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tv   Eyewitness News Midday  ABC  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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>> cuba has significant potential. >> opponents criticized the president's actions here. pointing to the on going political rights issues in cuba. president obama vowed to take a strong stance. >> although we still have significant differences around human rights and individual liberties inside of cuba we felt that coming now would maximize our ability to prompt more change. >> and he will meet with some of those people and give a nationally televised speech this historic meeting many thought they would never see standing side by side here. marci gonzales, abc news. new at noon a group of protests staged a die-in outside duke energy headquarters. a group called charlotte environment action is disputing a letter from the state that
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ponds is safe. duke has delivered bottled water to those residents to the residents. they now said it's within the federal standards. >> anybody would understand how confused that community is to get a letter saying don't drink your water and then have a year of fear and frustration about not being able to use your water and then to get a letter that it's fine. >> today duke told us it does not believe coal ash ponds had any impact on well weather quality. friday neighbors in belmont near duke's allen steam station gathered to call on the governor to make their well water safe. they said they don't trust the state waters because nobody retested their water. count on channel 9 to follow the controversy today starts at 5:00 on eyewitness news. this midday investigators are still trying to figure who killed a former dispatcher. his
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eyewitness news reporter mark becker has been asking community mourns. >> i checked with police this morning and they said they don't anticipate releasing new information at this point on this case. it unravelled here in east charlotte on saturday morning. it is one also that hits home for the police department because the victim had been a dispatcher at cmpd at one point. >> friends told us that jeff johnson had worked in security and before that was a dispatcher at cmpd. he was found shout and killed along central avenue about 10:00 saturday morning. people living near by told us that they actually heard gunfire much earlier that morning around 2:00 a.m. those neighbors we spoke with described johnson as a fun loving and popular guy who was something of a night owl and would walk in the neighborhood here late at night. they can't imagine why anyone would have shot and killed him. >> i contacted johnson's family
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us they're devastated, not ready to say anything yet but that may we will stay in touch with them and the police and have the latest at 5:00 on eyewitness news. eyewitness news. tonight charlotte city council will discuss a plan to take trash services away from certain residents for apartments and condo complexes with more than four units. leaders say it would save the city millions. critics say it could lead to a spike in rent. leaders will vote on a plan to bring a new bank, grocery store and hotel to valentine. neighbors are concerned it would add even more traffic to johnston road and providence road west. other developers are building apartments and an elevation church campus near by. today a mother is expected to testify in a trial for the man accused of killing their baby girl. todd broderick is charged with murdering his
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found the baby not breathing at a motel on tuckaseegee road. broderick is representing himself that means he will cross examine the mother today. a suspect did not use an officer's gun during a shooting at a jail this morning. the officer was taking a peeping suspect into jail when the suspect reached for a gun in his waistband. he wrestled with the officer and fired one shot that grazed the officer's abdomen. he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and released. another major story that we're following this midday, troopers say one driver has died and several small children were injured in this serious crash. it happened as a father was taking his kids to school. we first told you about the crash on old pageland road on eyewitness news this morning.
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>> reporter: in just the past 20 minutes we learned the name of the man killed in this crash, richard moss. troopers say he was traveling in this direction on independent when he crossed the center line and collided head on with an suv containing a father and his three children. one look and troopers said they could tell speed was a factor in this crash. the front part of the truck is missing, the engine pushed up to the steering column. inside that suv a man way to school. two girls and a boy. i'm told the boy was main. he was the most critically injured. one of the girls may have a broken femur. i'm told the father was alert again, the driver of the truck killed on impact. troopers said such extreme damage indicates not only speed but something
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>> we're looking at somewhere it's like hitting a brick wall going that fast. >> reporter: now troopers were able to remove computer boxes from both vehicles. that will reveal critical information including speed that happened seconds before the crash. troopers are interviewing witnesses. more on a man who helped the victims get out of the car ahead on eyewitness news starting at 5:00. reporting live alexa ashwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you, alexa. viewers have already left con doel -- condolences. look for this top story. violence at donald trump rallies growing, even leading to a protester getting kicked and stomped. the reason donald trump is defending his supporters' actions.
