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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  March 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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monday afternoon forecast and what's ahead coming up in a few minutes. here's traffic team 9's mark taylor with traffic. >> it's quiet for the commute this morning. but we've got roadwork later this morning. we're going get you caught up on it. 12th street will close again between brevard and college for storm drainage work. that is scheduled to last from 7:00 a.m. this morning until about the afternoon rush on friday. so, to get around at 9th street coming from brevard college back to 12th, again, that closes around 7:00 a.m. here's the john belk freeway, here's what it looks like for folks getting onto 7th. no issues. john? we begin in the breaking news center this morning, police are investigating an armed robbery in south charlotte. we've got video we want to show you here. this is on park road and wood lawn. it happened around 3:30 this
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you can see a lot of officers there on the scene as they investigate. here's what we know at this point. police tell us someone with a gun walked in and robbed the place. they we are asking if they have anyone custody. our crews are talking with investigators. and breaking news out of mooresville now. in the last 10 minutes, we learned firefighters are on the scene of a house fire. this is happening on mcnealy avenue. that's off of main street in downtown mooresville. we're told smoke is showing from the house, but firefighters haven't said if anyone is inside the building. we've got crews on the way to the scene. we will bring you more information on both of these breaking stories as we get new information. today, charlotte city council will decide whether to rezone seven acres in south park to allow developers to build. it would mean tearing down sharing united methodist church and replacing it with a new church, apartment, shops and dining space. eyewitness news reporter alexa ashwell is at the proposed location. alexa, the congregation at the
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>> reporter: yes, stephanie. and tonight's decision is three years' in the making, in fact. leaders here at sharing united methodist church says it's all about moving forward with a united vision. channel 9 was there as more than 100 church members showed up at the meeting in support of plan, and many holding signs encouraging companies to vote yes to tear down the church. a new church would be built with a similar ski slope steeple that they're known for. it will be the focal point of the new development. around the church, a hotel, development, retail dining and a fitness space. council is expected to make a decision tonight. so far, no one has spoken out against the plan. we will be there and let you know what happens. reporting live in south park, alexa ashwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. at tonight's meeting, the city council will also discuss
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residents. we told you about the proposal last month. officials say they've been considering it for nearly four years. the plan would eliminate city trash pick-up for all apartment and condo complexes with more than four units in charlotte. renters and owners would have to pay for an outside service. critics say it could lead to a spike in hoa fees and rent. city leaders say the plan would save the city millions. state troopers are working to figure out what caused a deadly wrong-way crash on i- 485. it happened around 2:00 a.m. on sunday. state troopers say luis nacho was driving the wrong way and crashed into another car on the outer loop near providence road. the driver of the other car, victor cass tillo died. manacho was also killed. north carolina has seen a rise in wrong-way crashes. troopers say they're up 34 percent. many of those cases involved alcohol. an autopsy is scheduled today for a south carolina firefighter who died after he
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and it backed over him. it happened in horry county on sunday. south carolina's highway patrol is investigating what caused the accident. they are expected to release more details lair today. this week, a three-judge panel could decide if slams to redraw congressional district lines again in the state. right now, district 12 is mostly mecklenburg county, but the naacp is challenging those lines for a second time saying they're still drawn based on race. the state pushed back a special primary june 7th to give candidates and voters time to sort it all out. experts say another change could further confuse voters. this morning, we're learning the north carolina governor's seat could be the most expensive gubernatorial race in the country. experts made the prediction after the governor and attorney general won in the primaries. the two campaigns have already raised more than $13 million combined with cooper raising the most. experts also expect this race
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2016 presidential candidates are looking at how much they raised in february. senator ted cruz raised $12 million last year. gop frontrunner donald trump has yet to release his february finance report. on the democratic side, ... ... 1 campaign spending is expected to increase as we get closer to the election. tomorrow voters in arizona, idaho and utah cast ballots in state primaries. bernie sanders campaigned in arizona this weekend. he spoke about immigration and earning a minimum wage in a town along the u.s./mexican border. hillary clinton's husband and former president bill clinton held a rally on her behalf in phoenix. hillary clinton is million attend a rally there today --
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and donald trump is getting more backlash for violence at his campaign events. this video was taken saturday during a campaign stop in arizona. brian sanders says a trump supporter kicked and punched him while he was being escorted out. he says he spent the night in an area hospital. the suspected attacker is facing misdemeanor assault charges. just one day later, senator ted cruz made a last- minute campaign stop in the state. he denounced violence at trump's campaign events and urgeth voters to cast their ballots tomorrow. >> so if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, if a don't want to see hillary clinton as the president, then i ask every one of you to come out tuesday and vote for me 10 times. [ laughter ] after tomorrow, several candidates head to washington state. the saturday caucus there has more than 100 delegate votes at stake.
