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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 430 a.m.  ABC  March 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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arrived to the scene. britney? >> reporter: cmpd told us this deadly crash happened just before 3:00 this morning. if you look you can see where cruisers are blocking this entire section of brookshire boulevard at 485. they are focusing a lot of their attention on this stretch of road just before you get to the overpass area. you can see where they are out there between two vehicles. we have video that gets you a little bit closer to the scene where you can see there is a black car with significant damage to the front end. also the windows of the vehicle are smashed in and there is also a dump truck stopped on the scene as well. officers are using their flashlights to pace the scene and gather many clues about what happened out here. they expect to be blocking this section of reasonable doubt for quite some time. right now we are working to get a lot more information about this crash situation. we are going to take you on over to traffic team 9's mark
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thousand to get around this. >> if you are traveling inbound you are able to access 485 as well on the outbound side but you can't pass 485. if you are heading northwest toward mountain island lake this morning use bell haven toward roswell's ferry back toward 16 as the alternate route. john? >> reporter: the only big story this morning near freezing temperatures. right now i'm in the weather center with meteorologist christine rapp. you are thinking colder here before we get a warm-up? >> yeah we have a freeze warning in effect for the metro area until about 9:00 this morning. through the next couple of hours make sure you are bundled up. our temperatures are cold. we are in the mid to upper 30s across the carolinas. lower 30s into areas of jefferson, boone. 39 in charlotte. we were just in the mid-30s last hour, so we are going to bounce around the 30s the next couple of hours or so. by this afternoon, lots of
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rebounding back into the 50s and 60s this afternoon. what is ahead for the rest of the week, coming up in just a few minutes. tomorrow state lawmakers will gather in raleigh to begin a special session on charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance. part of it allows members of the lgbt community to choose a bathroom they identify with. we caught up with charlotte mayor jennifer roberts who says that money could be put to better use. >> they weren't careful and i'm quite comfortable billing the city of charlotte. >> i'm disappointed that they are choosing to focus on something that is not a priority the way that teacher pay is a priority. >> the ordinance is currently set to take effect april 1. count on channel 9 to follow the story as it develops.
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pressing about safety concerns on i-77. for the first time the state told us there are changes in the works. yesterday we road along with a truck camera and placed go pro cameras on the side of the truck. the driver told us the size of the lanes coupled with the rumble strips makes for a dangerous drive. >> worst i have ever seen. >> i think it is dangerous, to be honest with you. >> the d.o.t. said it will be lowering the speed limit to 55 at different times throughout the construction process. and adding $250 fines on top of fines you get for speeding. there have been 600 crashes on 77 so far this year including 162 in the month of march. the highway patrol says that is double the number of crashes on i-85 through the area. >> this afternoon we'll learn
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district 92 race after one candidate asked for a recount. the district covers part of mecklenburg county. the race may have been close because of the i-77 toll lane fight. davis ran his campaign on a no tolls program while jeter first through his support behind the project. today voters in arizona utah and idaho with casting their ballots for a presidential candidate. the candidates took aim at each other over their ties between the u.s. and israel. >> we need steady hands. not a president who says he is neutral on monday, pro israel on tuesday. >> i have studied this and it is a bad deal. ted cruz attacked trump for the promise to be neutral in brokering a deal between israel and the palestinians. cruz is chasing him in the
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two explosions at the brussels airport. one person is dead, several others are injured. we just got video is from the scene. you can see there it is chaotic at the airport right now. here's what we know at this hour. two explosions, one right after the other happened just after 8:00 this morning brussels time. abc news is telling us those explosions happened right in front of the american airlines ticket counter. right now no flights are going in and out of the airport and people in the area are being evacuated. i was looking at a tweet telling people not to come to the airport because it has been evacuated. officials have raised the terror threat level. those explosions come days after the prime suspect in the paris terror attacks salah abdeslam was arrested in brussels. he told officials there were plans of other attacks. new information is coming in by the minute, so we will update you on the story throughout the
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information. we are also expecting a statement from president obama about the explosions in brussels. he is spending the last day in cuba today. the white house says he will speak to the people of cuba and call for the expansion of human rights. yesterday he met with president raul castro. but in an exclusive interview with abc, he says it is the people who will decide their future. >> cuba is sovereign and rightly has great pride, and the future of cuba will be decided by cubans. >> the president and his family will attend a major league baseball game this afternoon. a 10-year-old boy who was pulled from a car minutes after a deadly crash in union county has died from his injuries. the family was in this suv on the way to school yesterday.
