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and they have not luge traffic. here's the bad sign when. you think of draw bridges here and you see the police officers come out and sc act as detour signs right thrvment that means this could be a white. that's 79th street. if we go farther back another intersection thrvment if we go farther back the passed the old ins building and passed biscayne boulevard. the traffic is backing up and that's on the miami side. so say nothing. there's the old ins up. ask very much, ask and you shall sevment weigh come arnlg around this side and thre detouring traffic here too. so it's been this way for at least 25, 30 minutes and we have no sense of when this might recommend deed so. if you order any flairly use the west bridge, again e connecting the city of miami with north bay village. you'll want to consider a north bay village driver make u-turn around miami beach. because we have no indication how long this will be this way. we will keep an eye on it as it
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>> at the news desk. i'm craig stevens. 7 news. >> will all. >> danielle: all right craig. thank you. now at 5:30 police need your help catching a c she enshus croofnlgt caught on camera steel stealing theough from cesars pizza. >> and he say he used the word please and sorry andpologized saying he was doing it for his kids. >> lynn: brandon beyer live in deerfield beach. brandon snie. >> reporter: lynn, m may have been a po light and all poll guides but the sheriff's office says make no mistake. armed rob vir a serious crime. >> reporter: the surveillance video makes it clear, the crook waiseses no time committing this crime in deerfield beach at little scree sar's. he rounds the core fler and demanded the employee opens the safe. when she shows him it empty, he quickly moved on to the registers. one by one she empties each
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like that, he is out the door. ploy eeftz little caesar's say despite pulling the gun, this robber was surprisingly polite even apologetic saying he need td money to buy christmas gift for his kids. johnny lewis in the back. >> it was lp like he didn't want to robt storm. he probably just needed the money. >> but the sheriff's office says an apology doesn't go very far when you are committing a crime like this. >> all his pool geez and politeness are one thing but it doesn't change the fact that he put these people nay terrifying situation. >> reporter: well, surveillance video is is pretty clear. of course the suspect was wearing a hood so it will be tough to make out who sevment but may have you some information that can help crack this case. that could be worth some cash to you. call broward crime stopper 954-493-tips if that's the case. we're live tonight in deerfield beach. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> all right bran done. ank usm and a judge ordering
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of a deadly drive by. 17-year-old christopher walker appearing in bond cord charged with first degree murder and team ted murder. police say he ambushed and shot three teens while they were sitting in care. it happened back in october.% along northwest 12th street and 8th court in florida sit ticht the driver, 17-year-old nor ca tall a better. she died on the scene. the two other victim were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. >> a crash and dash involving a police cruiser in miami. an opa locka officer was attempting to stop a vehicle along northwest 72 street and 14th avenue when the driver ram his patrol car and takes o. officials setting up a perimeter in the area of at driver wrecked camry was found abandoned just blocks way. if you know anything that could help, call, help find the driver, call the police your
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the search is on for a 18-year-old man who went missing today on 47th terrace. he is about 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighs 105 pounds. gray hair and brown eyes. last seen wearing age black polo jacket and gray pants. call miami-dade at this number 305-603-6300. >> danielle: also on #, the the miami dolphins sending get well gear to a young man tbhoon could use a pick me up. an accident on n- roarl skates put her in a coma and a. >> lynn: and a strong steem team effort is raising her spirits. sport director steve shapiro 45 the story. >> that's dolphins defensive end wake talking to taiton from you could. taiton is in the fight of her
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after a freak roarl skating accident. >> i'm taiton i'm here and heard about your injury. >> she is recovering from a skull fracture. swelling on her brain and eye damage. her father watching her lie there motionless since december 26th. >> you can never imagine what it is like. >> her parents say a skater knocked her over and fell on top of her. doctors can't know if she would survive. >> unimagine able. couldn't thief what life would be like if we lost her buvment then she openeder blue eyes for the first time. from that point on. she started improving. one small milestone a day at a time. >> now she is moving. she is trying to talk. she's excited watch a movie. we've watched frozen. we've watched all kinds of movies since last night. the community has come together to help taiton.
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her favorite team, the miami dolphins. >> the dolphins sent her a box filled with awesome md including signed mel ro we'll yeah and a handwritten note. when taiton got excited when we told her. you could see it in her eyes. and the extra point. taiton's favavite player no. 91 with a special message as she recovers. we appreciate all the support you have for us and me personally and hope you get well soon. >> i'm steve shapiro. 7 news. >> lynn: wow, taiton will be in the hospital for at least a couple weeks there a go fund page set up to help her and they need your help. to donate go to our web site for information at >> danielle: take you cross country now. a hotspot after a business burned.