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will meet with cuban president raul castro at the palace of the revolution. >> president president obama is the first sitting u.s. president to step foot in cuba in 90 years he landed yesterday, but the cheers were also met with controversy over who was not there to greet him. >> the historic first moments a u.s. president arrives in cuba for the first time in nearly 90 years. 90 years. >> it is wonderful to be here. >> reporter: president obama and the first lady agreed staff at the recently-re-opened u.s. embassy. crowds cheer as their daughters joined them for a tour of old havana. the weathered buildings and vintage american cars from before the embargo, signs of the communist country's stagnant economy. in the last year, the cuban government relaxed limits on the internet, cell phones and private enterprise, but the country has strict limits on free speech and political opposition.
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regime arrested just hours before president obama's arriveal. donald trump says this is case in point. >> so, president obama landed in cuba and the head of cuba, who was there for the pope, but wasn't there for the president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama pushing forward, expected to discuss freedom for the cuban people when he sits down today with president raul castro. >> it's an historic opportunity to forge new agreements and commercial deals to build new ties between our two peoples and for me to lay out my vision for a future brighter than our past. >> abc news anchor david mir is with the president in cuba. part of his exclusive interview airs this morning on "good morning america" following daybreak. we will have more on world news tonight. the u.s. hotel company starwood signed a deal to run three hotels in cuba.
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60 years an american chain will have holds there. they plan to renovate buildings already in havana. the marriott has also gotten approval to run hotels in cuba, but haven't announced deals just yet. and people in charlotte might be able to take direct flights to cuba. we told you that american airlines floyd get a daily flight to havana. it's one of 14 new flights the airline applied for. the d.o.t. is looking over all the proposals now and could make a decision on the routes in the next few months. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's get over to meteorologist christine rapp in severe weather center 9. we're dealing with very cool temperatures this morning. >> that's right. you can see on the charlotte cam, still dark this morning. we had light showers move through early, early this morning, now we have cloud cover and that you're are a touch on the cool side. we start in the middle to upper 30s here this morning and we do have light wind at 5 to 10 piles an hour. you are noticing a bit of a
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morning. by this afternoon, we will have mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the mid-50s in the metro area. down to the south end, chesterfield, 51 by lunchtime. upper 50s for an afternoon high. and in the boone area, la n in places like the mountains, cool conditions this morning. and on the roadways,we go over to traffic team 9's mark taylor here. mark? no issues for the interstate, secondary roads are free and clear, as well. independence boulevard toward the john belk in brookshire, looking at the skyline this morning. 5:11, no big issues. checking the drive times from east charlotte, 14 minutes into uptown charlotte. from 485 to uptown, 14 minutes here, 47 miles per hour. south charlotte and providence between the arboretum and uptown, also 14 minutes.
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after two cars hit and killed a shelby teenager and injured her boyfriend. >> it's tragic. 16 years old in a relationship, die in the middle of a roadway. >> ahead at 5:45, the reason investigators believe the couple stopped the car in the middle of the road. an explosion in downtown greensboro damaged cars and a historic motel. coming up, the problem investigators say likely led to the blast. a north carolina surgeance training kicked in and he was one of the first to come across this crash involving a school bus. >> it's hard to imagine that anyone could have gotten out of that bus okay.