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the center line and hit them head o the driver of the pulmonology pup, richard moss, was killed instantly. ahead at 4:55. the specific factors making the city stand out from the rest. protesters scared to drink their own water laid down outside of duke's uptown headquarters to demand change. >> this letter telling me my water is now safe means absolutely nothing to me. ahead at 4:45. the specific action the state is taking today to determine duke's next step in its coal ash removal. two people dead on a stretch of highway known as
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ahead the specific steps the ahea chester county leaders want the state to improve a major highway known for deadly crashes. >> people living in the area call if dead man's curve. it stretches along highway 9. two weeks ago a van crossed a center line and hit a logging truck, killing both drivers. clover police officer, tanner davis, lost his father in that crash. >> if my dad could think that
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else being helped or saved, that would help him rest a little easier. >> the d.o.t. engineers tell us they will look at crash stats and study the layout as well as the geometry there and signage on the highway 9 area at turn buckle road to determine if any improvements can be made. a south charlotte home intentionally set on fire. ahead at 4:55, the reason the county bought this home, just to burn it down. coming up, a cold start to the day. in fact you want to make sure
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i'm in the breaking news center continuing to follow the road closures. we want to give you live pictures of that area there. a lot of police are on the scene and they are blocking the road right now. outbound lanes of brookshire boulevard near 485 are going to be closed for several hours because of this crash. traffic team 9's mark taylor is monitoring the situation for you right now. tonight north carolina state officials will hold a community meeting in belmont. >> they will be discussing whether they should order duke energy to remove coal ash from the allen steam plant or cap it in its place.
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activists staged a die in outside of duke's headquarters. they are angry because they were told not to drink the well water and now they say it is safe. >> the risk is still the same. no one has come out to retest my water. absolutely nothing has changed. >> the meeting will begin at 6:00 tonight at the meyers center multi-purpose auditorium. new on daybreak after an hour and a half public hearing a piece of land in statesville will not be annexed and turned into a rock quarry. some people living nearby were concerned it would make their neighborhood unsafe and lower their property values. we are told about 20 people spoke for and against that motion last night.
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a mother will be back on the stand. todd baldrick is charged with killing a child. she admitted they waited a day when the child stopped breathing. >> he told me to tell them she dropped her. >> today cms parents will talk about their expectations for the next superintendent. the group is hosting a community conversation about the search for the next leader. it comes after the board decided to extend the contract for current superintendent ann clark for another year. the town of matthews is taking the next step to fight cms student assignment. it formed a mayoral task force on education. eight charter members were selected to start evaluating options for the students. last week matthews leaders
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are prepared to leave the district unless their demands are met. leaders in huntersville, davidson and cornelius passed similar resolutions. the lake norman chamber of commerce sent a letter asking cms to keep students at schools? a charlotte charter school ranks among the worst in the nation when it comes to disciplining minority students and students with disabilities. the report from the group says crossroads center in charlotte had the second highest rate of suspensions for black students in the u.s. more than 74 students were suspended at least once. definitely a cool morning out there and things are going to get colder. meteorologist christine rapp has a look at this. >> reporter: this afternoon is going to be nice. we just have to get through the
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as you head out the door this morning, make sure you are bundled up. just a light wind keeping us on the warmer side. we have the freeze warning in effect through the next couple of hours. mid-30s in the mountains this morning. 31 as you wake up in statesville. heading out the door at 37. temperatures in the middle to upper 50s and low 60s in the mountains this afternoon and the perk will be, we'll continue to have another day of full sunshine. it was gorgeous yesterday a couple of degrees. foothills. 64 in statesville. middle to upper 60s expect. we finished off yesterday in the upper 50s so we'll be about 10 degrees warmer. this is march weather finally. we'll have highs to the south in the middle to upper 60s expected. 69 wadesboro and rockingham. 68 lancaster and chester this
