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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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getting to work cleaning up the mess. >> i've never been through something like that before. i didn't know what to do but take cover. >> reporter: families like the kon family also running for cover. they had to run for to a closet. >> it was a tornado. >> i went through my whole life and never had anything like this happen. >> reporter: nothing like this has ever r ppened to could ro low la san tan na either. she was ner truck when the tornado hit her business destroying mh of it. it was ter able. you seat metal down and you think you want to die i pray to god. i pray to god for my life but you have to keep going you know. >> reporter: san tann na lost much of her business. she's a maul business owner but doesn't know how she will recover from thvment just one step in front of the other. she says she will slowly rebuild her business but clean up will
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the workers will be back out here again to finish this clean up. reporting in pompano beach. vanessa medina. 7 news. >> craig: and from one part of broward cleaning up to another and this will take a white. robin simmon continues our team 7 coverage. she is livee in miramar. robbin. >> reporter: and enclod yards not sewn closed any more after the storms moved through tearing down fences all around this area in miramar. and we can take you now live to hollywood where it's even more of a clean up after a woman was actually hospitalized when a tree fell on to her mobile home. >> summer can't believe she she survived being inside this twisted pile of metal and installation. >> i i was very scary with all the windows popping out at me. >> reporter: she and william mang inside their mobile home in hollywood at 58th and arthur when a tree crushed it trapping
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morning whght wind got dangerous and fast. william got out first literally prying wall part to get summer injured to safety eye tried to to kick the door open but everything was buckled in tight. we were able it to get out of side of the wall. e switch is over here on the left and we were able to pry the wallout a little bit and get to the back screen and take thoar rescue showed up. >> reporter: oscar had had an a preef yaitd day at work tuesday to clean up bac at home. >> smoo hi wife called d said this storm literally blow age palgt of destruction down their miramar street i was in bed and a heard a huge impact on my window and a heard it was the tree and when i looked out the window, everything was just flying. >> the winds whisking a glass tabletop from the pomp and turn thrirg pool furniture into t t der water version. neighbors yards once enclose bid white fencing now littered erd
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ripped them p pt. and the home owners association made with quick work of the clean up. they just wish mother nature would be a little kinder during this part of the calendar. >> just crazy. everything you know. >> so amy was incredibly good nate iewrd about this whole thing. take a look. tile roof break off and flying through this neighbor hoosmed you can see one car window had damage because of that. but so far no reports of any injuries so. folks we talked to, they are hoping to don't have to see anything like this for a while. reporting live in any mair marc robbin simmons. 7 news. >> craig: okay robbin. >> belkeys: from a neighborhood to marina where the storm vokd some boats. >> craig: brandon whyer is live in fort lauderdale to show us. that brandon. >> reporter: and we've been on this dock craig mt of the kay. we saw a boat that was flipped over by that wind, landed on a
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just recently towed away. a wild windy morning in fort lauderdale both on the beach and in the water ways. doug grain any was inside this 37-foot katrina ran when he says the with winds lifted him up and slammed his boat upside count. >> i was standing inside the boat when it just flipped over. >> i guess they say it was a tornado. it flipped itver. >> reporter: just as fort lauderdale fire rescue was with to put a diver in the water rainy popped up. got enough water in it to open the door finely. i couldn't opt the door initially and swam out from under it and the fire department was right there. >> reporter: this was the view for firefighters leaving station 49 by truck. heavy winds and wane reign waiting just outside. >> this was sudden, fast and unexpected. >> reporter: not far away on the beach lounge chairs were tossed and crumbled bybyhe winds. aloha water sports owner wayne wasn't sure we have any viment
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>> we l lt a lot but no one got humplet you know, at the end of the day, wee good. >> reporter: vacationers were letut layer but caught off guard by the storm. i said did you hear the storm thth morning and she said no. >> reporter: for this fort lauderdale man t was a particularly xong day waiting patiently for a crane to remove his 2-month-old boat from this piling and flip it upside ried right. the enoo the engine will probably have difficulty salvaging but whaler should be happy because thefy ger ber glass looks pretty good. >> so hard to imagine tueay morning started as a day and now you see this picturesque view of the same area where that boat wa upside down and you can see has just been towed away. now we're live in fort lauderdale. brandon beyer. 7 news.
