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tv   Noticiero estrella T.V  FOX  January 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30. this is a 7 news weather a alert. >> >> danielle: and off the top at 5:30, dangerous condions continue for south florida. mother nature at it again and the damage is done. a tornado touching down in one neighborhood. >> lynn: all tha rain open the radar leading to a day long weather later. it will stay soak for most of south florida and we'll likely need to watch thehe water levels. especially sphru a pool, it might overflow. >> danielle: all right. >> lynn: good evening every one. we can expect another batch of nasty weather night and oo. >> danielle: and that is triggering a flood watch. our coverage begins with chief meteororogist phil fire o with what our weather is like out are there right now. phil. >> phil: and here are the headlines. our next batch of storms starting to many of in now across collier county and naples
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thunderstorms, maybe even the possibility of anoth twister. a lot of heavy rain so far today. broward county under a flood watch until 10:00 p.m. we could see an additional two to 4-inches of rainfall. speaking of rainfall, miami and fort lauderdale setting records today. here's the storm tracker. we are basicallyook at two main lines of rain. the first one h weather gone over us. now impacting the bahamas second one sitting right back here by naples. if it remains all the it's present speed and course, it it may start to move in across our area anywhere between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. tonight. miami record rain today. the amount was just over an inch and half. the old record setback in 1927. fort lauderdale over 1 inch. you're old mark was better than half an inch from 1924.
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we can see some more moving n. flood waw watch in effect for all the the counties highlighted in green. southwest florida, the watch come to an end by 7:00 p.m. broward and palm beach, the watch should be canceled by 10:00 p.m. tonight. as far as temperatures are concerned, after the rain leaves, we're looking agent cooleremperature. typical low is 61. we should be waking tomorrow to 58 degrees. then skies clear out. the breeze pick up. and the cold air settles n. waking up saturday morning to 52. if you like the cold air, enjoy because we start to warm up right w for the lir part of me. pgh week. i'll have a lot more on our local forecast a little later on. >> danielle: all right phil. thank usm well, call it double trouble. just when residents were clclning frup yesterday's tornado, another tornado hit this morning. 7's walter morris continues our live coverage in delray beach
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>> reporter: well, danielle, the national weather service saying wind speeds reached between 65 and 85 miles per hour righttere in morning. that was the second tornado to hit south florida in two days. so for many the clean up is just beginning. >> a tore into a do right now. this video shows a as the tornado touch down in coconut creek on wednesday morning >> while crews continued cleaningngp thursday, more rough weather rocked south florida. >> you can see a tree there blown down against a fence there. >> sky force hd over head after a twister with winds between 65 and 85 miles per hour hits delray beach. >> it's just all of a sudden when i was walking from my desk to the door, i heard thiss noise. >> reporter: the ef0 tornado up rooting this tree and bringing it down on a pool. and debris in the road at this church on west atlantic avenu
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us almost got sucked out. > reporter: meanwhile this is the scene on thursday. fences in shambles, crews clearing branches after high winds came thrgh on thursday in major maintenance needed in this community. the windshield on this car sca shattered. and tree limbs taken count by the storm. >> it sounded like a train cominghrough. it was scary. >> reporter: heavy tiles blown off on the upper floors and the rain not helping repairs. >> no, it never z. makes it harder for us to do the job. >> reporter: classes as the broward college north resuming but the destruction@ still a major topic of discussion. >> the car flipped over and it was like whoa, crazy. the wind was so strong. the lights were flickering in class. it was craze dispivment it was cool.
