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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> 77 northbound, a minor wreck north of cherry road, not seeing any issues. still green conditions northbound. we will continue to watch this. everything is off to the shoulder. very, very minor. good news to start things out. even as traffic builds, it's been quiet. 85 to 77, the interchange southbound here, just a few carbs out and about. we haven't seen any big slowdowns here, as well. that goes for 85 from cabbaras or out of cleveland and gaston counties heading north into charlotte. in the breaking news center this morning, a house fire in mooresville. this is a live look at the scene at mcnealy avenue here. you can see crews there. firefighters here on the left of scene, they're rolling up the hoses because they got this knocked down. that street is closed at main street because of the investigation. in the last 15 minutes, we learned one person was inside when the fire started. they got out safely.
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control in the last 45 minutes or so. it's hard to see the damage done to the house. we know the fire marshall just arrived and determined the fire started in the back of the building. at this point, they're not sure how, they're trying to figure that one out. and breaking overnight, police are searching for the gunman involved in an armed robbery in south charlotte. there's officers on the scene now at the kangaroo express on park road and wood lawn. this was around 4:30 this morning. at this point, we're waiting to get a description of the suspect. they've not released one yet. tonight, charlotte leaders will vote a plan that would lead to massive redevelopment in south park. sharing nighth methodist church has a vision for more shops. alexa ashwell is live with more to explain. alexa? >> reporter: yes, stephanie. you can see there are zoning signs behind me here at the entrance to sharon united methodist church. and members here support this plan. in fact, just last month at
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couldn't find anyone against the plan. more than 100 church members held signs in support of it, which involves tearing down the 50-year-old church. now, a new church would be built, and would be the focal point of the new development. we're told a hotel, apartment, retail and fitness space would be built around the church. the pastor here says he wants the church tock known for pore than architecture. tonight's vote is three years in the making. we will be attending the meeting. we'll let you know what happens. reporting live in south park, alexa ashwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. city council will also vote on rezoning land right next to sharon united methodist church. the same developer wants to build offices, homes and apartments on cold skate road. a new private street would connect the two developments and make it easy for people to walk between the two. channel 9 will follow
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meeting and let you know what council members decide. a push to overturn charlotte's anti-discrimination ordinance goes to raleigh tonight. this is are video from last week, a protest. they will gather outside the capitol building to urge the governor to call on lawmakers back early to overturn the ordinance. they're upset about the part of the law allowing transgender people to use public restrooms for the gender they identify with. they're concerned criminals will take advantage of the law and go into bathrooms where they don't belong. the city says that is not allowed. the ordinance will go into effect april 1st. the governor says it is not worth the cost for lawmakers to go into special session to overturn it. statehouse and senate leaders can call a special session if they have a three-fifths majority to support it. it would cost taxpayers $42,000 a day. republican lawmakers are working on a bill to reverse the orderments. today, the union county school board will discuss the
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superintendent. dr. mary ellis is retiring after she was the subject of a state investigation. mike webb, the deputy superintendent for instructional technology and operations, is also retiring in june. state investigators and the district attorney looked into the company called educate-rix. lenovo sold thousands of laptops to the district. ellis and webb will not be charged. a mother is expected testify in a trial today. todd broderick is charged with murdering a 6-month-old in 2012. police say they found the baby another breathing at -- not breathing at a hotel. broderick is representing hillself. he will have to cross-examine the mother today. the officer testified on friday. 6:05 now. today is president obama's first full day in cuba. during his historic visit, he will attend an official welcome event with president raul