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in the right place at good morning to you. getting close to 5:15. we're giving a live picture from our speedway cam. make sure you bundle up this morning. we're feeling temperatures we haven't felt in a while in the 30s. and we're going to see even cooler temperatures tomorrow morning. that forecast from meteorologist christine rapp to let us know how long it's going to stay cool and when we're going to see the temperatures warm up again in just a few minutes. a north carolina doctor jumped into action after seeing this bus crash on an indiana highway on saturday.
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school basketball team. dr. mark kadowaki works as a surgeon at the v.a. in asheville he was on his way to wisconsin to a friend's funeral when he came across the crash. he pulled over and spent two hours helping the injured. no one was killed, something this doctor says could have easily gone another way. >> it just was god's will that i happened to be driving by at that time. that's the surreal part of it, what just happened? >> police say a car sideswiped the bus, causing it to flip. the driver told police she spilled a drink in her lap, causing her to lose control. new this morning, cyclists across the country are asking for tougher penalties for drivers who hit bikes. according to federal data, there was an increase in cycling from 2011 to 2013. during that same time, there was a 6.6 percent rise in injuries from crashes between cars and bikes. nearly 40 states require passing drivers to give cyclists at least three feet of space.
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few states have fines for violators. we told you last year about cmpd's efforts to prevent crashes between cyclists and drivers. they launched a watch for me nc campaign. they say more than 250 people have been hit by cars in just the uptown area since 2010. . new this morning, today, two british ships will begin shipping plutonium from japan to south carolina. experts say the shipment says it's enough to make a dozen atomic bombs. it will take several hours to load the ship, which will be fitted with naval guns. this comes after security concerns over japan stockpile. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist christine rapp in severe weather center 9. we can't get the cold air out of our system just yet. >> yes, then it gets better heading into the week. looking live this morning,
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you may find a few slick spots this morning. we had rain move through late last night early this morning, so, temperatures in some areas below freezing, it might be slick in the mountains we're at 38 now in charlotte. down in the midlands, middle to upper 30s for rock hill, rockingham, chester at 37 this morning. 5 to 10 degrees cooler than this time yesterday so, if you headed out early yesterday morning, even cooler on this monday morning, but the good news is as we head into the afternoon, temperatures won't be as cold as what we had yesterday. we only had the upper 40s yesterday afternoon. 56 in the charlotte area, low 40s in the mountains this afternoon. 58 in lancaster. 56 in concord for your monday afternoon. and the sunshine will be out. so, that, of course, makes it feel a little better. in fact, check out the futurecast, really not much to see here across the carolinas as we head throughout your monday evening and early overnight hours. so, sunglasses needed for
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we even will see the temperatures drop a little more tomorrow morning than today because of the clear skies. we're tracking temperatures at freezing in the charlotte area tonight. so we do have freeze watches and frost advisories in effect across the carolinas. we will see temperatures rebound as we head into tuesday and wednesday. we will have all that sunshine still with us. middle to upper 60s, tomorrow, mid-70s for wednesday and thursday. little longer. the next chance of rain arrives on friday. cloudy conditions and temperatures in the mid-60s and as we head into the upcoming weekend, we will have the temperatures staying in the mid- 60s and keeping a chance of rain. we will have chances of rain around as we head into the next seven days. we want to download our wsoc tv weather app. great tool to have. you can use live weather radar and good to get the severe weather alerts and hourly forecasts. download the app now for free on your devices.
