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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> anchor: 7 nene begins at noon with a tragedy involving a heartbakreing 5 year old. he ultimately was caught. >> anchor: but that's little comfort for the family of the boy.brdo has test om the sccrh in laana. brandon? >> reporter: this 20 year old, lex eugene, just appeared little boy's family eune will soon. he was issued a no bond so willll not get out of jailany time soonhe alogi d he couldn' anymore. let me show you the memorial for the 5 year old d boy killed saturday afternoon, jaden reeden. the little boy's picture,%this is saturday afternoon here in lantana. police say y that the 20-year-old suspect, lex eugene, s trying to avoid being pulled over and he ended up in this
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tried to make a turn at summit and minor.( again, we're in lantana. if you're familiar with that area. summit and miner. tried to make a turn and hit that 5 year old boy jaden reeden who was rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead a short time after. e suspect, eugene, was already on probation. in trouble with the law since 16 years old. faces vehicular homicide and felony murder and novembers ssession of heroin, police say -- and possession of heroin, police say, and no bond. >> he took his life from us. he just snatched it away. >> reporter: you just heard there from little jaden reeden's grandmother. 5 year old jaden reeden killed% here at this intersection in lantana when police say 20-year-old lex eugene was fleeing them, lost control of his car and hit the little boy.
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he was from miramar, that little boy from miramar visiting family members here in lantana. more on the story throughout the afternoon here on 7 news. for now live in lantana, brandon beyer, live on 7 news. anchor: cameras capturing crooks in action pulling off a series of ab and go burglaries across south florida. the thieves are tataeting stores. >> anchor: but are the crimes connected? alex diarmis is live on the scene with more. alex? >> reporter: ashley, diana, while police confirmed they're not all connected they happened in similar ways. we're talking about 4 stores, including this one right here behind me, getting hit, burglalazed about an hour and a half apart from each other. that's why busine owners say they must be connected. >> they took the register. they took basically everything that they could.
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hialeah cell phone store caught on surveillance video stealing everything in sight and leaving behind a big mess. >> break a lot of stuff. window cases, the door. most of the phones are missing. >> reporter: it happened at 927 west 29th street. >> it's insane. we have alarm and good camera system, but even with that they came in the middle of the night. like nobody seems to hear nothing. >> reporter: but it wasn't just that store. crooks striking again. cameras capturing as they use a sledge hammer to smash the front door. this time stealing nothing. not too far away, that same day, another store hit. this one on west 35th street. you can see as the crooks even turn on the lights to gegea better look at what they can get their hands on. nearby business owners like vasquez says it's heartbreaking to see it happen next door to
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he's hoping these bad guys get caught soon before they strike again. and so as police continue to find out whether or not these crimes are connected, they need your help. they hope you have some information that can help them. if you do, you know the number to call. miami-dade crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. reporting live from hialeah, i'm alex diarmis, 7 news. >> anchor: police also on the lookout for the thief who pulled off a high priced heist at a south florida business. the ners of o.f. jewelers in hollywood said the man walk indeed wearing a ski mask -- walked in wearing a ski mask. he pistol whipped an employee the bathroom. >> crazy. i don't think thormally happenin this neighborod. >> chor: e robber getting away with half a million dollars near sheridan and park road. if you have any information, call 954-493-tips.
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for eziaan lewis last seen at 1 a.m. wearing a black sweater and pants. his mother says he never came home. if you know anything, you're asked to call the police. >> reporter: and an officer caught in the chain reaction crash in miami. the 3-car pile up happening g near old cutler and the turnpike extension early thursday morning. police say another vehicle struck causing it to sideswipe the unmarked car. vehicles are damaged but no one was hurt. >> anchor: the florida highway patrol working to put a stop to hit and run crashs and enlisted victims' relatives to he them. jessica holly is live at the miami florida highway patrol station with how the program will work. jessica? >> reporter: the campaign is called hit and run, from bad to worse. because according to the fhp, the situation has gotten worse in florida. just last week a man in fort lauderdale was hit and killed. in that case, still no arrest. roadside flowers an all too common scene in south h florida.
