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tv   Noticiero estrella T.V  FOX  January 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and not one with a happy ending. girl meets boy and boy has his rolex stolen. this time police are looking for two young women and they have surveillance pictus. >> the women both attractive, young, in their early to mid 20's. both captured by a surveillance camera rpnning from an east hollywood gated communitytyn the early morning hours of january 7th. one holding her high heels in r hands. police believe they are common thieveve >> we're still trying to you know make sure people are wear. >> reporter: it all started at this sunny isles west es restaurant and bamplet the women approached the men, both in their 50 eachts one invited the group back to his hollywood home. >> the two female suspectss% proceeded to make the two male suspects drincht the male victims don't remember anything after that. >> when the male victims woke up in the morning. they realized their rolex watches were missing. to the tune of $70,000.
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this man and woman headed back to his cave i have apartment after first meeting at the hard rock. >> he claim he doesn't remember anything after that. this is why he believes he was drugged. his lo rolex similar to this one and a 45 caliber pistoll which looks like this, gone. you watch yourself. you watch your purse. you watch your wallet and belongings and surroundings and people. >> so word to the wise. that's for any one, male or female when you go out at night to definitely be careful and keep anye especially as she mentioned on your drinks. >> n, if either of those two women look familiar to you. police need your information and the number to call broward county crime stoppers. 954-493-tips. >> reporting live in hollywood tonight. nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> danielle: in the news now, a man behind bars accused of being a peepg tom.
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a judge with a request but we get jail or bail? 7's vanessa medina live at the broward courthouse with the answer. vanessa. >> reporter: well, prosecutors say he victimized more than 25 won. they also say that he has become increasingly dangerous and for that he should be grant no bond. a judge decided he needed more time. >> a rel yo sa rule low wants out of jail but police say when he was at home he was too busy outside being a peepg tom. >> and with his hair brush and face shaivmentd the predator looks like predator and never get close enough to the victim who victimise them. >> and police say he was caught on surveillance video walking around his pembroke pines neighborhood at night. police say he been neepght windows of more than 25 women
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captured according to police walking around during the day. >> and his defense attorney claims he could not have committed all these crimes because on one particular day, july 18thto be exact, he was having dinner with his sister. >> and have you seen that before? >> yes i have. >> on that night he is accused of neepght window of one woman and police say he even tried to to break in. >> so on that particular night, he is charged with burglgly with battery and that say none bond able offense and that that is what the attorneys were arguing. whether to get him no bond or free him out on bond. however, the judge deciding he needed more time to l lk over the paperwork f. convicted. if he continues with that charge of the burglary on a dwelling, he could face if convicted up to life in prison.
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or not or when the judge will rule. and reporting at the courthouse. vanessa medina. 7 news. >> >> lynn: and a driver slams into a school bus. 20 plantation high school students were on board the bus when a pickup truck came barreling into them. the rear end wreck happening between knob hill road and north west 16th street. the impact shattering the back of the bus and injury age student inside. she said the glass hit her in the back because she was at the end of the bus. she said she was fine. hospital. i just released her to go get wack on the school bus to go back to school. >> lynn: scary. no word if the driver faces any charges. as for the students, another bus school. the search is on for a missing man. police say 84-year-old torso mare in r enhas been missing since january 8th. he was last seen leaving his house on southwest 65 aj knife a and 12th street in west miami-dade.
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he was 195 pounds wearing long sleeve shirt and gray pants. relatives say he suffers from alzheimer's. if you see this man call west miami police at thi number. 305-226-0530. >> danielle: all right. taking you cross country now. a frightening fall what i zoo worker lands inside an animal enclosure. it h hpened at a zoo in los angeles california. rescue crews lifting an employee to safety after falling 20 feet into the gorilla enclosure. the zoo keeper he is during the animals before the rescue. that worker a 61-year-old ffered a broken leg and was take tomorrow hospital. >> lynn: an elderly woman rescued ave taism goes nup flaisms the cabab exploding into a fire ball just moments after the the 80-year-old was dropped off near boston massachusets. the quick thinking cab driver picked the women up and took her to safety.
