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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> 7 news at six complon begin with this developing story and now a traffic problem on the florida turnpike involving that truck. good evening every one. i'm lynn martinez. and i'm nielle knox. it is happening on the turnpike. let's get you right out to craig stevens who is at the news desk with with the latest on thi developing story. craig. >> craig: and we'll get you back to picture we havavcoming in from the scene. this is having an up pact on the evevenincommute at the scene in miami garden. the culprit involved here this. box truck that was involved in some sort of accident where it was wemged on both sides. the north and southbound section of the turnpike. this is not too far from sun life stadium. a a a result, the driver was take tomorrow hospital but while they trying get that mess cleaned up. the traffic is back upped for a
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reason an alternate roste at 441. a lot ofolks making their way home. no twhelg they will clear that scene. again, this happening not far from t t sun life stadium at the turnpike. all feactd because of that truck there.e. and a we get word of of the condition of the driver r of the truck who was take though. we'll pass that ankle lot. at the news desk. i'm craig stevens. 7 news. >> danielle: and now on 7 news at 6:30, a woman accused of trying to fire hire hit man taking the stand. good evening once again everybody. one conviction has already been overturned and the suspected not flot civment a and now a woman is hoping to vied a retrial 7's jessica h#lly is live in west palm beach with with the story. jessicic >> reporter: adged wire talking about a woman who tried to to hire ait man and she was accused of trying to hire that person to kill her husband. let's go inside the courtroom
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you'll see 33-year-old daliah dippolito. she is hoping the casesgainst her are thrown out. this case was featured on an episode of cops and now known around the borld. during the heared today she told the judge she was an actress and she was acting in a meeting with the hit man. it way project to be recorded and post ond line to jump start the acting career. but the hit man was an undercover officer with the boynton beach police department and everything wa taped by police. she was convicted in 2011 but a state appeals court later throughout the coin viks of after saying the jurur in the case was tainted. here's part of the hear quhg dippolito is asked about calling her husband from jaim jail.l. you claim it was all made up as part of a scri. that you were planning to hit, husband. >> no it wasn't. it was for a presentation. set only one that canlear my name and i'm asking him for help
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everybody be what actually happened. i'm asking him for help. the police took our presentation that we did and used it to wrongly prosecute me for something. >> and she kept calling that tape interaction with the hit man. it was an undercover officer, a presentation. so a decision is not expected today if the charges are not thrown out. the retrial is set for may 23. reporting live in west palm beach. jessica holly. 7 news. >> danielle: all right ssica. t tnk you. a mother continues asking for the public's prayers as her daughter fights to recover mt. hop. pretty disturbing to lag at. this is 23-year-old danielle joan. she's been nay could na ma at jackson memorial hospital since valentine day. that's when police say she was beaten inside her apartment at 10th street in miami by her roommate whom she met on craig's list. >> i want t/ ask people to
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you know baw reallies there's nothing doctor can do right now that the point. nothing they can tell me. pgh they can't give me any promise. it's really in god's hands and we have to put our trust in god. that our only hope right now. police arrested her roommate. 35-year-old byron mitch willel. he remain be hyped bars on an adtempted murder charge. the search for a shooter is on after two people come under firir a a do o hit by bullets outside an apament building long northwest 72 street and north court in miami p and bullets leaving holes if the building there. booth victims taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. perfect ievmentd president obama niewngs is time for guantanamo prison to be closed for once and for all. and hoping to make good on thinks 2008 cam paip prop miss.
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plan to shutter the prison which he says under minds natiol security. >> for many years it's been clear that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advavae our national security. it it under minds it. >> lynn: president obama is calling for the closure of the guantanamo bay detention fa sil. the long waited plan was delivered to congress tuesday morning. >> keeping this facility open is contrary to our value. undermine our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broird record of up holding the highest standard of law. the blue print involve transferring most of these detainees to the other count treech the rest deemed too dangerous to move a broad would be relocated to a detention facility in the united s stes. the plan identifies 13 possible u.s. transfer sides including a military prince none leaf enworth and the fed ted super max prince none floarns
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and they sthe say mill ri top and bernie stan der offering support for the plan. but reaction from the republicans has not been so positive. >>en we're not going to close guantanamo. >> let's not get rid of get movement let's expand iand put in morter or richt oofd. and official say they are planning conversations with lawmakers but out come they say remains hazy. >> lynn: the plan seeks up to $475 million to constant new, for a new prison to be built here in the united states. the administration says though a cost over 150 million cololr a year to keep g itmo open. >> >> danielle: a caucus count down in na vad ax voters groaghtd voice their choice on the republican side of the ace with only five candidates
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>> lynn: donald trump vying for a third straight win n n far be behind marco riewb rawb and ted crews hoping to eek out an upset. >> danielle: robin live in the plex with more. robbin. >> reporter: when it comes to momentum. a all aboutut a third candidates and they try to stop too. democrats have four days before their next primary. you i didn't have a spaghetti bowl growing up here and before make his pitch to caucus goers there, he wanted to make sure to cover the bay sifnlgtz i think it's important when you leave here you know which place to go to to cauaus. because it canan get confusion. not the same place you vote on election day. probably a different place. we don't want our supporters confused. sow has already left state. his campaign shift together contest on super tuesday.
