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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. deputy say a woman refused when a stranger offered her a ride. but deputy also say that man wouldn't take no for an answer. >> man pwments becomes angry with gas station attenda what happens next causes concern for cops. that story on just one station. weekend is here. item going to be a chilly one. i'llet you know which day is the coldest. heart breaking sight. 6-year-old remembered as police
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shooting. a little boy badly injured. after being hit by a police cruiser. but tonight he's all smiles and heading home from the hospital. new details about the gunman who opened fire in kansas factory and his south florida past. >> and after fireworks on debate stage, donald trump and marco rubio still going head to head. but tonight trump has a newal fly his corner. >> i'm craig. >> i'm lynn in for belkys. 7 news at 10:00 starts now. off the top on just one station. drive-by danger in hollywood. bullet flying into a business.the frightening crime was caught on camera. >> nicole is live for us on the scene with this exclusive tonight. nicole? >>reporter: well, craig this is what is left right here of this shooting.
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the middle of the nightal though the clerk was here and he was actually okay even after being shot at and police say the reason they believe for all of this one man im patience. february seventh just befofo 2:00 a.m. watch the top of your screen. the silver carurns into a hollywood gas station. >> obviously very dangerous individual. >> he's talking about the driver. right there leaning back point ago gun and firing at the back passenger window at the gas station. this clerk who asked not to be identified was behind the count are. >> i don't have problem with nobody. >>reporter: but apparently this tie had a problem. 45 minutes before the shooting this customer walked into the chevron on hollywood boulevard near the turnpike. just as the clerk was prepang to switch shifts with another worker. that meant the customer would have to wait several minutes for service.
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yelling to me and he told me no you don't suppose to close. you supupse to open 24-7. >> suspect walks out andd approximately 30 minutes later drove back to the gas station. >>reporter: that's when pole say he opened fire. the clerk making a run for it. >> how many shots were fired do you think? >> there was 4. >>reporter: clerk unhurt but you can still see the bullet hole in the window. and despite the close call this young man still has a job t do. >> i need to take care of my life. i need to eat. have to work. >>reporter: all right. so if you think you know that guy and his face is pretty clear in that surveillance video. this is the number to call. hollywood police department and that number is here on the scen. also mention that there was another car in the surveillance
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another silver car. police believe that vehicle may be involved as if you know anything about this definitely give the police a call. reporting live in hollywood tonight, nicole, 7 news night team. >> now at 10:00. woman walking home from work and danger followed but she put the brake on one bad guy's planthe brake on one bad guy's plan.and made a lucky escape. >> investigators say that man trice tried to force her into the car but she was not having it. >> she fought back and gave poce a pretty good description of the guy. liz is live at the scene in oakland park. ly. >> when this woman stepped off the bus right here on west oakland park boulevard just few week ago police aren't sure if she was targeted by the man why he picked her or perhaps just a crime of opportunity. regard leads she did not give in to him and now deputy are locking for the man.
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work and when this surveillance video picks up this 21-year-old woman is already aware she's being followed. >> the driver actually approached her when he was in his car and asked if she wanted a ride home. she decline. said no thank you. she kept going. >> from a bus stop on west oakland boulevard investigators say she trekked through the parking lot of burger king toward north andrews avenue. >> she notice that the driver kept on following her. kind of creeping behind her. >> once on andrew avenue the young woman was scared and thinking fast but trying to be discrete so she darted across the street. then back again trying to avoid the guy in the silver car following her. >> at some point the driver actually decided to park and get out of his car and brazen act to abduct her. >>reporter: video muddles a bit at the moment but investigators say that's the confrontation happening here about 90 at night on sunday february seventh. >> he grabbed her.
