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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  March 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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other students had anxiety a tactsz tafnlgtz we did found the one adult performer received burn injuries significant enough to transport him is az a trauma alert. in all 20 students rans treated by paramedics. seven taken to theospital for smoke inhalation. right now i'm just glad the kids were oka i don't think it was a wise decision but i'm just glad my daughter okay. >> >> reporter: so ricky charles the performer suffers burns to his know, face and ampletz he said he tried to a new lamb oil and that trickled down on to his face dwhdz caused his face to catch fire. he is expected to be k. he is in a lot of pain. he says doctors are still cleaning up his wounds at delray heech beech medical center. as for the students, they are all except toad be fine. reporting live in delray leech beech. vanessa medina.
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>raig: and the pierce p police hoping to track down the person responsible for an rob and ride. he was dressed in black and armed way gun. he ordered employees top the safe and got away with 600 tbufnlgtz happened at the advance auto farts parts at 116th and biscayne in northeast miami-dade. the crook took off nay dark blue four door toyota we're told. police also hoping to solve a crime in opa locka a ford pick up rammed the beer reefer a bmw at northwest 22 aven. someone in the truck then opened fire injuring the driver of the bm wnchts the strij rushed to the hospital. police trailed the pick up which later crashed in north miami. investigators brought in two people for questioning. now anything about this or the auto parts store robbery. give crime stoppers a call at 305-471-tips. >> >> belkeys: orca is out after years of public pressure. sea world says they will spot
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soon stop make them perform tricks for the public. danielle knox live in the satellite center with more on this. didn't danielle. >> danielle: and they are some of the most popular a tbrawksz after years of controversy, they are make major changes. will you soon have to say goodbye to killer whales breed raindzed in captivity. sea world niewngs the last generation of orcas in it's care after years of public pressure, protest and controversy. the decision coming three years after the company came under fire for the treatme killer whales and their trainers in the documemeary black fish. now the 29 orcas will remain on display at coit's theme parks but in what are called natural orca encounters rather than theatrical shows. as part of the ongoing commitment to said you quairks marine rye science research and rescue of marine animals. >> we want every guest who walks through our doors to be inspried
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protect animals in wild places. we don't wantnything we do to be a barrier or distraction to that goal the orca's living out the sea world will live out their lives and they will continue to self highest quality care. >> these were not easy decisions. this is about doing the best thirntion the best thing for our whales, our guests and our employees and sea world. we love our whales and so do many of our visitors at sea world. and we also know that whales have become a growing concern for many people. world is changing and in the case of orcas it is an attitude nal change that we helped cree and now we need to change too. >> danielle: the company also ananuncing a new partnership with the humane so site of united states. focusing on ocean health and marine mammals and say they will spend $50 million over the next five years to rescue animals. fight commercial fishing of
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sending. now animal rites group including peta honoring norg the move as a positive stevment peta tweeted coat. peta and caring people around the world have campaigned hard to see this day. end quote. now they are seeing if the company ending orca breeding as of today. the natural orca encounters will begin in san diego nest tbhevment year followed by san antonio and oar lan do in 2019. live in the satellite center. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> >> craig: also in the news today senator rubio is back to work in washington days after suspending his campaign for president. >> belkeys: and lynn has more on what he had to say. lynn. >> lynn: and the senator getting back to his day job and he received quite the warm welcome and a lot of reporters. > rubio greeted by members of
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in washington as he walked into his office in the russell senate ofce gild building. he also took questions about what i plans or doesn't plan to do next. >> i'm not going to be any one's vice prievmentz not interesting in being vice president. >> lynn: don't neen that in a disrespectful way. i'm not going to be vice president or run for govenor. i'm going to finish out my time here as senate over the next ten months and then i'll be a private citizen in january. >> >> lynn: rubio suspend his campaign on tuesday night after thriewgz trump bigig time. and he didn't hold back when it comes to the front runner stawts saying he hopes there is still time to stop him from gheaght mom nation. >> in the newsplex. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> all right lifnlt the latest on the supreme showdown in our nation's capital, a day after judge mer ik glarnd was