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into the 40 ed stocks are off to a slow start this midday to kick off the holiday shortened week on wall street. the dow is up 8 points, the nasdaq up 2 points. any spring break road trips will cost you more than expected. the national average price of gas has jumped by 17 cents in just the past two weeks. aaa blames it on rebounding oil prices and refineries doing seasonal maintenance. they expect them to climb another 30 to $0.50 a gallon by memorial today. in
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the statewide average is a couple cents higher at $1.88. in south carolina you'll pay about $1.75. you can find the cheapest gas prices in your neighborhood on it's under the traffic tab. today we are asking union county's school board what came out of this morning's meeting. they talked about the search process for the new superintendent. dr. mary ellis is retiring june 1st. mike web, if deputy superintendent for technology and operations is also retiring in june. an investigation cleared ellis and web and their company that employed a sales executive who sold thousands of laptops to the district. donald trump refusing to condemn violence against protesters at his events. >> they should be blamed there too.
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supporter who punched and kick add protester at his rally.
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today republican presidential candidate donald trump is expected to meet with nearly two dozen gop leaders in washington. it is his first major meeting with lawmakers. it comes as the establishment plots ways to stop trump's potential nomination.
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also refusing to condemn violence at his rallies. a man was stomped and punched this week in tucson. he said protesters are not innocent lambs. >> at what point do people blame the protesters? >> so you're blaming the protesters, not the person who actually punched and kicked the protester? >> these are professional agitators and they should be blamed too. >> trump defended his campaign manager who was caught on video grabbing a protesters by the collar. ted cruz is encouraging voters in arizona, idaho and primaries. >> so if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee come times. >> now on the democratic side hillary clinton plans to rally in arizona today. her husband, bill clinton, appear there had this weekend and so did bernie sanders. he spoke about
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along the mexican border. channel 9 has complete coverage of the campaign trail and where all the candidates are campaigning on troopers are looking into whether an argument led to a 16-year-old's death in shelby. investigators say a car hit nacia cobe and her boyfriend dante parks saturday. they got out of the corner. cobe died. she was a student at shell by high school. >> it's tragic. 16 years old in a relationship dying in the middle of the roadway. the family took it hard. >> parks was taken to cms where he's expected to recover. troopers are trying to figure out if the couple was fighting before the crash. investigators in mooresville are trying to figure out what started an early morning house fire. it started in the back of the duplex.
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officers involved in a shoot out with a suspect. a teen shot one officer when he and three others responded to a disturbance call last may. cornelius will honor them for their actions above and beyond the call of duty. it starts at 7:00 at the cornelius town hall. a new study has identified nine u.s. cities that could have a greater risk of the zika virus this summer all in the south that included charleston, jacksonville, new orleans and savannah. the study published in the journal said mosquitos will thrive in those warmer wetter climates. so far 258 people in the u.s. have had zika and contracted the virus abroad. scientists believe zika causes birth defects. the virus has spread quickly through latin america. scientists are now looking at ways to stop the spread including mutating
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right now a group trying to over turn charlotte's ordnance that protects the lgbt community is in raleigh. they protested in charlotte last week. now they are gathered outside the capitol building to ask state lawmakers and the governor to hold a special session to over turn the ordnance. they're upset about the part of the law allowing transgender people to use restrooms for the gender they identify with. they are concerned criminals will take advantage of the law. the ordnance goes into effect april 1st. meteorologist krystyne rap tracking cool air. >> the temperatures are cool for our monday afternoon. taking a look from the charlotte speedway camera, one lonely cloud. the temperatures have warmed up since this morning. 49 right now in charlotte, 35 in boone. still cold up in the
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you're at you probably want that we're tracking winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. that's going to adjust a bit of the afternoon hour. hour by hour forecast for the rest of your monday. the mid to upper 50s, about 56 in the charlotte area. cool into the evening hours. if you have plans to be out and about tonight they will be quick to cool that and that includes uptown for the hornets and spurs game tonight. temperatures around 7:00 in the low 50s, mid 40s by the time you are heading home. make sure you have the jackets on hand and to start the day tomorrow. even to be colder than what we had to -- we had this morning. we have for that reason numerous freeze watches, advisories and warnings across the state.