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she was able to actually break free. run across the street. and toward a group of people who were waiting outside of a bakery. >>reporter: : t this bakery near north west 35 street and north andrew avenue in oakland park the people written the ones there to help. but some one was. >> i don't know the reaction in that minute. i help the lady whe she come. >>reporter: so the man in the silver sedan sped away without abducting the woman he followed but bso detective are putng this sketch out there as a warning. and plea trying to find him. >> now bso investigators are looking for this man. the description the victim was able to provide to deputy. this is a light skin man 5 foot 7 inches tall. lightly unshaven and perhaps even athletic build. he got away in a 4 door silver car ford fusion or focus. at this point investigators say they have reason to believe this was an isolated incident but if there are other victims
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people to come forward and of course if anybody knows anything about this man or this incident in particular they are asking to you call crime stoprs and leave a tip anonymously. live in oaklandlpark tonight, 7 news night team. look how beautiful. taking a live look outside north bay village studio or gearing up for chilly start to the weekend. it's crisp outside. phil here in the weather center phil. >>reporter: all right lynn chilly is the key word for tonight. we are looking at clear skies. mostly dry conditions. now tomorrow morning we'll probably be the coldest day or actually the coldest part of the day for your saturday and then by the afternoon we gradually start to warm-up. sunday is looking pretty nice and mild right now. as far as any rainfalal is concerned we are looking dry and we remain dry through the weekend and through the early part of next week. let me show you what the temperatures are right now
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many areas already in the 50's. 56 in sunrise. 62 degrees. along the coast.57 in westin. 58 in pembroke pines. same in davey. 57 in miramar. miami-dade we are looking at 60'srom the beaches. all wait down into key biscayneall wait down into key biscayne. 61 hialeah now at the airport 62 degrees. but getting colder. especicily as you move in through pine cre and west kendall. deep southern miami-dade. 59 red land. 60 at homestead and the keys on the cool side at this hour. and low to mid 60's lower keys right now from big pine through ramp rod throuou key west. the low to mid 60's. we have a huge dome of high pressure sitting over us. that's going to guarantee that the cold air continues to filter south. we need to bundle up especially early tomorrow morning. we should be waking upal the coast to around 50 degrees. but anything west of the
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broward you could see overnight low in the upper 40's. if you like the cold weather enjoy. still cool for sunday morning. then we warm-up by the middle of next week. before we cool down again by the end of the week. i have a lot more in the forecast a little bit later on. also from the night team. it was a somber scene first grader shot and killed in the middle of the day. remember today in an emotional memorial service. it come as police announce another arrest in the shooting third teen is now charged with murder. community says they have had enough of the violence gripping their streets. walter morris is live in north west miami-dade and he has more. walter? >>reporter: well loved ones father here to say goodbye to the 6-year-old gunned down last week and as the family continues to mourn police make another arrest in the case. devastated parents stand in front of the 6-year-old son's
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king carter killed by stray bullet. playing in front of the north west miami-dade home saturday. now almost a week later loved ones gather to say goodbye. friendship missionary baptist church decorateedo honor the first graderment family. friend. teachers wipe away tears. >> i am certain thehis little angel is entertaining god himself. >>reporter: public school superintendent offering of sympathy to king parents. calling on members of the community to do their part to keep more children from becoming victims. >> this has not stopped. this i ia crisis. trickle of terror that continues to afflict our commity. >>reporter: as king family grieves place mick third arrest in the case mother of escape`in the case mother of escape-year-old martin appearing in juvenile court friday. teen charged with second degree murder. along with 18-year-old leonard adams and 17-yearld irwin presley.