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the visit is already marked with controversy. castro did not greet the president at the airport. >> the historic first moments a u.s. president arrives in cuba for the first time in nearly 90 years. >> it is wonderful to be here. >> reporter: president obama and the first lady greet staff at the recently-re-opened u.s. embassy. crowds cheer as their daughters joined them for a tour of old havana. the weathered buildings and those vintage american cars from before the embargo, signs of the communist country's stagnant economy. in the past year, the cuban government relaxed limits on the internet, cell phones and private enterprise. but the country's strict limits on free speech and political op opposition are still in force. those against the regime were arrested hours before president obama's arrival. chrissics say cuba is not doing enough. donald trump says this is case
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>> so, president obama landed in cuba and the head of cuba, who was there for the pope, but he wasn't there for the president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama pushing forward when he sits down today with president raul castro. >> it's an historic opportunity to forge new agreements and commercial deals, to build new ties between our two peoples and for me to lay out my vision for a future that's brighter than our past. >> later today, president obama will meet with cuban business owners, he invited several u.s. business leaders to join him on this trip, including pay pal's ceo. on friday, we told you pay pal will open a global operation center in charlotte, bringing 400 jobs. the renewed relationship between the two countries is opening up possibilities for american companies. the obama administration just gave air b&b a special license
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through the state in cuba. this was the first major u.s. company to enter cuba in 2014, but could only serve american travelers until now. new this morning, according to seoul conditions, north korea fired four rockets into the sea. they flew about 125 miles before landening waters off of north korea's east coast. authorities say the firings are in response to annual springtime military exercises korea. the battle for north carolina's governor seat could be the most expensive gubernatorial race in the entire country. political experts are making restrictionst after the governor and attorney general won in the primaries. they already raised more than $13 million combined, with cooper raising the most. experts expect this race to be a tight one. today, johnson c. smith university will have a training exercise for local college police departments. the advanced law enforcement
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alert, has trained more than 60,000 law enforcement and response protocol adopted by the fbi. students and neighbors have been notified about the training exercise. today, transportation leaders from north carolina and virginia will get an update on plans to build a high-speed rail that would run through charlotte. the route would go from atlanta to washington, d.c. north carolina and virginia are working together on a section that would run from raleigh to richmond. leaders say it will cut down on travel time from north carolina to virginia by 75 minutes. and they say you can get from charlotte to atlanta in two hours. it's not clear when construction would start. starting today, you can buy single game tickets to possible charlotte hornets playoff games. the team is currently tied for the fifth spot in the playoffs. playoff schedule won't be determined until the end of the regular season next month. tickets are for the first three potential home games in the first series, going on sale at 10:00. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes.
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christine rapp with a look at how cold we're getting this morning. >> yeah, we are continuing to see the temperatures drop and the main reason, because the skies so clear. and check this out, a beautiful shot from the speedway cam of the moon, almost a fool moon, that arrives here in two days. so a beautiful shot there this morning. you may notice that and you may notice the chill. you will need thick coats as we head out the door. 36 degrees now in the charlotte area here this morning. also 36 in hickory and lincolnton. in the mountains, 28 in boone and jefferson. chester at 36 here this morning. we have a few lingering clouds across the carolinas this morning, but we will see the sunshine tong increase thoughts the lunchtime and afternoon hours. temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50, by 12:00 here this morning -- or afternoon. and by middle of the day, 56 for an afternoon high. that's 10 degrees cooler than where we usually are this time of year, but the temperatures return pretty soon on the 5-day forecast, we'll have a full look at that coming up in the next 10 minutes. now 6:10.