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serious injuriri reported from today's tornado. reportg live in delray. walter morris. 7 news. >> lynn: and remember f you see weather happening and c do it safe l take a picture or shoot video and send it too us at send it to 7 at you may see it on air. >> danielle: also on 7, a south florida police officer involved nay deadly accident is recovering following that over night crash. police saying eye driver ran a red light slamming right into the cruiser. >> >> lynn: 7's omar lewis is in pembroke pines with the story. >> reporter: investigators say it was around 2:15 in the morning thursday when veteran pembroke pines officer o la yeah my okay bo la was on patrol driving eastbound on pines boulevard. police say he the green light at southwest 114th avenue when a driver of this s infiniti blew
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>> according six s sarate wit fles testimony, we determined that the driver of the gray infiniti appears it to have run the red light southbound as it it traveled on 114 avenue. >> >> reporter: investigators spending nearly seven hours on the scene shutting downoth lanes of t tffic on pines boulevard. the driver of the infiniti just four years old. identified as jessica lee bo knee after miami lakes. bo knee a and officer okabola th rushed memorial regional hospital. >> our offic is currently in stable condition. unfortunately the driver of the other r hicle did not survive the injuries she suffered in the crash. >> reporter: pembroke pines detectives say they may already know why bonia crashed into one of their officers. >> they re able it to speak to different individuals and determine that alcohol may have played a role in the crash. >> reporter: officer okabola is expected to make a full
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as for the 4-year-old woman who was behind the wheel of this mangled infiniti. her loved ones now having to cope with a loss that happened so suddenly. >> ie any time any one is seriously injured or tragically killld nay traffic crarks it's devastating, not just to the officers and paramedics working the scene but mostly to the family members who have suffered that loss. >> and officer ok warks bola has been with with the pembroke pines police department for more than i nine years now and again, he is expected to on can. reporting from hollywood. omar lewis. 7 news. >> two teens caught and cuffed accused of several armed robberies in no northern broward county. police wananto find a third. surveillance video catching the hooded exair in afntle the suspects approached the victims with a atm west with guns drawn de mapping money they had just withdrawn. the series of holdups in pompano and deerfield beach. with once in custody police say the 17-year-old admitted totohe crimes so now police are
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if you know anything, call police. >> danielle: a judge ruling in favor of main i iolved many a fatal july 4th boating crash. a lie as hanono accused of all 3, a acquitted we should say of all three misdemeanors he was face. and police say he failed to yield the right of way when the boat he was driving collide with another boat back in 20 14. however tests showed the driver of the second boat andrew garcia had been drink. four young peopleied in that accident. tonight we're going to hear from the acquitted boater. a lion hanono what he is intaig the tragic night and the new addition of the low down. that is tonight at 10:00. >> lynn: the feds and local law enforcement announcing a big bust. they arrested and charged 15 alleged drug traffickers, convicted fell ons and illegal gun dealers and this is the result here. during therrest officials
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500 rounds of ammo and an undisclosed amount of of cash. and the result was to crackdown on crime under the violence reduction partnership created in 2011 bit u.s. a nair's office. >> and as many of our local communities know all too well, drugs, illegal guns and violence rip us apart. they rob us of our children. they distroy family and they keep us struggling to prevent the next tragedy. >> >> lynn: and they made big arrest. the agencies responsible for the a reases include the dea, fla department of law enforcement. into a into a gardens and miami-dade police department. >> >> drivers forming this man train to successfully save a truck frer fall offing a snowy bank there. in the heated moment, even in extreme cold, the strangers turned into heros. >> lynn: that's something else. craig stevens in the plex with that store rism craig.
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danielle, it's an incredible scene and the man who snaptd photo is telling the story behind it. >> an incredible act of courage by a growch strangers. >> we're trying to help this driver. desil fuel everywhere. the truck is smoke. it a dangerous scene. >> craig: a snow storm was gets strong whert driver lost control of his big rig. the teeter turning off the turnpike. and many put their lives at risk eye can't hear any one come up with a plan. i just saw it happen. >> what happened next nearly brought ar lynn san tan nick to tears. >> and to me it was like a spontaneous in stink tiff thing where every one started@hook their arming to. the truck ser hurt but expected to be can. and after being nafort human chain he he stepped back and had to get a piencht i knew i had to get a picture. i wanted to remember thvment this is amazing.
