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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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it i just won't snoovment okay, take anotherer look that the disench provide bit brord ear sheriff's oofs. it's a pretty clear picture. if you know who that person is, maybe you can recognize him from the sketch and that would be wowoh a cash reward to you. call broward crime stoppers 954-493-tips. we're live in deerfield beach. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> craig: cameras roll as a south florida pizza s op suddenly gets a drive stliew and a couple found themselves in the path of danger. 7's rosh lowe live for us on the scene in oakland parkk with details on the story now. rosh. >> >> reporter: well, they are open for business here in the downtown pizza grill. they have spent the entire day trying clean umm the mess. as i step out of way here, you can seat windows arere back in place, back in place after an suv goes slamming right through.
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about repair after this. >> it was just like she let o off the gas and pressed it again and floored it. >> reporter: on this st. patty aits day she says she is anything but lucky. >> i don't think so. i think i'm having bad luck today. >> but when you see that video garntion you may think other wives. felicia now has more than a dozen stitches and her fiance walks with a limb and has bandages covering theuts and bruises. >> they are both slides up after trtrng order slices of peelts a during a late night run to the downtown pizza grill in oakland park. right next too to the door sitting on the school waiting for our food and all i see is this car come at us. >> it happened so quickly. it was like he hit the curb and almost went airborne. >> reporter: it was 1230 lir thursday morning police say 730-year-old dena nolton inadvertently turned this pizza
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her suv came crash thriewg the windows. >> don't sit bit windows. sad to say but this is not like a one time thing. it's always occurring. you're seeing more and more of this happen oog snoot suv coming to rest with the front end inside the pizza grill located off cypress creek road and northeast 9th avenue. >> crews removing it over night the impact sending fee felicia and pia tro to the hospital. and as we look a a the surveillance video one last time, two people very fortunate to be telling their story. extremely fortunate as for the driver, the broward sheriff's office tells us they continue it their investigation. we're live tonight in oakland park. rosh lowe. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right rosh. a scare at a south florida school. a performers stunt going wrong at a st. patrick's day pep rally. and a high school in delray beach.
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tricks but when he tried to spit owght fires, engulfed his faimplets he said it h hpened because he tried to using something new. >> i'm a circus performer. i've a profession navment i've done this millions of times but never practiced with this partular lamp oil. the performer was taken to the hospital with serious burns to his face and arms. seven students were also taken to hospital with frowbl trole breathe. police arresting a man they say burglarized a south florida school. 36-year-old facing burglary. grand theft and criminal mischief charges. cops say he was caught on camera break through the roof of pro la see ba presbyterian school in havana on monday and he ran caked an office fild and stole a safe filled with $5000.
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covered days. >> craig: days before his historic visit. signs of obamamania can be seen in parts havana. there appears to be a good deal of enthusiasm surrounding obama's upcoming visit. >> belkeys: that has some sky. and our coverage begins with robbin simmons in what havana. and the historic sites are gaight fresh look and fresh merchandise offered on the streets to focus on not a new culture but a new red, white and blue thanks to obama's historic viessments and he is wearing an american flagin given to him by an american tourist e. a is placed in the perfect spot to announce the sign of the visit from the american president in more than 50 years. great to seat president walking with our president here. and both work for this area.
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the visit is an impmptant move forward. >> it's good, it's very good that the president is coming, that the relations are getting fix snood you can find american flags for sale and buttons a gorn with the president's face. >> this one reading years waiting for this delight. another one show indication the humor of cuba's people. the president figuring out a way to visit cuba without the first lady. the tiern first family will be joining him. but for cubans like a las so, president obama's first visit means so much more. >> i think it's the best thing that could of happened after so many years of this block aid and a president, a black president, it's a big sign. >> reporter: in havana cue back, robbin simmons. 7 news. >> craig: and some skiles here in south florida don't share in the ensthiew see ax jier our live coverage wins with brian in little what snrafnlt he has this. brian. >> reporter: many cuban americans are angry.
