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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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in the meantime, we are learning about new anti- terror movements taking place in the wake of the attack. and a raid on a house led to the discovery of - - at least one of the - - they found chemical products and an islamic state flag, we can tell you isys has claimed responsibility for the attacks and the chairman of the homeland security says that us at - - united states intelligence believes that is true. >> it was coordinated. there were secondary targets and explosions. this was a very strategically placed organ it - - operation.
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not been yet attacked - - connected to the explosions in paris. but they do have the same characteristics of explosions used in spirit >> the world is on high alert and certainly here in charlotte as well. >> it will have an immediate impact that shopping centers and public places here in charlotte. our . our reporter is continuing coverage as the fbi told to go for - - todd police officers how to prepare for the attacks. >> reporter: today's training they said could not have come at a more timely moment. >> reporter: police officers has spent the past two days preparing for the worst.
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morning as the of - - the violence they were preparing for erupted in brazil - - in brussels. we were there as agents took officers through active shooter training. they approached various scenarios they could see in real life. some of these are very bad situations that we are preparing for. that is what we are doing upstairs right now. >> a counterterrorism expert says the terrorists struck in an unexpected way. he said the united states should pay attention. >> the explosive devices were outside of screening areas. we need to remain fluid in our strategy so we can prevent this. >> reporter: he wants more boots on the ground and for civilians to do their part.
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does not quite look right, say something. >> unc charlotte also took place in today's training. >> the attacks have people here in charlotte calling loved ones in belgium and europe making sure they are okay and that includes one of our own reporters whose future brother-in-law works in brussels, you were able to speak to him today, correct? >> i certainly was an i've known him for years, he is coming to the united states to marry my sister in law in weeks - - in a few weeks. he is only weeks away from making the united states is home. he works 10 minutes away from the airport where at least 14 people died this morning. he
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brussels. >> belgium is in mourning, of course, just like november of last year. >> those attacks led authorities to belgium. and everyone has been on edge. >> there are some people realizing that this is very close. >> reporter: he . >> reporter: he heard about dozens dead and many more hurt this morning and he was shocked and devastated. he said helping the wounded was also a challenge. >> all of the hospitals have their hands full trying to help the people and some hospitals are already full so they have to bring them to other hospitals. >> reporter: he said people are afraid more attacks are coming and terrorists are still on the loose. he is avoiding letting fear get the best of him. >> fear is the mind killer. . we cannot let fear get the
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>> reporter: he knows that he has the support of his family but he is very concerned about their safety. there are more than one dozen companies from belgium across the area. can lemon talk to the owner about his fears after seeing the attack in his home country. >> reporter: he has not had much time to focus on work today. >> i have not been off my phone or off the news. >> reporter: you can see how worried he is about ultram, the country in which he was born and raised. a lot of terror attacks has him thinking of home again and seeing the concerned faces of his countrymen. he could not believe the
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brussels, leaving dozens dead. >> i thought i thought surely they were exaggerating. >> the lines were busy. >> reporter: he . >> reporter: he knows his family is okay but he worries about the condition of the world he grew up in, now marred by hate. >> i went by the train station, i remember taking pictures with my family and friends but now it is under siege, basically. >> reporter: he normally goes home twice per year. he is . he is not sure if he can make that trip this year. >> he is talking about the level of frustration he's heard from people in belgium. and he does not like the idea that belgium who has remained open to many people may have to change that idea. . >> and many people have
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consult - - condolences to those impacted by the tragedy but some have used the attacks as a flashpoint for compact - - for campaigns. >> i would have cut short my visit and flown home and conducted calls jointly with heads of state. >> we have to defeat isys where they hold territory. we are making progress but we have a lot to do and we have to shut off the flow of foreign fighters, funding and weapons. >> donald trump has called for surveillance of mosques and a ban on muslims coming into the united states. and investor to - - did not overreact because analysts say terror acts are - - terror acts
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our coverage continues here on channel nine. coming up at 6:00, blake spoke to a family overseas right now, they were supposed to be in brussels today and they tell us why they made the decision not to go t here. we are also asking our viewers to share that pray for brussels post. president obama is back in the united states tonight after his historic visit to cuba. he also gave a nationally televised address this morning. he started off talking about terror attacks in brussels today and then he switched over to the change that he hopes to renew relationships in cuba and what that could bring. >> we are here to get rid of the last remnants of the cold war in america. >> they also watched a game between the tampa bay rays and
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>> and an elderly man involved in a crash along interstate 70, it took 30 minutes to free him from the wreckage on the intersection of highway 70 and north street southwest. and he drove through a red light and into the path of a pickup truck. the highways were shut down so he could be airlifted to the hospital. police hope you will recognize the man who went to extreme lengths to break into a convenience store. this picture shows a man using a trash can to break through a front door and then he kicks in the glass just to get inside. the break-in happened on friday night, and police are asking about exactly where this happened. the board of education was supposed to hear more on the student survey, but survey, but that has been removed from the calendar.