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10 minutes here on eyewitness news daybreak. here's mark taylor. >> we have work going on later on this morning toward freedom park. that will affect folks toward forest park drive, it will close in both directions between lilac road and princeton avenue. autowood circle will be the alternate route. that starts at 7:00 this morning, that will last until april 25th. if you are in south charlotte, 77 northbound from caraway boulevard to uptown, traffic volume now is very light. 63 miles per hour, not much happening. closer to uptown here, a few cars heading north toward the brookshire. all free and clear. just damp roadways to deal with, that's about it. there are no accidents to report back to you at this time. stephanie? a local student hit and killed while standing in the middle of a road. ahead at 5:45, the person troopers want to talk to about the accident and the questions they hope to answer. cmpd's investigating after
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dead in east charlotte. ahead at 5:30, the reason the
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it's gotta be d' nycia devonte. time now, 5:23. that's a lovely picture, but when you step out the door, you will feel a chip in the air. it's already spring, too. more on the forecast, when we're going to see the warm-up again from meteorologist christine rapp here on daybreak. today, charlotte fire recruits will put new knowledge to the test. they will practice their firefighting skills on a home in charlotte's sherwood forest community. charlotte mecklenburg officials bought the home because it's in a flood zone. it's the second time in less than a week that recruits get to practice on a home slated for demolition. last month, in a 9 investigation, we showed you hundreds of buildings across the area on the demolition list that are still standing. now some of those are starting to come down. today, crews will close a road in rock hill to start construction on a new traffic circle there.
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constitution boulevard and foreman's repair shop will shut down until the circle is complete. a date hasn't yet been set on when this will all be done. the traffic circle will connect constitution boulevard and white street. today, you might see activists walking in uptown charlotte this afternoon as part of the pilgrimage for justice and peace during holy week. people will walk in several cities this week about issues like welcoming immigrants and refugees. it starts at 1:00 at marshall park. today, people in concord can expect heavy traffic in downtown thanks to a parade. the city will honor the jm robinson boy's basketball team on the first state championship win last week. the parade starts at 5:30 this afternoon near the forest hill united methodist church. the parade will go down union street to means avenue. a late-night explosion in downtown greensboro sent
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hotel and cars nearby. next and new at 5:30, the problem investigators believe caused the blast. and you will inside to break out the winter coats as you head out the next couple of mornings. coming up, when 70s will be returning and you break back out the umbrellas. and right now, police are looking for the suspect who shot and killed a charlotte man. i'm alexa ashwell live in charlotte.
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connection to cmpd and why his ection to cmpd is looking for the person who shot and killed a former police dispatcher in east charlotte. northern this morning, an explosion in downtown greensboro damaged a building and nearby cars. the problem underground that investigators say sent manholes flying. good morning to you. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> i'm john paul. let's look at the forecast. meteorologist christine rapp is in severe weather center 9. we're starting off cool and some places wet. >> yes, it really is. we had rain move through last night, around midnight in the charlotte area. you can see it pushed to the east.
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you start your morning, but we may find wet conditions on the roadways. we're seeing clearing and what that will do is allow temperatures to drop even more here in the next couple of hours. clear sunshine expected by the afternoon. these clouds, about 250 miles away to the west, as we continue here throughout the next couple of hours, that sunshine will return and that will kind of warm up our temperatures a bit. we're looking at mid-50s. we finish off 10 degrees cooler than average for this time of year. we will talk about the monday afternoon forecast and the workweek ahead here in the next 10 minutes. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's mark taylor. >> sunny conditions up to the north this morning as traffic continues to build. we are watching things closely in both directions, but no big issues. we've been talking about damp roadways and that's about it for the interstates, secondary roads are checking clear. we're green across the board this morning.
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southbound, between nc 73 to 475, 60 miles per hour. no issues from m 321 to uptown, that's about 19 minutes. we are in the breaking news center right now out of durham. a police officer was shot outside of the durham county jail real early this morning. a reporter at our sister station is tweeting out that it happened at the jail's salliport. that's where officers bring inmates and suspects in for booking. the suspect is in custody, as well. we just learned the officer was treated and released from the hospital. there's the good news this morning. we're going to learn how the suspect got a gun and whether he was under arrest at the time. we will bring you developments as we get them this morning. right now, police are searching for a gunman after a former cmpd dispatcher was found shot to death in east charlotte. the victim was found saturday morning in woods off central avenue near businesses and restaurants. eyewitness news reporter alexa ashwell spoke with neighbors who say they are shaken up.
