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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 6PM  FOX  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ank you so much for watching. >> two south florida teens playing with a gun. one killed and the other now behind bars. >> and details of the infant found huhdreds of miles away from her south florida home. >> reporter: just moments after south carolina's primary win, bill clinton heads to miami gardens. we'll be here live. >> robbin: cameras rolling as protesters are stabbed during a clash with the ku klux klan. good evening. i'm robbin simmons. >> jeff: and i'm jeff lennox. 7 news at 6 starts right now. captioning provided by: u.s. captioning company, depere, wi now at 6:00, south florida teens triggering trouble making the deadly decision to play with a gun. hello and good evening. one teen shot to death. >> robbin: but despite that they're facing serious charges. 7's live in miami gardens with
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>> well, robbin, a teenager now charged with manslaughter. the 14-year-old is dead after a gun was found and they played with it seting it off. one teen dead and anotr facing serious charges after gunplay goes wrong. >> it's a very sad situation. >> reporter: to bias was staying with the family friend on 172nd terrace and 122nd avenue. a friend came over saturday afternoon and that 14-year-old had a gun.h >> accidentally shooting inside the house. >> he was lift and air lifted to jackson memorial. but it was too late. the teen pronounce dead at the hospital. >> we lost a wonderful kid. always smiling and playing trying to make you laugh. >> and while they grieved they began the investigation working into the night. the 14-year-old who brought the gun facing murder charges and
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>> it may be you our your kids. >> and tweeting guns, children and homes don't mix. guns claiming the 14-year-old adding to the sunacceptable carnage -- unacceptable carnage plaguing the community and thingers who watched him grow up echoing the sentiment. >> tobe more proactive with the kidsdsand get themselves involved and give them something to do. better than playing wi guns. >> and they have not said how that teenager got that gun. walter morris, 7 news. >> robbin: new deils in the girl. r suspected kidnapper was no stranger. now she's caught and cuffed and another twist in the case.
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near fort lauderdale to explain it all. elitsa? >> reporter: robbin, you said it. the woman initially arrested it is the little baby, her mother, her cousin. the second arrestmate is the cousin of the other person. we talked to the baby's mother. she didn't want to do an interview on camera but said she's thankful and wait to be reunite wide her little girl. >> a mother waits sunday to reunite with her baby after her cousin, stephaniaugustine, allegedly abducted the two-month-old. augustine now behind bars in the broward county jail. she's facing a handful of charges including aggravated child abuse, also arrested in this case a 14-year-old boy charged with aggravated assault and armed burglary. deputies say he's augustine's cousin. >> i i prayed for her and d her family.
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inside that someone would do that. >> the baby was found safe saturday afternoon. >> i was like thank you, jehovah. it was a miracle. >> the announcement of that miracle bringing an 18-hour search to an end. >> the search starting late friday where the baby first went missing. it was just after 11 at night when the broward sheriff's oft responded to the report the home invasion and kidnapping in the 2700 block of northwest 14th court. >> parents of the 2-month-old girl reported that an armed intruder came in and took their daughter. >> a perimeter was set up and canines brought out. >> it's heartwrenching. oh, my god. i don't know where to put that! >> a statewide amber alert also broadcast just before 7:30 in the morning on saturday. that afternoon deputies
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a suspect and cops catching up with augustine, eventually arresting her. and augustine remains behind bars with no bond. for now live near fort lauderdale. elitsa bizios, 7 news. >> jeff: the race for the white house running through south florida and a stop for for bill clinton's wife. hundreds came out for the rally today for hillary. nicole? >> reporter: well, jeff, as you know every time bill clinlon goes before the audience he gets a rock star welcome. not any different this time when in miami gardens but yesterday his wife beat bernie sanders pretty strongly in south carolina and won a good chunk of the african american vote and they really want to keep that momentum going. after a greeting that featured a band and a choir, former
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made a current stop in his role, campaigner in chie >> i have to tolerate me being a little hoarse today. i was in south carolina losing my voice for my candidate and it was worth it! >> bernie trounced by hillary clinton after the vote resting on the hugely overwhelming african american voter turn out casting votes for hillary clinton. >> we had no money and no political organization.. we were considered a fringe campaign. a lot has changed. in this city the camp is hoping for similar support and the local tragedy, the very first topic addressed by the former president. >> the shooting death of 6-year-old king carter should be more than enough to remind us that we are not just divided by income in america. we know that.
