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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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were on board this plane this was a man and a woman chose not to speak to the cameras said this they did w at they were trained to do and that is putting this plane down in an imagine, situation, let me show you the picture of this plane, not yourr typical, passenger plane, the l39 and it looks like something from a military plane, but this is not a military plane, and common among americans who were into, aviation and otherountries as well. but the good news, both people on board, get walking away safely. we are in the west, everglades in broward, brandon byer, seven news night team. >> now at eleven, a young woman, taking steps towards her future. >> it is the most wonderful feeling to know that she is getting better. >> after the police say her roommate, went t a vicious attack. >> people have been prayingnd god has been working on her. >> the night team working her road to recovery. >> after 24 days, in a coma the commands.
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are calling her a miracle. the night team danielle knox has more from the jackson memorial hospital where she is recovering. >> enjoy outside. it l oks nice. >> and it is nice, i am outside and it is nice. is that what you said? >> it looks nice. >> belkys: simple words from a young lady who has a complicated hor if i have i can last few weeks, 23-year-old jones has spent the last three weeks in a coma so this, feeling the sunshine on her face is like feeling a miracle. >> it is the most wonderful feeling to know that she is getting better. and prayers are working. people have been praying and god has been working on her. anan now, she is outside for the first time. she is starting to walk. i could not be happier. >> belkys: danielle's mother amy was not sure if heraughter would see this or any way for that matter. >> after finding a roommate on
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moved into danielle's home, and just one week later on valentines dayove in for the kill, beating and stabbing her so brutally and viciously, police say she almost died, and was left in a coma. but danielle is defying the odds, taking her first steps in the hospital starting to talk again. and spending a few minutes outside. and with her speech, slowly coming back, danielle was able to articulate, just how blessed she feels that people care about her progress. >> a lot peoplpl have been watching me. >> she started talkin and she has full sentences. and she is starting physical therapy, now she has been transferred to the rehab, florida, rehabilitation and everyone says that it is a miracle. >> belkys: now as for her alleged attacker, 35-year-old, byron mitchel does remain behind bars and he is charged with attempted murder.
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set up a go fund me account cause the medical expenses are mounting and they could use your help, if you would like to donate, you can go to our website, reporting in miami, i'm danielle knox, seven news, night team. >> craig: tonight, a south florida teacher is trouble, officials say that she should not have had a group of children in her care, the school board has taken action. >> he had his hand on the door and slammed his finger, because he had closed it. >> a 6-year-old recalling a traumatic day of first grade, a classmate's finger slammed in a door,t was bleeding. >> where was your teacher when that happened. >> at her desk. >> at her desk and drunk, first grade teacher at lloyd estates elementary, is accused of going into the classroom, under the influence on december 9th. >> according to the splant, around 9:30 that morning,
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respondent, referring to singleton stumbling escorting the children to the classroom. >>8 when the principal got involved, she noticed an odor of alcohol, when speaking with sengleton, she was irretable and unable to respond to questions, to m me matters worse, the finger slamming incident, the complaint, states she allowed her entire, first grade class to go to the rest room unsupervised and a student in the classroom, injured his hand when his finger was caught in the door. and lynn was fired by the school board on tuesday. snechlt and our effort to get her side of the stor >> hello. >> unsuccessful. and as for the little boy who used to be in her classroom, his mom, pulled him out o o the school in january, sighting a lack of supervision, in the classroom, but she is just now learning about what happened, on december 9th. >> i am upset. and it kind of answers a few questions that i had. >> according to the complaint, she took a breathalyzer test
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was extreme liply intoxicated and it is not the firstst time. and according to the complaint, she was convictedf dui in 1988 and in 2003, reporting in oakland, park, jessica, holly, 7 newsight team. >> night team. >> now on the night team, the south florida, officer in the clear, after he is caught on camera, slapping a home s man, at a bus terminal. and the jury deliberating today and finding him not guilty. and the noo it team's walter morris reports. >> whoa. >> caught on camera, fort lauderdale, police officer, slapping a home s man. officer victor, facing misdemeanor charges for battery and falsifying a policicreport and a jury not convicting. >> and in this case, the defendant is not guilty. >> the state's attorney, filing charges against the 9 year veteran after this cell phone video of the incident hit the web. shot february of last year at fort lauderdale's bus terminal.
