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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 11PM  FOX  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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reports from hialeah >> they took the register and -- >> reporter: surveillance cameras capturing the moments the crooks go to town stealing and leaving behind a big mess. >> break a lot of s sff and window cases, the door. most of the funds are missing. >> reporter: it happened on west 29th street. >> we have even with the systemem they come in the middle of the night and nobody seems to hear nothing. >> it wasn't just that story. the crooks striking again. cameras capturing the moment they use a sledge hammer to smash the front door. this time stealing nothing. but not too o far away on west 35th street a similar crime d even turning on the lights to
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can get their hands on. as of saturday night they weren't sure if the crimes were connected. if you have any information call 305-471-tips. for now in hialeah, elitsa bizios, 7 news night team. >> robbin: a high priced heist at a hollywood welry store. police say a thief walk intoed the of jewelers early this morning. he pistol whipped an employee and people in the area are shockekeby the crime. >> crazy and i don't think that that normally happens in this neighborhood. >> robbin: the crook got away with 500,000 dollars in jewelry. if you have any information thatcan help investigators, call broward ime stoppers at 954-493-tips. an unholy act at a south florida church. crooks targeting faithful deliverance temple in northwest miami-dade. musical instments were stolen late thursday or even possibly friday morning.
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church on northwest 8th avenue and 11th street has been hit. crooks stole an air conditioning unit 3 years ago. call police if you have any formation. >> jeff: a south florida family desperate for uponsers after a deadly hit and run. charles blackledge struck on thursday. his loved ones and friends gathering at the scene of the crash earlier tonight. they lit candles on northeast 16th street and north dixie highway and called in the driver to turn himself in. >> i saw that one of them saw what happened and then it is gog to hit and took one off and then we're trying to find who it is. >> investigators say they're looking for a silver 2-door car and increasing the reward to $3,000 in the case. call broward crime stoppers at 954-493-tips.
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and a teen home from the hospital. eddie rivera should the in the leg iniami's little havana. investigators say he was walking when someone appear indeed dark clothes and opened fire the shooter is still on the run. >> the body of justice antonin scalia arriving at a funeral home in texas escorted by state and federal law enforcement officials. his fafily now preparing to bring him home to virginia. >> lawmakers on both sides fight og who should replace scalia and when that should happen. walter morris live in the satellite center with more. walter? >> reporter: jeff, robbin, president obama says he wants to move quickly but that may not be easy. the makeup of the court is the stake and republicans are
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>> i plan to fulfill my constitutional noon time. washington. president obama saying he wants to move quickly while fight. >> the problem is if obama picks a hardcore liberal candidate, there's no way it gets through. from congress to the campaign trail, the gop going all in and vowing to do everything they can to fill the seat. the senate majority leader mitch mccoell on record saying he wants the next president to make the pick. ted cruz promising to filbuster and the other republicans vying r the job echoing that sentiment. >> he clearly has the power to do it, but given his choices of supreme court justices in the past, the senate should not confirm someone. >> and with that court now
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all up in the air. then it is going to call on congress. >> and then would nominate someone to the bench and that's exactly what he should be doing and leader o'connell should follow the constitutional process! >> the idea that republicans want to deny the president of the united states his basic constitutional right is beyond my comprehension. >> and ronald reagan was the last president to nominate supreme court justice during an election year. in the satellite center, walter morris, 7 news night team. >> jeff: okay, walter, and stay with 7 news for complete coverage of the death of the justyce. updates here and online on >> robbin: now to the race for the white house. last night's debate beginni on the somber note with the moment and it did not take long for the candidates to go on the attack.
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runner and the former florida governor getting personal. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> how did he keep us safe when the world trade centers came down? i lost hundreds friends. the world trade center came down during the reign. >> and not pulling any punches. senator bernie sanders falling out and hillary clinton the former secretararof state for what he calls her close relationship with wall street. and then the last batch of e-mails expected to be released later this month one day before super tuesday. and if you haven't done so yet, download the 7 news voice your choice app. updated with the very latest from the campaign trail. >> lawmakers in haiti choosing a new leader.