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going to do about it. >> he taught police reform, changes to the student loan system and addressed one of the most quoted camign promises. >> if you watch the economy collapse by deporting immigrants, have at it. >> reporter: but a message resonated with a group of mothers who lost children to guns. >> i think it's going to take everybody to put their two cents in because we all know the problems we're having but we need to come up with solutions and i know hillary clinton has the concern and she's the only one that can be in the house. >> so next super tuesday marco rubio and hillary clinton expected to be in south florida on that day. reporting live in miami gardens, nicole, 7 news. >> facing tough questions about support fr the well-known proprietary supremacist. in the cnn interview the republic front runner says he
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former kkk grand wizard david duke to reject his support. now a fellow republican is going on the attack. >> you wouldn't want me to condemn a group i know nothing about. i would do research on them and certainly disavow if i thought there was something wrong. >> there is no place in the conservative movement for david duke, the ku klux klan or any sort of hatred or bigotry in america. >> robbin: donald trump's going and disavowed, end d quote. >> and meanwhile making news out west in going to turn violent. members of the kkk holding a lly. >> robbin: and when met by a group of protesters and counter protestors people start
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a ku klux klan rally erupting in violence in anaheim, califofoia, saturday. a group of members announcing they'd hold a meeting at a park and the large number decided to show up. >> >> don't hurt him, sir, don't hurt them. >> temperatures quickly flared and a fight broke out. a protester collapsed on the ground with a stab wound to his stomach. >> maybe 5 in the vehicle and they attacked him as he ited the vehicle. >> the man reportedly stabbed by the pointed end of the flag pole. the kkk member claiming he used the flag out of self defense. >> that ultimately led to the melee in the street down sip
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broke out. >> it's not clear who initiated the attack and 7 counter protesters and 6 klan members. >> we came here for peaceful protests in why lives matter and we get jumpededby -- >> i think huto expect some. >> residents in e area now questioning why there wasn't enough law enforcement before the fight broke out. >> it's crazy for them to even come over here where there's a majority of minorities here. >> it's important to remember that this is -- that the klan's message, reprehensible as many may feel it is, it's protected by the first amendment and can't be getting in the middle ofoftopping them from doing that. >> to me just old and just had a different time in the world. you know that. and we've got to be moving forward and it's not helping, you know? >> robbin: no word if charges will be filed and they're
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on the incident to come forward >> also tonight, prompting outragacross the country with the oscars. the awardsshow causing controversy after failing to include minority actors in the nominations for the second year in a row. the action network is expected to hold a demonstration outside the dolby theater in los angeles where the oscars are scheduled to take place. >> last year they did not have any blabsing in the top 20 nominations. so here we come again the new nominations. so the day the nominations came out, we said enough is enough. we would have a demonstration out in front of the academy. >> jeff: demonstrations set in new york, washington and ohio. >> and just getting started on 7 news at 6, a flight going plane wrong. witnesses shocked and the pilot survived. >> jeff: ride, run or walk. south floridians breaking a sweat this weekend and all for a great cause.
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the cool air is in place over the past 4 days and 4 nights. that's in the past. tonight? what's going to feel a little different across south florida. the forecast ahead. >> reporter: and i'm mike dipasquale. coming up check in the with the first place florida flapanthers. the cats playing the second straight afternoon game. and the canes look to make it back to back wins over t
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highlights ahead in 7 sports. >> a scare in the sky when the plane crashes belly up after takeoff. the only one on board after that rough landing. >> and as 7's john cocoa reports, witnesses cannot believe what they saw. the heavily damaged plane being lifted off the runway at the plymouth airport saturday night.