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this is a crime that really has neighbors on edge. a former 911 dispatcher found shot to death near his home on central avenue. cmpd identified the victim as jeff johnson. yesterday we spoke with some of his friends and neighbors. they described him as a true friend who brought together different types of people. they don't know who would want to hurt him, which brings about the big question of motive. why officers say johnson was shot multiple times. his body was found early saturday near some woods in a bus bustling part of central avenue, full of shops. officers canvassed the area for hours looking for evidence. neighbors hope anyone with information will come forward. >> he has a lot of friends in the community. like i said, he brought different types of people together and that's what i loved most about him. >> friends of johnson said he often went for walks around the
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it's unclear what he was doing the night he was killed. anyone with information is asked to call police. reporting live in charlotte, alexa ashwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> that shooting was one of two homicides this weekend. the other in west charlotte. police say jacorei davis was found shot to death on donald ross road on saturday. investigators don't believe it was random. no one has been arrested. channel 9 is staying on top of both of these investigations. you can sign up to have alerts sent to your phone. go and click on the news tab and scroll to alert signup. an explosion in downtown greensboro involving two men holes damaged a building and nearby cars. look at this here, police say it happened around 9:00 last night near the biltmore greensboro hotel. thankfully, no one was hurt. investigators believe an underground electrical conduit causeth the explosion. look at this video here, police are investigating multiple fights at unc
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the fights happened during a school event on campus friday night. now, the school said there were two aggravated assaults, one happened inside a gym, the other in the parking lot. police haven't announced any arrests at this point. many say the video only shows part of what happened and that a student was knocked out. >> apparently somebody got real -- beat up real bad with chairs and stuff. you know the person, they got injured real bad. i think it's real sad that it happened to them. >> it's not clear yet what started this, but police had to close down four streets just to control the crowd. university officials say they did not issue an emergency alert or go on lockdown because the situation was contained. changes are coming for non- tenured track professors at duke university. the professors voted 174 to 29 to form their own union. that means facty members will join the international union.
5:34 am
fought the move, but after issued a statement on its web site, saying it respects the decision. today, cornelius police will honor four officers involved in a shootout with a suspect. police say a teen shot the lieutenant when he and three other officers responded to a disturbance call on coachman's terrace back in may. cornelius will honor the four officers for their actions above and beyond the call of duty. the ceremony will be at 7:00 this evening at the cornelius town hall. new this morning, investigators are looking into threatening letters sent to presidential candidate donald trump's son and sister. the letter to his son calls on trump to get out of the presidential race and had a suspicious powder inside that later appeared to be lemonade mix. trump's sister is a judge, but the fbi hasn't released the details of her letter just yet. protestors have been targeting trump, including one who rushed the stage last week.
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australia will get to work analyzing two pieces of debris they say could have come from the missing malaysia airlines flight. specialists from boeing are assisting in the work. they say there's a high possibility that at least one piece of the debris belongs to that plane. the flight disappeared march 2014 en route to beijing, it was carrying 239 passengers. new this morning, the federal government is suing the manager of the savannah river site in south carolina, saying it overcharged the government millions. the suit filed friday against savannah river nuclear solutions says the overcharges totaled more than 5 $5 million since 2008. the company says it's been trying to settle the matter for years. if it's found guilty, the company could have to pay 3 times the amount of the violation. less than a month from tax day and investigators warn if hackers got you last year on the return, they could be targeting you again this year.
