting udowntown miami. >> ocean drive is packed with spring breakers. we have coverage and we begin downtown sheldon focus at ultradowntown sheldon focus at ultra. >> item a beat that drops harder than a ton of trabing brick. the beat of miami.
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the lights. everything. >> 2016 ultra music fest is here and it's officially taken over downtown. >> i'm here to have them the best time of my life because it's the first time in miami. >> tens of thoands night bouncing among the lights and sounds as cops and rescue crew keep a wild loud electric bay front park party in check. >> just the people the music everything. >> you can be yourself's all about good vibe. >> good vibe. awful traffic. >> biscayne boulevard an absolute bear. this is the point at fourth street when they try to divert the tffic away. from all the madness but if you think this is crazy you should see the way people came into ultra the 4:00 o'clock friday afternoon. it's when the doors open and ultra blasted off. and this party won't stop until the end of the weekend. >> miami cops have new policy in 2016.
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totals until monday. we have been told by ultra officials that on friday night that there were a few arrest. no specific number given. we are in downtown miami, sheldon fox 7 news night team. >> coverage continues with jessica holly on south beach where spring breakers are partywhere spring breakers are partying and police are on party patrol.>> miami beach south beach south breach i. >> alert. there is a massive party in progress. to be. but with the setting sun time to move on. >> let's go. part of the miami beach policing plan for this big weekend escorting everyone off the sand before sundown in the name of safety. >> that's when ocean drive comes alive. police have identified this area from 7 to 11 as hot spot so each night from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. it's closed to drivers. foot traffic only. >> units with flashing lights and uniform fill the streets of
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it's a party take trol that is hard to miss. >> you have to have patrol or else it's worse than it is right now. >> there is high mark for security but this may be a little much. >> lights and everything going on i don't think it should be happening. but the present item needed. >> in the background. don't be so on top of everybodydon't be so on top of everybody. >> two more weekend days of sun fun and those will include check points to keep styrofoam glass and booze off the beach. miami beach places sending out the goodwill ambassador folk with friendly row minder about the do and don't. >> so far p pice reporting peace on the beach. sure may get wild and loud but they say this is a good crowd. >> late night party jus getting started but again this crowd will have lots of company tonight. reporting from south beach jessica holly 7 news night team. >> out door activity this
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weather brent cameron? will it cooperate. >> cooperated today. beautiful conditions heading into the weekend. we have to deal with time to time passing showers. even few heavy downpour with some sunday storms so keep a watchful eye on the sky. most of those will be arriving out of the south and west. here's what is on the radar tonight. watching just few hit and miss showers.these are few and far between coming up out of the 0south d bigger organization of showers and storms. this will move in across the northern part of our state overnight and early on saturday. this is around low pressure and then the trailing front will bring about the better rain chance for us as the front gets closer during the second half of the weekend. behind that front hard to think beyond the weekend but some cooler air compared to what we'll have tomorrow and sunday. talk more about this and what you can expect the next several days with some temperatures
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that's come up in a few more minutes. >> thanks brent. >> still ahead at 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. woman falls victim to scam when duped at the door and tonight she is speaking about all this to just one station. >> fire stunt taking a terrifying turn in front of students. tonight the performer talking
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>> on just one station. 90-year-old woman feisty lady ripped off. somebody comes knocking at her door and that's en the trouble started. she says a tie distracted her then duped her. >> tonight she's out thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry. rosh lowe has this exclusive. >> at my age i mean you think you are going to go peacefully and it's not doesn't work out that way. >> 90-year-old nancy cohen is devastated. >> you have to not trust anybody.
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>> saturday she was duped. thieves got away with thousands of dollarsrs worth of cash and jewelry including an inengagement ring her late husband gave to her. >> hi one box that i had rings in. so my engagement ring i had a big pearl ring. l i had a diamond ring that somebody left to my father it was a man's ring but had a big diamond in it. >> it began with a man coming to her door wearing some type of uniform. company logo on the shirt. the scam nancy needed to trim trees overhanging her property. >> but i mean he had like a shirt on that had the n ne of the company. so i didn't doubt it. >> man took her around back. when she returned to her house in bay harbor island to give him a tip. >> nothing there. >> cops had been scouring the area for surveillance video. >> mrs. cohen has lived in bay harbor island for more than 50 years. in this home.
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because she wants to make sure that other people in this community are aware of what happened to her. bay harbor island places getting the message out. we need to get the message to everybody else. elderly or whether you live in the community. if somebody knocks on the door and not with the town if you haven't solicit that had service to call us immediately not only prevent a burglary for yoself but probably help solve another one. >> bay harbor island police chief hemingway says this is the first distraction theft of the elderly they have had in at least 5 years. >> my pearls. he didn't take. he had something in the drawer. just traumatic to think somebody dmim your house. >> police working the case around the clock. if you have any information on who committed this heart breaking crime call crime stoppers at this number on the screen. remember you can remain anonymous. on bay harbor island 7 news night team.
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to be alive after dangerous decision took a fiery turn. fire breathing stunt left rick c carlsbadly burned. pembroke pines man done the trick thousands of times he says recently howev he changed the lighter fluid he uses trying it out for the first time atlantic high school in del rey beach. >> my mistake my fall out take full responsibility i should have practiced. this is what happens when you florida i with h re. >> police suffered second degree burns to his head as well as burns to a four arm and part of his leg. >> coming up at 11:00 o'clock. it's a busy weekend across south florida. >> you ain't lying. everybody is hoping the weather will cooperate. >> temperatures will as far as the dry conditions t.we dry for now but the rains squeezes on. showers coming out from the south. other bands of rain from t t north. forecast here. >> then after the news batman versus superman versus chris.