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fire from his balcony. >> i heard two pops. within seconds the entire in side of the cab was in flames. he lerally picked her up and moved her away from the situation and got her in the building. the drive the woman did not want to speak after the incident and it's unclear what caused the fire. >> danielle: also on 7, a landmark for females in professional sports and a first for the nation mall football league. >> lynn: 7's mike gidy pass live in the plex with the details. mike. >> you know back in 18986. the buffalo bills brokeke the gender barrier by hiring the first female scowvment now they have gone one step farther. >> the buffaloloills have become the first. the first n 3, l team to hire a full-time female coat. catherine smith joins the stash staff as the specialty quawl it r caught ti coach. the bills head coach rex ryan
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smith worked for the jets for 12 years. coach ryan released a statement about smith. >> he is is certainly deserves this promotion based on her knowledge and strong commitment just to maim aouple of her outstanding qualities. she has proven that she is ready for the next step. >> ryan said the decision to promote smith was inspried bit nta ana san antonio spurs who hired becky ham mon. the nba player was hired as the first full-time assisx female coach in the nba. >> last summer they hired jen well ter as the coaching in turn. she workewith the line barkers in in training camp and preseason games. this season it tow talons baiment first full-time refer rye. back to smith. r old friend and dolphin rich incognito. congrats catch rifnlt i know will you do a great job. right now smith's actual role on game day has not been disclosed. in thehe the plex.
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>> lynn: congrat >> danielle: uh-huh. absolutely. >> lynn: coming up on 7 news. a young womom with a promising career may have thrown it all way after what a cam bra ra caught her doing to an uber driver. >> danielle: and a family regreght ever buyg a hoverboard. they lose much more than just their house when the toy catches fire. >> lynn: and a record number of cuban migrants coming to s. some worried about the economic impact that will have on our community. >> danielle: and a stung site out of pools in the keys. >> phil: and a storm will be impacthe mid atlantic states and northeast starting tomorrow. we're going to get stainld. that possibility of heavy rain. strong gusty winds. couple of thunderstorms could be in there as well. and because of some heavy rainfall expected. a chance for street flooding. we have more on this in just a few minutes. >
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take on the problem homelessness we bunch of 1345u8 houses. >> tomorrow we'll showou the village they kree tied the keep people off the streets oof and my forecast four types an hour. today in florida starts at 5:00 a.m.
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>> danielle: a family burned out of their home after experiencing a hazard from a hoover board. they were well wear of the toy's dangers and they did follow the instructions. >> lynn: but they still suffered a heartbreak loss. let's go craig stevens in the satellite center with more. craig. >> craig: lynn and danielle. this family in northern california lost more than just their home from a fire sparked by a hoverboard. >> dave wonders what is left of his san jose home. i was born and raised in this house. the tbront gted.
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brought carpenter's daughter joy at christmas caught fire. >> it's like selling kids bovmentz you never know when they will go off. the home damage estimated at a quarter million dollars. the family took something the family can't replace. the family's two dogs. we lost our dogs. my best friend. the fire department pinpointed the cause and deemed it an accident. >> at that area was a book sheft shelf and hoverboard and the hoverboard. the hoverboard is that a class action suit waiting to happen or what. >> it seems like a simple chide east toy that can burn the house wn. the toy was purchased from san amazon for $300. and they fold the guidelines and yet, this is what happened. it's not worth the fun. my daughter had a great time but not any more. it's unplug them. well, amazon is offering full
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hover boards through their web site. >> in the the satellite center. craig stevens. 7 news. >> lynn: wow, thanks craig. >> danielle: well, much more ahead night from the news stiesmghts a popular ice cream shop getting an unexpxpted custome that was bad for business. >> lynn: also a run for the board ner tonights bite with with belkeys. yum. >> dielle: and a new kindell to light an old flame. >> we'll be right back.