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lauderdale are looking for the person who hit and killed charles blacklig. blacklidge was struck in the north block of dixie highway. the silver vehicle hit the brakes, but then took off. >> a neighbor found him and one held his hand while he died. >> reporter: this family now without their loved one and without t osure. the kind of closure that comes with an arrest. >> the guy hut his brakes on, took ofof we're trying to find who it is. >> reporter: all right, if you have any information that might lead to an arrest, call crime stoppers. the number for broward can county 954-493-tips. if your tip leads to an arrest, you could earn a cash reward. we will also be here this afternoon to get more information on this campaign to reduce the number of hit and
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news. >> anchor: the race for the white house coming to south florida.a. >> anchor: the former secretary of state s husband stumping for his wife. >> reporter: that's right, ladies. the campaign trail winding its way thugh south florida. former president bill clinton will be stumping on behalf of his wife, the former secretary of state hillary clinton coming up later this afternoon. a big crowd of supporters right now. hundreds of people expected to pack the port of palm beach and riviera beach to hear the former president speak coming up later today. as you look at the videde hillary clinton was expected to be at the event but had to cancel last week because her schedule is too stacked out west. the nevada caucuses are coming up this saturday so she is campaigning out west. today we do expect the former
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wife is the most qualified candidate to lead this country and he'll talk about how she's fohtug for family values and for americans as a senator in new york and also as the secretary of ate.stlooking at the polls right now, this race going on between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. we can tell you, if you look at tracking polls, right now nationwide, they're in a neck and neck race across the nation. just a few percentage points separate the 2. and looking ahead to the south carolina primary, coming up with the democrats on february 22nd, hillary clinton right now has a commanding lead in the palmetto state. obviously the black vote is ry important there. bernie sanders has had a tough time campaigning in that state. the south carolina primary coming up on february 27th. super tuesday on march 1st when 15 states vote across the united states and florida is voting next month on march 15th but waiting for the former
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on his wife's behalf. much more coming up later tonight right here on 7 news. we're live in riviera beach, jeff lennox, 7 news. >> anchor: and if you haven' done so download t voicp. it's dowihe latest from the campaign trail. >> anchor: the florida primary is a month away and as voters prepare to head to the polls, the elections department is doing some planning of its n. 7's omarshthe ange.>> revong for esidt miamdadeunty has headaches during previous elections. ju itthis man who waited in line r fo8 urhos during the presidential race of 2012 >> maineschare and it's alrely thetic. >> er: but thisth miami-dade election department is hoping to make the qomplaints a thing of the past. >> the major achievements the depament has made in the last couple of years i think will all result in much less voter
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>> reporter: for starters there are now 3 ways to miamdade without even standing ne the orflida presidential preference primary el tion day, h 15th you can vote from home. you can all yo ballot u can e in earl ting. for the early birds, there are 20 locatis onacssro miami-de county and they extended the amount of early voting days to 14. in broward county, there will be 9 days of early voting and also making it easier to use seabntee ballots by paying for the postage. >> so when a voteceives their absenteeballot, open te it, package it according to the directions. make sure they sign the ballot. drop it in the mail. no postage is r ruired because we're taking care of the postage. >> reporter: but if you do make it to the polls on election day,you'll notice the changes starting at check-in in miami-dade. >> now we have an automated check-in system with your drivers licecee or florida i.d. we're able to swipe your
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record right away and move you through the check-in process very quickly. >> reporter: also new precinct lines have been drawn across miami-dade county to beer distribute the ount of voters in each voting location which means you'll want to check first because yoururpolling place may now be different this time around. >> one of the big chanans is reprecincting and that means we redrew the boundary lines and redistributed the property location to make sure there aren't too many people going to one location. >> reporter: here at e miami-dade department election headquarters, you can see they have all the supplies ready to be mailed off to the different precincts. this year there will be additional new voting cations brging thtotal to 591 voting locaontis across miami-dade county. since florida is a closed primary state, if you plan on votong for the presidential candidates in the march primary, you must register with a political party first. thdeadline to register is