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all it dell grats dron ald trum lifting up his front runner stalt iewssments his remarks in nevada setting off a few. >> watch out for this honest stuff. a lot of dishoafnt ti. the paper ball aps. whole deal going. so just watch out. if you see anything let us know about it. >> there have been continued questions about the crews cam pairn ace emg ik and the director resigns after posting a video. it wrote rubio dismissed the wiebel but they say it' trump's record that deserves the greater scrutiny. >> i frankly don't care what position donald decides to support today or tomorrow or the the next day. they change every day. part of reason a person vast a laits from position to pition to position, is they are not starting from a corset. a principal of believe. the democrats have a primary in south carolina staff. senator bernie sander and hillary clinton sharpening their
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appeal to voters in mt. palmetto state and beyond. >> in the coming weeks we'll continue to tron traft our point of view with second clipton's on a number of issue i don't think we have a single issue country and time ot a singlgl issue candidate. i'm not only against bad thing and a want to stop. they i want to stop some good things. nut york times reporting senator rubio is working on meeng with former jeb bush who sus tended his tame bane r pain on hurt. and bush be is planng to thank his to donors on a cononrence call tomorrow. we'll have toit wand see what happen with. that the first results are not@ expected until about midnight our time. live in the news plex. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> lynn: all right robbin, ank you. and a reminder down load the seven joyce your choice a. it's free om the on the cam tain
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a scary moment of impact bays plane comes in for a land bug not at an airport.
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>> >> lynn: new video to show you tonight. eye calirnia roadway doubling as a runway when the pilot is forced to steer his plane right there on the the street. cameras rolling open this crash landing. >> danielle: and it would be witness who would come to the rescue. the moment. impact caught ocamera. a plane crash landing in the middle of a los angeles road. >> shook the ground. pretty intense you k kw. >> danielle: with a busted wing the small plane slams io a car and then came toy a stop. >> first time i heard. that we didn't know what to do. >> danielle: you canee the pilot ee plernlg from the pleap. he was alone in the four seatedder. moment. later people rushing to make sure he was okay ee wasn't hurtrt
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i give him a l of credit for what he did here. the witness he is the plane sputtered and then domgd homes on his way down. ee picked the west spot he could possibly pick. but five cars were damage oosmed we thought there would be a fire or something. something like that. and you know. and we all just ran out w wh extinguishers and everything but luckily everything was fine, now. >> danielle: very fine because no drivers were hurt. wucht plane's wings was ripped off only impact. the wreckage was removed from the road wife. so the pilot wassen injured. no one on the ground was injured. how incredible. and this is like southern california where there is nothing but car and traffic and everything eels. >> lynn: yes, lucky day for everybody. >> danielle: uh-huh. >> lynn: next up rain make a return to south florida today. danielle: abu is think a eye cool down openhe way? phil. >> phil: and we'll see rain tomorrow especially light in the day. some of that rain could be in
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thunderstorms of then the cool air moves in and then check out your friday, saturday and sunday morning. temperature on the cold side. the tiern out look in a couple minutes. >> >> lynn: all right phil and night later on the drive. forget net flicks and chill. try ga va and kill. and we're promoting something that is not alcohol. tonight at 7:30.
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>> lynn: well, a whale of rescue off the the coast of california. check it this out. crews from sea world finding and scuing this hum m back whale namgd a nn fishing line. the line pinning down one of h fins and preventing it from moving arp. receipts cue taking nearly two hours. >> it's phenomenana effort to save the life of an animal that would otherwise perish because of this and it's just communication and team work and it was just a great p experience and project of hard work. oh, they saved the life. the crew fro sea world he is the animal appeared to be in good health as it swam way and said thank new it's whale way. >> now, , weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right to. night we may see april isolated shower. best chance for rain will be very late tomorrow. head of a cold front.