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the wrong people head of his big trip to cuba. they would of like to have seen him month meet with more human rites leaders. but instead they say he is meeting with 250 too many businessman. talk about cav fay sprer sigh in hill havana and you find out right way there is division. division about president obama's trip to cuba and debate about the meetings leading up to the historic visit. it is really giefnlt agree with too. president obama meeting with 16 ciew cuban americans vip's theafd trip. moong them music icon and miami month belle gul emilio es steph yan fan. i thought it was ib credible. he linsenned to everybody. every one haze different opinion. >> but like many g gw ter tee ar rez were not questioned on how diverts meetinwas. he wanted to see more human rites leaders itead of business men. this doesn't constitute a a
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leader shicht cuban community. that leadership has been sigh lensd. no meeting with the majority seseiment this community. and they say the president's trip is happehing at the wrong time in the wrong context pointing out cases like this woman who he said was justified ape few days ago becauau she fought for free elections in cuba. >> he is putting business over human rites and the vult greater owe fretion and suffering for those cubans who are struggling for change. >> and president obama will visit castro and meet with entrepreneurs. and he says improving the lieftz cuban people say top priority. >> every one has their opinion on t. think there's an in between, you know, where we don'have to bunker ourselves down as we have done for last five years because obviously something needs to change. human rites leaders say they
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white house and expressing concerns with president obama's trip. meanwhile a protest planned right here the the bay of pigs monument on sunday. >> live in little havana. brian. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right brian. stay w-7 and for ting coverage president's historic trip to cuba. we'll have another report from havana straight ahead on 7 news at 6:30. >> and now at 6:00, fans are ultraready for a massive annual music festival and police will out in full force. sheldon fox is live for new down downtown miami with what every one needs to know. >> and let's take a look at what's going on downtown. we go straight to one stage where they are getting good and ready. lots of things going on that y. and to the next stage we go. filled with led liessments big screens. all kinds of stimulation at the ultramusic fes and the preps
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and then if we gotha way down biscayne boulevard up to north vut american airlilis arena. the heats and cavs play on dismievment that will probably the big busiest night of the weekend. and if you're looking for peace and quiet in this section of town town, lots of luck. have you dressed for the occasion tomorrow and saturday. >> most certainly. >> reporter: it's time to express yourself. ultrais here. almost anyway. >> i'm incredibly excited. it's my first ultra. >> reporter: so is the traffic and people heavy weekend in downtown miami. and biscayne in particular. >> welcome back to miami lebron james. and hosting the heat with la gron james and the cleveland cavaliers on saturday. when and a double whammy when it comes to crowds, congestion and tive tight met to people movers are the recommended modes of traffic transportation.
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no. and northeast second avenue. northbound traffic will be cut down to two lanes shifted dowj sowj bound at southeast fst street. will continue northbound until 4th street. will be that way 'til monday. and what do you say to people would in downtown town miami who are sick and thieferred every year >> this is miami. we're a global city and an international city. we have an events for all like oosmghtz we have 156,000 people coming into the area. so it's a big tasking oovmentd what about all the drugs? >> well, we're a zero tolerance dug event but not naive to think it doesn't happen. and we have units throughout event and 207 to 100 personnel a. and each year we sit down and plan out the snair yoaz. and we want it to be say. both for those who come to the event and those who live downtown. i live here and i've been to the feas evaluate five years in a row.
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>> reporter: he is ready 24 hours before it havmentz ultragets started tomorrow night and you've got the traffic nightmare some would say starting to night a9:00. all of those traffic conditions kick in starting to night at 9:00 so. don't say you weren't woornd. we're flif downtown miami. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: the priry was tuesday and today is thursday and one state is 'til too close to call for the democrats. >> craig: and one of the candidates who was in the losing end has concede ood. danielle knox has more from here. >> danielle: and hi guys. bernie sanders does con seated presidential primary to hillary clinton. hillary clinton wins the state. senator saying le not seek a recount of results in missouri'ss democratic primary conceding the feat to hillary clinton. he said in an tirn view with the
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unlikely that these results wilil affect the awarding of delegates weend rather quote save the tax may payers of missouri some money. and the he has a narrow lead. but under state law he could of sought a recount because the margin was less than 1/2 of one% oomplet but he has decide not to do that complete con sthee state to hillary clinton and so it does continue. ceceainly we'll continue to follow this and bring the very latest as it vevmentz but for now reporting live from the satellite center. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> craig: all right danielle. thank you. >> belkeys: coming frupt newsplex. a presidential hopeful from south florida returning to the senate and seth the record straight about his future plans. >> craig: controversy leads to major change when it comeso killer whales at sea world. >> belkeys: a school dust bus driver dropping off students seconds before dister strikes. >> craig: and some officers nearly lost their lives on duty but that hasn't stopped them
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it's our special assignment report back on the beat in a
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>> belkeys: well, they risk their lives protect aws and confronting criminals. >> craig: 50,000 police officers are attacked on the j/b every year and despite the risk and injuries, many geact on the beat i came close to death. >> craig: december 1999. deputy was working an off duty detail later dale lakes nightclub. >> i remember hearing the doctors telling the nurses. hurry you up, hurry up. we're losing him. >> craig: september 200 miami-dade officer jody write was shot by a man with an ak-47 d almost losing her leg. >> four and half inches of my bone completely gon
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in the head with a 30-pound cinder block. >> once i was knocked out he jumped down and dragged my body out and posioned it and ran me over with my vehicle. >> three officers their lives changed in a split second and recovery can take years. >> i think i takes special individuals to be police officers. we're out there every day of of our life with strangers. and for me when i decided to become an officer i knew what ways getting into. >> craig: their physical scars are obvious, the emotional disars are heard for any one to see. >> it's mandatory for us to meet with every officer who has been traumatize ood. >> craig: dr. scott allen s ss count slg necessary in the healing process. >> it's everything that the say is confidential which is extremely important. >> they come together to support each other. they knowhey are the lucky ones. >> jody wright survived that day
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no didot. and bh when depp you thinkaja wee bee was shot. he crashed his patrol car trying to get to the scene. he died later. now he always driveses with his lights on in his memory. i don't complain about anything because when you can get up in the morning awngd walk and have you your strength and your life. that's a tbletion disguise. >> craig: officer ca see o agrees. >> this is a career i chose many years ago and i dfnt want the evil person who did this to me to win. >> all three back on the beach. six years after the shootinin she speaks about her experience with the shooting with. >> would i change it? no. it's something we stein for with the job oovmentd and she hopes her experience can help other officers get back on the beet. all three officers say their family and friends got tame
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facing death makes them cher ifish life every day now. still ahead, a pilot unable to make it to a south florida airport. his only hope was in the everglades.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: happy st. prick's day every 1t. ways hot one especially in miami. high of 87. missed the record by one degree setback in 2014.