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similar to yesterday, no much to show on futurecast. clear skies throughout your evening. a fantastic night to get out an enjoy. even overnight tonight we'll keep clear skies around. although we will be cool tomorrow, the other thing we have to start talking about is rain chances. a threat for rain thursday night into friday morning. it won't be an all day rain showers get out of here by say 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning and we are not going to see a lot of rain from this. we have a little over a week left of march and we are number one driest on record for the month here. we have had under a half inch of rain, just about two and a half inches behind where we usually are for rain at the end of the month. we definitely need moisture around here. again late day thursday, early friday, that is about it for
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temperaturewise, 66 today, mid- 60s wednesday and thursday. and then this weekend could be good news, could be bad news. the chance for rain sunday. a lot of folks have plans to be out and about on easter sunday and we could see showers throughout the day as well as on monday so if you have been witting for the rain it will be here. we'll have nice temperatures to enjoy the next couple of days. a cornelius police officer shot on the job opened up about that day for the first time. last night lieutenant james quattlebaum and other officers were hon ford for their actions last may. officers rushed to a domestic disturbance call when 16-year- old grayson ferrall shot quattlebaum in the stomach. his bulletproof vest and other officers saved his life. >> it has become a reality. it has happened in our town and it is a reality. >> lieutenant quattlebaum was
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authorities charged grayson ferrall with shooting lieutenant quattlebaum. ferrall is charged with assault on a government official. his next court date is june 2nd. a former north carolina
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hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands of charlotte fire department recruits got firsthand
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>> they practiced on this home on stafford circle in south charlotte yesterday. the county purchased the home because it is in a flood plane near mcmullen creek. charlotte fire says burning the home saves money on demolition and provides valuable training if fire recruits. a new study put charlotte in the top ten cities in the country for families. looked at four factors important to families. safety, housing costs, school quality and child friendliness. it found charlotte ranks seventh among metro cities. dallas, texas took the top spot. let's check in with traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> reporter: we are keeping tabs on this fatal crash under investigation on brookshire near 485. the outbound lanes still blocked. we'll get you caught up on this, we have a live report. also an accident down south on lancaster highway.
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coming up in just a few minutes. temperatures in the 30s. as we head throughout your lunch time and afternoon hours, highs in the mid-60s this afternoon and the good news is lots of sunshine. should be a great day outdoors. we are following breaking news in northwest charlotte right now. outbound lanes of the brookshire near 485 will be closed because of a deadly crash. we'll have alternate routes in just a moment. weather and traffic every 10 minutes.
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channel 9 is following breaking news in northwest charlotte that will impact your morning drive. right now cmpd is at the scene of a deadly crash on outbound brookshire at 485. we are live with how long closures are expected to last and the questions we are asking officers about this investigation. breaking now in belgium.
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airport, 10 dead right now, many injured. also subway stations under attack. we are following minute by minute as investigators work to find out who is responsible. tomorrow state lawmakers will convene a special session to change charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance. the message from governor mccrory and how much the session could cost taxpayers. >> i'm john paul. >> and i'm stephanie maxwell. we are following breaking news on the brookshire boulevard at i-485. >> eyewitness news reporter britney johnson brought us our first live report about 30 minutes ago. britney we expect those lanes to be closed for hours? >> reporter: they are going to be closed for hours and cmpd has been out here for more than two hours. you can see they have this entire section of brookshire boulevard blocked. right now they are focusing much of their attention on the stretch of road just before you get to the overpass. you can see right there in the
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with their flashlights, looking at a field of debris between a black vehicle and a dump truck. video earlier you can see much, much closer the damage to the black car, significant damage to the front end, the windows have smashed in and there is a dump truck to the right of the car. right now police tell us it appears the car hit the become of the dump truck but they are actively investigating. they told us they expect that to take some time they are going to be out here for hours. it is already having an impact on drivers as we can see traffic picking up a bit. anyone trying to turn in this direction or go straight they are being sent in another direction. we'll continue working to get details on this investigation. traveling through the area right now as britney mentioned it is the outbound lanes that


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