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northern florida in the 60s. anywhere twp fr jacksonville south. temperature remain in the 70s. as far as any rainfall we've seen dotted shower. right now the only activity we can find is right across the the lower and middle key ax thal is rain is aiming for mainland monroe. now, look at this big spin right across oklahoma and in through 2340er7b8g texas there. say line rate here. that say front. that front is what we're watching but tonight it is going to be an awful evening for louisiana. the gulf states here there. say possibility of some sore tor that i dough. plep tiff adviser rein place already. we're going to be keeeeng our eye on the ta tail end of. that because that will be impacting us duringng the day tomorrow. very late in the day. so actual nl them we're going to see some in and out cloud. a few showers. all the way through tomorrow afternoon. then by wednesday, 8:00 p.m.
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with we will probably see a better chance of rainfall here right around anywhere between ten and midnight. then the front will clear south florida. everything will dry out and then the cool air starts to come in and that cold air could stick around throughout the weekend. >> here's the marine forecast. small scraft kraft exercise caution. threat of rip currents. biscayne bay with with a moderate chop. four in the florida keys looking frit g.15 knot winds. seas beyond the reef three to 55 feet and coastal with you ters with a moderate chop. next high tide dade and broward coastal waters. 9:17. almost ten k34r07b7b for the lower key. uv index tomorrow stand aent eight. tonight we'll have mostly clear skies and clouds move n.. that will be the pattern over the next 12 hours or so. going to be warm. average low 63 degrees. we're going to be with well above that. tomorrow we're going to heat up. average high is 77. 78. late day thunderstorms.
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breezy thursday. 50s return for morning lows from friday through sunday morning. thats your 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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>> >> time now 230r7 sports with dodo month van campbell oofl officially baseball season at marlins workout. got underway in jupiter. pitchers and catcher repept ond friday. today however all the boys of
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manager don says every thyme team including his starts way clean stlait slate. >> they all want to go to the world sear reesm we're all excited. no one has lost any jame get yet no. 1 has went zero for four and i haven't made any terrible decisions yet. serving look good now. and giancarlo stanton getting his hits in and out fielding christian yicial seem totbe a very confident bunch. >> opening day. let's start there. we don't talk about the end of the season and all that. you know talk is cheap. it really means m m. projections mean nothing. at the end date of if have you to plate way you're sphoosd. we all have something to prove. all have criticism and all came so no up with can make owrs braig use and hurricane made sure they shook off any lingering effectsgainst the loss against carolina.
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five-point lark and team high 25 points on three. oopped the canes took over second place by beating third rank virginia 64 to 61. >> it was an impressive win for us ch any time you win acc no wheart who the game s. however, we lost to carolina we felt embarrassed but we wanted to come back and respond you know the way we did tonight. >> the heat with a day off tad will need it as they welcome the defending champ and currently the best team in basketball. the golden state warris tomorrow night. the warrers edge out an eight-point win in golden state. lead by reigning mvp curry and the best offense averaging 150 points per game. i'm not sure anyne in the league has figured out what you can do to scheme or slow them down. you got to play a perfect game. can't make mistakes gaps the team. they are going to get that we
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we have to go out and shoot there and win on the home court. not sure for profeional athletes should be kept out of game for this but on sunday kyrie missed the cav with win in oklahoma city. but what the team reported as flew like sim fovment but after th cavs won last night. you are ving let the truth be known yes really had to sit out sunday. i woke up itching and thought i'm as you can see i have at the top of my head bed bugs and i didn't get any sleep and a came to the graim and freaked out and then nauseous so it was a whole bunch bs. honestly. i can't blie blame him. that's discussion. i'm itching just from seeing. that lynn and danielle back after this.
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>> danielle: well, that 17 knew at 6:30 thank so much for joining us.
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>> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. have a great night see you at 7:30 for deco and danielle at 10:00 and then the morning people in the morning and then us again 5:94. >> lynn: just keep the tv on. >> danielle: good night. >> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. capaponing company. >> everything you need to know about life,
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>> she breaks down in court. >> an "inside edition" in the. could whatathappened to -- investigates. could happened to in happen to you. >> how creepy to have a guy get a room in connection to yours. >> she is alive. >> the 14-year-old girl shot by the accused uber driver. >> they were ready to harvest her organs. she wasn't deed. >> she is alive fighting for her life. >> this country needs somebody that is a deal haker. >> game of trump? who is behind the hilarious spoof. >> i don't think they like me very much. then the american war hero from this famous photo. they even immortalized him into a statue. >> brutally attacked outside of this donald's on a washington, d.c. sidewalk. >> my giant leg. she tried to keep it a secret, even from her boyfriend.


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