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at the road conditions. mark? >> it's been quiet. had a minor wreck on 77 down in rock hill, but never caused any issues. now we're checking in over in gaston county, gastonia. the interstate is moving along. there is a tractor-trailer stalled on the ramp there. and drive times on the other end of i-85 from university to uptown, 10 minutes. look at this, 72 miles per hour is the average speed there. 77 from north lake to uptown, that's an eight-minute ride. you're almost 70 miles per hour, no issues u.s. 21 statesville road out of huntersville this morning. john? a north carolina surgeon was one of the first at the scene of a dramatic bus crash on an indiana highway. >> there frankly is a moment of panic and fear, but i think fairly quickly you flip into the mode of there are patients that could be hurt here. >> ahead at 6:30, the reason he ewas in the area at the time
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caused the bus driver to lose control. a durham teen arrested by i.c.e. agents outside his home won't face deportation just yet. ahead on daybreak, the last- minute actions one state lawmaker took to help him get a second chance. and aopponents of a proposed cell phone tower are taking legal action to try to block the project. one councilman is trying to
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the tower would be. e towe we're in the breaking news center now, following a story out of durham this morning, where a police officer was shot outside of the durham county jail. early this morning. now, a reporter at our sister station there is tweeting that the shooting apparently happened inside the jail's sallyport, where investigators bring inmates and suspects for booking. the suspect is in custody and was not hurt. the officer has been treated and released from the hospital. we're working to learn how the suspect got the gun and whether he was under arrest at the time. we will bring you any developments as we learn them. a clover town council member against a proposed 180-
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clever way to show residents just how tall it would be. council member todd blanton flew these balloons at the heights of the tower. one went who lives across the street filed a lawsuit against the town. a hearing on the suit is scheduled for thursday. lancaster county council will talk about a rezoning ordinance tonight. this will be the second reading of that ordinance that will rezone three parcels of land near the hail gold mine incorporated. two of the properties are located on snowy owl road and one on gold mine highway. officials are looking to rezone the residential properties to a mining district. this morning, we're asking troopers why a driver was going the wrong way on i-485 causing a crash that killed him and another driver.
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right castillo died when luis manacho ran into him when driving the wrong way. troopers say wrong way crashes are up 34 percent. they say many wrong-way driving crashes involve alcohol. today, charlotte fire recruits will put their knowledge to the test. they will practice their firefighting skills on a home in charlotte's sherwood forest community. charlotte mecklenburg officials bought the home because it's in a flood zone. it's the second time in less than a week that recruits are getting practice on a home slate slated for dem mission. olition. last month, in a 9 investigation,we showed you hundreds of buildings across the area on the demolition list that are still standing. now, some of those are starting to come down. belton officials say the only surviving person accused in the deadly paris terror attacks may have been planning a new attack. he was captured in brussels friday after five months on the run.
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supposed to blow himself up at the soccer stadium in paris but backed out. investigators say they found a lot of weapons during friday's raid and uncovered a new network of people he he was working with. general mills will start labelling products across the country that contain genetically-modified ingredients. they say this is to comply with a new law set to go in effect in vermont. the company said it was just for one state. the calendar says spring, but it's very much winter in new england. the snow started overnight in massachusetts and rhode island. schools are canceled there today and plows and salt trucks are on the road. when it's all said and done, that area could get up to 10 inches of heavy, wet snow. these are live pictures you're looking at now and look at all the snow they've already gotten in plymouth, massachusetts. the national weather service says new york city, philadelphia and parts of jersey are expected to get lesser amounts.
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>> we don't need that down here. it's cold enough this morning. >> exactly. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> let's go to meteorologist christine rapp in severe weather center 9. this is short-live cold for us. >> yes, and only the cold we have to deal with. we're only at 36. it could be worse here to start off a monday morning. we have clear skies as the clouds from overnight continue to push off to the east and a light windude head out the door this morning. by this afternoon, full sunshine expected. we'll have temperatures in the mid-50s. warmer than yesterday, still 10 degrees below average, but having the sun, compared to sunday afternoon, will make it feel better out there. how about throughout the rest of the neighborhoods? in hickory, temperatures in the mid-40s by lunchtime, low 50s this afternoon. the clouds continue to clear and to the south end, lancaster, 50 by lunchtime, upper 50s this afternoon. not a terrible way to start off a workweek. taking a look at the futurecast, there is not much to show here as we head throughout your monday evening and early overnight hours, plenty of clear skies, but it
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temperatures as you head out the door in the morning. . upper 20s in the mountains on tuesday. we will be at freezing in charlotte much we have freeze watches and frost advisories to talk about tomorrow morning, either way, you will want to be sure you've got the thick coats both today and tomorrow. the cool temps will be the biggest concern. no rain for the start of the workweek. and with the cooler temperatures, rain over the weekend, the good news, the allergies are at a lolo those will rise as we head into wednesday and thursday. temperatures back into the 70s. the next chance of rain, really doesn't arrive until we hit friday and doesn't look like a town of rain. we will take any we can get, worries track for the second driest march on record. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes here on daybreak. now over to traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> checking conditions for 77.