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it appears to have started in the kitchen. contain. it no one was injured and the cause is under investigation well, 16 people left without a home after an apartment fire in kansas sit thivment thing is ripping here. the force flame forcing them to evacuate. some had to jumput of window. their condition are not yet noafnlt no word on what started this thing but red cross is helping victim sphwhie a dangerous drive in atlanta after a woman nearly drove off the 4th level of a garage. steel cables along the edge of that garage kept that vehicle from falling c the woman was taken to a hospital for on observation and arrested and charged with dui. >> lynn: all right. coming up on # news. the bridge is o. yay. >> danielle: every one is clapping here. >> lynn: wreb we told but thvment it has been closed for nearly an hour. you can remember the back up all the way.
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blocking off traffic trying people from going and still not letting some people go on but good news is the cars who were at least stuck there for nearly an hour this is west bbidge are allowed to go over. unclear right now what the problem was. the good news is traffic is flowing. we'll keep you updated. >> ievment. >> danielle: also head four here at 5:00, a graffiti artist leaving a mark on a rescue. we're told. >> lynn: also a car jacker getting a car he did not know was fully loaded with a kid. a mother speak out after her child was returned safely. >> danielle: and an organization that helps veterans seas thank you to a community who helped them during a time of need. >> lynn: and a woman gives birth to her own grandchild snier wow. >> phil: all right the weekend is is here. we're going to see cloudiness. it peers that saturday, maybe a shower or two, but sunday could be the wettest day with a 50% chance for rainfall.
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forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> >> lynn: a mother's love helping her family join motherhood. an incredible story here. a mother thought her pregnancy days were long gone. >> danielle: i bet she did until her daughtet asked her for a favor. >> belkeys in the plex w wh more. a. >> belkeys: is that what you ca t a favor. >> the the grandmother gave the
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struggled with infertility. and they captured the moments baby kelsey came into the world one day. perfectly healthy at 6 pounds, 11 ounces. this c section delivery might seem routine but getting to this point because anything about. >> my husband and i with had been trying have a baby for three year. and she asked her mother tracey thompson if she would carry her baby for her. ironically it it was something shingly asked her about before when she was a teen. she said if i can't carry my own baby, would you carry it for me? of course i would not dreaming i would be actually dog it. and it ways mother's promise. and she wasn't able to go back on it. my lovely mom offered to give me the greatest gift i could ever have any my life. >> the miracle happened and god watched over us. thompson had it to be med lick cleared to carry the baby and
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pregnancy. she was considered high priks and doctors didn't have must precedent to go on when they decided to go head with the procedure ouch we had a very special pregnancy and special delivery and couldn't of work out much better in the end. now this family is sharing their message. >> sur go si is something that is a possibility for people. >> belkeys: and a glance at quha they are calling a miracle. >> belkeys: wow, the family says little kelsey's name honors both the the women. a combination of her machine mo mom kelly and grandmother trace sivment cel site. live in the plex. i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news. >> lynn: i wonder if she will want to do it again. hey mom,old on. >> danielle: i'm sure mom will say one and done oo. >> lynn: a don't snow. >> danielle: a great story. and we continue follow this for you. take a look at thvment both lanes of the north bay village bridge open now.
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lanes have been reopened after being closed for just about an hour ch we don't know what caused the closure but good news is traffic is flowing freely again in that area after being closed for an hour. so good news as people start to headam home during the evening commute. that is good now. also a crackdown to help bicyclist and pedestrians be safer when it come to sharing road with car. >> danlle: and a new clinic opening nup s. how it benefiting more than just patients. we'll be taking you on a tour when we comeack.
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>> danielle: a clinic helping student and members of a community have a healthy beginning to the new year. a comprehensive care cling
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northwestern seen you're high. >> lynn: alex de armas takes us on a tour. >> how have you been feeling? my blood pleasure should be perfect. only four es presss e. alberto carvalho taking advantage ave brand new health clinic in miami. >> reporter: this is the comprehensive care clinic at the center. it's at miami northwestern senior high. >> think about going to your doctor's office and what they do will and we can do eefer even more. now student and people who live near northwestern senior. >> high have the opportunity to get health care services right around the corner. >> it helps us a little bicht and the community also. this has really provided us a healthy resource we've been long for for the past four year. the clinic also benefiting imagine - high school students
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she now doesn't have to travel to get hands on experience. from busing there and back and get together next class say lot of ma knew verge. but this has been more convenient. this a joint effort bit jesse tries community center and fiu college of nursing, miami-dade county public schools and the children's trust. this is both an in crestment in ourrhildren and school and a direct benefit to our entire community. the clinic saving $1.45 million grant for resources so no one will be occurred waicht we're making sure haw stay healthy. we want this to be your medical home. perfect reading. perfect. oh wow. i'm shear theer stay right. >> and the click in is open as of saturday morning. for a full list of the clinic's operation head over to our web site reporting from miami. i'm alex de armas. 7 news.