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rather sworn in as the country's provisional president. he'll hold office for about 4 monlhs leading an interim government until a new president can be elected. e predecessor down last week and seeking another tournament office. the violent protest and going to run the election. >> robbin: and in downtown miami a lovely breeze. >> jeff: brent cameron live in the weather center with the detailsment brent? >> brent: if they are doing swimming and boating where it might be problematic but it does el pretty nice in most cases as the air is warming up. the milder oceaeaair is in place and that's the big change from how we actually started the weekend. the winds off the lantic with the 7 scene and then it's
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and the humidity is the upward swing as well. then it's going to go into the start of the week. we do have the sprinkles around and then it's going to miami gardens with a fepassing sprinkles in your area as we go through the next couple of hours and even currently looks like the moisture is going to continue to be on the increase as clouds filter in our direction. heading into the holiday president's day on monday and another day feeling warmer and temperatures with the 80 mark and the decent chance for scattered showers coming our way on that breeze. and by the way ahead of that in the front. that and more in a few minutes. >> jeff: okay, thanks, brent. >> robbin: a cruise ship taking to sea after an intense winter storm battered the ship and
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>> jeff: and the infestation
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together by big numbers. >> a quick fix after a battered cruise on the high seas. the shibing was repaired after the storm became a royal pain. >> robbin: and now that everything is ship shape you might say, the new set of passengers is hoping nothing goes wrong. passssgers boarding the anthem
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new jersey hoping for a smoother ride this time. >> get through last week, can get through anything. >> robbin: last week the royal caribbean anthem of the seas was heading to the bahamas when it encountered a storm and wind gusts reaching 75 mph and the waves measuring nearly 40 feet high. the weather leaving passengers in shock. >> everything was all over the floor. therwas glass and everything in the bathroom was on the floor d toiletries and everything and the first they think that comes to mind is i'm going to die. this is it. >> they were walking around non-stop cleaning up debris from the room and the bringing, the water and food. >> luckily no one seriously hurt during the storm. the 10-month-old ship carrying morethan 4500 passengers returning to port late wednesday night. >> the captain did a great job. >> before heading back to sea crews had to repair the ship's propulsion system damaged during the storm.
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the coast guard gave the all clear. >> we taught the crews with the ships and they've come back for the propulsion motor before. >> people should give credit to the captain. and it should ve credit to the people mowho design that ship because it's extremely sea worthy. >> robbin: while there are still questions about whether anthem of the seas should have set sail because of the storm warnings last week, some say the possibility of inclement weather is sometimes part of the cruise package. >> the first cruise i went on had a hurricane and the second cruise i went on a year later had a tropical storm. and i just think a 4th i'll get sick. >> reporter: they ceived a full refund and a future cruise. meanwhile they say they'll strengthen the storm avoidance policy. >> still ahead on 7 news at 11, stay on the water for this one. swimmers beware. a shark fest off south florida's coast and it's caught on camera.
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water! the congregation spreading love this valentine's day. >> brent: and did you think it was cooler out here this morning? the miami low is 59 but compare that to 37 below zero. that was the case in watertown, new york. a diffffence of almost 100
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coming up. >> jeff: the sharks spotted swimming in a masi group and there's almost too many to count in that video. look at that. dozens of sharks were seen a stone's throw away from the south florida coast and turns out it's part of a regular pattern. take a close look. see all those gray specks down below? those are sharks off palm beach county's coast. >> and look at all these sharks all around here. >> we paused the video shot by the professor in this frame of video alone. we encountered 157 sharks. >> it's literally a stone's throw away from shore. >> you're looking at the aerial black tip shark migration surv across the crystal clear atlantic and where exactly is he seeing them? >> and it's for the prpre beach and off singer island and all the way up to juep fer inland.