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>> hey, everybody i'm belkeys nerey. coming up knew at six o'clock. south florida seeing an influx cuban migrants coming to our area. some official are concerned about the economic impact it might have on the community. >> and a home owner in the keys letting a crock kyle have his backyard pool all to himself. isn't that knight ne. >> all that and more when craig stevens joins me for 7 news at be there. the crocodile will be there. you should be there too. it will be fun.
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>> lynn: miley cyrus and leam hems worth always said they love each other. now that love has turned into a r into a c cmitment again. the two are apparently engaged tht second time they were engage oovmentd miley and leam moved in together and miley brought long her dogs. so you know this means business. once furry friends are@ involved, you know it's real.
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>> phil: all right. good afternoon every one. let's take look at the big picture here coast to coast and it is this area of cloudiness right there. that spin that we're watching. an area of low pressure aiming for the east coast. the tail e of that will be impacting us here tomorrow. temperatures right now across the upper mid with west and the great lakes are in the 20s. 30s across washington dc and new york. 46 in atlanta. 71 here in miami. so as that area of low pressure continues to move to theast, first it will be rain. and then it will be ice. eventually thal turning to snow. and right now it looks like the heaviest o o the snowfall will be between baltimore and washington dc with some models going as high as 25 inches of snow over the next 24 to 36 hours. for us. what we're lookingngt first of all is for some winds starting to move n. threat of
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small craft exercise caution. seas all the way up to two to 6 fe. winds building to 20 nauts. biscayne bay with i moderate chop. small craft advisory for the florida keys. zero knot winds. seas building four to 6 feet. coastal waters choppy. next high tide 6:38. 7:54 for the water temperatur at 63 degrees. for tonight we'll see a few showers moving in after midnight. average low is 60 degrees. we're lookingt the mid to 70s nort keys. the wind out of southeast. tomorrow it appears it will be mostly cloudy aicht good chance of pockets of rain. a few thunderstorms. we may even see some isolated street flooding. 70s. that's typical for this time of year. but it's going to start to get breezy, down right windy at times. heregs your extend out look. then the coldd air really moved
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waking up into the low 50s. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> lynn: thank you phil. >> danielle: well, if you like hot and spicy. have we got a treat for you? that's right a mexican meal is what we're cooking when we grab a "bite with belkeys." jiet chef giovanni sago vee after taco beach shack in hollywood. >> we make mexican food. casa diaz, burritos, many differen tacos here. taco beach shack is open for lunch and dinner every day with entertainment. >> enjoy the music and dish we're making today. jalapeo pop%. i love the jalapo poppers because it's kind of spicy. >> spice 1eu and delicious. add the cream cheese toy a bowl and break it iewvment add sauce
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mexican cheessments chopped jalapeos and cilantro. have you to mix everything together really good. when it's blendut the mixture into jalapeo peppers which have been sliced in hall. next kip them the 3e7ers into eggs that have been whisked together and then floir and then the eggs. pan could bread crowrms crumsz, the egg again and then pan could one more time. thal dipping makes them extra drunks. friday in vegetable oil at 350 degreeee >> and we're going to friday for two minute. move them around so they cook evenly and when they have golden brown, they are ready. chef geo serves them with chipotle sauce and a nice cold margarita. welcome to taco beach sha@k. enjoy our hall la pen o pop per. >> who doesn't love those? the recipe on our web site. and so is my bite blog. check it out. live in the newsplex.
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bo na pa team to. >> that looked good. >> danielle: didn't it look good. >> lynn: yao yes. >> danielle: wow. and buy a truck and find out the financing went through. now the dealer wants more than just that truck back. it's tonights "help me howard" with patrick fraser. >> lynn: and parts of the mid atntic operation for the snow storm. they are calling it a blizzard to come. south florida will feel the the effects of that system. team cerage coming up at 6:00 ouch.
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>> >> danielle: a march bought a tru or so he thought. >> lynn: that' right. a few days later the car dealer called and said his financing wasn't a provmentd they wanted the truck back but would n return his deposit. is that legal?