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police conducting a safety sphweerp pedestrian an bice clicht traffic unit hitting the streets this morning to enforce safety rules regarding drivers, pedestrians and cyclist. they educate them on safe practices while commuting. officials say since 20 13-rbgs the state of florida ranks third in the nation in fatal tee involving pedestrians and wise clez. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> and coast to coast we go this afternoon. and there's plenty of cloudiness. especially moving in a s cross the northeast and the great lakes. a lot of cold air as well due to this big spin area of low pressure. another one right there. actually not too bad across the southeast. and then there's this right here. another spin. that one is being watched by the national hurricane center. here are the temperatures. and there's a big blast of cold air coming in out of arctic. you can see the leading edge right thrvment that will continue to sink over the
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17 degrees right now in billings. minneapolis. 33. not looking too bad here in south florida with a temperature of seven #. so there(s a winter storm advisory already for the rockies. parts of colorado. we have two fronts that are continuing to move in our directions. for us there's a small area of low pressure here that could bring us a couple showers tonight and tomorrow. a better chance of rain come sunday and then there is this, an area of low pressure now northeast of ber miew daft the national hurricane center is giving it a 30% chance that it could develop over the next five days out in the open water of atlantic. and these things can develop out side of hurricane season as long as the water or surface temperature at least 80 degrees a or ave. that usually happen during the summer and fall. but that's a man made timeline. mother nature can do really whatever s s like as long a the conditions are favorable for that to hall.
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biscayne bay way light chop. for nut florida keys, no add vie orry, seas beyond the reef building two to 4 feet. coastal water a moderate chop. now, next high tide will be at 7:23 tonight. 8:31 for the lower keys. you're water temperature at 74 deal. tonight mostly cloudy. we play still see an isolated sprinkle. over night lows. what is typical is 60 deech we're going to be running on the warm side. speaking of the warm side. average high is about 77. we're going to be well abo that tomorrow. highs in the low to mid 80's. all do to the wind copping in out of southwest dragging in that tropical heat and about a 20% chance for a few showers rum be thriewg the area. better chance of rain come sunday. 50%. mostly cloudy and then a nice little cool down for much of next week. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> danielle: all right phil. thank you. >> lynn: coming up next tonight from the newsplex.
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ring and into the pulpit but he doesn't abandon his past sport totally at least aichteview and preview in to knights reel news. >> danielle: and you can earn almost as much money as the star wars movie made if you play your numbers right. we'll explain.
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>> lynn: warm him up and give him a shower and sax leo dicaprio return to the silver screen in a movie based on a true story. a role that's gaining oscar buzz. in his toughest role yet leo dicaprio takes on the wild outdoors. >> danielle: and another fill
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omar lewis shaiz sneak peak at tonights reel news. >> i'm not afraid of cieg. i've done it already. and the gritty revenant. it fold a trapper in the 1800's who was left for dead and trek through the frozen bill will derness to seek revenge. >> long as you got a breathe in you. the star of the film leonardo told us he had never been part of a film like thvment we were so integrated in nature that even the light we needed to capture. there was only an hour and a half at end of the day. the whole day ways theater pro duke of he her sal. revenant is rated r. >> welcome to west side. >> inspried by real liesm the
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saint is about a wrestler who turn pastor and calls on hi skill set from the ring when need ood. it is rated pg13. >> i'm look for my sister. no guide. forest is very dangerous. natalie dor mer star in the suspense thriller, the forest as a woman searching for her mig twin sister in the jap pa niece forest. despite warning she strays deep getting deep near soup you are tural territory. the girl go into the forest and looks for her sister. the guide lies say stay on the path and if you don't this did ppen and then we see the ram indications of that. >> >> the forest is rated pg13. >> and there's still time to check out highest growing fill p of all time. star wars the force wake ens.
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omar lewis. 7 news. >> danielle: you saw star wars. >> lynn: i did. >> danielle: wasn't it great. >> lynn: yes. >> lynn: i even cried. >> danielle: not like the lig dry. >> lynn: no, that nas for the bath room. >> danielle: that 7 news at 5:30. thanks so much for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. 7 news at 6:00 begins right now. >> now on 7 news, a rescue truck at the hospital. what was found on it stopped the crew in it's tracks ooft just one station there when a little girl is reunited her mother after a car jacker takes her for a ride. >> a gray day over part of south florida and that could mean a dreary weekend. a charity in need of help after a crime serving up thanks. >> and after losing a beloved pet, a family getting a heart
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this is 7 news at 6:00. >> now at 6:00, paramedics taking pride in serving our community. but someone not showing pride with their rite ride. >> you can't go around van da lying property. it's not right. >> there rescue truck tagged. >> >> craig: good evening everybody. someone left a mark on a rescue cruk. >> belkeys: that has the rescue crew seeing red. jessica holly live at the fire station in fort lauderdale with with this story. jessica. >> reporter: belkeys and craig, this is the busiest fire nows t country. that's right, the busiest fire how the house in the country and last night the crews here many more on their platete cleaning up someone else's dirty work. >> the side of the truck says it's saving life and property. >> reporter: and thursday night while unit two and crew were doing just. that someone did this. >> i can't believe someone quo do that. the fort lauderdale fire department rescue truck was parked right outside the emergency room at broward health medical center.
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thing they moted was right here
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