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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 630PM  FOX  February 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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the news continues in 2 minutes. >> robbin: now on 7 news at 6:30, gun play turns deadly. a teen losing his life. now his friend is behind bars. >> jeff: an infant safe and sound after being kidnapped in south florida. why investigators say this was a family affair. >> a big south carolina primary win n d will be here live. >> good evening, i'm robbin simmons. >> im jeff lennox. 7 news at 6:30 starts right now. y >> hollow and good evening. one teen -- hello and good evening.
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>> robbin: and another teen now faces charges. walter morris has more. walter? >> reporter: that's right, a 14-year-old is dead after a gun goes off while two teens are just playing around and now his friend is being charged with manslaughter. one teen dead. another facing serious chges after gunplay goes wrong. >> it's a very sad situation. >> police say 14-year-old tobias was staying with a family friend on terrace and 22nd avenue. a friend came over and he had a gun. >> accidentally shooting inside the house. the kids plague with the guns. >> reporter: rhodes hit, air lifted it jackson memorial hospital. but too late. the teen pronounced dead at the hospital. >> and one kid always smiling and playing and trying to make you laugh. >> miami gardens police began the investigation working into the night. the 14-year-old who brought the
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manslaughter and possession of a firearm. >> praying that this may not be you or your neighbor's kids. >> miami-dade public school superintendant alberto carvalho tweeting -- guns, children, homes don't mix. accidental gundischarges adding to the unacceptable carnage with neighbors that watch rhodes grow up echo that sentiment. >> and still no word how that teen got that gun. reporting live in miami gardens, walter morris, 7 news. >> robbin: new details in the abduction of the 2-momoh-old girl. police say her suspected kidnapper was no stranger. now she's beencaught and cuffed and tonight there is
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7's elitsa bizios is live near fort lauderdale to explain. elitsa? >> reporter: robbin, you said it. a few twists in this case. everyone involved in some way are related. we did talk to the little baby gi, the little baby girl who was abducted. the baby awaiting to be reunited with her and she says she's s just thankful that that baby isnot harmed. >> and a mother waits sunday with ke after her cousin, stephanie augustine allegedly abducted the 2-month-old. augustine now behind bars in the broward county jail. she's fafang a handful of charges including aggravated child abuse. also arrested in this case a 14-year-old boy and deputies say 's augustine's cousin.
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disappointing someone would do that. >> the baby found safe >> and bringing the 18-hour-search to an end. the search starting late friday in unincorporated broward county where the baby first went missing. it was just after 11 after they responded to the report of the home invasion. >> the parents reported a gunned intrudedecame and took their child. >> that's heartrefrning. i don't know where to put that. >> that afternoon they announced they were looking for augustine as a person of intereststn kidnapping and cops
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fort pierce, eventually arresting her. and tonight augustine remains behind bars. she has been denied bond. for now we're ve near fort lauderdale. elitsa bizios, 7 news. >> jeff: the race for the white house running right through south florida and live in miami gardens where hundreds of people came out to a rally for hillary today. nicole? >> reporter: yes, definitely an enthusiastic welcome for bill clinton here in miami gardens. of course he's been to south florida several times and we'll see a lot more of him, i'm sure. his wife soundly defeated bernie sanders in the south carolina primary yesterday. and the big)chunk of the african american vote is the
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going with. former president bill clinton made a stop as his new role, campaigner in chief. >> you have to apologize me being hoarse today. i was in south carolina losing my voice for my candidate and it was worth it. >> reporter: hillary clinton trounced bernie sanders saturday in the victory that rested largely on the huge african american turnout. the overwhelming majority casting ballots for clinton. >> we have no money and no political organization and we consider a fringe campaign. a lot has changed. >> in this majority african
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and a local tragedy. >> the queson is how will we dodothat? >> they addressed one of donald trump's most quoted campaign promises. >> he wants to build a wall around america and keep the immigrantstsand chinese products out. well, if you get rid of 11 million immigrants, then you watch the economy collapse. have at it. >> reporter: but it was the message about violence especially that resonated with the group of mothers that lost children to guns. it will take everyone to put their 2 cents in but we need to come with solutions. >> and i think she's the only one. >> and >> all reflected on super tuesday.
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>> robbin: all right, nicole. and speaking of donald trp facing tough questions about support from the well known white supremacist. in the cnn interview this morning, the republican saying he doesn't know enough about former kkk grand wizard david duke to reject his support. now the fellow republican also going on the attack. >> you want me to condemn a group i know nothing about. i have to look. if you send me a list of the groups, i'll do research on them and certainly savow if i thought there was something wrong. >> there is no room for kkk or vid duke or any sort of bigotry in the united states of america! >> robbin: when asked abt david duke in a rally on friday he said, quote, all right, i disavow, end quote. >> jeff: meanwhile the klan king news in california when the chaotic clash betwee protesters turns violent. members of the kkk holding a rally.