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more shootings involving teens 21-year-old gilbert behind ba charged with shooting 16-year-old gordon. still no arrest in the shooting that same day. that took the life of 17that took the life of 17-year-old david gill born. hundreds rally behind king family in the wake of his death calling for justice and peace. hoping this tragedy will bring an end to the shooting that have taken too many young liveshave taken too many young lives. >> i believe last saturday people will look to the future and say that was the beginning of the end. the beginning of the end of this senseless violence happening in our community. >>reporter: and police still looking for a car connected to the shooting. item a black 1999 lexus gs 300. possible temporary tag. bmg 8285 and bmt 6457. if you know anything know where
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that number is here on the screen. w you may get cash with the right information and you can remain anonymous. reporting look i have in north west miami-dade, 7 news night team. miami-dade police officer% winding up in cuffs. 30-year-old narcotics detective arrested today accused of grand theft. police say he responded to drug bust for more than 17,000 dollars was seized. they say he pocketed 1300 dollars for himself. he has been row $11 of duty with pay pending the out come of thihi investigation. highway headache today. metal section that spans the gap broke free and that's a hazard. all lanes closed for much of the day. driver forced off the interstate of biscayne boulevard nearly 5 hours later crew finish the work and the new part was installed and all lanes have beeneopened. man arrested for baking
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say outside the home depotcoconut grove on 29 street and south west 32 avenue. they say he did the same thing at the home depot on south west eighth street. robin was booked into jail charged with burglary. police say the 44-year-old was allegedly using this remote control device that alledgedly block ththe signal from key chain the drivers use to lock their cars. new poll out tonight and shows hillary clinton with commanding lead over bernie sanders here in the sunshine state. she leads 59 to 33 percent according to this one survey. florida primary set for march 15. as forth republicans battle among them not only getting heated but it's personal. they are at each other throws after last night's debate. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. >>reporter: chris christie one time rival now endorsing donald trump for president. >> there is no one who is better prepared to providee
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leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than donald trip. as trump secured the biggest endorsement yet the attack keep coming but those challenging him for the nomination. >> tough guy on twitter. >> senator rubio reading donond trump tweet in oklahoma city and highlighting misspellings. >> w/w! every poll said that i won the debate last night. great. tom horn i think he met honor. all right. then at 8:56 am light weight but let wait khoubinger rubio looks like little boy on stage. not presidential material. >> rubio says trump appeared nervous everyone swaeingt during commercial break. >> he was the panic mode in the back. first he took out this lile make up compact i caught him he was like right here. cause he had like a sweat mustache and then then he askedd
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you need a full length mirror podium up to here i said earlier maybe he was worried his pants were wet or something i don't thinkism it's rubio. it was rubio who was sweating. >> he's nervous basket case. here's a guy the you had to see him back stage. he was putting on make up with a troul. honestly? i thought he was going to die rubio. he was so scared like a little frighten puppy. >>reporter: ted cruz also piling on describing standing stage. >> but i will confess standing next to him you do feel an incredible urge just to reach over and ruffle his hair. >>reporter: vote first 13 states will caucus or headado the polls. this tuesday. >> earlylyoting jususdays away now in south florida. miami-dade county resident can
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presidential primary beginning monday. broward resident cast their vote starting next saturday. for more information about voting locations and times so on just visit us at our web site. >> waiting period has begun for women wanting to get an abortion in florida. both side are speaking out about this. >> this law has nothing to do with women's health. this has everything to do witit anti-abortion politics. >> i don't see 24 hours to givee woman another opportunity to consider the 35 she may be destroying. >> waiting period law was passed las year by flat legislature but the american civil liberties union sued on behalf of an abortion clinic. so today an appeals court listed that injunction that was blocking its enforcement. >> also from the night team we learn more about the deadly mass shooting in kansas and the shooter south florida connection. several people including the
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shooting spree when he opened fire inside and around the factory where he worked. >> tonight there is an arrest in the case. danielle knox is in the satellite center danielle. >> police say 38-year-old ford went on the rampage in kansas killing three people. wounding 14 others. but while his crime spree endeded in kansas his crime record can be traced all the way back here to south florida. in both miami-dade and broward county cedric ford had a lengthy criminal history. in 2000 he was charged with among other things burglary in pembroke pines he also had a laundry list of criminal activity n.2005 he was charged with battery, 1999 charged with cannabis possession, 1997 burglary. 1996 a weapons charge. for that he served probation. 2 thousands 5 battery charge wasn't prosecuted and no action was taken on the 1997 burglary
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but the fatal axford took in hest on, kansas shockededis south florida neighbors. >> i can only imagine what she's going through. sad thing that has happened up the roychltd he was randomly shooting people. >>reporter: the sheriff in kansas detailed the time line of the shooting which started when ford allegedly shot a man driving his two children. he later shot a second person before making that final stop at xl. >> shooter then goes into the building. and at that point shoots 14 more people. three of those were fatality.. >>reporter: ford was killed by police. sheriff walton says ford was served restraining order to stay away from his girl friendd just one and a half hours before the shooting spree started. the sheriff believes this was the trigger for the attacks. >> i witnessed him shoot the shots. i saw the shell casings com out of the assault rifle. that vivid. i can still see it. >>reporter: the community held
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while former gigifriend has been arrested. investigators charging her with giving ford two weapons found at the scene. onon a similar automatic rifle. the era glock 22. >> we just received a criminal complaint right here. the former girlfriend has been identified as 28-year-old sarah hopkins she's charged with one count of knowingly transferring a firearm to a convicted felon. investigators say she gave ford the guns last august. >> we are live in the satellite center 7 news nighteam. >> thank you. still ahead from the night team on friday night. a little boy seriously injured after being hit by police cruiser. tonight he head home but the road to recovery is going to be a long one. >> big blast leading to big problem at home in fort lauderdale. >> trouble on the high sea. coast guard rushing in to make the save. >> they lost everything with nasty weather more than a week later still has nowhere to turnlater still has nowhere to turn. story on just one station.
