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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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channel 9 eyewitness news at 11:00. >> right now at 11:00, temperatures are plunging and much of our area will wake up to temperatures near freezing. i'm allison latos. >> and i'm scott wickersham, much of the area is under a freeze warning. keith monday is going to tell us how cold it will be when you walk out the door. >> we hit the mid 30s, so that's why most of us are under the freeze warning tonight with temperatures expected to fall at least near or below 32 degrees by tomorrow morning. so over in concord, charlotte, rock hill, and all points north and west as you head into the foothills. even in the i-40 corridor, could be in the upper 20s by tomorrow morning. currently at 46. the winds are high enough, it's keeping the temperature up. already up to 38 in the mid to upper 30s are working their way into the mountains. out the door tomorrow morning, very close to that freezing point. right around 30 degrees by 7:00. i'll show you the time in the future cast how quickly we warm
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a quick rebound as we head through this week. >> all right, keith, thank you. we'll be checking those falling temperatures overnight. watch eyewitness news daybreak starting at 4:30. we have traffic and weather updates every ten minutes. >> now to a developing story we are following tonight. in just two days, state lawmakers will meet on your dime to take on charlotte's controversial non dediscrimination ordinance. >> they will tarnish the reputation yet again. >> we first told you that state la leaders are planning a special session on wednesday to tackle the issue. >> eyewitness news reporter, jenna deary learned some lawmakers want charlotte to pay for this. jenna. >> well, scott, it cost $42,000 a day and the governor says at that price, this ordinance tagged by many as the bathroom bill should be the only thing lawmakers address. one state senator told me he even thinks the city should
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opponents of a controversial ordinance charlotte city leaders passed two weeks ago. state leaders decided to step in, returning to raleigh five weeks early to block it. >> they were told not to do this. >> senator jeff tarp from mecklenburg county believes action will be swift before the ordinance takes effect april 1. that in part, opens all bathrooms to choice, without dediscrimination. based on how someone identifies themselves, male or female. he says there are concerns it's written too broadly and allow anyone in any restroom. he believes city leaders should have to pay for the state's time to address it. >> they weren't careful and i'm quite comfortable billing the city of charlotte. they will be more diligent going forward. >> the special session will cost $42,000 a day and matt hershey with the quality and see says it's a waste of time and money that can be spent on something else.
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it can fund teacher salaries. unfortunately, it can allow people in the state house to waste our money by coming in to fix a law that doesn't need to be fixed. >> now he didn't know what is in the legislation to be voted on. i have an e-mail from the governor's office to the general assembly that suggests lawmakers may try to slip in other agenda items as they rush to try to overturn this ordinance. the governor's office saying that all those things should wait until there's more time to go over them. of course, we'll be watching to see what they do. live in uptown, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> all right, jenna, thank you. in the last hour, we spoke to mayor jennifer roberts about the special session. >> i'm disappointed that they are choosing to focus on something that is not a priority the way teacher pay is a priority. >> she told us the city should not be punished financially for it. she pointed to millions of
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stripped from charlotte without replacing it. >> tonight we have breaking news. leaders in morrisville rejected a plan after this crowd showed up to protest. there were so many residents at tonight's town hall meeting, they had to open up the over flow area. the retail project would have included a sporting good stores, costco, and six other businesses. in a 5-1 vote, not to move forward with that project. >> also breaking tonight, just into the newsroom in the past couple of hours, channel 9 learned there are two new cases of mumps at umc charlotte. four confirmed cases at the university. and brings the total number of probable or confirmed cases in our area to 17. several of those cases are linked back to lowe's corporate headquarters. >> we have a sad update. a 10-year-old boy involved in a deadly crash this morning in union county has died. the boy's two sisters and father were also taken to the hospital today.
