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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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that killed dozens and injured hundreds more. >> it looked like war. >> new at 11:00, we're asking how vulnerable charlotte is to terror attacks and how to stop it. >> right now, it's about 4:00 a.m. in brussels. less than 24 hours hours since terrorists set off bombs. >> we have been following every development since eyewitness news daybreak and tonight, allilatos is breaking down the newest information coming in. >> scott and erica, an international man hunt is underway for one suspect, the man you see here in the light jacket. he escaped after the attacks. they believe the other two suspects is carried out suicide attacks. we made a map to give you an idea of where the attacks happened. at least 20 people were killed at the metro station not far from the united nations. at least ten more were killed
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at least 250 people were hurt, including nine americans. isis has claimed responsibility. tonight, u.s. authorities say the bombers identities aren't clear, either because belgium authorities have not completed the id's or haven't shared it with the u.s. yet. the department of homeland security says there's no specific or credible threat to america, but security has been increased. tomorrow, the brussels airport will be closed again while the investigation continues. during a raid at a house connected to the brussels suspects, investigators found a nail bomb, chemical product, and an isis flag. just a short distance from one of the suspected ring leaders in the paris attacks last november. and investigators told cnn they believe the same terror network that was responsible for the
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responsible for the attack in brussels. scott. >> all right, allison, thank you. now just last year in the charlotte area, we saw three local cases of suspected home grown terror. >> all new tonight, experts told eyewitness news reporter that that is the real threat facing the u.s. and charlotte. jenna. >> erica, tonight cities like charlotte are showing their support for belgium, eliminating buildings and parks in the country's colors. those national security experts say it is hatred here in the u.s. that could fuel a repeat of what happened today. >> these are the images that rock us to the core. that make people wonder, could it happen here? >> i think the lesson that we learned from this is we have to control our borders and concentrate on making sure our immigrant communities are into the community. >> former fbi assistant
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belgium's loose borders and seg grow seg gracious. that's why if attacks happen here, the reasons will be different. >> more of the attacks on u.s. soil since 9/11 have been carried out by american citizens for hateful ideology than those who are radicalized with islam. >> u.s. citizens are usually inspired by isis, not directed by them. the intelligence community will likely be looking for keywords on lying to track them while secret security. >> you're going to see an increased presence around, transit systems, around our symbolic and high profile facilities throughout the united states. things you won't see, your under cover plain clothes landmark facilities.
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safe while many can help but feel vulnerable. >> and it's important to mention like allison had mentioned, our experts do not believe there is an imminent threat here locally, but moscow russia, along with other major european cities, that have some sort of ann mocty anomocity towards muslims. jenna, thank you. in the last four hours, police in denver, colorado, gave the all clear at the airport there. investigators had closed it down this afternoon after reports of a suspicious item in the west terminal. police did not find any threats. all the flies from europe made it into charlotte airport this afternoon where security was visible all day long. uniformed police officers were scattered around the departure area of the airport and saw several of them with trained police dogs. now some of the passengers
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frankfort and london had not yet heard about the bombings in brussels, which happened at the time their flights were leaving. >> it's scary. what's going on everywhere, but again, you hope security services are doing their jobs and try to keep us all safe as we can be. >> american airlines officials told us that they did cancel the flight from brussels today, but they do not plan to cancel any other european flights. >> and new tonight, we are learning more about the nine americans hurt in those attacks. they include three mormon missionaries and a u.s. air force member and his family members. that's all according to military and church officials. the attacks in brussels all unfolded just months after the deadly a paris attacks and tomorrow a charlotte native and former channel 9 anchor will be heading back to the u.s. from paris. suzanne becker told us by video that today's attacks were a tragic reminder of the
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>> it's been honestly very tense here today. when we first woke up, it was just happening. people weren't sure if they would fly in or out of paris and there's been this huge sense of dread. >> now the french ambassador was here in charlotte today. he emphasized the need for a global response to terrorism. we posted more of that interview with suzanne on our website at wso you can find it under the news tab. >> we just checked to see if the attack is impacting the markets. stocks are trending down. u.s. stock indexes closed mostly lower as airlines, cruise companies fell after the attacks. now this afternoon, the dow closed down 41. the nasdaq was up about 12 points. new tonight, south carolina state lawmakers are looking to vote this week on a bill to track refugees entering the state. senate republicans want to hold sponsors responsible for any
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our partners say o opponents fillbusterred the bill last week, but today's terror attacks are expected to speed up the process. >> here and all around the world, people are showing their support for belgium. this is video from jap uptown charlotte to honor the victims of the terror attack in brussels. president obama has also ordered all flags to be flown at half staff. you can share your thoughts and your prayers for the families impacted by the violence today by going to our facebook page. look for pray for brussels. >> we have breaking news from west charlotte. police are investigating a murder. here's a map of the scene off west ridge drive near freedom drive about two hours ago. police say they found a man shot and killed at a home here. we're asking them what led up to this and if they are looking for that killer at this point. they did tell us they don't