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omar lewis, 7 news. >> anchor: and the "i voted" sticker will be in 3 different languages this year. creole, spanish and english and voters across the state can expect more changes for the presidential election in november. the wording on the ballot when it comes to state constitutions will be much shorter. and in miami-dade early voting locations will increase to 30 sates. for more formation on how to rester head to our website at wsom >> chan: also thisoo nn e death of the supreme court juice sparking a fierce political ttbale in washington d.c. on the campaign trail lawmakers on th des now ghting overwho should replace m and wh. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. >> reporter: news of juste tonin scalia's death igniti debate in shington. ob a wato move quickly
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ght. >> the problem is if obama picks a hard core candidate there's no way it goes through. >> anchor: the gop going l alin vowing to keep the president from filling the seat. the senate majority leader mitcmcconnl on sayi nghe the next president to make the pick. >> he clearly s e power%to do it, but gives hichoices premcourjusticesn the past, thsenana of the unit states should not confirm someone who's out of the main stream. >> yo dot ve hame duck esmake the appointment to he highest court in the . >> reporter: right now it's split evenly. decisions abortion rights, immigration and firmative action up in the air and now the presidential candidates action. >> president obama said he would nominate someone to the bench and that's exactly what he should be doing.
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process. >> the idea that republicans want to deny the president of the united states his basic constitutional right is beyond my comprehension. >> anchor: and nald reagan was the la president to nominasueme urtet ye an of courseay with 7 coverage of the death of the ste with the updates here and online at >> anchor: lawmakers in haiti choosing a new leader. the senate chief privier sworn in as the provisional president. he'll hold office for 4 months leadg an interim government until a new president can be elected. the president epstping down last week. the cotry's constitution barred him om seinanother te rm. ent protests and
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have led to anoth electiofrans heedad up trip to mexico. hundreds showing upto grt ee him as he touched down this morning. he's set to deliver homily at the ci sports center and meet with members of the indigenous community. sunday the pontiff visited a children's hospital in mexico city meetg wiin patients d their es. afspeech, stped to give one of chilmedicine. earlier he celebrated an outdoor mass and e of the country's most dangerous suburbs urging people to resist temptations and transform the country into a land of opportunity. u.s. airlines ready tep up flights. u.s. carriers can submit plapicatio for cuba routes to transportation. the formal agreement between the two countries expected to
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to more than 100 daily round trip flights in ana out of cuba. >> anchor: the obama administrationonapproving the first u.s. factory in cuba. a two-man company from alabama is set to build a plant assembling a small tractor for cuban farmers by early 2017 and hope to export tractors to other latin american countries. they will start with 30 cuban employees. and if things go as planned, grow to as many as 300. the plant will be the first significant u.s. business investment on cuban soil. >> anchor: and coming up next on 7 news at noon, the cruise ship getting the all clear to set sail again after getting cacaht in the storm of trouble. >> reporter: in south florida the clouds have already settled and the radar is picking up county. kendall, cutler bay, homestead, you're dealing with some moderate downpours. complete forecast after the break. >> anchor: also ahead, fire fighters doing battle with mother nature and a raging blaze.
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storm the cruise ner rocked and in need of repair. >> lightning doesn't strike twice. >> anchor: passengers boarding hoping for a smoother ride next time. >> if can get through last week, it can get through anything. >> anchor: the anthem was headed to the bahamas when it hit a storm with waves nearly 40 feet high. the weather leaving passengers in shock. >> everything was all over the floor. there was glass. everything in the bathroom was on the floor. toiletries and everything. and we're like oh, my god! is is it! >> they were walking around non-stopcleaning up debris from the room. >> reporter: luckily no one hurt during the storm and the 10-month-old ship carrying 4500 passengers returned to port lala wednesday night. >> the captain did a great job. >> reporter: before going back
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propulsion system damaged ring storm. after a thorough inspection, the coast guard ave the all clear. >> this is my 12th cruise and been on ship that is have come back with no propulsion. >> people should give credit to the captain and should give credit to the people who designed that ship because it was extremely sea worthy. >> reporter: while there are still questions on whether the anthem of the seas should have set sail because of warnings last week, some say inclement weather is sometimes part of the cruise package. >> the first cruise i went on had a hurricane and the second had a tropical storm so i've been on ships with bad weather before i get sck. >> reporter: passengers received a full refund and ticket towards a future cruise. meanwhile royal caribbeans the company will strengthen the storm avoidance policy.