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with then the dark knight affleck and henry man of steal. i never know how to o nawns that name. >> the cute superman after guy. deco drive i'm sure chris wilil pronounce it correctly.
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enough sunshine today on friday to take temperatures just shy of the 90 yes 90 degree mark it was 89 officially in miami at the airport. there's the city. a little bit of hazeate in the day. some lumpy looking clouds and eventually we are going to watch as the cloud cover starts to thicken even more so and eventually brings back the return of some rain. here's the radar tonight. notice a few splchy areas of showers up out of the straits if these hold together may
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otherwe another larger area of rain is really forecast to move into the northern parts of the state t.winds. important to look at the profile out of the south. that's transporting all that extra moisture that will be the supplier of those rain showers and the temperatures miami-dade broward all of these warmer than average currently 77 degrees in miami it feels nice. dry for now. even with mostly cloudy skies you can see theloud over spreading most of the state of florida and big time with spring brick now in effect for a lot of people and we watch some normal out of the south estates around low pressure. that low stays well to our north and that doesn't really energize too much of the stormy weather for u u here in south florida. however at a front approaches during the second half of the weekend that will be coming in
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in the chance for few heavy downpours on sunday. the chance for some scattered storms and lightning so keep in mine as you go through the weekend if you do see the skies getting dark and a little bit of lightning be prepared to take shelter. take cover.. we are locking for just a few isolated heavy round of rain tomorrow and in the bigger storm chance as the frontets closer to us during the day on sunday especially late afternoon and early evening then the dryer air is going t t work in pretty quickly behind that frontal boundaryo head nothing monday and tuesday temperatures will cool off about 15 degrees. and feel whole lot different than thisarm weekend. rip current for short time i should say at the beach through the overnight. and just befefe day break the next high tide miami-dade just after day break in the lower keys. temperatures near 70 for the overnight low. well not 80's again tomorrow with warm humid breeze in place
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cooler direction monday behind that front until then the chance for scattered rain and storms.
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>> second round in the ncaa tournament. high noon to. 2 and a half point under dog 11 seed wichita
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yesterday the canes rodriguez and game high 24 in the win over 14 seed buffalo. now the u.gets set to face the shocker. team took it to arizona last nightment won it by 10 to incobvenience to face miami. >> reallyy good tee. have a lot of experience. well coaed and you know they are a tough team. they really like to out tough everybody. that they play so they are not going to be scared to play miami. they are not going to be scared to play anybody but we are not either so it's a great match upeither so it's a great match up. >> college baseball at the light and pretty big three game weekend series with miami and louiille. pink for breast cancer awareness. 2 nothing 2 on 1 out for willy get out of here. miami leads 3-2. bottom of the nine tie up 4 gets inning. bases loaded with canes and walk off.
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game for willy at 7 rbi in this e. miami wins a 4 and career win no. 1500 with coach jim morris. ththgs sure change in a hurry with the heat and they know it. fourth in the conference. tomorrow tonight lebron and cavaliers in town. after losing to charlotte and after practice lot of film study ofless night loss to hornet for some reason wasn't all bad. >> i don't know how much they actually get out of that. wasn't thaha funny when i was watching it. >> we don't have cable lined up i know exactly what is on that lap top. they find humor we say it all the time what can make you laugh n make you cry visa versa 8. 7 sports can confirm kevinpace hey he posted a video on twitter tomorrow night in sunrise now for reasons unknown to the media panthers
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team has spacey and space hoodie with the actor face on it. given to top player after a win. we know this the team met spacey several months ago during road trip in new york after the meeting the they went on 12 game winning streak i'm just saying. you remember lost in space don't you? sports back over to you. >> back a little way there is mike. but yes. >> earlier today. i said frank underwood. and i said president. i'm sorry. that was a spoiler. i apologize. >> still on season one. >> house of card fans i'm sorry>> house of card fans i'm sorry. i'm belkys.
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a real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. the lights, the camera, the deco.
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that starts before the sun goes down. a maze runner star is a broken man after a stunned onset goes wrong. > live by the tablblds, died by the tabloids. or sue tabloids. blake shelton wa to clear his name. low porsche breaking down into tears brings to go into tears super to overcome those things in your life, baby. >> chris: that is the batmobile, we are in miami with the biggest movie of the year. and it is batman versus superman versus deco drive is. >> announcer: now the show that gives tyler perry's weekend party started. deco drive.
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it is life and it is huge. >> shireen: as the sun goes down the energy goes up. this is a look at ultra where the party started this afternoon and the beat goes on all weekend. hey everyone, i am shireen sandoval. with my partner. >> lynn: i am lynn martinez and this is deco drive, the biggest music party on the planet undnd way right now at 305. >> shireen: deco's chief electronic music and somber instructor sheldon boxes life back at the pay. got your glow stick? >> somber instructor i want to know why the deco isn't here. it is fun but lonely. the crowd is getting bigger but although they are trickling in, and they are in the hotel and beyond as they make their way north asked d at section of a park to the real section were


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