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sleeping on the bench, placing him under arrest for trespassing when the encounter turned violent. >> in the video, the officer is heard threatening the man but the prosecutors are saying that his report of the incident did not reflect what happened. >> i warned them and i told them that you can't be hehe. >> wednesday, telling his side of the story in court. >> what he comes up and he does this thing. >> and taking a stand in his defense, saying that bruce was beligerent. every time that i am talking to him, leave me alone, i want to go to sleep, claiminin that he was wearing a hospital band and had an infection on his feet and he didn't want him to get too close. this was the second encounter between the two in several weeks. and the prosecution tryingg unsuccessfully to prove that the officer just lost his temp. >> i was frustrated. very, yes. >> because he was not listening to you. >> because he was forcing my hand. >> thehe jury deliberating for about an hour on wednesday
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not guilty verdict. >> certainly nobody involved in this case c c say that they didn't get a fair shake and an opportunity, to present all of the issues. >> the defense applauding the jury's decion, while mcclaire is saying few words as he left the court. >> i am glad that it is over. in ewhat do you do now? >> go on. >> go on with life. >> move on. >> and officer ramerez. had been suspended without pay, pending the out come of this trial. his attorney says that he hopes this verdict is a positive step towards getting his job back. >> reporting in fort lauderdale, seven news night team. >> craig: the president historic visit to cuba is now just days away. >> belkys: tonight we are learning more about what he has on tap a`d who he will meet during his trip there. and the night team's shelden fox is live, in the plex with a look. >> >> reporter: belkys and craig, it will be the first cuba visit by a sitting u.s. president since 1928, about you first there was a visit to the
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>> reporter: it is a who is who of the cuban americans at the white house, fresh off of a two-hour meeting on wednesday with the president, ahead of the planned historic trip to havana. >> he knows that he is going to bring a lot of hope to the cuban people and one of the worlds to me is important is freedom. >> music mogal and miami icon, was one of those in washington on wednesday, when president obama was looking for perspective. >> he has been a really, very good with us and trying to get the cuban community. >> today was a great example. >> that was another south florida an who attended the meeting father of saint branden's catholic church, topics like the need for reformed policy on human rights wasp said to be the top priority. >> we continue to press to make sure that over time we are widening more andore freedom for speech, assembly, religion, and inside of cuba. >> the president, and first
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he will hit, multiple spots in old havana, including a cathedral to meet the cardinal. who was key during the talks to renew, diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba, he went to the white house and hand delivered a letter from pope francis to president obama, urging peace and paving the way for diplomacy between the two countries in 2014. >> monday, mr. obama will view a wreath, laying, at the memorial and then he meets with castro, before visiting with cuban entrepreneurs and u.s., government officials. monday night there is a state dinner at the revolution palace. tuesday, his last day of the trip he ges a national address, to the cuban people and also meet on the island, some in south florida, say they hope that happens or else. >> the visit will not be good for cuban freedom. >> the deputy, national security officer, aaddressed the trip in south florida last week. in ewhat we put at the center of
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life better for the cuban people. >> from the white house, he echoed those sentiments roads says that the larger than normal group will travel with the president who will wrap things up with baseball, he will take in a game between the tampapa bay, rays and the cuban national team. woers are busy getting the stadium ready. he might also catch a glimpse of obama mania, vendors are there are selling shirts and flags and buttons depicting the u.s. commander-in-chief. >> craig: and this was broadcast on cuba tv tonight, the flight to reestablish direct mail service between cuba and the united states arrived in havana from miami. service between the two countries was suspended in 1968. for decades, mail between cuba and america had to fly via a third country, the miami havana, mail flights will operate, three times per week. back to the president's visit
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with cuban students on monday, the first family leaves, cuba on tuesday and will travel to argentina, the president obama will be accompanied by the first lady, da utter and mrs. obama mother, robinson, we are in the plex seven news night team. all right. >> belkys: stay with seven news, and for complete coverage on the president's historic visit. we will have reports from havana beginning tomorrow. >> craig: still ahead here on seven news att eleven tonight, a mother and an infant, staring at agun when two chiefs make a dangerous dash for cash. >> belkys: and a fair of crooks posing as shoppers, the police
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heist. >> craig: cameras are rolling as two men, storm a store, pull guns and make a frightening threat, the clerk says that they pointed a gun at her 9-month-old and threatened to shoot if she did not comply with their demands.