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administration saying they were taking f and landing earlier in the afternoon. >> he touched down very briefly and was about 5 feet off the ground and he just gunned it and so it got really loud and then he started to go out and he was at a 90 angle. >> she saw it happened nearby. >>is wings snapped on the ground and his nose hit and he landed on his back. >> and that's how police say they found the plane when they arrived. resting on its roo. the pilot was taken to the hospital suffering serious injuries. >> and then he is bloody and his head was completely covered in blood and soefs the rest of him. >> and the pilot was the only person in the plane whwn it flipped over. 7 news learned he's a prominent dentist from rockland. the f.a.a. and mass aeronautics are investigating hothe crash happened.
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>> reporter: john cocoa, 7 news. >> still ahead tonight, how meteorologist vivian gonzalez and thousands of others spent the day helping pintsized patients. >> and getting back ontrack
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highlights up next in 7 sports. >> jeff: thounds gathering at miramar regional park to raise money for joe demagio hospitit. >> and the fund raiser concysters of bike rides, sports and a sports-themed fund area for kids under 14.
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congrats to everybody! >> sxh for that bick walk, ride and run, jackets out earlier this morning. broward miami-dade county,y,the temperatures did manage to get in the low to mid70s. sitting everhere else and in the upper 60s and it is a nice fairly dry day even though we have more clouds around and that trend will continue. a few spots going to late morning and moving on the east to west air flow and just south of lake okeechobee. lower 70s in naples and as mentioned very comfortable
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weather trend starting to exit. high pressure shifting away from us and focusing on some of this and coming our way immediately but the area of snow showers, that's definitely not coming our way. then it is extending across the northeast to the great lakes and trailing showers on the weak front. that front will get closer to us in time and what to expect on monday. high pressure out in the ocean waters and east winds with a few sprinkles around d stay on the warm side and only slowlylymove nothing our direction. the slight risk of rip currents and otherwise use caution for the boaters on the keys and choppy. temperatures tonight no loloer in widespread 50s. more like 60 range and low 60 intos tomorrow. do we hear 80 ? like it or not the warm air makes the comeback and thatatis
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that's the 7 on 7 forecast. >> first place florida panthers with the second straight afternoon game and cats facing the minnesota time fighting for e playoffs in the west. and first scary moment for al montoya. crashing into monte and that's a bell ringer that shook him up. he left the gamemend roberto luongo replaced him. still down 1-0. panther power play and a nice pass in front for eric and he was just on sports xtra last sunday. his 12th of the season tying it up 1. and smith can't clear the puck in the zone and breakaway past smith and branton going top shelf on louie.
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straight 3-1 the finana the holland goal was the backbreaker. >> we gave up a few eventually and took a few penalties. wasn't how we wanted to play. >> just signed joe johnson should be alive tonight as knicks face the heat in new york. and heat had 20 turnovers leading to 20 boston points. and dwayne wade happy and the reinforcement joe johnson is on the way. >> and put someone on the floor that can shoot the goal and what we're trying to do. obviously losing chris right now and another playmaker and another scorer and game plays like this is when you get to see that you're missing your all-star. >> baseball with number 6 miami looking to make it 2 straight
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me 3 of the weekend set and bases low with the single to left and it is going to shot and didis and can't make the catch. ball rolls to the fence and both runners score. canes end up losing this one 7-3 the final. >> we played good saturday and friday and sunday we didn't. we didn't come out with as much energy today as we did yesterday and there'no excuse for that. >> want to get past this and move on and the move is probably a little bit better but we're pret upset we lost the game. >> reporter: the 17th-raed canes taking on number 4 florida state in tallahassee. thomasasdrives with canes up 28-21 and led by the break.
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the hoop and lay its in with career high 24. and acc turn starts this week
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this. >> jeff: that's 7 news at 6. i'm jeff lennox.
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the news continues in 2 minutes. >> robbin: now on 7 news at 6:30, gun play turns deadly. a teen losing his life. now his friend is behind bars. >> jeff: an infant safe and sound after being kidnapped in south florida. why investigators say this was a family affair. >> a big south carolina primary win n d will be here live. >> good evening, i'm robbin simmons. >> im jeff lennox. 7 news at 6:30 starts right now. y >> hollow and good evening. one teen -- hello and good evening.


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