5:36 am
on turbo tax and hackers got a hold of it. they diverted the money to someone else's bank account. this year, hackers found a fake account using her name before she could file. this year, the irs suspended personal identification at risk for fraud victims. experts say to protect yourself, use long and strong passwords, don't fall for fishing scams that ask for personal information, or a point to call from someone saying they're calling from the irs. if you've been the victim of tax return fraud before, officials say you can sign up for a credit monitoring program which tracks your identity and seeing if it's being used. twitter turns 10 today and it looks like the social media giant will be keeping it brief. twitter's chief executive and cofounder says it's sticking to the 140-character limit, this comes after reports emerged
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feature for longer tweets. many spoke out against the possible change. and christine rapp is looking at the temperatures. they might fall this morning. >> yes, until the sun rises here, we will see them slip a little bit. heading out the door, we're tracking chilly conditions. 28 now in jefferson. 35 in mooresville. 37 in salisbury and across the metro area, it's 38 now in charlotte. those waking up in rockingham at 39. 40 now in gastonia. throughout the day today, hold onto the jackets. we will see the sun, so that, of course, will make it feel better than yesterday afternoon. 48 at lunchtime, this is not where we finished off sunday afternoon. we will have the mid-50s around sunday afternoon. keeping the sunny conditions around this afternoon, there will be clear skies overnight and colder conditions tuesday morning. i will tell you how low in the next 10 minutes. we have traffic and
5:38 am
here's mark taylor with an update on the morning conditions. >> no issues so far, christine. traffic continues to build and getting folks prepared for another closure, 12th street, that's from 7:00 a.m. until late afternoon on friday. you will take 9th street as an alternate route. it will take extra time to get through, but for now, it's been quiet, even around the uptown loop. looking toward bank of america stadium, no issues from folks coming this morning. on the outer loop from wilkinson boulevard to the brookshire, as well, as the secondary row. back to you. a teen at the center of a deportation battle will stay in the u.s. for a little longer. ahead, the last-minute decision allowing him to stay, even after he admitted to crossing the border immediately. neighbors opposed to a proposed cell phone tower in clover are suing to block the
5:39 am
the unique way one town councilman is trying to show the impact the project could have on the community. troopers are searching for answers after a shelby teen was hit and killed while standing in the middle of the road. >> had i hate to see anybody lose their lives, especially the kids.
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she came out of 1 5:42. we have an update on a fire in ardo county. this is live pictures from the scene at mcnealy avenue just off of main street in mooresville. there's the house that's surrounded. in the last few minutes, we learned firefighters managed to get the fire under control. they've got it taped off and they're just kind of cleaning up right now. firefighters tell us no one was hurt inside. they are investigating at this point to find out exactly what happened, what started this fire. mcnealy street is shut down for obvious reasons. lots of emergency responders there on scene. you can count on channel 9. we will keep pressing for answers on this and give you more information as we get it. troopers are looking into whether an argument between a boyfriend and a girlfriend led to the girl's death in shelby.
5:43 am
16-year-old nycia copes and her boyfriend devonte parks after getting out of their vehicle at the corner of borders and oak grove roads early saturday. copes died. troopers say he was a student -- she was a student at shelby high school. >> it's tragic. 16 years old. in a relationship, dying in the middle of the roadway, yes, family took it hard. >> parks was taken to cmc and is expected to recover. troopers plan to interview parks once he's well enough to speak. this week, prayer vigils and events will be held to remember the greenville, south carolina police officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty. a 17-year-old gang member shot and killed officer alan jacobs on friday. authorities say jacobs was questioning the teen about a gun purchase when the suspect took off and fired at jacobs. police say the teen shot and killed himself. jacobs' patrol car has been turned into a shrine. jacobs was a decorated war veteran, married with two children and a third on the way. his funeral is set for
5:44 am
tonight, charlotte city council could allow a developer to build another hotel in university city. the zoning committee unanimously approved rezoning, the west side of collins aikman drive and debi g. harris boulevard. this would increase the number of hotels allowed there from 2 to 3. it would also allow the developer to build homes there. city council will also hold a hearing tonight about a rezoning request in elizabeth. leaders say this is their vision for the corner of 7th street and casswell road, including 125 homes, as well as stores and restaurants. the unc tarheels are getting ready to face indiana this friday night in philadelphia. the heels had a big weekend in the ncaa basketball tournament capped off with a huge win saturday over providence. they talked about where the team performed strongly during the game.