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reports. >> reporter: look closely and you can see the two bad guys and you can see the gun. >> when i looked down and i looked back up he had a gun in my face. >> but for this store clerk and mother it got so much worse. the mother still so terrified she is not showing her face. >> he told me that if i did anything, stupid or did anything that made him uncomfortable, he would shoot the baby. >> these guys not only made the threat, they even forced the mother to put her 9-month-old son in a chair and then pointed the gun's little infant, right inside the grocery store on northwest second avenue. >> i was just scared. i was thinking the worst. i was thinking the worst was going to happen and i was just really praying for it to be@ over with. >> for the offenders to actually point a weapon at the child to get what they want, was absurd. >> the people who work in this store are on edge and they have even put up fliers so customers can be on the look out. >> anyone that is willing to
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deserves to be somewhere by themselves. >> now this mom is holding her 9-month-old old a little tighter, he is too long to remember what these two men did, but she will never forget. >> how could you do that? you know, for a couple of dollars? and you know, a child's life? and not even worth it. and i truly hope that he gets caught. >> the people who work in this grocery store say that they have never been robbed before. the police are hoping that some one recognizes these suspects, if you have any information, call the crime stoppers, the number, 305-471-tips. in miami, brian, seven news neat time. >> craig: a crook, gunning for trouble the surveillance video, captured a man, robbing a 7-11 he has hit at least, 4 locations over the last couple of weeks, along the noert federal highway, and north kopin's road and in one case he brought a machete and no one was hurt. and a high priced heist was cacaht on camera, it happened in
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last week, a couple of guys, swipipg more than 10,000 worth of designer eyeglass frames and the cops says that they work as a team and one picked the frames and handed them to an accomplice sitting nearby, if you have any information on this, call 493-tips. >> belkys: coming up here at eleven, the heat has been rising across south florida. and we might need to have umbrellas handy soon. >> well the heat first, tomorrow we could be dealing with the record heat, and especially in miami f f your saint patrick's day and it appears that there could be rain in the offing for the weekend and the entire out look for just a couple of minutes. >> but after the news, it is saint patrick's eve and get ready for the big day, and we are going to check out a place,
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deco, tonight, at 11:30.
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meteorologist phil ferro >> phil: it might be approaching the end ofinter here, but it is sure feeling a lot like summer, 75 degrees right now, miami, and the wind out of the south, and the humidity at 84 percent and fort lauderdale, 73, and the five mile per hour winds for you and key west at this hour, the temperature of 75, under mostly clear, skies. here ishe storm tracker, and it is try. just about everywhere here across south florida. and it should remain dry tonight, and throughout the day tomorrow. now, here is what w% are looking at. high pressure to our east, and the front to our north and there is a big area of low pressure, across the great lakes, and plenty of rain, and wind and snow there. but you can see the flow here. coming out of the south tomorrow, and that is going to bring in, a lototf heat in, and humidity, and the highs again, will be in the upper 80s, what is typical is about 78, to 80 degrees. and then, by friday, it wonon be as hot as that heat starts to slowly move away.