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he met with senate leader harry reid and the senate judiciary committee patrick lay here. the republicans still refusing meet with him saying they won't considerininany pick made bit president until after the november election. garland was tapped to replace the seat now virginia can't after vacant after the death of justice scalia. >> craig: and days head of the president's historic stroits cuba, we're learning more details about that trip. >> belkeys: 7's robbin simmons is live in havana with more on who le meet plaintsds he will visit. it has been almost 90 years since an american president has come to cuba, walked the streetsts of havana and when president obama does arrive here on sunday, one of the very first stops le make is here at cathedral to meet cardinal ortega. >> that meeting at the ca thee
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immaculate conception a nod to an important roalt catholic church played in opening the role of relations between the u.u. and cuba. and ortega was in stra member mental in making the talks. the president and first lady will take? n- some of the sites in havana. and he will come here to lay a wreej wreath at monument. ananthe fight for cuba's independence from spaifnlt the prident will also meelt raul castro but the obama administration says there is no meeting, public or pry get vet with fidel castro but he will meet with human rites advocates on the island. the administration de laind to name them at this point. all around havana, you seek signs of the preparation fortz historic trip. painting, sweeping, construction in the areasas the spreses scheduled to visit. a she says work so when president obama gets here to receive him and everything looks good. >> i'm sthoapg see him eithehe on
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>> reporter: this national theater is normally home to cucu's national ballet but president will deliver a speech directly to cubans while keeping the concerns of cuban americans in mind. it is unclear if president obama's speech here will be growd cast t the cuban people but his past comments on the norma la disaiftion relations between our two countries have been shown to cubans on television. >> le wrap up the trip way game 20 tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. president not planning to throat firsttitch. in havana cuba. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> belkeys: commander in letter wright. a cuban woman getting ready to receive history in her mailbox. more on the president's special delivery coming up at 5:30. >> craig: head at 6:00, all about president o bhavment the excite builds on the island over his visit some. are dmark on the frenzy. >elkeys: and president. >> bham's trip to cuba comes with mixed reaction h he in s. hear from both sides.
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>> c cig: other news of date now michigan's govenor drilled today onn capital hill. rick snierd testified about the toxic watat crisis in the city of flint that caused as many as 12,000 children to experience lead related health problems. he admits he should of done more to prevent it. >> not a day or night goes bog by that this tragedy doesn't weigh on my mind. the questions i shoved scvmentd the answers i should of demand. how i could of prevent this. that's why i'm so committed to delivering permanent long term solutions and clean safe drinking water that every michigan citizen ce serves. >> craig: flint switch frtd detroit water system and began dprawght river in 2013 in a bid to save money. >> belkeys: secretary of state
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attacks byerrorist as again no sientsdz systematic killings of christians and other mie nor knees iraq and syria. hour of the secretary stopped short of suggesting that the u.s. take additional military measures against the terror grou and said any potential criminal charge woz have to come from an independent international investigation. the vat ta again is ready to replates ambassador. carla marino va gar no will be forced to stop step down. set man that raingd the private meeting between pope frab cyst and kim davis who for a long time refused approve gay marriages in the county in her state. and last november she disclosed a secret m%eting between her and the pope when he visited wash wa wa. >> >> belkeys: more news coming up. take a good ok at your screen there. that guy cops say terror tied a mother and doubt swreemplet more
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>> craig: and a food run turns tbhied idea ave pizza parlor is rocked in oakland pooncht. >> belkeys: an officer forced to make a split second de saition sition lands inn the everglades. >> craig: and a girl stays strong after a dance move change hers life forever. >> belkeys: and these are live pictures of theetage being set for the ul ta music fes in it's coming. stand by. hold on to your hassments get your every plusmghtz pack your patience.