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morning, heading out of cornelius near catawba avenue. lots of folks out and about this morning, but right on schedule. no big issues as far as any slowdowns or accidents. out of iredell from statesville, south to mooresville, davison, down to lake norman, all doing well. let's check the drive times as we are still in green conditions throughout the map. southbound, from around catawba avenue, 64 miles per hour toward huntersville at 69 miles per hour. and uptown charlotte, between the brookshire and john belk, 59 miles an hour. and 71 out of the university area from concord, that includes folks from gaston and cleveland counties north doing charlotte, as well. neighbors on edge after a beloved neighbor was shot and home. >> something like this -- there just aren't wordz. >> ahead at 6:30, the routine the victim followed that may explain why what he in the area
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and a durham teen's deportation to honduras is on hold as he waits a chance appeal the decision. next this morning, the reason the family says going back to south america could cost him his life. and checking wall street
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. is up 40... .
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it's gotta be d' 6:24 now. immigration firblz agreed to delay a honduras teen's planned deportation from the united states. >> customs picked up david acosta in late january. he admitted to crossing the mexican border illegally two years ago, but says it was to escape gang violation. the 19-year-old's family says they fear gangs would kill him if he returns to his home country. on saturday, dozens marched here in charlotte to call attention to an 18-year- old whose in the mecklenburg county jail. protestors believe u.s. immigration officials waited until he turned 18, targeted him, then arrested him at the bus stop. a spokeswoman for the immigration office told channel 9 they're following orders from
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and not targeting students. police in lenore are warning residents about would- be thieves posing as utility workers. they received calls from residents in the last month or so. they say people are claiming to be utility workers and trying to get into the homes. officers say there is no reason a city utility worker should go your home to test or check the water. this year's nascar raceshave come down to the wire and yesterday's race on fontana in california was no different. it came down to two california boys. kevin and johnson. harvick led 142 of the race. in overtime, he's your leader until johnson flies by in the superman car. this was johnson's second win this season. harvick finished second, hamlin took third. a north carolina surgeon helped dozens of students moments after a school bus flipped on an indiana highway. >> you could tell from where
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>> next at 6:30, the circumstances he says put him in the right place at the right time. we're going to hold onto the morning chill. not just today, but for tomorrow, as well, with freeze and frost watches and advisories across the carolinas. we will talk about that in the next half hour. and a former 911 dispatcher shot and killed. i'm alexa ashwell live in charlotte. why friends say he was an unlikely target as police
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continue to search a former cmpd dispatcher dead and a gunman on the loose. >> he was a really good man, shirt off his back, help you anytime. >> the questions neighbors have now and what they say the victim could have been doing when he was gunned down in the middle of the night. thanks for joining us this monday morning. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> i'm john paul. it's 6:30 now. meteorologist christine rapp is in severe weather center 9 with a first look at the weather. the temperatures have been dropping all morning. >> they continue to drop this morning, as well. we're now down to the myth-30s. it's a cool start to the day. be sure you've got thick coats on. we have a light wind, which, of
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touch of chill in the air here early this morning. also for the kiddos, going to be important. these are winter like conditions. 35 degrees by the time the kiddos head to the bus storm here in the next half hour or so. upper 30s expected by 9:00. we continue to clear the clouds here this morning, so we will have the sunshine around this afternoon. it will be a pleasant but cool monday afternoon. but the big thing is here to start the week, cold mornings. if you think this morning is cold, wait until sue you see the temperatures for tomorrow. we will talk about the 70s returning soon. and a chance of rain is in our 5-day forecast. we will detail that more for you in the next 10 minutes. we have weather and traffic together every 10 minutes, here's mark taylor with an update on the morning drive. mark? so far so good. roadwork, storm drainage issues happening near uptown. this is near brevard and college. scheduled from 7:55 through the wrest of the week into friday afternoon before completely opening.