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one of the tornadoes hitting miami-dade county. alex de mars in northeast there. alex. >> reporter: well, belkeys, almost 12 hours after this tornado hit down in this neighborhood. you can see the clean u isn't even close to being done. if you take a look down the street. we got heavy debris. large branches littering the street and the sidewalk while people who live here are@just hoping thing get back to normal season. crew on the ground and up above. busy tuesday evening cleaning ape tornado's mess. this northeast miami-dade apartment complex missi a chunk of it's roof. >> reporter: right there check it out. >> reporter: this traraoline toss naid tree. morning. exploding. o o. >> oh yeah man woke us right up.
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>> tree coming up against my window. everything going sideways. >> and therees over there. and the nation mall whra weather servicic on site to survey the damage. most on 191 street near 14th avenue. >> all this happened in a matter it's crazy. >> reporter: we've seen broken fences and several massive trees ripped from the ground. cars barely visible under heavy ground. others topple bid more brarnlg. bhoam liv here so scared they hid. >> like a freight train.. it was amazing. imit the girl well. bag room. you hear the windows shatter. check out the cell phone joyed sent to seven now. in it u see the heavy rain. a large piece of material flying across the screen. >> i wonder whose house that belong today. >> reporter: over in north mie beemp. people not sure where this air
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canoe. in a a venture rarks this cabana ripped part caut in the wind. >> it's a disaster here. i mean, i don't know pa whatever other way to say. it's not safe to be on the roaoa >> reporter: miami police driving around and making sure it's safe out here as those dealing with this mess try cleaning it up. and so people who live out here dealing with many damaged cars. damaged roofs a home and still no electricity. they are hoping to get tonight. the good news in all of that though, we're not getting any reports of of any injuries. reporting thrif evening from northeast miami-dade. 7 news. >> craig: the storm are over now and the weather picture is look much, much better. chief meteorologist phil hair o is here now. phil. >> phil: and alex said it best. thankfully no reports of any injuries no. school noovmentd extra traffic roantdz. with kids to school so, wow w
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turned out good. morning wis ters but now we're looking ago at a nice quiet night across south florida and the resof the week is look pet pretty good. here's the the storm tracker. dry across miami beach and broward add miami and the keys. and that dry weather should stick around for a white. the reason for all the nasty weather this morning thvment front h is the same front that caused a series of tornadoes last night across the southeast. it went over us this morning. right now it continues november way. you can seat nice clear skies. temperature moving in. and as far as wednesday night into thursday, a little nice morning chill and then that nice weather continues in the afternoon. so here's how iewm you'll be waking up tomorrow. average low 63. 62 wednesday. nice morning chill for thursday. and then we're right back can to near typical lows all wait through next tuesday. i'll have a lot more infmation and those tornadoes a little
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>> >> craig: also at 6:00, it's not been seen in decade but thanks to that thaw and u.s. cuban relation, it's about to take flight. danielle knox live for us at the newsplex to explain now. danielle. >> danielle: take flight literally. the exchanges between the united states and cuba keep on coming so now if you want to hop on the island nairks thing are getting easier. >> people in the u.s. will soon be able to board a commercial plain plane and travel to cuba. >> and they will resume commercial air travel traffic a as dozens of new flights will begin operating daily in just a few months. >> it represent a crit lick important milestone in the united states continued ef forwards to engbge with cuba and normalize our relations a as president obama setut to do just4 months ago.
