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tv   Noticiero estrella T.V  FOX  January 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the way out to grand what island. we're looking pret p ti good for the over night well. hey lot of rainfall south miami under 2 inches of rain. miami international with a record just an inch and half. and every one getting either just under an inch or better than that this afternoon. >> now as far as winds t was windy at times when the front was moving across our yiemplet look at the wind gusts ch the strongest we couldbien was over at deerfield beach at 46 miles per hour. we'll have a lot more on our weekend forecast a little later on. >> >> danielle: and now an office emergency but getting through to 911 was not so easy. >> first they called from their office. no answer. i called from my cell phone, again, no answer. >> danielle: tonight the shocking reason why an operator -- >> and let me have one slice of cheese pita. >> danielle: was distracted on duty. >> reporter: >> danielle: and brandon beyer
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story. brandon. >> reporter: well, danielle, when you're calling 911, there is alive on the line and they need help fast. with you when someone had a seizure in this open tritions office and they called 911 and no one an oovmentnt the doctor held im up on the floor. itlear side open 'tis s. back in december the patient has a seizure in the exam room. first they called their office. no afnt other pep in the store tried to call and no one picked up from the other end. jared goodman says they let the phone ring for what they felt like was several minutes and no one answered. after an internal investigation from the broward sheriff's office. we now know y.1 of the call takers was on an eight minute personal call ordering lunch for a pizza shop in lauderhill.
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for the pizza lunch special for two cheese pitas and a coafnlgt let me have the lunch special two pepperoni's and a coke. the call taker admitted her mistake and was issued a written reprimand. they will reevaluate if regional 911 coverage is still the best option. >> if that mean we need to look at going book to our own police and fire 911 dispatch system, we're going to do that a nal six as for the patient in this off, he came too. fortunately the man is ok. he came back to life basically. he was having a seizure and he came bab. he is okay now. >> reporter: but as farar as jared goodman and his family own business is concerned, it's a scare they shunted have been left to go through alone. if i call 91 1, i hope someone picks up the phone. and broward sheriff's office
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when we were made wear of the complaint immediate action was taken and internal fairs investigation was conducted and determined the employee violated pocy. as a result she was disciplined. and the sheriff's office also curious to hear from you about what your thoughts are regarding 911 services. log on to our web site find out exactly how to let them know. we're live in fort lauderdale. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> danielle: this news alert just n. an update on a hit and run case. >> lynn: let's go to the newsplex. belkeys nerey hap the latest. >> belkeys: guys w we told but this story. two guys in miami beach got hit while trying to grab a taxi. miami beach police can confirm for us now that there has been an arrest in the case but that is all they are saying. again, these two gentlemen around # a.m. were trying to flag down a taxi on the side of
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nay hit and run. taken to jackson memorial hospital. one is in stable condition and one remains in critical condition at this hour and we've also learned that they are both federal agents who work with the department of homeland security but the good news here is whoever is responsible for this. whoever hit these two guys and left them there on miami beach a little after 2:00 a.m. snow in police custody and an arrest has been made. we're trying to get more information on who was under arrest. possibly a picture. if we get it we'll have it for you on # news at 6:00. but for now i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news. >> >> danielle: all right belkeys. thank you. also police making an arrest ter a disturbing discovery in hialeah aflt police charging 36-year-old william garcia with second degree murder mt. killing of his own mother. >> last night police finding her dead siepped her home. it happened on the second floor
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west 22 court and 64th street. >> lynn: a driver accused in a hit and run in sunrise that sent a mother and her two children to the hospital facink a judge. 21-year-old andrew perez charged with vehicular homicide ch he is being held on $50,000 bond. crash happening in march of 2014 on the corner of pine island read and 41 avenue. police say the driver lost control while avoiding another vehicle. a # y@ar-old losing his life. >> danielle: and police also need your help finding a missing man who you see right here. 56-year-old mario el fan sos was last seen leaving kendall hospital yesterday. he wases driving a 2014 silver nissan versa like the one you see here. it has the license plate clrk35. he is 5 feet 8 inches call wewehing 170 pounds and has black and gray hair. if have you seen him, call police. >> miami-dade might be shifting gears when it come to how the
