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tv   Eyewitness News Midday  ABC  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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first, breaking down what we know about how this unfolded. >> the first set of explosions rocked the airport just after 8:00 a.m. at the height of rush hour, witnesses describe those terrifying moments. >> big bang, everybody-- came along, smoke, you know. >> calling it a terrorist attack, prosecutors saying at least one explosion was carried out by a suicide bomber. almost an hour later another powerful blast at the subway station, close to the european union and western embassy. >> more panic set in, people started running. >> commuters shocked streaming out of the station, you can see the extent of the explosion, their clothes ripped. the world reacting from president obama... >> we will do whatever necessary to support our friend and ally
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those responsible. >>... to french president francois hollande, who said the whole world is concerned. >> the attacks days after the dramatic raid friday, police arresting salah abdeslam. the terror threat level raised to the highest level meaning the threat of another attack is serious and imminent. >> airlines around the world are making changes, canceling or delaying or diverting flights into belgium. eyewitness news reporter mark becker explains passengers are still uneasy in the wake of these attacks. mark. >> reporter: yeah, i think, stephany, it is hard not to be after something like that because it is an airport and one
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brussels this morning, 2 bombs going off and it was outside the security area. they did have a briefing here this morning, but it was to talk about spring break, whimp will be in-- which will be in full bloom and they did not take specific questions about security response to what happened in brussels early this morning. but it is certainly on the minds of many here. we have seen a good deal of security, in fact, around and outside of the tsa check points and it is hard to say it is more than usual but it has been very visible. there is an obvious police presence, including a couple trained dogs sniffing around the check-in counters. that, of course, is where one of the bombs went off at the airport in brussels. passengers we spoke with are certainly wary of security and at the same time had not let it change their plans, but again,
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traveling out of the country either. >> my wife told me today she didn't want me to travel, i didn't know about it. i was up late last night working and i am not concerned at all, but international will be a different story. >> the tsa did tell us they do not have any specific or credible threats to american airports or certainly charlotte-douglas. we did check with american airlines, they have rescheduled one flight out of brussels that was canceled this morning. ultherwise, no-- otherwise, no cancellations from europe, they get in here 2:00 in the afternoon. >> reporter: mark becker, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> it over shadowed the president's historic trip to cuba, this morning president
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televised address from cuba. >> the president condemned the attacks and said this is a reminder why the world must terrorism. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible. >> the president also talked with the belgium prime minister by phone this morning, the prime minister of belgium called this day a dark day for his country. authorities are concerned that the attacks may not be over. an alleged paris attacker arrested last week warned of more attacks. authorities are not making any connections just yet. in washington, jacqueline fell, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> in the past 2 hours, senator richard of north carolina released a statement about the attacks, he is senate intelligence committee chairman and in the region right now. he said in part "i am saddened and angered by the senseilous attacks this morning in brussels. my thoughts and prayers go out
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other nations who lost innocent civilians today." channel 9 will closely following all developments and response to attacks here at home. we spoke with a family in belgium who lives blocks from the airport that was attacked. we are also reaching out to local security experts about the threat at home, and speaking with the french ambassador about the growing attacks in the region. that is all coming up today at 5:00 on eyewitness news. we will post updates immediately on and social media. you can also share your prayers for belgium on our facebook page. tomorrow an ordinance go-- an ordinance goes into effect april 1, part about bathrooms and gender identity.
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>> the issue is this is going to have people throughout the united states, privacy on indecent exmroegser issues. >> they are calling a special session about, in my opinion, a political ploy. >> the special session will cost taxpayers $42,000 per day. people who live near cole ash pond are meeting with state officials, near duke energy's station not to drink the well water because of elevated levels of metal toxins. they are saying the levels are not dangerous. state officials will talk with residents about coal ash concerns, that meeting starts 6:00 at gaston college's dallas campus in the auditorium. next at noon, a major sport ing event could be coming to charlotte, the other silties also in the run-- cities also in the running. we need steady hands. >> a day of primaries dubbed western tuesday, the last-minute pushs to appeal to a new group of voters.