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pennsylvania for two days down the road traffic came toy a hault when d dvers were stranded for 30 hours. nor father his mind was on getting home in one peessments his heart warmed by one what folded on a cold and snowy day. when it come down to it and someone is in a cat ik is trough fik dangerous situation. for most people, i think their instinct is i got to help. >> a major stretch. pennsylvania turnpike was closed for a few hours to lieu crews to remove that tractor frailer from the roadway there. in theewsplex. craig stevens. 7 news. >> danielle: all right craig, thank you. >> lynn: coming up on 7 news. video capturing a sceer rolling down a steep mountain. thisas in ved credible a. niend, what she livmentd she is talking about the terrifying tumble. >> belkeys: also aide head a dangngous virus spreading at a rapid space. how mel hel oath officials respond. >> craig: and the try thraivment derailment could cause delays for days. we're coming back.
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>> lynn: this is nothing short of miraculs. a professionaller hoping her tumbling fall down a snowy mountain will serve as a safety lesson for all skiers. >> she snot just a regular skier. she a pro. the dramatic wipe out. the whole thing cght on camera. >> danielle: it's funny. after watching the video it's remarkable to hear she survived and walk wade with minor injuries. belkeys nerey in the plex with with the story. belkeys. >> belkeys: guys it's a painful way to promote skiing safety but now this professional big mountain sceer is sharing her story about her frightening fall. >> this was the scene last spring on las ca's niacola range. colinson was skiing down the
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ice and went tumbling down the sleep. >> at first i tried to to@ slow myself down with my arms but then realized i was going too fast. >> foror 30 second she facialtionz slip and fall some more. 1000 feet down to be expect. >> it was almost like time stopped. >> and when she finally stopped angel raid radioed in for help. i can go back up. >> despite the frightening fall. angel walked away only suffering minor injuries. >> i had two sprained fingers and a bit of bruising and that was it. >> belkeys: t video of the fall has gone viral since it was posted on line last week. >> i think the biggest take way is tt the human body is pretty dang resilient. >> belkeys: when you're an anl leet yeah. at the time of the fall she was trying to perform a stunt for a ski and snowboard movie and now as we said the video is being used to promote ski safety.
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i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news. >> lynn: wow is right. thank you belkeys. >> danielle: isn't that a lucky young lady: eye would say. >> danielle: my goodness. and mu more tonight from the news station. a could medic twist to one of last year's most ee roddick movie. >> lynn: and you said erotic stars of 50 shades of black and whats it wa like making this movie. >> danielle: i can only imagine. o.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phi all right. so we've seen a line of thunderstorms move across south florida today. most of that heavy rain has pushed off shore. still mostly cloudy skies ch temperatures are in the 70s ch the wind out of south southwest. 12 to 28 miles per hour. the humidity 94%. here's the storm tracker. the first batch of rain is now moving offshore. impacting bimini. heading out to grand a ba ma island. the next line is starting to push in across naples. if everything stays as is, it doesn't speed up or slow downey. we should see that line of thunderstorms making their way across our area. maybe around 9:00 p.m. tonight. so we're still lookingng at one more round of rain before we cool off. rainfall total today. check out fort lauderdale.e. that say record for you for this date. meanwhile miami-dade, also a record in miami over annch and
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and throughout the keys. we also had rainfall. half an inch in key largo. key west just under a quarter inch of rain. now, because we've seen so much heavy rain, there's still the potential for morph all the counties highlighted in green here are under a flood watch. should come to an end for southwest florida at 7:00 p.m. and then for broward and palm beach county. it should expire at 10:00 p.m. tonight. here's the mine forecast. small craft advisory. be careful with with thee thunderstorms rumbling offshore. biscayne bay will be rough. for you throughout the florida keys, also with an advise o or rivment wind picking up. check out the coastal water. very rough. next high tide 11:41. 12:41. water temperature at 70 degrees. so for tonight. i'm going to have a break here from the rain but it should pi up later this evening. then the the cold air should start to move n. over night lows the 50s. mid 60s for the keys.
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sunshine, breezy. highs in the low 70 eachts here's your extend out look. saturday morning waking up to 52 degrees. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> lynn: phil, thank you. >> danielle: well for many it was the favorite forbidden read. box office. did you read it. >> lynn: i couldn'tt get passed a couple pages. >> danielle: oh. >> lynn: yeah, but anyway now a funny twist to the popular shades of gray. >> shireen sandoval is live in the plex with more on what 50 shades of black is about. >> reporter: oh my if you liked shades of gray. i don't know if how you will feel about hits l- it's par par o ti and i will tell you this. it is funny. marlin wayans is back. >> to what do you oh your success? i have a natural instinct to what makes people it tick.