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child hit by a police cruiser in south florida neighborhood is home from the hospital tonight. but his legs are bound in a cast especially one of ththem. investigators say he darted into the street suffering some serious injuries. >> sheldon fox was there as he was sent home from e hospitalwas sent home from the hospital. >>reporter: don't let the cute face fool you. 6-year-old antoine lawson tough as nails. and ready to go home. >> how are you feeling. >> good. >> do you feel better. >> yes. >> does anything hurt still. >> no. >> no so you are ready to go home and play rit. >> yes. >> in good spirits wearing a miami heat head band and with enough balloons to open up a party city antoine was discharged friday from holt children hospital at jackson. who signed your cast. >> the nurses.
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in the hospital. >> yes. >> well he can't really do much but sit down and play the video games. so i guess he just wants, he's ready to be home. >>reporter: how long will. >> with his brothers. >>reporter: the 6-year-old was placed in critical care after he was hit bay miami police cruiser on north west fifth avenue and 58 street february 2nd. police said antoine rode the scooter into the street hit by a cop headed to deliver paperwork to fellow officer. miami pd said it was investating but dent elaborate. antoine to make full recovery. he's still in n body cast for 6 to 8 more weeks according to his mother. he broke a leg, pelvis injured his spleen and liver in theaccident. >> i'm just glad that we are going home and he's all right and you know i still have my child because it could have been a whole lot worse. >> miami police department says that that officer is on duty and on patrol but they wouldn't elaborate on the investigation because they say it's still pending.
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sheldon foxx 7 news night team. big blast leaving behind a major mess in fort lauderdrde. this explosion damaging the home near 15th avenue and north west left court. police believe somebody mayhave intentionally set fire in the house causing the explosion and fi last night. nobody was hurt. >> coast guard rescued group of boaters north of the dominican republic. 4 men heading to the church in caca when the catamaran started to take on water. they were hoist nude ap chore and brought to base in puerto rico. water warning for north miami beach. look at the map here. precautionary boil water advisory will lastst at least 2 day in the area you see right there. homes and businessesal northeast 166 street east of northeast 35 avenue. officials say it's the result of an emergency water main repair. >> traveling between miami and miami beach about to get whole lot easier because cause way set to reopen. west venetian bridge reopens monday. cause way was closed in june
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pieces of old bridge were submerged to create an artificial reef. >> south florida couple left with nothing wn strong storms topally tree and destroy the home. one week later they run out of options. it's a story you will see on just one station tonight. they are desperate for change. unable to afford the most basic items. vanessa with their story. >> she show us what she once called home. >> this used to be my porch. >> porch in rental home taken down by a massive tree a little more than a week ago. when strong storms moved through the area. >> the tree fell straight through here. >> the so you know was horrid.. breaking glass. the house. 5000 pound tree on my hea
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blow knocking her unconscious. neighbor pulling her out. >> he saved me. >> item okay. >> the same neighbors more than a week later still helping. summer and her husband williamam have been sleeping on their sofa. >> we need a place to live. we have we have called the red cross. i have called every church. >> couple recently relocating from the west coast when her husband got a job. well, he has since been laid off. >> we just got here from california. so we have nothing. i brought everything from home and it's destroyed. >>reporter: their only possession this car. >> it starts up but it's ruined>> it starts up but it's ruined. it's everything we have. >>reporter: but this story gets worse. >> tree crushing down on your
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it can do some daniel. i can't see out of this eye. item black. my eerie captain hear. >>reporter: the couple asking friends and family for help setting up this go fund me page and have only raised 200 dollars. >> i don't need brand new clothihi i just need something to wear. if somebody could just help a little bit. not everybody in the world needs to help. >>reporter: the stuff we take for granted sox. shoes. toiletry. blanket. towels. is the sthawv this family needsis the sthawv this family needs. they have literally lost everything. if you would like to help them out go to our web site and there you will find a link that will take you to a link where you can help them out. as for william manning he came here as a stage hand but he says he can do any type of job possible. construction. welding. whatever he's paid to do, he can do.