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center, robbin simmons, 7 news. >> anchor: and a suspicious situation is brbrging the police to sun isles beach. >> anchor: lorena brings us more. lorena? >> this is 183rd and colins avenue in sunny isles and may have heard an explosion. it appears there was some sort of device that was found. a device someone found to be suspicious. authorities responded and detonated that device. it isn't cleaexactly the item was. it appear its may have been left there from over the weekend but, again, authorities are giving the all clear so just a heads up for anyone in the area. if you see all that police activity, that's exactly what was ing on. again, the all clear was given. live at the news desk, elena estrada, 7 news. >> anchor: thrill seekers literally getting stuck in
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this after 2 tram cars got stuck. they say they stoped the aerial tramway near the mountain on sunday and rescue workers bringing 48 passengers to the ground one by one. >> anchor: and fire and ice in philadelphia. flames consuming an entire street with 7 to 8 and turning it into the icy wonderland. the cause is not known. >> anchor: record lows reached in boston on valentine's day. temperatures dropping to -9 with the wind chill of -36 . this marks the second straight year where freezing weather hit the area. but on the bright side gave people the perfect excuse to cuddle up with their valentine. >> reporter: good afternoon, south florida. on this prident's day the satellite picture is showing we
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the thickest clouds are well to our nonoh with that leading edge of the developing cold frontment we're starting to see more in the way of the shower activity especially inin miami-dade county. right now florida keys look mostly dry but in broward we have very widely isolated scattered showers. anywhere from north of fort lauderdale into i-95 near miramar. right around i-75e have light in homestead and as far west as chrome avenue and find conditions out there, too. it's 76 currently in key west and marathon. grand bahama island at 73 .
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out of the east/southeast between 18 to 20 mph roughing up the seas for swimmers and boaters and a big mess happening especially around parts of the eastern seaboard. virginia, washington, west virginia dealing with freezizi rain and snow. and ther also feeling a deep chill and 75 in beston and new york. and that front crossing through tomorrow afternoon and after that we'll start to dry up and temperature readings where we should be. small craft advisories and coastal waters are pretty rough. 207 this afternoon the next high tide and 317 in key west. the highs in the upper 70s and tonight start to see more showers and on your extended ouook count unseasonably cool weather on wednesday and going into the upcoming weekend. that's your 7 on 7.
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searching for a sweetheart in south florida. cats, dogs and rabbits looking for the perfect valentine at the humane society. shelter waving regular adoption fees and letting families make an adoption of their choice. >> if you have love in your heart and in your home and can open up to a homele animal, adopting a pet is a wonderful thing. >> reporter: in honor of the special day, adopted animals receive free vaccinations, microchip and bag of food. >> ahead on 7 news at noon, the new trailer from the new game of thrones!
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get ready -- >> chor: sharks spotted swimming in the massive group and predators just a stone's throw away from the coast. >> anchor: turns out it's part of a regular pattern. jeff lennox explains. >> reporter: take a close look. see all those gray specks down below? those are sharks off palm beach county's coast. >> look at all these sharks all around here. >> reporter: we paused thth video shot by a biologics professor. in this frame of video alone we counted 157 sharks. >> it's so cool these sharks are literally a stone's throw away from shore. >> reporter: you're looking at the aerial black tip shark migration survey across the crystal clear atlantic swhere is heheseeing them? >> the sharks were off riviera beach and singer island to jupiter inlet. >> reporter: and one thing in particular stood out to the professor and it wasn't the shark inches ay from the paddle boarder right there.