5:45 am
really good job of rotating and just everything the coach always tells us and teaches us on defense, so, i think in a day, we forced him into one shot and got on transition, which really helped. >> jackson there, this will be unc's 27th appearance in the sweet 16. 5:45 now. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist christine rapp in severe weather center 9. we will see a warm-up later this week. >> yes. yesterday was a good day to stay inside and watch the basketball, even this morning, we're holding onto cool conditions. we're in the 20s now in the mountains. 38 in charlotte. this is the coolest morning conditions we've had since the first couple of days of the month. of course, this month has been very warm, very dry, we will get back to that weather, but first today, it will be overall unseasonably cool ahead. temperatures in the mid-50s this afternoon. lots of sunshine, after we get the morning clouds away, we're mostly clear now, but some of the clouds will be up there as the sun starts to rise in the
5:46 am
temperatures in the upper 40s, may want to hold onto the jacket throughout the day today and especially the sunglasses will be needth. highs in the middle to upper 50s. gastonia, clouds out there this morning, but they will be decreasing throughout the day today. 39 here late this morning. 48 by lunchtime. mid-50s for an afternoon high in the gastonia area. so, overall this afternoon, going to be cool, but as we keep the skies clear overnight tonight, that's really going to allow temperatures really to drop. you know, this morning, we've got cloud cover, that's the one difference, so, tomorrow, we'll about freezing in the charlotte area. low 30s in lancaster, chesterfield. with that in mind, we have frost and freeze watches in effect until tomorrow morning, just a headsup to break out the thick coats and the umbrellas need to be put away for the next couple of days. we will see the dry conditions throughout thursday, thursday late night into friday, will hold the next chance of showers and, of course, we're heading in here to the last couple of days of the month.
5:47 am
of rain for the month. that's over two inches below where we usually are for this time of the month. and we will actually be on record for our second maybe even the first driest march on record. we're on that track right now. and, of course, looking at the 5-day forecast, there you go. lots of sunshine, and we will bring in the chance of rain on friday. temperature-wise, we will see the 80s like last week, 50s today, 60s, back to the mid-70s by wednesday and thursday. bringing in the chance of rain and extra cloud cover by friday, we will be slightly cooler, but looking ahead to the weekend, of course, always in view. temperatures staying about average. mid-60s expected saturday and sunday, but not looking like the brightest of weekends. similar to what we just had, we have the chance of rain this sunday on easter sunday. stay on top of the latest weather and conditions with our weather app. download it now, use the live interactive radar.
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alerts like those freeze watches and warnings. >> the cold doesn't last for long, though. >> that's the good news. weather and traffic every 10 minutes on eyewitness news daybreak. here's mark taylor. >> an accident in rock hill this morning, doesn't look to be too serious. this is from the d.o.t. cameras, green conditions north to cherry road. 63 miles per hour, that traffic continues to build. but as you make your way from carowinds boulevard up past the state line heading into uptown, 61 miles per hour. that's a 13-minute ride. this is what it looks like, 77 north, north of 485, heading up from arrowwood road. so, no big delays, we're dealing with damp roadways and that's about it. but south out of iredell, free and clear. as this comes in, we will keep you updated here on channel 9 and in real-time as it happens
5:49 am
you can follow me before you head out this morning. that's at traffic team 9. a north carolina surgeon helped rescue more than two dozen students from an incredible bus crash in indiana. . >> i thank god for him. i didn't snow was going on. i was still in shock. he calmed me down mentally and physically. >> the reason the doctor happened to be in the area and what troopers say caused it. leaders in south park are expected to vote tonight on a plan for new development. ahead at 6:00, what will be incorporated into the new plan.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
back now, 5:53. traffic is tarting to pick up rights now. the temperatures falling back even a little more than the
5:53 am
38 degrees now. that could keep going down. definitely a cool morning out there. we will talk with christine rapp in a few more minutes about when we can expect temperatures to head back up here now that it's spring. and in a new days, carowinds will open for the 2016 season. >> on thursday, season pass holders will experience the all- new plants versus zombies garden warfare arena. the park will officially open for everyone else on friday. many celebrated the first day of spring and many americans have season allergies. 60 million americans suffer from allergies annually. and pollen counts in the south are very high. earlier this month, we told you charlotte ranked 30th in the nation for the worst communities for spring allergy sufferers, but officials say yuma, prescott and phoenix are the hardest-hit cities.