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vanessa, 7 news night team. >> i know our viewers a a i'm sure people are going to help. >> south florida comes together when it has to. that's for sure. >> stay with us. up next on the night team. ground breaking provrment one bring help to women not able to get pregnant. >> coming up. i tell you which former fba all star is especially sign very soonith your miami heat. college baseball. the canes hosting no. 1 florida gators at the light tonight. highlights later in 7 sports. >> also tonight. big adventure for the little pony.
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creature running wild or i i it. pony fed up with its horn making a run for it.
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was desperate to bring her pet home. >> i don't know who is cuter the unicorn or the ltle girl. so kuchlt would it lead to police on crazy chase first. danielle back in the plex with the 81 corn story. >> it's weird to talk about a unicorn story becausehey are mythical creature but this situation was all too real. 911 call for this were really bizarre to say the least. people stopping the cars to watch this mythical treech running down the street. this is juliette. she looks more like something you find in a fairy tale than on a a farm. she belolos 5-year-old take it em bold. >> i love my pony. she likes apples and carart. >> horn on her head makes a child dream come true. she appears to be a real life unicorn and makes a a living posing for pictures. but wednesday she had other
10:33 pm
>> she got afraid and then she pull it out of the guy hand and then she ran away. >>reporter: people driving down avenue 12 in madera ranch os called 911 with unlikely story. >> the calls were coming in. as unicorn running around out there on the roadway. >>reporter: unicornrnre mythical creatures. people don't see them. juliette lived up to the legend leading the california highway patrol and the area residents on a chase that lasted more than three hours. bizarre scene at heart breaking for juliette best friend. with the chp hopper shining the spotlight renee rode in on her horse shady old friends of juliette. with nobody hurt it's a fairy tale ending for the pony but according to take it em she has some explaining to do. >> and the photographer who dresses the pony like this mythical creature says juliette is doing okay. just a little sore because shehe ran 5 miles.
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unicorn do exist. >> if you say so. okay i'm believer. >> cing up at 10:00 o'clock. here we go again another picture that is dividing the internet. >> what do you think? >> don't tell me tell me later. what do you see. >> blue and white of course. >> no it's not. there's not white there. what cloris the jack snet phil do you see whitete >> i don't see white. but speaking of jacket you will need it tonight. tomorrow possibly sunday cold air moving in and if you like it enjoy because by the middle of next week high back in the low 80's. entire outlook in just a couple
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welcome everybody to our 7 news social media center. like zahn a white here we talk about what everybody else is talking about. instagram. twitter facebook you nail it. exactly a year ago today remember this story. simple dress broke the internet. what did you see here gold and white. some peoeoe thought. others thought main black and blue i don't knono why and many people stillrgue to this day. it's really gold and white. happening again. and this timee item happening with this jacket. look here. cture of this jacket was posted on tumbler and theheser claims that she sees black and brown. yes i see a little black. while heavier friends say they see white and blue. some people are even seeing greenhat do you see craig says white i see like orange an blue. people open twitter have been debating about this. in fact at exodus they see sort of blue gray and white. all right.