6:31 am
street, college back to 12th street. we will get you around the close closure. east charlotte, going into uptown, this is part of the johnlek in brookshire, it's getting thick. 6:31, we're accident free. we'll have updates in real-time on twitter at traffic team 9. john? police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a former cmpd dispatcher in east charlotte. >> they found the body in the woods off central avenue saturday morning. alexa ashwell says neighbors described him as happy and never looking for trouble. alexa? >> yes, john and stephanie, that's why neighbors say they can't believe he was targeted. although the suspect's motive remains unclear this morning. cmpd identified the victim as
6:32 am
yesterday, we spoke with those who knew johnson. he was found shot multiple times near his home on central avenue. for hours, they canvassed the scene collecting witness and interviewing any witnesses. this part of the central avenue is a big busy area. lots of shops around, right now, a motive is unclear and friends of johnson they say want answers. >> i know he doesn't go out and look for trouble or anything and that's very upsetting because he's just like a normal person, like everybody, so it's difficult. that's a scary part. >> and the police say they still haven't found any suspects. anyone with information is asked to call police. reporting live in charlotte, alexa ashwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you, alexa. police are looking for a gunman in a west charlotte homicide from the weekend. they say someone shot and killed jacorei davis near the ymca on donald krause road.
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today, mooresville residents could voice concerns about a controversial retail development. the proposed project would include an academy sports store, a costco and six other businesses. some neighbors signed a petition against this, though, suffer. town officials are set to vote on the project today. we told you last week a mooresville pastor is opposed to the large shopping center for multiple reasons. he says there will be a full- scale gun shop at the academy sports, putting a major gun retailer less than 1,000 yards from a church. he says he proposed the costco would violate the brawley school area plan against big box stores, as well. tonight, charlotte leaders will vote on a plan to bring a new bank, grocery store and hotel to ballentine. it would be at yan johnston road and providence road west. some neighbors are concerned it would bring too much traffic to an already busy intersection. other developers are building apartments and a church campus nearby.
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the chester county council plans to vote to ask south carolina's d.o.t. to study a stretch of highway 9 nicknamed dead man's curve. there have been several crashes on that stretch of road, including this one on march 7th. troopers say a work van crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a logging truck head-on. the d.o.t. study will look at how many vehicles trafl that road every day, crashes and deaths. a north carolina doctor says it was god's whale he drove by this school bus crash in indiana over the weekend. dr. mark kadowaki says he was on his way to a friend's funeral in wisconsin when he saw the bus flipped over and knew he had to stop. there was a high school basketball team on board. the surgeon says he rushed to help the students and coaches with the most serious injuries. >> when i first got out of the car, it's hard to imagine that anybody could have gotten out that that bus okay.