12:29 pm
were hardly any sharks south from miami to boynton beach and then palm beach, singer island was loaded. literally tens of thousands of sharks. >> reporter: jeff lennox, 7 news. >> anchor: protesters taking a stand at miami seaquarium. >> she cries for her mom every night. please do the right thing and turn around. >> anchor: the group gathering in support of lolita, the seaquarium's 49-year-old killer whale. they're demanding she be released back into her natural habitat. >> i think having animals in captivity is so barbaric and cruel. they need their freedom. they're sentient beings and these places need to be shut down. >> reporter: danielle dolls, the 29-year-old activist, plans to live in her bathtub for the next month. she plans to bring aware tons animals like lolita in captivity. seaquarium says lolita is
12:30 pm
shares her habitat with pacific whitesided dolphins. there is no scientific evidence that the 49-year-old could survive if she were to be move friday her home at miami seaquarium to the sea pen or to the open waters of the pacific northwest. >> reporter: south florida's reptile round up coming to an end. the python challenge wrapping up last night. amateur hunters removing at least 102 burmese pythons since the competition began last month. the challenge was created in the effort to control the invasive snake in the erglades. and final tally will be announced at an awards ceremony on february 27th. >> anchor: and coming up next from the newsplex, skiing in south florida? it's not a pipe dream! >> anchor: and you heard of saying i do on the boat.
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see how when we come back. >> time to check the top stories. a man caught while trying to flee from police. police say 20-year-old lex eugene led officers on the chase through the lantana neighborhood saturday hitting and killing a 5 year old boy om miramar visiting relatives and taking a walk with them. eugene is facing a slew of charges including vehicular homicide and felony murder. >> anchor: a possible crime connection. burglars busting into several businesss in hillil stealing tens of thousands of dollars in money and merchandise. police working to determine if the same people are responsible. >> reporter: and the e south florida stop for a former president. bill clinton standing in for wife hillary at a rally in
12:34 pm
the former secretary of state fec and neck with bernie sanders in the poll and campaign nothing nevada ahead of the caucus -- campaigning in nevada ahead of the caucus. and it may not sound like the perfect skiing destination. >> anchor: but fans of the sport don't have to leave town to hit the slopes. creasethe torque sett reporter: this is rtnly the norm when you think about tthiing e >> it's certainly a unique thing to do here in south florida. >> reporter: the ski and snow/ board simulator is designed to give you the experience without the snow and scenery. >people again, they're going out on a vacation that costs a pretty penny. why not know before you go? same body mechanics. we're just missing all thth beauty that the mountains can offer. >> reporter: located in plantati, it makes skiing year round possible. >> probably the only ski instructor in the world that can wear a polo, shortsnd flip flops. >> right! >> reporter: and the best thing
12:35 pm
anyone can give ita shot! regardless if you're a novice or professional skier or snsn boarder, the simulator is crucial for your muscle memory. >> steer back out of that turn. >> it's just a way to warm up before you head out on a trip. it's juststso much fun to go there and on the first day actually get on the slope and not have to do with conditioning. >> it's the excellent workut. >> people can still pe out on a simulator? >> we tccah an edge here and therbut nobroken bones and no following and getting bruised and just a bit rug burn. >> reporter: donovan campbell, 7 news. >> reporter: skiing in your shorts, just don't let go of the bar. ski simulators are also great for competive ierswho n'cat alwa ysget to e thop. pa a couple - >>chch: and a up saying "i do" in
12:36 pm
the mystic schooner boat. that's right, loveond es and onlookers gathering to see the two exchange their vows. the couple saying it was the perfect time and p ace to tie the knot. >> it is valentine's day and right? >> it's on the water. >> we love the shores. >> anchor: they look happy! the wedding wasn't the only attraction at the boat show. the 57th annual event attracting people to south florida and it runs through tonight!save lives every day but rarely do they get to see the miracles they're responsible for. >> sometimes you wonder if they made it or not and when you get qhe call it's rewarding because this is why we do it. >> reporter: one crash survivor is making sure her rescuers know how much they mean to her. join us for this rescue reunion.