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afternoon ahead, but rain is on
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time when stocks are a mix, dow is down 28 points, nasdaq is up 3 points. new at noon, a news paper in austin texas is reporting today that the espn's x-games are leaving and could come to charlotte, we are working to confirm the games are coming to the carolinas. chicago and detroit are also in the running but the paper is telling us charlotte is the big
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area put in a bid for the games back in 2013. espn executives toured during the final decision making phase but passed over charlotte in honor of austin. eyewitness news anchor john ahrens rr-- john paul will have a report at 5:00 on eyewitness news. cms parentvise a chance to share their expectations for the next superintendent. ann clark will serve until june, 2013 to give the school board time to find her replacement. meck-ed is hosting the meeting at 5:30. neighbors in statesville are celebrating a major win after city leaders rejected a planned rock quarry, leaders voted down a plan to annex the property. people living nearby worried it would change the landscape of their neighborhood and lower property values. another round of delegates up for grabs in the race for president.
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stake after months stak we are continuing to follow major international breaking news. at least 34 people are dead after a series of isis terror attacks in brussels, belgium. you can see the chaos in a moment after those attacks this moment. that city is a significant target because the european union is head quartered there and friday belgium police
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wanted in last fall's terror attack in paris. presidential candidates are making one last push for voter support for western tuesday. arizona and utah are holding primaries and caucuses for both parties. idaho is hosting its democrat caucuses. last night candidates shot down the idea of being trump's running mate if he wins the nomination. >> i have zero interest whatsoever in this. there is zero chance i would be vice president with either. >> on the democrat side, hillary clinton skipped attacking bernie sanders and took aim right at trump. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he is neutral on monday, proisrael tuesday, and who knows what on wednesday. >> tonight is big for sanders, long argued he will fair well in the west. count on channel 9 to follow the results and break them down for you tonight at 10:00 and 11:00 on eyewitness news. today we could get a better idea of how mecklenburg county
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programs, commissioners will hold a special budget workshop. last month we told you the board wants to make sure every 4-year-old has access to a pre-k program. they didn't say exactly where the money would come from, just that they would need support from state and federal governments and nonprofits and businesses. new developments, police have identified the driver who was killed in a crash on the brookshire at i-485. sebastian jackson rear ended a dump truck. they believe speed and alcohol were factors and he was not wearing a seat belt. the driver of the dump truck and a passenger were not hurt. new at noon, a missing gastonia woman has been found safely, michelle hill's family last saw her a week ago today leaving a doctor's appointment. they worry because she has medical issues. gastonia police told us this morning that hill has been found. a 10-year-old boy involved in a deadly crash in union county has died.
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were also taken to the hospital. the family was on the way to school yesterday when troopers say a pickup truck crossed the center line on old pageland monroe road. the truck driver, moss, died instantly. jackson williams was waiting for his bus and saw a little girl trying to get out. >> the window was already cracked and pulled back so i pulled it back and pulled her out. >> a witness told channel 9 she saw the truck driving erratically moments before the collision. lawmakers may have hit another road block in fixing the roelds, house leaders have-- roads. house leaders have a plan that clashwise the senate. they want to set aside $400 million, it would force lawmakers to find a new funding source next year. the senate plan would use $400 million from the general budget.