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way to school this morning when troopers say a pickup truck crossed the center line and hit them head on. highway patrol says the driver of the pickup, 43-year-old, richard moss, was killed instantly. right now, the water is shut off in a north mecklenburg county neighborhood while crews work to repair this water main break. channel 9 just received this video from a viewer a few hours ago. city water officials told us it's going to be another hour or two before the repairs are made and they are able to turn the water back on. >> tonight people trying to represent mecklenburg county in congress is growing. today, trisha tweeted this picture of her filing her paperwork to run for u.s. district 12. state representative, rodney moore, told me today he also filed in raleigh. malcolm graham has plans to run as well as incumbent, alma adams and leon filed last week. that special primary election
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week, a judge couldn't decide if lawmakers have to redraw those congressional district lines again in north carolina. back in february, the lines were redrawn after a judge -- they were unconstitutional. several groups say the lines are unfair. >> new details in the last 30 minutes. we learned the names of the couple involved in a shooting. police say stemmed from a domestic dispute. deputies charge ronnie whitworth with assault with a deadly weapon. chopper 9 sky zoom flew over as breaking news at 6:00. investigators say he shot brandi eisenhower in the 200 block of gilbert road just after 5:00. eisenhower was shot in the shoulder. deputies say he drove off after the shooting, but crashed a few miles away and was taken into custody. tomorrow, the mother of a baby police say was murdered by her father will be back on the stand.
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bodrick, the child's father. he's charged with killing the six month old at a charlotte motel in 2012. today, he admitted they waited a day to call police when the child stopped breathing. to come up with a story. >> he told me to tell them that aleah was holding her and she dropped her. >> he didn't make her say anything. he will be cross examined tomorrow. >> charlotte city council members again talked about a plan to demolish a popular hang out and bar in elizabeth. 125 multifamily apartment units and 15,000 square feet of retail. that means restaurants like jacks would be demolished. it come months after lawmakers scrapped a similar plan. some customers told us it's disappointing to hear the idea being brought up again. >> i'm afraid as we get more and more into the condos and
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corporate and not quite as fun. >> last year, city council considered a similar plan from a different developer. those plans were scrapped and these new ones were drawn up. all new at 11:00, a local officer shot in the line of duty is opening up about the terrifying experience for the first time. >> eyewitness news reporter, elsa gillis was there as the town honored him for putting his life on the line. >> four officers were honored if r their actions. afterwards, the officer shot in the line of duty told me it's that support from the community that has had the greatest impact. >> thank you all for your value lar, service. >> it was all smiles as lieutenant, jeffrey heinz, officer christine o'neil and
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>> every situation we go to can be a dangerous situation. >> officers rushed to a domestic dispurr disturbance call. shot lieutenant quattlebaum in the stomach. his bullet proof vest and fellow officers saved his life. >> officer heinz received a medal of valor and the lieutenant, a police purple heart. quattlebaum said it took three work. >> did you ever think you wouldn't go back because of what happenedded in. >> no, i knew i would come back. >> his senses are more heightened. >> this has become a reality now. this isn't just something that happens in other police departments, in other towns, it's happened in our town and it's a reality. >> he couldn't describe specifics from that day as the case is still on going. reporting in cornelius, channel 9 eyewitness news. authorities charged grayson farrell with shooting
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assault with a deadly weapon on a government official. his next court date is june 2. new developments in the last four hours as charlotte zoning committee unanimously approved a plan to tear down a south charlotte church and replace it with apartments and shops. the 50-year-old sharon united methodist church will be torn down and replaced. a hotel, apartment, retail, and fitness space will be built around it. >> tonight, leaders in chester county took a step to bring safety improvements to a road known for traffic deaths. neighbors say it's called dead man's curve. a stretch of highway 9 west of chester at turn buckle road. two weeks ago, a van crossed the center line and hit a logging truck killing both drivers. now clover police officer, tanner davis, lost his father in that crash. >> i've had nothing but negative over the last few weeks and i can deal with the positive to carry through. >> tonight the city council
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that road for possible changes. >> a highly anticipated court hearing involving federal authorities at apple over the san bernardino shooter's iphone was canceled. prosecutors say an outside party has come forward with a new possible method for unlocking the phone. we're following breaking news right now in north charlotte where cmpd took two into custody. in west sugar creek road around 10:00 when officers nearby spotted the vehicle police say a short chase started and the suspects jumped out and ran. officers caught up to them and they took two into custody. we have a crew working to gather more information. we'll keep you updated as soon as we learn more. >> temperatures are dropping quickly tonight, just how bitterly cold it will be and when we can warm things up as we head through this week. >> a visit that could change american history. in just a few hours, president
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moves in a new direction.