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sharing service. 7's elitsa bizios in downtown miami with the details. >> reporter: miami-dade county leaders looking to regulate uber, list rand other companies like them. for far too long we've been about protect the in drus dus tri and not the customer well. need to protect the customer and give them the choices that they want and demand and deserve. >> reporter: one solution being offered bit county chairman jean on friday. i sugge that the registration process sto that individual can being a legal driver by filling t an on line application. >> >> reporter: some of the requires ments could include passing background check and a pro bre et insurance. >> and the the uber reps say they already could this and they are naik pose hos 'til. >> and a chairman's proposal will be read at the next county meeting on january 20e7b8g as will a proposal from
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bo bovment one that uber support. for the details of the items head to our web site for now we're in the plex. elitsa bizios. 7 news. >> danielle: a water warning for an area i north miami beach. affects 155th laifnt the affected area between northwest 7th avenue and state road nine. people in the area urged to boil water for at least a minute before youing it or drinking it. the boil water advisory will remain in effect for at least 48 hours. >> the first winners of the billion dollar jackpot reveesmed a tennessee couple coming forward it to claim their prize. >> meet the robin sob. meet the rich robin sons. >> danielle: absolutely. they announced they are the winners and a very public way. reporter jeremy ross has their story.
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want to stay under the radar until their affair are in place. not the robin sons of tennessee. >> john and leah robinson went on the today 140e to show tof their price. oneef the three winning tickets of wednesday ace drawing. until now oy their immediate family knew. >> we had to ignore light of calls and we had to ignore. a lot of texts a. friday morning lisa let her boss know she wasn't coming in to work. >> i need you to watch the "today show" and a won't be be in today. just watch the "today show" police. the robin sons de sthied wanted to go public first to control their story. >> even though they want to be private after this is over, they want to let the public know that they are the winner. the robin sons saidd they bought four tickets wednesday night at macy's food mart a block quai from their home in mum ford tennessee. they are still in shock about the win and wt to do with the money. >> danielle: very interesting and good for.
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there and this couple says they will take the lump sum pay out that's nearly $328 million and plan to return to work on monday the other wing tickets sold in chino hill california and melbourne florida. those winners have not yet been announce ood so she is going to work monday even though she w wt to tell her boss to watch the "today show" and oo. >> danielle: and she also said i'm going to come back if you let me. >> lynn: oh have a. please. danielle: i think they will. >> lynn: coming up on 7 news. a mother was angry after hearing what happened to her young twins with special neevmentdz a story on just one station. >> danielle: and up next a beauty queen gives up the title butot crown and starchlt we'll explain. >> lynn: and a virus posing health problems to pregnant woman so moms to be might want to change their vacation plan.
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change with food plaiblging may once have a closed sign. we'll explain when we come back. >> mainland age job with the hel hech a police officer want to thank him but he can't find him. monday our search for the cop. and my forecast four time an hour. today in florida start at 5:00 a.m. see you then.
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>> >> danielle: a pagent winner accused of an ugly act. >> why would you want to mied anything, right? someone will rat you out. >> danielle: now her past has come back to haunt her. >> you can take the title off my cold dead body. >> danielle: 7 news with the fight. >> and a beauty queen's raib was short lived. >> he.
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skeleton out of closet snoo we have more from shireen. >> reporter: miss washington's reign was a short winner. >> the winner of the miss washington pagent stormy kasler speak outs after having a change of heart. cet letter has stepped down. the result ave drunk driving arrest. the usa pa iment is relieved. >> we're just glad that she decided to resign on her own. it just makes it easier for eerchlt miss washington, usa, 2016 is stormy cet letter. >> cet letter was crowned in october. but back in april, she was arrested for drunk driving at nearly threeimes the legal limit. she spent two days in jail. she was out bid an anonymous tip. >> you want to be so transparent and honest because the truth will eventually come out. why would you want to hide anything, right?