6:35 am
road, it was flattened. >> all 27 people survived the crash. police say a car sideswiped the bus, causing it to flip. the driver told police she spilled a drink in her lap, causing her to lose control. the pentagon is sending an undisclosed number of u.s. troops to iraq after an isis rocket killed a marine and injured several others. the staff sergeant was killed saturday after is ise fired two markets to a marine base. he was previously stationed in north carolina. the marine base in iraq had just become operational. it's being used to defend a nearby base where u.s. troops are training nearly 5,000 iraqi troops. some south carolina senators are proposing all refugees registered with the government. the measure being proposed would hold a refugee's sponsor liable if the refugee commits any act of terrorism. a spokesperson for the council on american islamic relations says the bill is likely
6:36 am
certainly un-american. in a palm sunday holiday, pope francis compared what happened to jesus before his crucifixion to the refugees flooding into europe. they say they were denied any justice. just as many people don't want to assume responsibilities for the refugees. palm sunday is the official start of holy week and the last sunday before easter. new this morning, presidential candidate donald trump is defending campaign staff and supporters after more violence at his rallies. a interruptp supporter punched and kicked a protestor who was being escorted out of an event on saturday. trump says the protestor should be to blame, too. trump defended his campaign manager who grabbed a protestor by the collar. >> i give him credit for having spirit he wanted them to take down this horrible profanity-laced signs. >> candidates are campaigning for tomorrow's primary in arizona. and caucuses in utah and idaho. it's been two days now
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murder suspect cut off his electronic monitor. officers are looking for this man, christopher crittenden they can say he cut off the monitor around the university city boulevard area on saturday night. he was ordered to wear it as a condition of his pretrial release. along with the attempted first- degree murder charge, he faces robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery charges. an explosion in downtown greensboro involving two manholes damaged a building and nearby cars. police say it happened around 9:00 last night near the biltmore greensboro hotel. no one was hurt. investigators believe an underground electrical conduit is what caused the explosion. today, charlotte environmental action will hold a die-in in front of duke energy headquarters in uptown. they're angry over the coal ash cleanup. experts say the state's department of environmental quality admitted that contamination levels haven't changed near the state's coal ash ponds and that the agency would be lowering the standards for safe drinking water.
6:38 am
about 40 $40 million since 2010 to settle road claims and lawsuits against the transportation department. many of those claims involved damages caused by potholes. number of claims average 2600 during the past two years. transportation officials have said it will cost an additional 1.2 $1.2 billion a year for nearly three decades to bring the state's roads and bridges up to excellent condition. the average price of gas jumped by $0.17 in the past two weeks. industry analysts say the hike is due to growing demand for gasoline across the nation and higher crude oil prices we're seeing. lindbergh says the increase is part of a trend that's seeing the price spike nearly a quarter in four weeks. here's a look at prices in charlotte today. $1.86 is the average price...
6:39 am
can expect heavy traffic in downtown because of a parade. the city will honor the boys basketball team on their first state championship win last week. the parade starts at 9:30 this afternoon at union streets and buffalo avenue. the parade goes down union streets to means avenue. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> here's meteorologist christine rapp and you would think having a parade this time of year, it would be warm. not the case right now. >> no, we have to break out the thicker coats that we haven't needed the last couple of weeks. it's cold this morning, 36 now in the metro area. 37 in ballentine. 34, one of cooler spots in the university area. 32 mountain island lake. you can see our temperatures drop even more, into the upper 20s in the mountains this morning. we had rain push through last night. we're clearing the clouds out this morning. we will have sun through the afternoon. not going to do much to help our temperatures.