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group of counter protesters, people started throwing punches and several people getting stabbed. a kkk rally erupting in violence in anaheim on saturday. a grouof members announcing they'll hold the meeting at the park and the large amount of ti-kkk members deciding to show up. >> don't hurt him. dont hurt him. >> reporter: one man had a stab wound to his s stomach. >> when the kkk members arrived in the vehicle, maybe 5 in the vehicle and the group of the counter protesters attacked him as they knitted the vehicle. that resulted in the stabbing right off to e left by the fire hydrant. >> the man stabbed by the pointed end of the flag pole. the kkk member aiming he used
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>> that ultimately led to the melee in the street that stretched down a city block to cypress street where a number of other fights broke t. >> reporter: police say it's not clear who initiated the attack. the total of 13 people arrested including 7 counter protesters and 6 klan members. >> we came here for the peaceful protest of white lives matter and we get jumped by -- >> i think you have to expect something. >> reporter: the residents of the area now questioning why there wasn't enough law enforcement before the fight broke out. >> it's crazy for them to even come over here where there is a majority of minorities here. >> it's important to remember that this is -- at the klan's message, as reprehensible as many feel it is, it's protected by the first amendment and can't be getting in the middle of stopping them from doing that. >> to me it's just old and different time in the world and know th and got to be moving
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>> robbin: no word if any charges will be filed. they're asking police with any cellllphone video of the fight to come forward. the academy fail to include minorities in the nominations for the second year in a row. the e national action network is expected ho told the demonstration where the oscars are set to take place. >> last year they did not have any blacks in the top 20 nominations. so we said we''ll have the demonstration outside. >> and demonsations in new york, washington and ohio. >> coming up on 7 news at 6:30, the pilot encountering plane oblems moments before
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>> jeff: and the huge show of support r a special group of young athletes. >> reporter: and cool weather around this weekend but soon set the jacket aside. temperatures not as chilly and
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forecast ahead. >> a scare in the sky when the plane crash is belly up shortly after tauf. the pilot the only -- takeoff. the pilot the only one on board when landing. >> and witnesses could not believe what they witnessed according to john cocoa. >> the heavily damaged plane being lifted off the runway at the plymouth airport saturday night. the federal aviation administration believes it crashed while practicing taking off and landing early in the afrnoon. >> he touched down and was 5
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gunned it so it got really loud and then he started to go up and was at a 90 angle straight up and down. >> she said she saw the crash happened just seconds after she landed in another plane nearby. >> the wing snapped on thehe ground and his nonose hit and he cartwheeled and landed on his back. >> that's how they found it when pice arrived, resting on its roof. the pilot was taken to the hospital suffering serious injuries. >> definitely head injuries. he was bloody. his head completely covered in blood and so was the rest of him. >> the f.a.a. says the lot was the only person -- the pilot was the only person in the the aeronautics are investigating how the crash happened. >> it was just really scary. >> john cocoa, 7 news. >> robbin: still ahead from the news station, kids participating in sunday sports. 7's sports anchor mike dipasquale there for all of it.
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team looking to win the series with the gators.
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7 sports coming up. >> before we look forward let's look back just a bit. we rewind the clock and the mix of sun and clouds and all those clouds streaming in from the ocean waters. it really takes the exit and makes the cool weather and with on shore winds. the temperatures that aren't gointo be as chilly for tonight. and 70 currently in miami. 64 currently in fort lauderdale and key west and those temperatures will be slow to drop tonight with some extra clouds around and the very slight chance we'll see some activity on the radar. earlier today a couple of sprinkles coming in along that breeze. then especially reforming south of lake okeechobee.
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and more of these clouds will tend to fill throughout the overnight. did you notice the breeze today? gusty at times especily for the coastal locations. gusts at 20 but the humidity on the side and then it is going to february and these temperatures are warmer than average across the board and high pressure in control across the weather. but that high is moving away and you said we're going to watch the approach of not 1 but 2 weather systems right now bringing so rain and snow across the middle of the nation and across the northwest. here at home once again the high north of the bahamas and the wind flow with the isolated showers our way. the first run will flatten out and move another way and there in the distance and that will
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the wednesday through friday time frame. slight risk of rip currents and use caution for boaters and the keys and not as cool as it has been near 60 for the overnight and the upper 70s tomorrow. warming up to near 80 on tuesday with better rain chans at the end of the week. that's the forecast. >> reporter: all right, brent. >> robbin: the special olympics hosting a huge event here in south florida. >> jeff: hundreds of kids taking parted in the miami-dade county track and field game. and there he is. 7 7 sports anchor mike dipasquale there to emcee the event. players from the marlins, dolphins with he dancers and bernie all showing up to give their big support. to all the athletes, the long john shot in the high jumpn tough sports there. today's winners go on to compete in t t special olympics national event.
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big crowof support out there. >> jeff: sure is. >> robbin: the first place florida panthers looking to get back on track in minnesota today.
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the highlights. >> reporterlooking to avoid straight and second to minnesota. the panthers up 1-0 in that first scary moment for montoya. crashing and leaves with the upper body injury and cats still down 1-0 with the power play. and nice pass in front and near
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still tied at 1 in the third and riley spiting up to branton and top shelve and empty netter with 3-1 the final. and number 6 miami and looking tomake it 2 straight over the number 1 florida gators. game 3 of the weekend set and miami down 1-0 in the second and bases loaded with gators and going to sing toll left and that brings in 2 and canes would trail 3-0. to the 7th it was4-0 and dives to make the catch and canes lose 7-3. meyer taking on number 12 florida state. jessica thomas drives to hayes and canes up 28-21 and led by 1 the break.
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lady canes lose 70-sketch and acc tournament startststhis week. a birds eye view of the pga national. adam scott came in with the shared lead with that birdie on one and leads by 1. and scott with the great shop from the fairway bunker and he'll stick it, well, within 2 feet of the cup and sets up for the easy birdie right there! and here's sergio garcrc coming in to tie with scott for the lead and 4 chip on 68 and that is going to lead to the bogie and now 1 back. and go to 18 and wrap it up and finish to win it 1 shot over sergio. and second race force to overtime and rockets out and kisses the wall and tangled up with 3 other drivers d that's
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no caution. jimmie johnson wins with 76 wins to tie the late dale earnhardt on the career win
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robbin and jeff back after this. >> that's a wrap for 7 news at 6:30. i'm jeff lennox. >> i'm robbin simmons. join me tonight first at 10. have a great night. captioning provided by:
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