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because edm is in the house. >> craig: eye 5-year-old ball errie na is become called a tough to. she was doing a back beand b%nd
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went wrong. >> belkeys: the determined little disearns determined to get back on her feet again. lynn. >> lynn: and this california girl did a gymnastic move in her home and it landed her in a wheelchair. >> and what do you want to do when you grow up? >> be a ball errie na. 5-year-old is nay wheelchair now but if her parents have their way, she won't be forever. >> she wants to dance. >> lynn: raft decemr after doing a back bend all the home eden started drying of back pain. >> i said oh your fine, you're fine. my back, my legs and hips hurt. >> i said okay soy picked her up in this room anan a was rocking her in the rocking chair and trng to calm her down. >> what they failed to realize is t t little girl was suffering a spinal injury and lost her ability to stand. >> all ave sudden shen was
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charge change oovmentd they rushed eden to the hospital where doctors offered a grim diagnosis. >> we were basically told like the first or second day of her injury that you know prepare for the worse she will be a paraplegic for the rest of her life. >> for weeks the 5-yeaold endured inten sif fizz hal call they're pli and learned to do wheel leez in her wheelchair. snow flow she home and she faces medical challenge ooze. she her bladder and bowel don't work. we have stoove h in the middle of the nice so she doesn't get pressure soars from liesmght none of that is stop herg from keeping up with her big sister. she does what she was thooz do and she is so strong. >> can you believe that from a back befnltd the familyas set ape go fund me page to pay for specialized treatment in other states for. eden she will have to go 230
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they need $60,000 this family says. in the newsplex, lynn martinez. 7 news. >> craig: all right lynn, thanks. newsplex. she is one lucky dog. wait 'til you here hare thousand pooch made it back home after being lost at sea. q> craig: excite a story there. and tens of thousands of police officers across the country are attacked on the job every year but that doesn't stop some from fighting crime. coming back, a special sienlt report tonight back on the beet. >> belkeys: and no shortage of fun in south florida this weekend. we'll cue you in on everything that's happening.
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>> >> belkeys: it is time to start make those weekend plans. it's a big weekend and it's getting ready to kickoff here in s. tunes. streets and thrills all on the agenda. >> craig: not all fun and games. [n some things thorktses police snrik want town wear of. jessica holly live for news miami beach with that for us. jessica. >> reporter: yeah, it's only a thursday but it feels like a friday. the party has already started head of a huge weekend here in south florida. get ready south florida, we have advice tompletz for spring break. >> reporter: olive scree a and cage in are from chicago the water is just gorgeous. the people here.
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the night life is pretty good. >> reporter: so expect big crowz on miami beach. >> we classify it as a high impact weekend. >> reporter: visitors welcome. remember, drink drinks stain side and no glass on the beach and traffic off limits to drivers. and 7p to 7a. we recognize that area to where the charged crowds congregate. >> reporter: expect more congregating at the miami beach convention center as well. >> this show is everything literally in your home. the. >> reporter: the home design and remodeling showicks off friday afternoon. >> water front is not the only place for a soflo crowd this weekend at this preview party, we learned 70,000 people are holding tickets for jazz in the gardens in miami gardens at sun life stadium. head liners include usher and aretha franklin. not just the concert on the stage.