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cet letter offered a tearful apology as she explained why she decided to resign. >> after havin a meeting with the pagent pro duke company and seeing my family, i realize that the most sef selfish thing i could do wa to continue on with this. >> reporter: she says she still considers herself a role model and on some days a role model of what not to do. >> i realize that i'm still myself. i still have the opportunity to change the world. but i need to do it on my own. the woman holding hands with cet letter was the first runner up, kelsey schmidt. schmidt is now miss washington usa but can't be crowned just yet because the crown and sash which were in cet letter's position are gone. >> it disappeared. it disappeared. >> is that what she told you. she told me something else.
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because according to the rules of the pagent, contestants promise they have not or will not engage in illegal activity. live in the newsplex. shireen sandoval. 7 news. >> danielle: all right shireen. thank you. viral out break in latin american a caribbean prompting call for concern. it is called zee catch the found in fetal and newborn tissue of brazil and linked to birth defect and sometime even death. currently no vaccine or medicine to treat. it in response the centers for disease control is weieiing whether tomorrow pose new travel guidelines for pregnant woman headin to those areas. >> >> lynn: make me ich. and chipotle will shut down next month for staff meetings on food safety. on february 8th, all store will not open until 3:00 p.m. the denver base company what more than 1900 restaurants including 17 outside the u.s.
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seat this past year since chipotle was tied to a series of out breaks including e.coli, salmonella and norovirus. >> danielle: much more what head tonight from the knew station. including this sdory. tough testimony in the case of a teen accused of killing a new york rabbi visiting south florida. a wit mess takes the stand. >> lynn: a dog's game of chase leaves him in need of a watery rescue. >> danielle: and some south florida prepre schoolers having an early holiday celebration. >> phil: a rainy day here across south florida. very stormy at time wech had record rain in miami. almost an inch and a half that. broke the old record setback in 1944. i'll have your weekend forecast
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>> now 7 weather with chief memeorologist phil ferro. >> phil: a front moved through south florida already this afternoon bringing with it some very strong thunderstorms and gusty winds. morning lows in the upper 60s to the low 70s. all the cloudiness keeping the it temperatures in check. key west getting better than a third of an inch of rain today. fort lauderdale under 1 inch and take a look at miami. that r, that mean a record. the old mark was just under an inch and a quarter setback in 1944. right mow partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 60s every
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the wind out of the south southwest at seven. 13 at the beach. it's going sto still be windy especially for you boaters offshore. hopefully during the night, the nd speeds will start dom down ch the humidity at 90%. there is that line of strong shers and thunderstorm. it has finally moved away from miami-dade and broward counties. basicallily just the upper keys with a little bit of shower activity. bimini getting hit hard. now moving in through grand bahama island there. was a tornado watch for broward and miami-dade. that has been canceled. also earlier today, we hey tornado warning in marathon. fortunately. no tornado ever touched down so that is good news. so we're looking at two frofnlts the first run brought us the rain today. that will continue to move into the atlantic. tomorrow starting off beautiful. plenty of sunshine. late in the day we should see clouds movg in. maybe a shower or two and that
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that will bring us rain on sunday. and then after that some cold air moving in to start off martin luge oar king day and to start off much of next week. let's take a look at tropic. yesterday we were looking at hurricane alex. well, today it moved into very cold waters here and it basically fell part. it is extra tropical now. the national hurricane center is no longer tracking it. however, there's still plenty of rain here and that will be a rry for the shipping lanes. here's the marine forecast. threat of rip occur an. small craft adviser richt pot ten shall for coastal fog tonight bit way. biscayne blai way moderate chop. small craft advisory also for the keys. coastal waters still choppy. so here are the high`tides. 1:14 for dade and broomptd 2:20 for the lower key. water temperature at 71. tonight hopefully mostly dry. can't rule out an isolated shower. partly cloud ditch the over night lows in the 50e67bsd 70's.