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and a lot of rain, and ahead of this front, and some of that moisture could make it here byy saturday and sunday, we do need some rain fall. no a`visories and the wind out of the south tomorrow, and the seas of with unto two feet, and biscayne bay with light chop, and beyond the ef two to three, and the next high tide, 4:52 in the morning, 7:08 for the lower keys, and the uv index will be high at eleven and your water temperature at 79 degrees. and tonight, mostly clear, over night lows will be in the 70s mid 60s in the western suburbs by tomorrow, we are looking at the possibility of some morning fog, especialty inland and then in the afternoon, we are going to see plenty of sun and thehe highs will be in the upper 80s and the low 80s for the keys and here is your extended out look, and hot on friday, and the showers on saturday and sunday and that is your first day of spring, hopefullyhat front will bring in our temperatures back down, and to where they
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and that is your seven on seven, forecast. >> thanks, phil. >> and sports is next. >> belkys:he dolphins add a pass rusher today, steve is rushing over here to do the
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>> >> we are almost there, the canes open up the tournament tomorrow in buffalo, in prod dense, rhode island. and 25 and seven over all, and ranked tenth in the country, capable of beating anyone in the country, during thehe season, the canes beat, seven of the teams in the ncaa tournament and got it going. >> they have grown, closer and closer to their teammates. we have a great bond, and a great chemistry on this team. and i think that dave reid described that he was asked in one word, the best way to describe this team, and he said, fun. >> fun agood, the first place, heat host charlotte tomorrow and the hornets just a game behind,
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the conference after bosn lost tonight, the time of the season where everybody is taking a little --. >> everybody looks at the standings, that is finend i have no problem with that. and i want the guys to be aware of it about you we are not going to obsess about it. >> as much as we want to look at the third place, we want to be sure that we py the basketball and we are rin r winning the games that we are supposed to. >> looking for another running back and today, this he bro ut arizona free agent, chris johnson and sign, unrestricted, agent, branch, branch plays, four years in jacksonville, and he started in 9 games, last season, and he had four sacks, and in those nine games. and nfl football players, steve morris, webster, and van dike and retned to the senior, pace high school, for spartans in the nfl day, on behalf of the nfl, the players presented the principal with a golden football, and martin, webster,
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and came on sports extrawise a guest. that will do it i'm steve, back to belkys and aig. >> craig: thank you steve for your contribution. >> belkys: is steve talking i mu have missed that, it is so old just like you. i could not pass it up, too easy. that is a wrap for seven news at eleven, chow chow i'm belkys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens, and thank you for being with us and join us here again tomorrow. real-time closed captioning
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jennifer gardner is opening up about her divorcrc we tried to be subtle >> man: batman or superman. >> announcer: kanye is usually taking shots at the paparazzi. them. >> man: sure, kanye. >> announcer: rihanna and drake to the bump and grind at herself florida show. the rock reveals a simple secret to a bath bought. >> man: i did one thing, i work out six hours a day every day for the last 20 years straight. >> announcer: we are checking out his smart comedy, "central intelligence". >> miami's jencarlos canela is talking about his version of. >> man: i am jesus. >> man: we are bffs. >> man: me and judas are bffs. >> anuncer: and now deco drive, the show molding the
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>> man: i grew up with deco drive. i grew%up with you. >> shireen: yo, yo peeps i am shireen sandoval. >> lynn: i love it when you say yo, yo peeps. i am lynn martinez and this is deco drive. jennifer garner is now talking about her painful slip from her husband ben affleck while promoting her new movie "miracles from heaven", jen opened up on the today show. she said it hasn't b bn easy going through a very public divorce aafter 10 years of divorce but i am sure it is not. but she and ben are doin great, i guess that is like consciously uncoupling. because ben is now promoting his movie batman versus supermandawn of justice but he is a batman. she asked which superhero she was backing. >> woman: i want to know are you team batman or team superman. >> woman: team batman.


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