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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 630PM  FOX  February 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> now at the pricey jewels. >> and the death of the u.s. sproirt justice. the death of justice antonin scalia sparking a debate on capitol hill and on the campaign trail. >> robbin: and the second full day in mexico.. good evening. i'm robbin simmons. >> jeff: and i's jeff lennox. 7 news at 6:30 starts right now. investigators dusting for clues after a hollywood heist. the store employees ambushed and d ughed up by a masked man. >> robbin: that crook got away with nearly half a million dollars in stolen loot. 7'elitsa bizios is live with more. >> reporter: a jewelry heist happening about an hour before the store was supposed to open for the holiday. they say the thief walked in
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whipped one of the employees and locked that person and another employee in the bathroom. >> it's crazy. i i don't think that normally happens in this neighborhood. >> reporter: crime scene investigators in the 3300 block of sheridan street for several hours s sunday dusting for fingerprints. this woman says these types of robberies don't surprise her and that's why she has a conceal carry permit. >> i wish he would run up to me because i'm always strapped. >> reporter: the robber did get away with half a million inin jewelry but not the first time the store is hit. >> just mad cops flying down the road. >> reporter: back in 2012 4 men went into of jewelers demanding money and cash and jumped in the getaway car. after the witness spoted and followed the bad guys, cops were able to arrest them. all right, and what to hear from you, the number to call 954-493-tips. and that's the number to remain anonymous.
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team. >> jeff: the crooks targeting faithful deliverance temple in northwest miamdade stealing musical instruments from inside late thursday and possibly early friday morning. the bishop now reaching out for the public's help. >> and it's going to be some of these and ->> jeff: it's th second time it has been hit. crooks stole an ac unit there at that location 3 years ago. >> robbin: in the news tonight, the body of justice antonin scalia arriving at a funeral home in texas escorted by state and federal law enforcement officials. this as the family prepares to bring him home to virginia. his death sparking quite a political battle in washington d.c. and now on the campaiai trail.
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sides fighting on who should@ replace them and when that should happen. walter morris live in the satellite center with more. >> reporter: president obam apts to act quickly but they promise a fight and the justice who served on the high court for the decades hasn't even been buried. from washington to the campaign trail, news of justice antonin scalia's dedeh sparking a heated debate over when the seat will be filled. president obama making it clear he wants to move forward. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a success on are @in due time. >> of course president obama has to get that nominee through the republican-controlled senate in tht election year and mitch mcconnell going on record saying he wants the next president to make that decision. >> the politic system tricky. on the one hand they want to fill it while they know they have the presidency. the problem is if obama picks a
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there's no way it gets through. >> reporter: with the justice's death, the court split evenly with liberal and conservative judges. with affirmative action, immigration and more all in one boat. the gop candidates make it clear they don't want it to happen. tecruz promising to filibust xwer presidential nominee and his campaign rivals not too far off. >> he clearly has the power to do it, bugiven the choices of supreme court justices in the past, the senate of the out of the main stream. >> of course it's still unclear if republicans willllget their way. but leading democratic presidential candidates pushing back saying it's the senate's responsibility to act quickly. >> the idea that republicans want to deny the president of the united states his basic my comprehension.
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would nominate someone to the bench and that's exactly what he should be doing and leader mcconnell should foow the constitutional process. >> and while that debate continues, we are getting more reaction to his passing and releasing a statement saying in part, it was my great good fortune to have known the working colleague and friend. in the satellite center, walter morris, 7 news. >> jeff: all right, walter. stay with us for the coverage of the death of the stice. the updates here and online at >> robbin: and now to the race for the white house. last night's debate beginning on the sosoer note with the moment of silence for justice scalia. it did not take long for the candidates to go on the attack. one exchange between the front runner donald trump and former
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getting personal. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> how did he keep us safe when the world trade centers -- the world -- i lost hundreds of friends. the world trade center came down during the reign -- >> robbin: the democrats not pulling any punches on the campaign trail. senator bernie sanders caing out hillary clinton former secretary of state for what he calls her close relationship with wall street. meanwhile clinton facing new questions out her state department e-mails. the last batch expected to be released later this month. one day before super tuesday. >> jeff: lawmakers in haiti choosing a new leader. sworn in as the country's provisional president and will hold office for about 4 months leading the interim government until the new president can be elected. the current president stepped down last week.