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what do you see? tweet us at our web site and let us know what you think. personally i don't know we go back to it. i see like a salmon color and great. i wonder what all that means. maybe it's a female thing back to weather now. >> i see we are all going to need some jackets tomorrow. it's a cold start to the weekend. it was chilly this morning, it was chilly this morning, too. we began the day in key west with 61. the morning low in miami. 54 in fort lauderdale. highs were in the low 70's across the area. no rain in the rain gauge. right now mostly clear skies. 62 across miami fort lauderdale62 across miami fort lauderdale. key west and in the 50's just about every place else. now the pressureight now steady. wind out of the north west and the humidity very low at 50%. by the way with this cool air in place t humidity very
10:39 pm
rainfall nothing out there stormtracker showing everything is dry and it will remain dry at least until the middle of next week we are looking at beautiful night across the nation spel especially forth southern half. mostly clear sky. we have a brand new winter storm moving in across the pacifinorthwest and some lingering snow right across the ohio river valley this will continue to manufacture towards the northeast. now what we are looking at is a lot of cold air settlelot of cold air settling in this evening. when can we expect the coldest air well that usually happens just before sup rise when we hit the coldest temperature and that should be some time around 6:45 in the morning. now by the afternoon everything starts to slowly move east it should be a mild saturday night and as we go in through sunday still a cool start not as cold as it will be tomorrow and then
10:40 pm
we move in to the beginning of next week. so here's the marine forecast sea up 2 to 5 feet. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. florida keys y are looking pretty g good. 15 knot winds. sea i don't knowhe reef 3 to 5 feet. in the reef 1 to 2. coastal water was a moderate chop. next high tide 11:48. 11:43 fort lauderdale. key largo 12:11 and 1:03 key west. so for tonight clear skies. staying dry. 60 for the keys. low 50's across coastal communities. however i doelieve that areas west of the turnpike we may see some upper 40's tonight. now by tomorrow plenty of sunshine. it's looking beautiful. 67 for high in the keys. low 70's in miami and fort lauderdale. here is yoururxtended outlook. sunday starting out still on the cool side but then we start
10:41 pm
breezy on wednesday. high of 81. another front comes through. cool once again for the end of next week. that is 7 on 7 forecast. first of it kind surgery and could it change the lives of women who are unable to conceive. uterus transplant has successfully been performed. >> incredible. one of the doctors hyped the big breakthrough is from south florida. ground breaking procedure giving hopepto women who thought having a child was impossible. susurgeon at the cleveland clinic ohio have perform the nation first uterus transplant. 26-year-old woman undergoinin the 9 hour surgery. >> just like any sid organ transplant like kidney transplant we take from an organ donor then prepare the uterus to replace in the recipient. >> local doctor based out of westin cleveland clinic heading
10:42 pm
transplant was the first of 10 attempts in that clinical trialattempts in that clinical trial. transplant tried in sweden where doctors have had success. total of 5 healthy babies have been delivered so far. recipient of uterus must be healthy women born without a uterus had it removed or had some uterus damage. >> there can be infection after the transplant. the reason is is long drawn out process these women have undergo invitro fertilization. it will allow the women who probably cou have only gotten pregnant using a surrogate numbpregnant using a surrogate mom in the past to experience having a baby growing in the body. >>reporter: women wait one year after the transplant to begin invitro fertilization to try and get pregnant. if that happens the mom can only give birth by c-section. uterus removed from the recipient body after giving birth to one or two children. >> isn't that something. cleveland clinic will release
10:43 pm
next week but doctors do say that 26-year-old is statae. >> you are watching the 7 news night team.