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first at 10. >> anchor: trying to keep yoir new year's rez -- yoururnew year's resolution? ke it heart healthy when you feed your family this week. >> anchor: fish is on the menu when we grab a bite with belkys. >> reporter: hey, everybody, looking for a healthy alternrnive for tonight's dinner? it's a pistachio encrusted grouper on the menu. let's do this. for this you need bread crumbs, unsalted pistachios, grouper
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and pepper. we got our shelled, unsalted pistachios here but what we want to do is take these and put them through the fo processor so they end up looking like this. what we want to do is take some of thesesand add them to the bread crumb mixture and toss them around and t the nice crust on our fish. as always we start by seasoning our fish with a little salt. little pepper and filet and put it in the egg white we cracked into this bowl and this is sort of the glue that's going to make it stick to our pistachio bread crumb combo. so the pistacacos will make for a beautiful crust so don't be afraid to get mesy because we'll have messy and bake it at
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nuts are nice and crispy and it looks delicious! here's our pistachio encrusted grouper. if i can do it. i'm belkys nerey. bon appetito! repand for the latest and greatest blog on all things culinary check it out on our website and click on bite! >> anchor: and seven news not over yet. next? >> anchor: movie go arers thirsty for a deadpool debut. we'll have more after the break. >> reporter: i'm mike dipasquale. the florida panthers say they're upset and that's a good thing. plus history made at daytona in qualifying. by the way we'll have the daytona 500 race right here on sunday.
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sports. >> anchor: a new super hero flick deadpool taking the top spot with the oponing weekend with 120 million dollars. and kung fu papaa 3 chopped down to second and the animated movie expected to earn nearly 20 million and how to be single rounding out the top 3. the romantic comedy earning about 19 million dollars. >> anchor: winter is coming back to tv! hbo releasing a new teaser for the game of thrones.
12:45 pm
and the dead come with it! >> anchor: the faces of black and white revealing the faces of some of the most popular characters both dead and alive. characters like ned stark, rob stark, kaitlyn stark and others speaking words of warning and now speculating about the fate of the characters and mainly whether john snow is dead or alive. season 6 of game of thrones premiers april 24th. >> anchor: kanye west going on yet another twitter rant. in the series of tweets he spotlights himself saying he has more than 50 million dollars of personal debt and asks mark zuckerberg for a billion dollars to invest in kanye west ideas while acknowledging himself as e greatest artist ever. >> reporter: good self-esteem and tyra banks revealing the
12:46 pm
slooping and snuggling against her chest. and they welcome their son by surrogate last month. she shared her struggle to get pregnant with viewers on the shsh fab life. >> hi, everyone. the heat with the dwayne wade all time selection. kobe bryant thanked the crowd before the 18th and final all-star game. first quartetewith kyle lowry and tie its too early. later in the first d-wade going coast to coast for the dunk and second quarter with the layup to go and east and west with the highest scoring half and west ends up winning 196-73.
12:47 pm
he10 points in the final all-stst game. it was fine. i had a blast playing with those guys and laughing and joking on the bench and got to redeem myself from when chicago came to town but i had a great, great time. >> and that 20th season with the alleyoop and canes at 11 and hitting the long 3 and ties it at fest. not even 2 minutes later tied at 52 and angel at 11 and miami up 3.