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from seeking another term in office. the violent protests and accusations of vote rigging has delayed runoff election. >> and pe francis continues his trip in mexico. he visited a children's hospital in mexican city. literally hundreds of thousands turning out to see him at a huge mass here at a children's hospital as he spends 5 days in mexico. earlier the pontiff landed in one of the most dangers suburbs in the entire country just north of mexico city. its 1.6 million residents have been plagued d by drug related murders and kidnappings for years especially targeting women. the outdoor mass for the 300,000 people showing up and the pope urging everyone to transform the country into a
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he's expected to travel chavez tomorrow where he'll hold service and meet with members s the mexican indigenous community. stay with 7 news for continuing coverage of the pope's visit to mexico. we'll have the latest on air ananonline at >> also on 7 tonight, two men lucky to be alive after r the small plane plunged into the beach and this weekend they' speaking out. >> a lot of people in a car accident and scared to drive again for a few days. it is kind of the same but we're feeling good. >> it took 2-3 days to figure out what's really happening in that moment. but we're okay. >> reporter: video of the crash site right there. the two managed to get out of the piper pa-28 after it went down last week off the coast. they were right away rescued by ocean rescue teams. the plane was removed from the water eventually. the f.a.a. is investigating the
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>> robbin: coming up on 7 news at 6:30, a fin infestation off the south florida coast. coming together by the thousands. >> jeff: we'll have more on that and plenty of pythons plucked from the everglades during the massive hunt. >> robbin: and the sweet proposal so hot it may cause you to cave a little coffee! just one station with the story. >> brent: and modest warm up heading into monday and the ocean winds will also stay on
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that forecast ahead. >> jeffsharks spotted swimming in a massive group and photograph. they were seen a stones throw away from the south florida
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take a close look. below? ach county coast. around here. >> we paused the video shot by the u.s. ological science professor and in this frame alone we counted 157 sharks. >> it's so cool. thesessharks are literally a stones throw from shore. >> you're looking at the aerial migration and from the crystal clear common atlanta and i can where exactly is he seeing them? >> the sharks we saw today were primarily at palm beach and right off riviera beach off singer island and all the way to jupiter inland. >> jeff: and one thing stood out to the professor and it wasn'r the shark moments away. >> interesting because there were hardly any sharks south from miami to about boynton beach and from palm beac singer island. it was loaded. literally tens of thousands of sharks. >> impressive!
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figure out why these sharks are attracted to the area right off the coast. >> from sharks to pythons, soutflorida's reptile round up finally coming to an end. the 2016 python challenge ending tonight at 7. amateur hunters removath least 102 burmese pythons since the competition began last month. the challenge was created in the effort to control the invasive snake in the erglades. the official final tally will be announced at the awards ceremony. and providing a jolt of courage maybe to the south florida woman who decided to pop the question. just one station there as she takes e sweet leap of faith. adorable dogs looking for loveve this valentine's day weekend. i cannot look at this! i'm gointo want one!