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in mooresville, leaders rejected the proposed project on brawly school road. it would have included an academy sports store, costco and 6 other businesses, neighbors protested saying it would hurt home values and add too much traffic. the city of morganton will host a parade, the lady patriots won the nchsaa championship this weekend. you can see them with the tampionship banner-- championship banner, the parade is 6:00 downtown. tracking when we are going to get rid of the freezing temperatures and start feeling more like spring again in severe weather center 9. >> we are on our way there. beautiful day, so far this afternoon, live look from lake norman cam, nothing but sunshine in the distance, not tracking cloud cover. all this sunshine, although off
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temperatures were near 60 now in charlotte, 59 lancaster, and rockingham. in the mountains, not too bad. mid to lower 50s jefferson and boon, 55 hickory and shelby. here is futurecast for temperatureathize rest of the afternoon. highs today in the 50s and 60s. i think mid 60s in the charlotte area, keep the sunshine around and lead to a comfortable evening. if you have plans to be out and about tonight, and maybe want a light jacket later this evening if you have plans to say out in boone for the up state baseball game against unc-asheville it will be cooler, temperatures dropping to low 50s in the mountain by 7:00, charlotte and up town area, looking like a nice night. 60 by 7:00, mid 50s by 9:00. the next couple days, we are tracking our next system bringing at least the chance for some rain. i will time it out using futurecast. starting tonight we keep the
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start of the day tomorrow. a line of showers will be pushing through the carolinas starting thursday evening. fibclk, effecting-- 5:00, effecting north carolina, up town should be okay for the evening drive. watch how fast the line pushes, completely pushing to the east, the coast by the start of the day friday morning, by 6:00-7:00. so, really, not going to be a problem for either the evening drive thursday or the morning drive friday. it will be a fast chance for rain and really not going to produce a ton of it as it swipes through the carolinas. here is what our future rainfall looks like straight through friday. not much really to speak of. so we will keep an eye on it since it is a chance for rain, and definitely something we need around here. we are still 4/10 inch of rain for the month, number 1 for the driest march on record. 10 days left in the month, our only chance for rain the next 5 days will be the quick system thursday into friday.
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today, mid 70s wednesday and thursday. we will dry things out to the first half of the weekend on saturday. temperatures fall back into the mid 60s, which is right where we should be this time of year. we will have another chance of rain looking at your weekend forecast sunday, i know is not good news. bad timing for the weekend, and of course easter sunday i know a lot of folks will be traveling, having plans to be outside. start thinking about a plan-b inside or have umbrella. >> okay, thanks. nextx a shoot out outside a north carolina mcdonalds while families were eating inside. how police say a cell phone
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3 people are in police custody this midday after a craigslist transaction turned into a shooting at a mcdonalds in fayetteville. 3 people showed up to sell 2 cell phones but tried to rob the buyer leading to a shoot out while families were eating inside. >> we had work to do, we have work to do as a country, not to restrict gun ownership, but to restrict gun ownership from people that don't need to be carrying guns. >> no bystanders were hurt and the 2 who were shot will survive. police say the suspects were too young to have a gun. a federal judge canceled a highly anticipated court hearing set for today because the fbi now says it may not need apple's help unlocking the san bernardino shooter's iphone. prosecutors say an unnamed outside party came to them with a new possible method for getting into the phone. authorities are trying to figure
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the data on the device. this iconic charlotte church will be torn down to build a hotel, apartments and shops in south park, developers will build a new building for sharing united methodist church, they approved the rezoning. the congregation pushed for the changes because they want to help the area thrive and be pedestrian friendly. it is not clear when construction will start. last night the developer asked city council to delay a public hear about tearing down a popular hang out in elizabeth to build 125 apartments and retail along 7th. jackalobe jacks would be demolished. customers are afraid it will take about the neighborhood's charm. >> i am afraid as we get more and more into condos and high rises, it will be a little more corporate and maybe not quite as friendly. >> city council may hold a public hearing on the issue next month.
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temperatures felt more like winter than spring. if you have planted flowers, experts say you need to keep them covered up. >> you can put a blanket on and get 4-5 degrees of protection and this time of year that is all you really need. >> as for the fruits like peaches and apples, experts say some cold can actually be good for them but growers say they don't want the temperature to drop below 28 degrees for long because they could start losing their blooms. we are going to see improving temperatures, though. >> that is the good news. i think really for most of us in the metro area you can uncover the plants the next couple mornings and really this afternoon, despite how cold we were this morning, look, nice day ahead. highs reaching mid 60s. here is your afternoon forecast hour-by-hour in the charlotte metro area. this evening it might be nice to take dinner thon patio. mid 60s by 6:00, as soon as the
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not as cold tomorrow morning, we will have lows in the 40s. snathat is much better. >> not too bad. >> thanks for making channel 9 your choice for news this
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