12:48 pm
mclellan with game high 20 and noles with the ball and losing the bowl and the canes hang on to win it 67-65 the fina now with the 20-4 record for the u. the 5 years as miami's head coach and coach the coach really happy after this one. >> and when in games he hasn't scored big points he's doing the job. >> it's a hockey night in south
12:49 pm
taking it to the 5-3. 10 goals in two straight games, not good. if they're not anany they should be. >> if we want to lay down we can but doesn't matter. you play them as they come so better be eady. >> penguins in town monday night and history made at qualifying and it is done by chase elliott. chase's elliott is bill, two-time daytona 500 winner. chase dries the 24 car of retired driver jeff gordon. with his dad and jeff helping, he looks to become the youngest daytona 500 wiwier. >> i definitely think my dad had a lot of success down here and any adadce he has is worth
12:50 pm
between him, my 3 teammates and jeff the advice is worth listening to for sure. if they're speaking, i'm listening. >> reporter: matt kinseth starts second from the front row and the rest of the field decided with races on thursday. i'm mike dipasquale. have a great day, everyone. >> a major technical provider is expecting problems across south florida. >> anchor: lorena estrada has more. >> reporter: it's president's day and lots of kids at home but comcast is having some trouble nationwide and that does include here in south florida so some folks can't use comcast. it's not clear what caused this disruption but confirmed they were having an issue and looking into it at this time. i did read on the comcast website it appears san francisco area and new york area were having the most issues but know that palm beach and other parts are having the issue. they're working to fix the problem according to comcast
12:51 pm
when they think everything may be worked out here so stay with us. we'll make sure to post any updates on m for now live at the news desk. lorena estrada7 news. >> hello, everybody. most of us are honest and when she found $200 she turn day over to police. when no one claimed it, she thought she'd get it. but she was told, nah, the police get it. >> i kept her on the phone trying to plead with her and see what she could do and it was just no. no, no, no, no, no, no, no. >> and if you find money, turn it over ro the police and no one claims it, can the police keep it? sometimes.
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at 10 on 7 news. >> if you thought a regular rubix cube was tough, a man designing what he calls the world's largest rubix cube. check it out! this puzzle takes some brain power and heavy lifting, too. the brain teaser is more than 5 feet tall and fully functional. he filled out the application for the world record. i don't know how they flip it over and do it the other way.
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friends and flip it over. that wraps it up for 7 news at noon. i'm diana diaz. >> anchor: and i'm ashley morrison. have a great day, everyone. captioning provided by:
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depere, wi >> today on "fbblife"... this week on "fablife," women who rock. jaclyn smith, kris jenner, zendaya. >> and our date th destiny. grammy-award winner michelle williams is here with all the glitz and glamour of music's biggest night. >> the hottest thing on the red carpet-- gold glitter overlay. >> go! >> the challenge is on! >> i am a huge destiny's child fan, and so i'm trying not to freak out. >> freak out, but let's win. we gotta win. >> and a recorn-breaking diy. (cheers and applause) >> welcome to "fablife." you guys, it's presidents' day, but tonight is also the grammys! >> whoo! (cheers and applause) >> okay, so in their honor, we are also celebrating all things music in our very own grammy special. now, grammy award winner and member of destiny's child
12:59 pm
amazing, we love her. and we're also showing y the must-have makeup look that you'll all be seeing on the red carpet tonight. and we've got a super easy diy that'll make your grammys party a hit. >> oh, yeah. >> how much fun is this? are you guys gonna be watching the grammys tonight? >> oh, you know it. >> absolutely. >> you know, one of the things i love the most about the grammys is, like, unlike the other award shows, there are such gripping collaborations the entire time. like, from start to finish, you'll never know who you're gonna see in a duet together. am i right? >> i know, it's so predictable. i'm gonna be on the red carpet interviewing the celebrities, so i'm excited. >> i can't wait to see you. >> and i hope i get to interview you, 'cause you're gonna be there with john. >> i'll be there, i'm having my very first sober grammy. >> yay! (cheers and applause) >> thank you. >> but john is performing, right? >> he is performing. i swear to you, i don't even know what he's doing. >> you don't? >> no, i have no clue. because, well, things change last mine. also, i think... i think they're the kind of show too that might try to spin it for you. like, so what they tell you, you don't know if it's for sure. 'cause i have a big mouth, i'm gonna tweet it. >> yeah. >> so, yeah, i don't know.


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