6:40 am
we continue to climb throughout the first half of the workweek. mid-70s wednesday and thursday. we have rain to throw in the mix for the 5-day forecast, as well. i will tell you when to bring the umbrellas back out in the next 10 minutes. over to mark taylor for a look at traffic conditions here with more folks heading on the roadways. mark? >> reports of an accident, just came in, literally just a couple of seconds ago, christine. 77 northbound near the john belk freeway. i'm looking here and seeing a minor slowdown towards 277. i'm working to get more information. we may have an accident near the john belk. southbound is getting busy this morning. that's going south down to the state line. but we haven't seen big issues. green conditions for the most part for 485 out of matthew. stephanie? troopers are investigating after two cars hit and killed a shelby teen. ahead on daybreak, the person they're questioning about why
6:41 am
of a dark road. city leaders could approve a new development in charlotte's popular south park neighborhood. the plans to include an iconic
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6:44 am
this house fire is in mooresville. police on the scene right northern. they've got their lights on here on mcnealy. we're told one person escaped the home on mcnealy near main street. it broke out at about 4:30 this morning. firefighters say it started in the back of the duplex, really dark here, it's hard to see, but we'll get more information as the sun comes up and as police investigate. some investigators are inside trying to figure out how it started. we expect an update once they finish their investigation. you can tell that mcnealy avenue is back opened at this point. it will be slow in the area and intermittent lane closures as firefighters have wrapped up, now police are there. also breaking this morning in durham, a police officer was shot early this morning outside. durham county jail. it happened where officers bring in inmates and suspects for booking. there is a suspect in custody. that suspect was not injured. the officer is already out of
6:45 am
we are asking what led up to the shooting. we're going to have updates on this story throughout the day. we are following a major story for your day ahead. charlotte leaders will vote aon a plan to allow massive redevelopment involving this iconic south park church. developers want to add shops, apartments and a hotel to that property. eyewitness news reporter alexa ashwell is live at moron boulevard and sharon road with a look. alexa? >> reporter: the first thing you notice here is the long ski slope steeple. the new church will have a similar architecture and will be the focal point of this redevelopment plan. i want to show you video of last month's city council miting where more than 100 church members showed up in support of this plan. some were even holding signs. now, the plan for this invaluable piece of land here near south park mall would involve tearing down the 50- year-old church and building a new one. around the church will be a
6:46 am
now, we haven't found anyone against the plan. city council is expected vote tonight. we, of course, will be there and we'll let you know what happens. reporting live in south park, alexa ashwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. and channel 9 will continue to follow the developments. we will tell you what city councilmembers decide. today,a group pushing to overturn charlotte's anti- discrimination ordinance will go to raleigh. this is video from the protest in charlotte last week. they will urge the governor to call lawmakers back early to overturn the ordinance. they're upset about the part of the law allowing transgender people to use public restrooms for the gender they identify with. the government says it's not worth the cause of a special session, but they can call one with 3/5 support. today, an officer's memorial, what he shot while responding to a call last year.
6:47 am
officers who helped the officer at the scene in may. 16-year-old grayson farrell is accuseth of the shooting. he shot the officer at farrell's home on coachman's terrace drive. farrell is charged with attempted murder. the officer recovered and returned to work a month later. starting today, you can buy single game tickets to possible charlotte hornets playoff games. the team is tied for the fifth spot in the playoffs. the schedule won't be determined until the end of the regular season next month. ticket for the first tree potential home games in the first series will go on sale alt 10:00 at and at time warner cable arena. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> here's meteorologist christine rapp in severe weather center 9. christine? >> yes, we had rain move through late last night, early this morning. it zipped out of here.
6:48 am
make sure you have coats on this morning. 20s in the mountains here this morning. looking at futurecast, temperatures by lunchtime today, back into the upper 40s, low 50s. this is about where we were yesterday afternoon. and with the sun around today, it will feel better. and a couple more degrees throughout the monday afternoon. mid-50s in the charlotte metro area. low 40s, cooler in the mountains, hold onto the jackets throughout the day today. and if you are heading out this evening, hornets home tonight against the spurs. it will be cool as we keep skies clear overnight tonight. mid-40s by 9:00 this evening. by the time you head out the door tomorrow morning, it will be cooler than we have out there now. 20s to near 30s around the metro area. with that in mind, we have freeze watches and frost advisories in effect. just simply because temperatures will drop below the freezing mark, so, make sure you have plants covered or bring them indoors tonight and tomorrow morning. you can see after that, though, we start to warm up. low 50s out the door thursday
6:49 am
so just a short blast of cold air. in fact, the afternoon highs continue to climb, as well. mid-50s today. we will have mid-60s tomorrow and back into the 70s, white we picked up last week. mid-70s on wednesday and thursday. we bring in the chance of rain on friday and temperatures in the mid-60s for saturday and sunday with another chance of rain on easter sunday. with the ever-changing weather in the next couple of days, stay on top of the latest with the wsoc weather app. that's right there on your fingertips. download it now for free on your android, ipad and other devices. >> we will look for rain on easter. >> yes, but warmer, no freezing temperatures. >> okay. all right. thank you, christine. traffic team 9's mark taylor following two wrecks on i-77 northbound near the john belk. >> yes, northbound, 77 at the john belk freeway. you can see the flashing lights at the top left of the screen here.