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we'll bring you updates as they come in. hundreds of people poured into a meeting demanding answers about the safety of their drinking water. >> neighbors told liz photter they are worried about how state leaders are handling a nearby coal ash pond. debra baker considers the outcome of when and how the coal ash pond at duke energy's station is closed, a life or death situation. six years after moving to belmont and near the coal plant, she says her husband, jack, became very sick. he was eventually diagnosed with lung disease. although he never smoked. he died eight years ago. >> i feel it was definitely something that had to do with our water. >> the state says well water in the area is safe to drink now and duke insists dangerous chemicals found in it are not from its coal ash ponds. hundreds came to this hearing tonight to discuss their concerns and explain why the
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risk rather than low. that classification will determine when they are closed. >> we want to make sure we understand what neighbors questions and concerns are. we want to make sure we are designing solutions that will pr o tect the community and protect the environment. gllt neighbors are concerned ant how the coal ash pond will close. some saying it is capped or caverred, the ground water will be impacted for 100 years and lead to the same problems. >> anything less than a complete cleanup of this toxic, cancer-causing water will be a disgrace. >> that was anchor liz foster reporting. now if the allen steam station is designated high risk, coal ash ponds would have to be closed by the end of 2019. if it is classified low risk, they would not be shut down until the end of 2029. you can still send the state's
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quality your written comments until april 18 and by may 18, the department will issue its final risk classifications. >> tomorrow morning, north carolina lawmakers will be back in raleigh for a special session on the lgbt nondescription ordinance. the governor formally signed a proclamation to call the legislature back tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. lawmakers want to overturn part of the ordinance that allows people to use the bathroom of whichever gender they identify with. supporters say it gives e quail rights, it allows men and criminals to get access to women and young girls. the ordinance is scheduled to take effect on april 1. jim bradley will be in raleigh tomorrow follow jim on twitter for updates and watch eyewitness news at 5:00 for complete coverage.
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we brought you this as breaking news at 6:00. you can see in the video backups on i-77. the victims were rushed to the hospital where they remain tonight. we have a dry, warm weather pattern taking shape for the next if u days. i'll have the future cast. >> the attack could shape the nature of our problem. >> we need everyone on the fluent line. >> the growing concern about
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impact k down we're back now with breaking news out of west charlotte where police are investigating a homicide right now. you see the crime scene tape there. just in the past five minutes, we got this video from the scene. this is along west ridge drive near freedom drive. just about two hours ago,
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shot and killed at a home there. we're asking questions about what led up to the deadly shooting and if police are still out looking for a killer. they do not think, though, that this was a random incident. you can watch for any new updates overnight on eyewitness news daybreak starting at 4:30 a.m. >> before people in brussels with event to sleep, tonight memorials grew and memorials lit up across the world to show support. today's attacks could impact the presidential primaries happening across the u.s. the candidates have been talking about what happened and what they plan to do. donald trump continued his call for muslims coming into america. >> we have no choice and you are going to make exceptions on heads of state and certain people and i'm not saying you don't do that. but we have a real problem. >> some of my opponents want to build walls and shut the world off.
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the wall have to be to keep the internet out? >> a political expert told me the terror attacks might help the front runners get more support for republicans and republicans, but some more than others. >> and particularly, donald trump and ted cruz, they are much more aggressive in how to deal with muslims and particularly, how they define terrorists. >> hillary clinton's experience could help her more than bernie sanders. if these attacks happen in europe or even here, national security will be a big topic in the race for the white house. >> voters in arizona, utah, and idaho went to the polls today to cast their votes. there was such a large number of voters who turned out. officials say that it is delaying the results. there was even a two hour wait
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with the line actually wrap ugh around the beltway. officials say they woo ire they will worry they could run out of ballots. tonight on the democratic side, there are 131 total delegates with the most in arizona. you can follow all of our coverage of the presidential election on there you can see the results from the state that were up for grabs as soon as they come in. >> a man could avoid a trial and possibly being on death row by pleading guilty to three counts of second-degree murder. everett is accused of killing connie miller and wade at a home five years ago. deputies believe robbery was the motive. >> taxes in lancaster county are going up after voters approved a bond for local schools tonight.
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the money will go toward updates for security, new sign slabs, and new schools. to pay for it, taxes will go up. it will be about $120 $120 every year. >> keith monday is tracking on your monday forecast. >> nowhere near as we had to deal with early morning. we have upper 40s, but all of us were headed into the 40s at this point last night and 30s were showing up. it's 56 still in charlotte. one of the main reasons for the temperatures not really falling quickly tonight. it's breezy. 9-mile per hour winds in charlotte. sustained winds from rock hill to concord and hickory. it could be through the night, but that breeze.
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may stay in the mid to upper 40s. forecast, 30s into the mountains. compared to this morning's big chill, no frost or concern, it will be a slow start, we bounce back fast with the mid 60s at noon. that was the high today. temperatures are going to soar tomorrow thanks to that gusty southwest wind putting up to 75. that drier air is increasing for pa fire risk danger. the risk for brush fires could be increasing as we need rain fall. until we get some, this will be an issue. we will have a rain chance coming in late thursday. there's the storm to our west. mid thursday on thursday. mid 70s thursday afternoon. the rain moves into the mountains, a bit of a downpour chance around 11:00 to midnight, really strong expected.