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the food in the court yard. it's the entertainment and excitement and om bee answer. >> and it's eaferg. >> reporter: and that is not evererhing when it comes this to this weekend. >> this year we're celebrating 65 years of smile. >> thursday is the opening of the youth fair and expo siesmghts fun and lots of food rides and concerts. busy days head for locals and visitors and it's easy to sigh see why. >> just beautiful here. >> reporter: but remember to do a big weekend right. it's best to play by the riewvmentz come out and have a good time. we're ready for large crowds. be responsible. that's all we ask. >> reporter: so not a big weekend, a huge weekend. and if you're looking for something to this weekend, have you plenty of options. we're live in south bees beach, jessica holly. 7 news. >> craig: are you ready for ultra? are you ultraready? head at 6:00, how south florida is preparing for the outdoor electronic music fes tal
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they are es test the speakers and lighting i. can attest to that. >> belkeys: you can hear it from your place. >> now weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. good afternoon every one. it's been a stormy day across the south east. we do have a front make it's way across theegion, dumping a lot of rainfall all across parts of mississippi, louisiana and r- ashed that'ssierming alabama and georgia. north florida getting clipped by a lot of this weather. as far as we're concerned, looks like a rainy weekend here croots area. some of that moisture will continue to drift in our directions 50% chance of rain on sunday. on saturday saturday. by sunday we could be even wert. we start to dry out for the start of next week eerchtd night lows will remain above average until sunday. then once that rain has gone through, temperatures should dip
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values. take a look at temperatures across the state. mostly cloudy skies with rainfall there. 71 in tallahassee. rain impacting gains vicialtion jacksonville. central florida this ann afternoon. the i-4 corridor. 79 in tampa at the theme parks. plenty of sunshine. 86 degrees there. across south florida we're looking at 83 in naples. temperatures in the 80s across the keys east coast. today miami reached a high of 87. just one degree way from the look nice. temperatures in the eight 350es with the wind out of south southeast at 9 miles per hour. so here's that rain make it's way across gains vicialtion jacksonville and pensacola. this is the moisture that little by little will be inching in our directions fiermingt weekend. here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currents. biscayne bay with a light chop. for nut florida keys, coastal waters also way light chop.
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4:47 in fort lauderdale. 5:15 key largo. 5:31 key west. apartly cloudy tbhievment over night lows in the 50e6789s tomorrow highs will be in the mid 0e8's again. here's your extended outlook. showers saturday and sunday. cooler for the start of next week. that's your 7 on 7 divment 7 news will be right back. >>
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>> >> craig: that is 7 news at
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thanks for watching. i'm craig stevens vins. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. keep it right here. 7 news at 530 cloth is next. caio caio.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> lynn: now at 5:30, emergency near the everglades a pilot had to turn a roadway into a runway. good evening every one he was trying land at an airport. >> danielle: but a plane problem mt. pilot making a may day call. 7's elitsa bizios has the story from fort lauderdale. >> reporter: 7 skyforce over head thursday when the pilot made an emergency landing the day before. you're looking at an l39 alba tros t. looks like a military plane but it's not a military plane. it's a private jet. common to those in aviation. hehe's a look at the two people who made it outside unharmed. and was wednesday when they were headed towards fort lauderdale executive airport. it was just after 7:00 in the
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was having engine trouble and needed to land the plane. that emergency landing happening in the everglades about 3 miles east of sawgrass recreation park. the man and woman whro were on board this plane didn't want to go on camera, only saying they did exactly what they were trained to do and that is is so to safely lanan the plane in an emergency situation. >> reporter: and,as you saw there the two people on board were able to walkway unharmed. the faa continues to investigate th indicate. for now live in west broward. elitsa bizios. 7 news right. crews dapg a bad break in a south florida neighborhood. a gas line rupture oog on a1a and deerfield beach. crews daig hole in the middle of the roadway to reachhe broken line. a1a from northeast second street to the palm beach county line is close #-d but has sinceeen reopened. a smokey scene ate home. fire break owght in coconut creek on 33 treatment treet.
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the attic but they are not sure how. >> danielle: more historic changes for cuba. snail mail just got a little fast eemplet and it means going back to the way things were more than half a sen cowr tiewr ri ago. >> lynn: craig has more to exain. craig. >> craig: and lynn and danielle. as of today mail between the u.s. and cuba no longer that's make a pit stop nay third country which obviously de plays their arrival. it heads there directly. and in the first batch a a letter from the president to the elderly woman on the island. >> before president obama steps foot in cuba next week. a letter he wrote may well have reached her mailbox. that letter is in t first batch of direct mail in 50 years


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