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orlando is an important step that will a lieu for the commercial flights 20 united states and cuba very soon. >> immediate latest signing, the u.s. department of transportation opened bidding by american air carrier for as many as 110 flights a day between the # countries where the the flights o operating right now are all chartered. a couple of airline liewgd american airlines and jet blue excited about the venture and looking to bid. and united states hoping to fly to what van fla on it's hub ouch and they have the first factory in cuba in more than half a century allowing a two man company to build track pors and other heavy equipment toell to farmers in cuba. we are committed to trade with the two countries on a win, slsh win saights and i believe by doing so, we can show the cuban people that there is good thing
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it is something that can make the two people understand each other better. >> danielle: and now getting back to air travel here for a 2nd. the agreement also allows 20 special flights to havana daily and the current ten to 15 charter flights. receipt maining flights would be to other cities in cuba. live in the newsplex. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> belkeyscoming up here from the news plex plesm. a garbage truck ca treerng a highway&to the grorod below and tonight something rovered in the accident that could be a criticalallue. >> craig: and we'll take you to another neighborhood feeling the storm's force. >> belkeys: and animals unable to escape the danger. a ranch rocked.
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>> craig: what may be a crucial clue ave truck plunges 100 feast south florida express way. the vehicle went over the edgee and the driver thrown from the
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investigators recovering something that could reveal what happened during the crash. 7's will alex diprato live on the scene in miami with more detail on thvment alex. >> reporter: belkeys, that truck was equipped with cameras anan the hard drive where the video is stored has been recovered. official hope that video provides clues of why the truck went over the edge here on i-95. the concrete barrier the garbage truck plowed through is being repaired. it was jed evening thehe truck exiting i-95 at southwest 7th 7th street when the driver smashed through the barrier. this sound immediately drew the attention of teenagers who were playing basketball at jos marty park. >> you can see the crarks the truck falling midair and sounded like it was in slow motion.n. felt like five seconds before it hit the floor snoot the truck plunged 100 feet and into the parking lot and landed onn
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the impact caused the truck to separate from the trailer. >> and punch aid hole in the roof too. pieces of the con treat pierced the pool building. the driver suffered punctured lung and head trauma cording to hi family. he remains at jackson memorial hospital. >> and i love him. i will. until i know that he is all right. >> reporter: today jose marty park remain closed while crews clean up concrete chunks. injured. >> w were fortunate that it was a quote unquote bad weather day in miami. a little bit of rain and wind and it ways holiday and school wantz in session so there wasn't a lot of people in the park. >> the truck is ee quichted with cameras that record the caivet struck and roadway in 12 seconds interevaluate. it's a flit split camera where you see the in cab video along way white lens view of the front. >> officials recovered the hard drive and are sending to a california company which could
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went over the edge. >> we'll be able to see whathe driver was see whg he slammed on the b bkes. >> >> reporter: the hard drive also records speed. that will be another key clue in this investigation. as for the southwest 7th 7th street exit ram here on i-95, official say they hope to have one lane open soon. so traffic can begin flowing again. live in miaia. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> craig: and this a news later. it will affect folk in brord county and fort lauderdale and their drinking water smek liefnlgt. >> belkeys: danielle in the newsplex with with plor on thvment danielle. >> danlle: hi giesms not their drinking water only. this is the city of fort lauderdale. they have issued a precationary advisory for water related recreational activities in the downtown area city of fort
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ave 20-inch sire main break. we're talking about 540 northwest 4th avenue at the regal trace parms. you're looking at those parms right there. motorist a advised to detour around this area as well. pedestrians advised to avoid standing water at site of sewer main break. so you're looking at the scene there from the ground. scene. ralph rayburn is in sky force h h with what he can see from there. ralph, oh my goodness, i see the water that the car are driving through there. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of nasty water bear ent thrivme happened earlier today a coshed together folks that live there who have been contacting wsvn. the regal trace apartments. 540 northwest 4th avenue air. 20-inch sewer main. we just riefd on the scene well. have not clietd the evacuated area where the break is but can see a lot of water. a lot of standing water in this area. the city of loud issued a couple of advisories, one to vied
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the second one is a precationary advisory to vied any related water related activities. that includes and i'm tell ug this from the the list they gave us. swimming, fishing, persona water craft activities. boating. anything that would bring new contact with the water in this area and or in the area of the new river between northwest 7th avenue and northwest 4th avenue. so got a lot of folks who probably are unaware of this saights arriving home from work. there are people standing by to let them know as they enter this complex here that the situation scissments a0-inch water main. they say not water main, sewage maij main and that is loit cad somewhere thon property, possibly undndneath the apartments. so as we get more information. swrai couple of folks here. this is one of those big tank truck that's used to remove waste water and water so they are out here and thief be gun work. that's the story here in sky force.