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both reach highs of 82. what is typicals about 78 to 80 degrees. that's where we are right now under partly cloudy skies. the wind out of the souththst ten to 11 miles per hour. the humidity at 54%. we are looking at some rain especially croos another florida and the pab handle. this is all do to a front that's basically moving in across the area. it's kind of going to drift towards the south over the next 24 to 48ours. some of that moisture will get trapped across the area so we're looking at a better chance for rain come saturday and sununy. so here's the marine forecast for tonight. threat of rip currents a the beach. just a slight risk. biscayne bay with a light chop. for you throughout the florida keys, no advisories,s, the wind out of east southeast five to ten. seas insidethe reef one to two building two to 3 feet beyond the reevment coastal waters with a light chop. next high tide will be at 4:52. fort lauderdale 4:47.
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at 5:15. 7:08 in key west. so for tonight partly cloudy skies. a warm bree coming in out of the south. typical highs about 65 degrees. we're actually typical low. we're going to be well above that with temperatures in the low 50e6789s speak of hierksz the average again between 78 and 80, well above that tomorrow. 83 key west, 85 fort lauderdale. miami exexcting a high of 86 degrees. here's your extended outlook. saturday, we see those showers moving in. sunday 60% chance of rain navment is your first day of spring. then the temperatures kind of come down to near typical values and we warm up wednesday and thursday. that's your 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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>> time now 123w0r79 steve shapiro. >> what will they up to plan d. dolphins will not get free agent running back chris johnson either. johnson is snaig arizona. lost lamar mirl. lost out on cj can ann derson. have you less than a half hour before the canes tip off against buffalo in providence. before they left miami, the coach bught in a sports psychologist to talk to the theme of the ishat he told the players. >> believe now self. don't believe in the orm team.
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in t t other team. whether you play a lot or a little. don't be into yourself. and someone who hasn't played throughout whole year will play an importata role in this tour na member. every one has to be ready whether you're a starter or not. 16 games today. james jones and yaivment first time in the ncaa. 54 years against bay lomplet yale lead as my as 13. he got down to two. last chance for baylor. down by two. baylor with the bat. though turn it over. yale wins 76 to seven a 5. first tour neant ever of the winners so far. kansas, duke, virginia, butler, connecticut and iowa state. big win for the heat night they play at home against charlotte. heat have a one game lead in the division. heat have beaten charlotte 12 straightimes here at home at aaa. the heat have a half game lead for third in the playoffs. getting time. 15 games to go ee even show we
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the standings. guys are wear. they are trite there with us. we understand just like they understand how important this me s. now for us we want to win the series three to 1. for them they want to tight series two to two. highlights first at 10:00. just an exhibition game for bu a rough start for jose fernandez against the mets. they lit him up. he goes two and three. he gives up five hits. walks two. six earned rufnltz de strike out six but marlins lost to the mets 2065. >> it's all good man. i stick to the game plan. there are things twient do. and the result was thrnt but i am working on the stuff waint to work. no one likes to get a run. so not too pap a- happy about it. gave up six. le get two more starts before opening day. i'm be back at 6:30 thanks back to craig and belkeys. >> belkeys: thanks shep.
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that's it for 7 news at 6:00. >> belkeys: stay tune for 7 news at 6:30. i'm belkeys nerey. caio caio.
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>> >> danielle: and tonight at 6:30 a pap pep rally at a south florida high school taking dangerous turn and of course cell phones were roll. good evening everyone. wir talking about a dangerous per for mans mans that didn't go as planned. >> >> lynn: several people injured after this fiery emergency at school. 7's vanessa medina reports from delray beach. >> reporter: it was suppose tod over the fop st. patty's day pep rally at atlantic high school in delray beach. complete way fire breeder and crazy stunts. >> i'm guessing he put too much in his mouth and when he he tried to to sphit it o o, it got on his face and you could see him there stlight in his bounce house thing frantically trying
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there doing so he has the bot efl alcohol he is using and in ying to get it off, the bottle of alcohol spills or spits it out because there is still stuff in his throat and boom, he he engul firefhters flames. >> reporter: the performer rerise he many is in trouble. he runs off the slam dunk inflatable for help. >> and the court was on fire. d every one was panicking and rung around and trying to evacuate the area. it was crazy. students first thought it was part of act. he got down and started rolling around and people started screesmght my teacher ran and pulled out a fire extinguisher. the smoke from the extinguishers causing la din queen dra's daughter to have an asthma tack. when arrived to the exile saw the paramedics and police officers. i immediately jumped out of car and started looking for my daughter. there were kids on the ground. they were treating the kids.


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