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tomorrow president obama will make history by speaking directly to the people of cuba. >> he is scheduled to speak to a crowd of thousands on his final day in the country. president obama met behind closed doors with cuba's president today. while they have very serious differences on democracy and human rights, those difficult conversations will clear the way for closer ties in the future. but in an exclusive interview with abc, he says they are still a lot of work to do. >> i do not believe that president castro wants to end the ruling party or the system that they have. >> castro says lifting the embargo trade is critical to the relations between the two countries. and that would require congressional approval. we spoke to a cuban man who works at havana restaurant on a work visa. his coworker translated his thoughts about obama's visit.
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of his family that is leaving cuba right now. they are going to the opportunity to come. >> the ceo of papal, a company that just announced a move to charlotte tweeted today he's proud to be in havana as a business leader invited to join the president. >> lawmakers hope their time in south carolina will help them gain a deeper understanding of the state's history when it comes to race relations. several state and u.s. lawmakers were in charleston this weekend to visit emanuel ame church in downtown. that's where nine church members were shot and killed last june. >> the most powerful force on earth is love. and when we find that and we live it, nothing defeats it. >> lawmaker rs say the weekend was part of a faith and politics pilgrimage. they've been having similar r events since 1998. voters in three states will
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the candidates took aim at each other over plans to strengthen ties between the u.s. and israel. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he is neutral on monday, proisrael on tuesday. >> i studied this issue in great detail and it's a bad deal. >> arizona, utah, and idaho have primaries tomorrow. new at 11:00, a charlotte man will spend more than three years in jail for a tax scheme that bilked the irs out of millions of dollars. in 2011, daniel in a coconspirator joan clark used their business that was supposed to help people in debt to steal $4 million in fake tax returns. a judge sentenced him to 41 months in prison. also new at 11:00, police hope surveillance video will lead them to the poo break into a south charlotte store. yanking into the front door of the market on east arrowwood road. police say they shattered the glass.
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there's a metal door in front of the glass. they did cause $1,000 in damage. >> new developments. a charlotte zoning committee approved new apartments. the plan calls for 335 multifamily units near the station. this comes as city council members have been looking at ways to make the areas safer. nearly 200 crashes have happened in that area over the past five years. now let's check in with keith monday who says more chilly air in the morning, keith. >> the chill will be with us all morning, clear and very dry. look at that skyline shot all the way from our lake norman camera. it's a telltale sign that the air is bone dry and that will keep things cold tonight. we've seen the winds become lightest. 41 statesville. now it's in the 30s. we are still seeing a wind speed 5 to 10 miles per hour. that keeps the temperature up
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winds to calm late tonight. temperatures are expected to bottom out. if we stay dead calm, 30 here in charlotte. maybe around the freezing point, that's why the freeze warning is up there. low to mid 30s south and east, so not as cold, you'll have frost issues down toward chesterfield and rockingham. our future cast warms us in the 40s by late morning and midday, we're already closing in on 60. that's about the high we had today. so big improvements coming in tomorrow. we return to the mid 60s. it's about our seasonal average. forecasting 66 here in charlotte. close to 70 in chesterfield. mountains in the 50s tomorrow afternoon. looking ahead to a big-time turn around with our numbers as we head through this week. looking ahead to the middle of the week with 70s returning wednesday and thursday. it's not the same kind of extreme warmup we have with the 80s. it's not close to 90 for a couple days last week.
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in late thursday night. that may last into the early morning hours, during the daylight hours, very low chances for rain. most of that will come overnight thursday night and into early friday. it's going to take awhile for this storm to get here through early thursday morning, pretty good line of showers, even thunderstorms across the midwest, moving into the tennessee valley, but that will not get here until late in the day thursday. mostly approaching the mountains by 4:00 and 5:00. could bring downpours into the high country. once this gets into the metro thursday night, it's going to lose a lot of steam. so not expecting any big downpours, but something will track. your five-day forecast, the weekend always in view. the 70s are back into wednesday. thursday looking cloudy. rain chances out of here early friday. saturday looks dry to start the upcoming weekend, but easter sunday may be damp. the shower chances looking likely heading into sunday.