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me howard" with patrick fraser. >> >> reporter: after driving an suv for a while. devin decide he wanted to trade is in for a pickup truck. >> you can throw stuff in the backck especially when i go off roading. >> after looking around devin found one in the used c c lot in hollywood. i traded in my truck for a thousand and did 12.50 tore a down payment. the salesman wrote down that he gave a 25-dollar deposit and said let's get the financing for the rest. >> and they sai said i got approved and i criefd off of it from the lot after i signed the paper. and he crof off with his pickup truck. paperwork said although i have been permitted to take deliver if the a bofd described vehicle. i understand that financing for the vehicle has not been finalized. this has been known as a spot delivered.
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saying i was not approved of the loan so they wanted me to brink r bring the truck back in. >> kevin said o okay but. when i asked about the truck that i traded in. they said the sold it right way and said they would not refund my money they would not give him the suv back and not returning his 1250-dollar deposit either. so his mother made a call to straighten thick owz. i said listen. why don't yououive him the money back and he'll wring back the vehicle. >> we don't give refunds. okay we have a problem. devin says it makes noense to him. >> if you say to somebody that you're approved or a loan and all of a sudden you're not. i don'tnderstand how that works. well, howard devin wasn't approved for financing, can they make them return their pickup truck and not return old suv and cash depose ilt? >> legally devin is required to return the vehicle and legal ri the car dealer has to return the trade in or the fair market
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also, the dealership can charged him for using their truck and deduct that from the down payment that they returned. >> we spoke to the used car dealer. he says even though the paperwork says deficite pitt put down $1,100,250. he only gave them # hundred do whrars and promised to pait rest later.r. the dealer didn't say he would return any money but he said he would get the suv back and give it to themhen they returned the truck. he said he gave them $1250 and he nancy says they won't return the the victim they g g everything back. >> the the dealers response. they are threatening to repo says. it devin has the dealers truck and plans to sue them. if you have con finsd have you right. go to court and sue but be agare if they are able to repo says. it you will have to payay for that repo session. while it is unlikely, you could be charged wit theft for keeping the truck after they ask to you return it. so it's better to return the vehicle and let a judge decide
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>> devin is not going to return the truck and while he is waiting for his day in court to fight the use car dealer. he is going on the offensive as well. >> so we filed complaints with with all the government agencies within the state oflorida to try and help re this issue. nancy and devin are determined. we'll keep an eye on it and let now how this one turns out. bottom line f your financing is not finalized. don't take their vehicle. drive home in your old car and wait until you're definitely approved before you accept the vehicle. a little patience can avoid a big mess. signed up for a problem you now don't approve of. need someone to take interest in. it loan it to us. no need to worry aboutfy napsing. we'll try to de live vir a solution and it's free. with this "help me howard," i'm patrick fraser. 7 news. all right. interesting one huh? good to fovment bless you craig. >> danielle: bless you craig. >> that is 7 n ns at 5:00. thank so much for watching.
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>> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. craig is come ago long with belkeys. 7 news at 56:00 right n. >> and an uber driver tacked we annrule whri passenger. now this woman's future maybe heating road block. an officer trying calm a chaotic scene at a casinond he would be in for eye frightening tack. >> old man winter making a mess of the northeast and it's about to get worse. south florida passengers neighbor for some travel trouble. record numbers of cubans coming here. but their freedom may have south florida paying a price. >> and a home home owner stunned when a reptile makes a splash in his pool. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. now at 6:00. >> call 911 please. call 911.
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driver. cameras rolling on the problem passenger. >> request. >> craig: good evening at the center of this uber tafnght a young doctor. >> belkeys: now her bright future maybe taking a detour. where this happened. alex. >> reporter: well, belkeys, that video was taken saturday night here in mary brickell village and it is now going viral on the continu ter net and the woman at the center of it is a neurologist h he in miami. >> go home. seriously. yes, get some help. >> saturday night in the brickell section of miami, this woman who we learned is an ga lee ram ca soon, a nur rollly resident at jackson hedge demands a ride from the uber according to man who posted the video, the woman didn't order the uber but got mt. vehicle anyway. the video begins whether she and the driver are outside the car.
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