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>> jeff: now on just one station, a sweet proposal just in time for valentine's day. a south florida woman flipping the script proposing to her long-time boyfriend at a popular coffee shop. >> robbin: with a little help from the coffee shop she'll be dunkin for diamonds in no time! >> this is really cool. this a shock. this is cool. excellent. anks, babe. >> robbin: you'd probably be shocked, too, if your partner pulled off this unforgettable proposal. >> i feel amazed. i thought we won free donuts and i guess w%'re getting married. >> robbin: that's right, jesse officially off the market! it's all thanks to his girlfriend kelly westberry and the folks at dunkin donuts. >> we had a lot of setbacks and this was something i felt like if we won it's going to be reallynice for us. >> reporter: the couple has been together for 7 years but seen thr fair share of tough times. last year kelly nearly lost both jesse and their son caden
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they survived but struggled to make ends meet. that's where dunkin donuts comes in. >> i won an engagement ring so we can get married now after all these years. >> that's cool! >> so i wanted to know, will you marry me? >> roroin: kelly entered the restaurant chain's happily ever dunkin sweepstakes and ended up winning a $3,000 voucher for an engagement ring and the chance to pop the big question and, you guessed it, he said yes! >>of course! >> yay! [ applause ] >> robbin: dunkin donuts said they received er 300 entries and they're just working on a date and location for the big day according to the couple. >> brent: and a lot of love in the air for this valentine's day. lacking in the n department though we managed to see sunshine in between the clouds
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going down currently. 70 and very comfortable in miami with fort lauderdale and pembroke pines. here at 69 in key west. and this is that check off the ocean and the fewer ouds inland and it will be less breezy during the night time hours tonight as well. it's been a breezy day. winds out of the east at 15 and gusting at times above 20. humidity slightly higher in and that trend should continue heading into monday which is president's day at least here at home so feeling pretty warm. like the northeast boston just 11 and chicago 18. snow on the move into that region. as a matter of fact here's what's the national map looking like and all this in blue is where we have a big swath of
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very chilly arctic air into the northeast this morning g and now it looks like the snow showers will tend to spread in that direction. low pressure is going to continue to organize out of texas and then continue to move northward and the only interest we have in that is an attached front. a very weak one that will be making its move in our direction for the middle part the week by late tuesday or wednesday. and d until then and each behind it, temperatures are going to remain close to average or above normal. rip currents, a pretty high threat. use caution, small craft advisory is also in place. choppy to rough waters. overnight comfortable with the low 60s inland. middle 60s with the coast and keys and highs tomorrow just slightly above average with some rain showers in the next 2 days and then some drying behind that front for midweek. that is your 7 on 7 forecast. >> jeff: okay, brent. the adorable adoptis for this
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rabbits looking for the perfect valentine if dania beach. all dressed up. >> i love it! >> the humane society waving regular adoption fees and letting families make a donation of their choice. happy pets opt there on this special day. the adopted animals also received free vaccinations with the microchip and free bag of food as they went to the forever homes. a couple of them going home with robbin simmons. >> robbin: don't even s sgest that. the panthers slipping on the ice and need to rediscover their winning form. >> jeff: and find out what happened at daytona's qualifying.
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highlights next in 7 sports. >> reporter: after losing 4 of the last 5 still hanging on th the 3 point lead in the atlantic division. the homestand continues tomorrow and nashville took it to roberto luongo and gave up 5 in the lo and friday night's loss gave up 3 goals before he was pulled. the head coach hsays it's not all louis right now. >> he's not as sharp as he was but it's our team and that is the last couple of games and nobody plays well and that's what hurts your team. it's a tough spot and men get through it and then you battle back so it's 2 loses in a row we're no good at and go to play ininpittsburgh and see what they're made of. ?i, everyone in town tomorrow night and is right here onon7 and youngest pole sitter lookers to make more history. elliott with the first spring
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hall of fame driver bill elliott. the two-time 500 winner. chase doesn't sound like there's any pressure. follow in his dad's footstcps and become the youngest 500 winner ever. >> this is a very cool day. i don't know that this opportunity has sunk in yet much less sitting on the poll for the daytona 500. just so thankful for the opportunity and opportunities like this don't come twice. this is a cool way to start the 2016 season. >> reporter: the pebble beach pro-am with 2005. in the hunt today on 16 and likes that and puts it in the lead at 17 under and it is to force the playoff at 17 and it is that 6 footer with the frifrn and wins on the tour for the first time in 11 years. 12:30 and the canes' basketball team taking on fsu in tallahassee.
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at 10. the canes' baseball team ranking high in the 6th preseason polls and starting this friday night against rutgers. they enjoyed fan fest at coral gables and loyal fans do fill the stands. >> they're the best in the country and so amazing to have out here especially on the day like this. they're really excited and so excited to get out and start playing again. >> when i got down on the field i fefe jitters a little bit. it's not the first game it felt like and the players are excited. >> and head coach jim morris all smiles.
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we're back after this. >> robbin: that's 7 news at 6:30. >> jeff: i'm jeff nnox. we'll see you tonight at 10 and
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