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the left over rains roll in. so, we'll watch the timing of this. provide a half inch to 3/4 of an inch of rain. not much. we need a lot more than that. unfortunately, we'll get another chance. it will come on easter sunday. low chances of rain to start off on sunday, but toward the afternoon, the rain chance will build in. cool down in the mid 60s as we wind into monday, a much better chance of rain will be back in. the end of our workweek here looking a little more unsettled. follow along with the forecast any time with our wsoc app. we only cool back in the mid 60s. it's not a cooldown, just the cloudy skies and the rain chance building in. all eyes will be on easter sunday. >> showers looking forward to that. >> much-needed rain, but maybe
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>> a dog attacked a local postal worker and preventing mail from being delivered. why some neighbors are stick in a dangerous situation. >> and could the x-games come
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the new developments that the new devel tonight we're learning the x-games are leaving austin after this year and that could mean that charlotte has a good shot to get them. >> reporting the queen city has a shot. charlotte motor speedway spearheaded the bidding process in 2013 and tell us the games would have been held at the dragway and speedway. they couldn't confirm the games are coming, but they are talking to espn.
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preliminary discussions with them about what the future could look like moving ahead. >> according to the paper, the x-gamed pumped as much as $70 million into the austin area. >> city council will meet to talk about the plan to make the old eastland mall site into a school. wants to buy that land and build a k through 8th grade school there.
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to delay the vote (avo) after 50 years of designing carsfor crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble
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when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand.
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, every the charlotte hornets beat the brooklyn nets tonight 105- 100 to move into a tie. >> their ultimate goal is to win a playoff series for the first time since 2002. and they certainly put together the right team to do it. as phil explains, the season the hornets have already made history. >> could have shown you about his improvement. >> the voice you hear dissecting belongs to stephanie ready. the first full-time analyst for the broadcast in nba history. >> i'm thrilled to be the first. i am a little disappointed it has taken until 2015 until we've had a first. >> breaking barriers is
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she was an assistant. the analyst role was the next logical step after serving 11 years as the hornets court side reporter. >> this has been a job i've been waiting for my entire professional career. i thrive in the fact that people are watching that know me, have new aspirations and new professional goals for themselves. >> the entire hornets organization from the players to the front office have been supportive of ready and her ground breaking role. social media is a different story. ready like many high profile women attracts her fair share of nasty comments from unanimous users. for the most part, they get ignored. >> i always say, be nice, that's my common response and i find that it works. people who were really negative a year or two ago, now they are fun and bubbly and sunshine. >> she takes it all in strive. ready doesn't feel the pressure of being a pioneer and doesn't
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>> i want people to think of me as being someone who went after what i wanted. who set goals professionally and achieved them and worked extremely hard to get where i wanted to get to. and love doing what i did. and hopefully they'll say, and she was really good at it. >> phil orbin, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> breaking news tonight, pageland's police chief, larry brown, is set to retire from the department. brown had been on leave for four months due to a sled investigation that is still open. investigators have not said what that investigation is about. earlier this month, the city named jay brooks as the interim police chief.
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workers to forego their routes. just into our newsroom,
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the presidential primary in arizona. that adds to her streak of victories over bernie sanders and donald trump won in arizona, a winner take all state that boosts his efforts now to win his party's nomination. >> the postal service is refusing to deliver to a neighborhood in east charlotte until they can track down a dangerous dog. we have a letter from the postmaster to residents here on foxford lane. it says a dog attacked a carrier and service is suspended for safety reasons. we spoke to an 81-year-old veteran who says his medicine comes in the mail and he has trouble going to get it. >> i can't get out and do things like other people. i sacrifice my body for this country. the least they can do is deliver my mail. >> the dog's owner told us it ran away the day of the attack and hasn't been seen since. >> the pattern for cold.
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about the warmup on the way and t the warmup on the way temperatures are on their way up the next couple of days. big chill is behind us, it's not coming back any time soon. mid 70s to 60s later this week. that's the cooldown. that's pretty good for march standards. the next rain chance will be here late thursday and through early morning hours on friday. i expect the thursday evening commute to be all right. >> okay, thanks.
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your choice for news tonight. >> we leave you with images from around the world supporting brussels after the deadly terror attacks. our coverage will continue on daybreak starting at 4:30 a.m. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- senator bernie sanders! tom hiddleston! and music from granger smith! with cleto and the cletones! and now, stay put, here's jimmy
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[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] looking around. i don't know how this group got through the secret service, but i'm glad you did. we have a senator. maybe even future president of the united states in the house. bernie sanders is here. [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders has ignited a lot of passion, primarily among young people. and the incredible thing is he did it without posting even a single nude selfie. [ laughter ] bernie can get very fired up. i watch him on these debates. but remember, if it seems like he's yelling at you, it's because he is yelling at you and you deserve it. [ laughter ] my favorite part about watching bernie in debates is how he's always got his finger up like he's trying to flag down a


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