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particular that stood out to this professor and wasn't the shark inches away from the pale boarder right there? >> so interesting because there are hardly any sharks south from miami up to boynton beach and palm beach singer island and then it's literally tens of thousands of sharks. >> jeff: they're still trying to figure out why she's attract tod that particular area off the coast. >> brent: on this valentine's day the fair amount of clouds floating by the sky and the great amount of sunset just after 6:00 and notice the absence of boats on biscaynyn bay. that was due to the big breeze and not ideal boating conditions going into the liday tomorrow. 70 currently in miami and fort lauderdale. we did have hies in the lower 70s today so we've hardly seen these temperatures drop whatsoever. and that's a bit of a trade
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and the bit of moisture and the couple of sprinkles to the south of fort lauderdale. around hollywood, hollywood beach and what disorganized showers we do find exnding over towards pembroke pines and moving out to the west due to this onshore wind that's going to continue. it's going to be a gusty day heading into the holiday tomorrow. wind speeds up for yet another day and humidity is going to continue to rise. we'll show you the satellite with the cloud cover and the low pressure to the north and the weak high pressure in this vicinity getting squeezed out and the's a lot of cloud cover and moisture extending down to the higher level clouds from the gulf of mexico. and then the low ones coming in from the atlantic and those are the ra producing clouds and then the shower with the chance over the next couple of days. and then it's the front with the cold front stalleleout over
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for the time being and then it is going to distance to us anan tuesday we'll find the chance for passing showers. then it's going again on tuesday and ahead that promises to be the warmest day of the week but even as we jump on the other side of that boundary there not going to be that much cooler and it's going to the cold fronts and then it's going to be one of those. the small craft advisory in effect due to the onshore winds. also high risk of rip currents. keep that in mind. so ideal -- not ideal i should say boatinfor you as you go into the next 24 hours and even into the keys. this feels nice though, doesn't it? crack the windows open tonight. the temperatures comfortable and low to mid60s and not changing too much. the wind speeds a factor
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temperatures up close and the umbrella weather still necessary and it pays off midweek and lots of clearing behind the frontal boundary and very comfortable temperatures. that's yourur7 on 7 forecast. robbin: all right, brent. a rosy occasion at the south florida church. handing out free flowers in deerfield beach putting the love in today's holiday. dozens lining the streets on hillsborough boulevard and military trail with the hopes of spreading a little love on valentine's day. and they did t. beautiful flowers stopped at the spotlight. the 7 news night team will be righback. >> hello, everybody. i'm patrick fraser with the next help me howard. most of us are honest. hillary is. and when she und $200 she turned it over to police. when no one claimed the e ney she thought she'd get it. but she was told nah, the police geg to keep it.
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you know. and see what she could do. and it was just no. no, no, no, no, no. >> if you find money, turn it over to the police and no one it? sometimes.
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tomorrow at 10 on 7 news. >> jeff: and happy valentine's day! that's a wrap for 7 news at 11. i'm jeff lennox. >> robbin: i'm robbin simmons! we have a super bowl ampion! wlchampion from this year! >> jeff: i'm tuning in! keep it here. more to come. >> robbin: goodnight!
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depere, wi >> dwayne wade introduced as a starter in tonight's nba all-star me. his 12th. chris bosh did not play, strained calf, t he was there. the game in toronto this year. happy valentine's day, everybody! take your best shot, little cupid. i'm hspreading a little love with my outfit and the canes' nationally ranked men ask women's team today and superbowl champion webster from the denver broncos is here with us. and we're posting your tweets. #xtrathoughts. we're jammed! it's sunday night. it's 11:30 and this is the lexus sports xtra. >> here we go! chris bosh in before the big game tonight and out with the strained calf. kobe bant honored before his 18th and final all-star game
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the first quarter east playing with kyle lowrey to dwayne wade and lebron james. remember the day. later in the first wade goes coast to coast and finishs with 8 points. the east leads by 4 and plenty more here in the first. kobe with the jumper. the balllloes spinning around the cylinder. it won't drop, won't drop, won't drop. finally it goes in. kobe's smiling. the west leads 92-90 at the break and scored 92 points. george finishesesith the game high 41. the west up by 9 after 3 and then russel finishes it off and hits the 3 and westbrook the most valuable player and west beat the east 196-73 and 7 assists and got a big ovation from the crowd. the canes, they go for the 20th win tonight at fsu. um crushed fsu when they played down here a month ago.


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