5:54 am
>> yes, a little bit. we will be dry over the next couple of days. that's the bad news. today will be cooler and that helps a little bit. temperatures at lunchtime in the upper 40s, mid 50s this afternoon. we will have clearing conditions with cloud cover out there now. but we will make our way from full sunshine by this afternoon. and even as we head into the next couple of days. keep the sunglasses handy. we will have another look at the 5-day forecast for you coming up in the next hour of daybreak. here's mark taylor now with an update. >> yes, 77 by the john belk freeway. very quiet. looking at damp roadways, but right now, as you head from the lane to merge to the interstate, still too early, lots of room to move around from the john belk freeway heading south. we will check back in on 77 out of rock hill. we have a minor wreck, coming up next. a north carolina surgeon in the right place at the right time helping dozens of students after this bus crash. on an indiana highway. why the doctor believes it was
5:55 am
a durham teen facing deportation to his native honduras will get his chance to argue his case in court. ahead, what other students will do this week to show support. a 50-year-old church here in south park may be torn down and church members are in support of it. the reason cit with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu,
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breaking news in mooresville. we just learned one person escaped this house fire here. this is a live look at the scene. you can see a lot of fire trucks still there at this point. we're asking right now how this fire started. and you're waking up to temperatures in the 30s, even though it is officially spring now.
5:59 am
neighborhoods have a threat for black ice and pinpoint when temperatures will go back up. good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm john paul. >> i'm stephanie maxwell. it's almost 6:00 with first weather. meteorologist christine rapp is in severe weather center 9. just when we thought the winter temperatures were done, they're coming back for a little bit. >> at least the next 24 hours, it will be chilly. we had rain move through late last night, early this morning. the skies are clearing a little bit. it is chilly this morning, even though we're not tracking any rain this morning throughout the carolinas. you may still find wet pavement out there. a live look from the lake norman cam. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. we're at about 36 degrees right now in the charlotte area as you head out the door this morning. by this afternoon, sunshine returns. that's a plus, but we will have cool temperatures with highs in the 40s and 50s for monday afternoon. we will talk more about the hour by hour breakdown for your monday and talk more about the 5-day forecast coming up in the next 10 minutes. it's 6:00 a.m. now, here's mark taylor with
6:00 am
>> 77 northbound, a minor wreck north of cherry road, not seeing any issues. still green conditions northbound. we will continue to watch this. everything is off to the shoulder. very, very minor. good news to start things out. even as traffic builds, it's been quiet. 85 to 77, the interchange southbound here, just a few carbs out and about. we haven't seen any big slowdowns here, as well. that goes for 85 from cabbaras or out of cleveland and gaston counties heading north into charlotte. in the breaking news center this morning, a house fire in mooresville. this is a live look at the scene at mcnealy avenue here. you can see crews there. firefighters here on the left of scene, they're rolling up the hoses because they got this knocked down. that street is closed at main street because of the investigation. in the last 15 minutes, we learned one person was inside when the fire started. they got out safely.


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