6:50 am
part, everything to the shoulder. traffic is slow near the ramp there. if you stick to that left-hand side, you can take the brookshire freeway to access 277. then we have an accident closer to west boulevard that we were seeing issues with. let's go there, 77 northbound near west boulevard. that's two different accident scenes. coming from south charlesots, use south boulevard or south tryon. wall street futures this morning, the dow is up 28... ... . troopers investigating after two cars hit and killed a shelby teen and hurt her boyfriend. the reason investigators think that pair stopped in the middle of the road. and a sitting u.s. president is waking up in cuba
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
year 6:42 now.
6:54 am
first full day in cuba today. >> he arrived yesterday and made his first stop to the american embassy. the building re-opened last year after being closed for more than 50 years. today, he will take part in a wreath-laying ceremony and attend a state dinner. arguably, the most important item on today's agenda is a meeting between president obama and raul castro. david muir is in cuba right now. in a few minutes on "good morning america" the question he's asking president obama after he touched down for the historic visit. troopers are asking whether an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend led to the girl's death in shelby. a car hit 16-year-old nycia copes and her boyfriend after getting out of their vehicle at the corner of borders and oak grove roads early saturday. copes died. troopers say she was a student at shelby high school. >> it's tragic. 16 years old. in a relationship, dieing in the middle of the roadway, yes, family took it hard. >> parks was taken to cmc and
6:55 am
he's expected to be interviewed once well enough speak. charlotte leaders will discuss a plan to take trash services away from thousands of families. they're considering eliminating trash pick-up for complexes with more than four units. the city says it would save nearly $4 million. complexes would have to contract with private trash services. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes on daybreak. mark taylor is monitoring two crashes near uptown. >> both on 77 northbound -- the first is near west boulevard. you can see the flashing lights here through the overpass here. here's the southbound commute. here's the northbound. it looks like everything is off to the shoulder, but unfortunately, stays show once you pass it because we have another accident closer to the john belk freeway. this is toward the ramp and trying up traffic there. we're seeing spotty issues. so i would stick to the left- hand side. take the interstate over to the brookshire freeway.
6:56 am
accident scenes as we switch christine? >> yes. we're tracking the clouds continuing to clear. sunshine this morning, maybe you need the sunglasses here in the next hour or so, but it's cold out there. this morning. we will keep the sun around. highs today in the mid-50s. it's going to be warrer than yesterday, but noticeably cool compared to where we usually are this time of year. the chance of rain holds off until friday with temperatures in the 60s and 70s by the middle of the week. >> we have on be patient for it. that's all. local news continues now with "eyewitness this morning" on tv 64. >> we are monitoring two
6:57 am
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good morning, america. spring snowstorm. as much as half a foot in the east. schools closed in boston. severe weather causing this massive waterspout. abc news exclusive. david muir goes one-on-one with president obama.
7:00 am
this morning. the first u.s. president on the island in nearly 09 years. >> change is going to happen and i think raul castro understands that. >> preparing for a meeting with the cuban leader. donald trump announces he'll beef up security at more violent incidents at his rallies over the weekend. one supporter slugging a protester, stomping him on the ground. now trump turning blame on the so-called agitators. the tennis tournament ceo taking aim at female athletes. saying they owe it all to the men. >> they ride on the coattails of the men. they don't make any decisions, and they are lucky. very, very lucky. >> now, serena williams slamming back. and good morning, america. welcome to spring. welcome back to sam champion. >> i'm representing spring.


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