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some high hopes forome awards. leonardo will leonardo di statue. >> he does have a complicated name. what was his mom thinking. >> golden moment could be overshadowed by controversy. >> we have more. >> hollywood biggest and most glamorous night is just days away. >> i'm honored to salute the exceptional performance. >> while many focus on who wins gold statue this year the oscar controversy over look of
10:46 pm
also take center stage. >> much like new year's eve it's a night that ends with a lot of drunk disappointed people. >> host chris rock opening monologue expected to tackle the issue head on. academy also promising a difficult versus line up of percent. >> take the first picture now in 3, 2, 1. >> in the mean time all nominee gathering for the annual oscar class photo in l.a. this year the revenant is the front runner with 12 nominationfront runner with 12 nominations. other films for best picture include the@big short. bridge spy mad maximum fury road. martian and spotlight in one of the tightest race in oscar history. >> legitimately 3 maybe four potential best picture winner. very rare that you come down to that last envelope and people don't know what is going to happen. >>reporter: best actor
10:47 pm
cranston and matt damon for the martian. michael fast bender for steve jobs. and last year's winner ed red main for the danish girl. but the focus is on leo and whether his role in the revenant will get the 6 time nominee his first oscar win. >> so many great performs>> so many great performance and nomination thinks going to be the year that he will takee it. >> best actress race has previous winners kate for carol and jennifer lawrence for joy. going up against brooklyn and first time nominee c crlotte ramp pel for 45 years. and bree larson for room. >> it feels like i'm part of some tribe. feels so good. >>reporter: having already snagged for performance larson has the momentum heading into hollywoo biggest night. the award are in los angeles
10:48 pm
if the news plex, 7 news night team. >> watch it on the couch. my jam and. >> glass of wine. watch leo, onardo di caprio win. >> stay tune. sports up next everybody. heat dealing with plenty of injuries but some help is expected to arrive this weekendexcted to arrive this weekend. >> but the first place florida panthers headed back on the road. team feeling confident. 7 sport is next with details.
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>> miami heat need a three point shooter for the stretch run to the play offs. apparently they have one now. 7 time all star joe johnson. deal can't be official until he clears waivers tomorrow at 5:00clearsrwaivers tomorrow at 5:00. according to various report john son agreed to sign with miami.. brooklyn nets waived him yesterday. 34-year-old guard afternooning 12 point. season. heat don't have john son for tomorrow afternoon game at boston. with only 10 players it's all hands on deck for miami. against the celtics. >> we have taken a lot of body blows but guys come in every day and do their job and our job is in this league is to compete and give what we have. >> we are 10 strong that's enough. ideal i don't care that's what
10:52 pm
big weekend of college baseball at the light starting with game one of three game set tonight. no. 6 miami hosting florida gators. top of one. on the hill for the canes. the see you. two run homer to left. miami down. down 4 nothing. still pitching for the u and jack off the score board. so gators up 5 nothing. canes still trail6 nothing. starter for the shut out. flies tout center that does it. first career complete shut out game. game lose first of the season 5 nothing the final. college hoop tonight. tomorrow i shoulsay 12 rank day at the b uc. right now the canes have2 wins on the season. 3 games left. final 2 on the road. the u is second in the acc behind north carolina. winning the conference regular
10:53 pm
>> we have to win to compete for first place and in this league everybody you are competing with at this time of the year is balloting for the same title. >> if we don't focus didn't do what we are suppose to do. we finish fifth place literallywe finish fifth place literally. take close of a race. >>reporter: after 6 game home stand the florida panthers hit the road for 5 straight. starts tomorrow afternoon at columbus. outside the cats beat arizona three-1 to pick up the 20th win at home. florida only one of 16 in the nhl right now. 20 or more wins atome this season. now they sten the lead in the atlantic division away from sunrise. >> the good road team so get ready to go back on the road. not there for three week. fun back on the road. >> we have a tough road so a lot of tough teams and at that schedule, too. >>reporter: palm beach garden.n.
10:54 pm
from the trap on the par 317 for birdie. walker alslson 17 round of 67 yesterday. 45 footer for eagle. and he's going to be at 7 under 1 back of the league and here's the leader coming up. fowler on the par 4, 9. 22 foot put for birdie and he -- let's watch it together. drain it. follow the lead 8 under par. second straight day with 66. no bogey round 3 tomorrow. sunday on channel 7. nascar 500 race from atlanta. bubu h1n1 the pole but the car failed fption. start in the back but brother kurt now has the pole.
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that is the news. it is indeed. 7 news at 10:00 is done. yes i'm lynn. >> why are you laughing. i'm craig. thanks for watching.
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customer becomes angry with a gas station attendant and you won't believe what happens nextwon't believe what happens next. that story on just one station. >> woman was heading home from work when investigators say she was nearly abducted on thee street. cold air moving in across south florida. it's going to be a chilly start for your saturday. >> famamy friends saying goodbye to first grader gunned down while playing outsidef his home. and tonight police with another break in the case. >> i'm craig. >> 7 news at 11:00 begins now. >> 7 news at 11:00. >> first on just one station. store clerk dodging bullet when


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