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>> craig: all right so, recreational activities. not theh drinking water. thanks will ralph and danielle. >> belkeys: keep it right here. we're going to take a quick break and come right back.
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>> 2340u7 weather with chief meteorologt phil ferro. >> phil: all right so. after the morning nasty weather it is looking pretty nice right now. temperatures in the 70s. skies are clearing out. the w wd at around 3-mile. the humidity five #%. >> no rain right now across palm beach, broward, miami-dade and
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at least over the next 24 to 48 hours. all right. so at the top of the newscast, you saw all the activity regarding the tornadoes. a and we said that there the were rated ef1 and what does that mean thvment is the intensity scale from weakest so strongest. both of thewisters we had today, ef one's anywhere between 86 and 110 miles per hour. that usually gives us moderate damage. that's what we had today. but once@ again thank goodness no injuries whatsoever. the front thatt brought the nasty weather continue to move way. still some lingering cloud cover. but you see thal right here. that should be moving in over the next 24 to 48 hours. and should be very nice. no advisories tonight. biscayne way way light chop. nowrt florida keys, sa knot winds. coastal water a light chop. next high tide 4:12. 6:27. water temperature a a70 degrees. tonight the skies will continue to clear out.
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we could see upper 50s in t western broward areas. everything r every place else we'll see temperatures in the low 60s. then by tomorrow highs in the mid 70s could see 80s across miami-dade. a lot more injthe way of sunshine. here's your extend out look. thursday, 61 and then near seasonal temperatures through next monday. that's your next 7 on 7.
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>> timim now for 7 sports with donovan campbell. >> cal it day sha view. almost exactly a year after chris bosh started treatment for a blood clot. the heat big man has returned to take blood thinners. bosh an 11 time all-star turn three # next month is not only miami's lead hing scorerr but argue bli the most vawl able player. missed 30 game last season and hopes tackling the situation early this time will get him back on the wore cort. >> it appears given that he is trying to play, that the clock has not traveled anywhere. he believes it's a far more manage able situation than the huge scare he got last year. it's still extremely serious but chris bosh is hopeful and that should give heat fans hope. >> and he will be back on practice court foam and miss age bird from theness nest.
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a three team deal acquiui wry an roberts in exchange chaing for fan favorite bird man anderson and two second round pifnlgt birdman goes to mem advice joining mario clom bers n. make the deal the heat save $6 million. that's sports. back to craigig and belkeys. >> craig: thank you donovan. >> belkeys: that's 7 news at 6:00. sigh you back at 10:00. >> caio caio i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. keep it here. the news continues now at 6:30.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> now at 6:30, mother nature's furry in action. cameras rolling as tornado roar through the area. you're looking at live pictures now ave sewer main break. this is in fort lauderdale. it happened at an apartment complex there but as you can see
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through the streets there are cars driving through this sewage water and there are authorities on the scene who are trying to cap it. but it look like this is g gng to be a situation that will go on for quite a while. again, a sewer main break in fort lauderdale. good evening everybody. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. let's geact out live to those picture and 7's ralph rayburn. obviously ralph, the sun is leaving us but we can see quite a bit of water down there. >> lynn and danielle, this s!y situation that's been going on all kay here. let's bring the camera back out and bring as much light as we can to start. with this is a five square block area to the west of u.s. 1 here. called the regal trace apartment complex. the address is 540 northwest 4th avavue. i don't know how well you'll be able see this because we're losing our light quickly here but we have a bunch of these truck that are waste water truck.


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