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like maybe some wet weather for easter plans. >> what are you going to do? adjust your plans. bring an umbrella. >> thanks, keith channel 9 investigates the dangers of construction on i-77 after months of pushing for answers. the state told us what they plan to do now to keep you safer on the road. >> and a dramatic protest from neighbors over the safety of their drinking water. what they want from duke lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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m/ideas tomorrow night, the state is holding a community meeting to get input about whether they should order duke to remove coal ash from the allen steam plant or cap it in place. today environmental activist staged a die in outside duke's uptown headquarters after
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called coal ash kool-aid. today residents near coal ash ponds not to drink well water. now says the water is safe. >> the risk is still the same. nothing has changed. no one has come out to retest my water. absolutely nothing has changed. >> tomorrow night's meeting is expected to get pretty heated. >> new at 11:00, rock hill police are looking for three men who robbed a pizza delivery man at gunpoint. this happened just after 1:00 in the morning on sunday. there were three hooded men standing in the driveway. one pulled out a shotgun and they took the pizza and his money. >> like us on facebook to follow the latest weather. to join in on the conversation,
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(mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a suba the charlotte hornets welcome in the second best team in the nba. san antonio to the hive in a game they need to win before hitting the road for four games. former wake forest great, tim duncan. the bucket and the foul. he had 16 points. spurs led 28-7 over the hornets.
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nba team this season. redemption. they outscore the spurs in every frame the rest of the way. nick with the steal. courtney lee back for the lay in. hornets outscore the spurs in the third. a 23 point lead cut to just five. but it's lynn sanity, jeremy lin took over in the 4th. scored scored a team high. it's the second largest comeback in franchise history. >> it's the fifth game in a row now. we're playing from a double digit deficit. for two weeks were killing it in the first quarter. we have to make sure we are starting games correctly, but when we are right, we are a very good team. >> back in action in the second round of the n.i.t. tournament hosting georgia tech. gamecocks off to a slow start. thanks to the three by marcus
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second half, they continue to struggle. senior michael frustrated. south carolina falls at home 83- 66. while the nfl's annual meetings are underway. dave is named sporting news 2015 nfl executive of the year. definitely earned the honor after a remarkable season. 15 games, ten panthers are in spots to the pro bowl. most in franchise history. that number was the most by any team. and trey turner also signed free agents like safety, just to name a few. the front office has been busy. the panthers announced they have signed former redskins safety adding a little depth to the position. one interception starting in seven games before placed on injured reserve. he had 52 tackles before injuring his hamstring. the contract is a one-year
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to talk about, but how about the hornets? >> that's huge. big confidence builder. four games on the road. that's huge. >> exactly. i know. i can't wait. i don't think the fans understand that they are so close to hosting. >> all right, thanks. >> channel 9 investigates construction on i-77 after
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the city breaking news just coming into the newsroom now. a person is dead after an accident involving a motorcycle and a truck tonight. it happened around 6:30 on york mount road at steelcreek and the steel creek area. the motorcycle driver crashed into the back of that truck. they were taken to the hospital, but pronounced dead. the driver of the truck was not hurt. speed may have been a factor. the ncdot is making changes in the i-77 construction zone,
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>> channel 9 investigated and rode along with the truck driver through the construction area to get an idea of how narrow the lanes are. there is no room for error. sent us a statement saying they will lower the speed limit to 55 miles per hour and also adding $250 fines on top of other fines for speeding. chill is starting to settle in.
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longer we'll layers. >> good idea for tomorrow. you won't need them all day. a few layers in the morning, shed some layers in the afternoon. mid 60s in the afternoon tomorrow. a big turn around and in the 70s later this week. tomorrow is the last morning we have to deal with the real cold stuff. >> thankfully. >> thanks for making us your choice for news at 11:00. >> get the la and now abc's jimmy kimmel live. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jim tonight -- harrison ford, elizabeth olsen, and music from cam. with cleto and the cletones!
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here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to equal ofall of you for coming. very nice. winter is over. spring is here. can you feel it? do you feel that springiness that a new season brings? it's almost like, hey, it's almost like your heart is bopping around on a pair of skechers shapeups, right? tonight to welcome spring the way it should be welcome the we have a special treat. our first annual baby animal parade. let's bring out the animals!


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