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working document. they are trying to bring guide lining its pulse to bring student progress ahead. >> and - - they want to guarantee students stay in neighborhood schools. they currently have an eight member task force on education. >> charlotte roads are on a national report. how long are drivers in traffic and how can you avoid the headaches? next five - - more on that coming up next. >> half of the - - half of an inch of rain for the month so far. some of the driest weather we have had on record. >> a dangerous dog is preventing a a neighborhood from getting mail. - - a dangerous dog is a
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new numbers show 31 people killed in belgium's night, at least 250 people injured, it is 10:30 p.m. there now. right now, still a very active scene, and in neighborhoods downtown thai police have found a nail bomb with chemical products and an isys flag. still, the investigation is ongoing at this point and there are no arrests. it has been more than a month since a postal worker delivered mail to this area. they are refusing to go there after a dog attacked one of their workers and the dog has not been seen since. and britney says the disruption is causing major problems for many who live here and depend on the service. >> reporter: this war veteran sacrifices health serving the
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to deliver his mail with his medicine. but right now the mail services refusing. >> at least they could deliver my medicine. >> reporter: we got a copy a copy of the letter which explained that the situation was thanks to a dangerous dog. and they were told they could pick up mail at the post office but that is a major hurdle for people like mr. smith who cannot always leave the house. we talked to the dog's owner off-camera and he said the dog ran away and did not return and another neighbor said she hasn't seen the dog either. >> we are frightened. we are fighting a losing battle. >> reporter: : ey are frustrated watching carriers deliver two houses down the block. >> i'm . >> i'm only eight
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where the dog was. it is just a different carrier. >> reporter: mr. smith has filed a complaint. >> how can you do this to us? it is not fair. >> reporter: he is still eating for ask - - answers. he just . he just wants his mail. [ crying ] >> we call the postmaster to find out when they will start delivering again and we are still waiting to hear back. police say the investigation is still ongoing into that dog attack. and activist is trying to prevent dogs from being chained up all day long. cynthia smith started this petition and she's asking commissioners to stop tethering and chaining. 6600 signatures
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>> two little girls are still in the hospital with multiple injuries after a a crash that killed a 10-year- old boy, their brother. the boy - - it traverses the truck crossed the center line and the driver died. the . the girls brother was also sent to the hospital. we are asking for updates on there can - - condition. >> neighbors scored a big victory in a fight a fight to stop a rock quarry. leaders voted down a plan to annex it. neighbors said this would push farmers out or change the landscape of the area. >> it is cold out there this evening, and we are taking a look from the charlotte camera. no more freeze warnings from weather center nine. >> nothing close to that night, if we get cold, it usually does
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we are seeing significant rebounds. and to the south, still in the mid- 60s. in the lake over toward belmont, we will not cool down too quickly tonight but we will fall back to the 50s around 8:00 and then eventually back into the 40s late tonight, by midnight tonight, we will probably be around the 50-degree mark. not as cold, 10 degrees cold, 10 degrees warmer by tomorrow morning, we will let you know how cold you will be to start out period 50s by nine . 50s by 9:00 got back into the upper 60s south into monroe. mid-70s are returning, and that is a quick warm-up period the next rain chance is coming our way as we go into the end of the week. during the day it is still pretty quiet period clouds in the afternoon, a weather maker
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western mounds, but the timing of this is not good for severe weather. we have a better chance of severe storms in northern georgia. not great for us to see but by midnight, heavy downpours are likely. these are the situations that we've seen with quick overnight rain chances and by friday most of the rain will be moving off to the east and it will dry out pretty quickly. in the next half hour we will show you how much we will add up in our future cast. another rain chance could be here on easter sunday. not a big chance for the first half of the day but sunday afternoon and evening, rain chances are going to set up really quickly as we move toward sunday and monday. a five day forecast with mid- seventies in place for the next few days. more clouds come in on thursday but we still stay mild.
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the weekend, friday looks dry for now and sundays rain chance coming back in. >> early it will be clear for people going to church and the like. >> it could push into sunday evening. >> that would be nice. >> a big economic boost could
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games.ea with the x new developments in the trial of a father accused of murdering his own baby.
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month of - - six month old baby. yesterday . yesterday the baby's mother testified that he killed her and they decided to wait until they could come up with a story. showed me the top 50 and los angeles topped the list for the worst gridlock in the country. an extra 43 minutes in traffic. and in charlotte, the numbers actually dropped to 60% in 2016 compared to 18% in 2014. the report found people spent spend on average 22 extra minutes in traffic every day here. the busiest time of the day is thursday between 5:00 and 6:00 at night. february 27th was the most congested day last year. and it all comes after report came out last week showing that
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hours in traffic last year. the busiest areas were between harris and speedway boulevard. an extension is almost done in the charlotte area transit six - - system. light rail trains will go under the road and then travel underground and then and up on the charlotte campus. >> there are a total of 11 bridges and this structure is unique as it is the only one that will take the train completely underground. >> they will start rebuilding the - - northbound lanes. the extension should be finished by august 27th - - 2017. >> continuing coverage of the bombings in brussels, the
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leaders are responding. ers >> reporter: in international manhunt for a possible suspect at the deadly terror attacks in the heart of europe. bombs exploded at rush hour in brussels, two of them at the airport and one at a busy subway station. security tightens across the globe and the message is clear. >> . >> we must stay together regardless of nationality. we . we must fight against
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>> the investigation is far from over. >> reporter: for the fast - - we have been keeping you up with the latest developments. at - - the terror group has claimed credit for the deadly attack, and the number of people killed has been lowered to 31. at least nine americans were injured all after the last where they found a nail bomb, a nail bomb, chemicals, and a nicest flag. we have coverage on the impact on security and how local leaders are responding. our reporter is joining us from the student - - from the studio with more. >> three days of national mornings to honor the victims of today's attacks. tonight the terror threat is at
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european countries remain on alert. the attack started with two explosions in the departures hall outside of an airport security terminal. and an explosion at the subway station close to a number of european union offices both attacked at peak hours. belgian prosecutors say the men in black seen here were responsible for the suicide attack at the airport. officials are looking for a man in white also as a suspect. the bombings occurred just four days after the arrests of the last suspect wanted in november's terrorist a ttacks. and the believe the same network carried out the attacks. president obama addressed the violence this morning. >> we . >> we will do whatever is necessary to bring to justice those who are responsible.


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