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>> that hurts. oh god. the could neddian is starring in 50 shades of black. a par o ti of ther rotd ik romantic drama 50 shades of gray. >> kind of ask questions if he was black and he was rich but you didn't knono how he got his money and he was a really bad lover. and the miami hotel on south beach talk up the comedy. he wrote and produced the film with this question in mind whocht would be the hardest perp to make sub misis sif. that would be a black women. she is very strong minded and you will only get two hits before she is le hell no. >> stall stall on. how does marlin decide which film to par ody? >> do i see 90 minutes and a joke fes? and this movie when i sat down
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you know i was like you know, what i see so many different places to take these characters that can be fun. >> whether you like it or hate it or in different of 50 shades of great. marlin wants to you laugh at 50 shades of black. >> if did you break my stool? no. >> that's funny. 50 shades of black open in theaters on friday. ve in the newsplex. shireen sandoval. 7 news. >> danielle: all right thank you very much shireen. >> lynn: thank you. >> danielle: we'll be right
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>> danielle: well, it's a mix catch dish with a peru vie an flair from wynwood.
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cooking to night as werab a "bite with belkeys." the. >> belkeys: the chef, rafael per revs gkb in miami's wwood neighborhood. we use fresh ingredienes and create our own dish ooze it joo. >> belkeys: dhe are open for blunch and dinner every day with happy hour and sunday bruncht the dish we're make today pork ta key toss. a mexican dish with a peruvian twist. he starts way pork butt that is already cooked when. it cool, pull the meat part and set aside. >> this is a flour tore tee a. add greer cheese and pickled red on nobz and pack firmly. >> now it's like a sushi roll and roll it it little by little. >> roll it tightly and put bamboo stick or tooth picks in to keep it from hopping. friday in save foil oil for three to four minutes ch at home you can do in a skillet.
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nice and gololn brown. while it's cooling he make a traditional pico de guy o sauce with diesd to nay toachtz chopped sa lan dro tro. onions, salt and lime juice. >> mixing everything together. t aside and when the ta key toes have cooled a bit he cuts bite size pieses and tops with back a month leave. the pee o de gai o and cilantro and gar tbhishz a heat ma leo power. >> and a peruvian beer. welcome to. here are our pork tai key coaz. enjoy. liked it a lot when i went. it was awesome. you want more info this and other recipes on our web site at and there is you a bite blong on our web site as well on gkb. check it out. more info on there. live in the newsplex.
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bo na pa tee too. >> lynn: looks great. thanks bell. >> danielle: thanks for watching. i'm danielle knox i. i'm lynn martinez. 7 news at 6:00 begins right now. >> nowing on 7 news, a second twister striking s. and neighborhood in the strike zone. another community cleaning up mother nature's mess. >> i thought the roof was going to come off or the trees were going to come through the window. >> new video showing a drivers scare in the air. >> and some residents giving 7 news an inside look at the damage. we have complete team 7 coverage. rs, a top cop officially on the job. >> and she loans some money to help with a high school football trip but she was at a loss on what happed next. can howard and patrick help.
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>> now at 6:00, panic as another twister touched down. >> as a opened the door we both almost got sucked out. >> and two south florida communities clean up the double trouble. >> craig: we have live pictures from delray beach. trees knocked down after a second strike from mother nature. good evening everybody. another day of severe weather out there. >> belkeys: and guess what, it might not be over yet. chief meteorologist phil ferro joins us. snet storm center to tell us more. ph. >> phil: all right. good evening every one. here are the headlines. more storms are possible later on tonight. plenty of moisture headed in our directions. and there's even the possibility that we could still see a twister form from that batch of rain. it what baen raining rather steadily. we expect more broward county under a flood watch until 10:00 p.m. and an additional two to 4 inches of rain are pose be.
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