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are off into the areas of north carolina, charlotte, mecklenburg county, the metro included in a freeze watch here in this blue. more of this purple blue shade is a frost advisory. if you get early planting take them in the biggest concern will be the cool temperatures. we're not tracking any thunderstorms and those suffering from allergies had a break this weekend. cooler, a little bit of rain but those allergies and pollen counts will continue to rise into wednesday and thursday. our next chance of rain really does not arrive until late thursday and throughout the day on friday. we are still on track for our second driest march on record. we received under half an inch of rain. we are over 2 inches of rain behind me where we usually are for the month. we only got a couple of days left and minimal chances of rain. this is what it looks like on the five day forecast, 74 on wednesday and thursday. we'll have some extra cloud cover on friday with that chance for rain. over night lows will be in the 30s tomorrow morning
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it's not a total week of cold conditions. taking a look at the weekend always in view, temperatures back in the mid 60s, chance of rain for your easter sunday so may want to bring back out the umbrellas for any plans you have coming up this weekend. >> a lot of us thought the 30s were out of here and started to plant flowers. i didn't do it. >> we tried to warn you but it is short lived. bring them in tonight. >> thank you. a suspect charged with vi -- violent crimes including attempted murder now on the run after cutting off his electronic monitor. starting at 5:00 we're asking why he was let out of jail in the first place. next at noon, an intense crash, a bus carrying high school students flipped. >> you could tell from across the road that it was flattened. >> the north carolina surgeon who happened to be near that scene and his effort to save
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>> here'sstudents a north carolina surgeon said it was pure coincidence that he was in indiana and able to help after a high school bus crashed on saturday. dr. mark katawaki was on his way from asheville to wisconsin when he saw the crash. he spent two hours helping the 27 people on board including a basketball team. no one was killed. something the doctor said easily could have ended differently. >> it just was god's will to have me be driving by at that time. that's just the surreal part. what just happened. >> police say a car sideswiped the bus and caused it to flip. the driver told police she spilled a drink in her lap which caused her to lose control. you
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with the doctor and share your thoughts. just look for this top story on our facebook page. today morrisville residents can voice their concerns about a controversy retail development. the proposed project on raleigh school road would include an academy, costco and six other businesses. some neighbors signed a petition saying their home values will suffer. town officials plan to vote today. the faa is now investigating after a passenger's iphone burst into flames during a flight to hawaii. you can see the damage to the phone in these pictures. a college sophomore said she was watching a movie when it suddenly caught fire. >> i thought the whole plane was going to go up in flames. if i get a new phone before i head back i'm going to keep it off the whole flight. >> that fire was quickly put out. the faa believes the lithium battery caught fire. experts said to avoid possible
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mode or it can over heat by constantly searching for a signal. in the past two hours car net hornets playoff tickets just went on sale. they are tied for fifth spot. the schedule won't be determined until the end of the regular season next month. tickets for the first three potential home games in the first series will go on sale at 10:00. they actually just went on sale at 10:00 at the calendar may say spring but it's winter in new england. the snow started over night in massacausetts and rhode island. schools are canceled and plows and salt trucks are on the road bracing for up to 10 inches of heavy wet snow. the national weather service said new york city, philadelphia and parts of jersey are expected to get lesser amounts. we don't have the snow, we do have the very cold temperatures. >> that's the same system. luckily we missed out on the
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we'll have the sunshine with us today. 40s up in the mountains today, 50s near 60 for the midlands this afternoon. tonight be prepared, it will be very chilly. another look at those temperatures as you wake up and head out the door tomorrow, 20s and 30s. if you didn't need it this morning to dig back out the thick winter coat. thank you for making channel 9 your choice for news this midday. join us for eyewitness
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