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highs s the uner 70s it to right around 80. more rain come sunday and then some cooling at least through thursday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> mile. nice, thanks phil. >> danielle: ah hawvment and some in south florida getting an earlstart to honor the birth date of late civil rites leader martin luther king junior. >> craig: ievment and they had arts, crafts and cultural performances and birthday cake. it took place at the african library and cultural center in fort lauderdale. one of several event this weekend to honor late martin luge ear king. which we celebrate on monday. >> danielle: and they learn early in preschoolol rescuers gaifg dog a lift after it goes on a wild chase. >> lynn: and an nfl player shot twice in the head while
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about his miraculous survival on just one station.
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>> lynn: a s close call for a dog walking on thin ice. >> danielle: something lead that dog to a chase thatut that dog in good trouble. belkeys nerey in the plex with the rest of the story for us. belkeys. >> belkeys: guess what his name is. chance oofl and rescuer helped him get a second chance at life. >> it's times like this you hold your breafnl you knono it's a risk. breaking through 20 feast ice and swimming through frigid water and the moment that 7-year-old chance can stay above water. and the will to live of that dog
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twice a week he take hi dog for a walk but this day he chase aid deer on to the ohio river. >> both animals on the ice. >> i'm calling him and he can't get out. the deer died but chance held on fighting to get out on hi own. and the owner watching helplessly fro shomple that's when hope started fading. i had my gun on hi many hip and thought about putting him out of his mise but i couldn't. he hunging on. he called # 11 and four members of the water rescue teamegan whrea calls a heroic rescue is. >> someone hooked up the rigging. everything is back to shore so if he gets into trouble, we can pull hik wack out. after two hours in 36 degree water. he is exhausted. chance earned a right to sleep all day and grateful for second chance ooze thank god there are
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and they are heros everybody hug me. thee are my babies. we love our pets. >> two hours. can you imagine. chance's pause are sore from standing on that ice and as you can imagine he is exhausted but nothing a little rest, tl crrk and chicken browj can't cure. hope that's a last time he goes chasing deemplet live in the newsplex i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news. >> lynn: no kidding bell key. thank you. caught on camera two rat chowing down. you can forget the cheese. they look like squirl they are so big. these crirtz wanted the good stuff. take a look yet. someone left be hyped a piece of peta bread in the subway saismtion like the pizza ravment these two rat found the pete ta bread and you know, what this isn't low fat but we're going take. it they struggled to drag tup the stairs. a woman saw it unfolding so she chipped out her phone and
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credible afnlgt the rats managed to get tup a few spheps but ey take plane tiff breaks to chow count on the way. heaven. >> would you take out your camera to report it. >> lynn: i don't next if you live in new york, maybe you doo it. >> >> belkeys: rat are family there like thatog. >> that is 7 news at 5:30, thank for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. 7 news at 6:00 begins right now. >> nowing on seven niewchtz a stormy start to the weekend. water too much to handle in spo some spot. 7 weather with what's in store tonight. then, three stories on just one station. # boys going to school, but they didn't stay there.
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furious an nrk tl payer in a south florida neighborhood for the first time helling his story. >> i think it's a miracle that i'm still hear today. >> and cameras whrg someone breaks into a car. what he took has the noarn concerned. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> right off the top at six ofnlgt stormy weather coming in south florida and heavy rain make thing plis raable from miami-dade to broward county. >> craig: meanwhile water woes. streets filling up fast. >> belkeys: and here's a live look outside our north bay village studios where theyould be a little bit more in store. >> hello and welcome. the weather so bad there ways tornado watch for the afternoon. >> craig: we're hoping for improve meant as we head into the weekend. let's see how we're going to
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