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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 21, 2016 3:05am-4:00am EDT

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camera shutte greatly policed. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams found the suspect dead. >> it's scary. you never know. you never know. you know? two weeks ago waving at him. >> reporter: sergeant buckley remains in the hospital as state police pick up the investigation into what went so horribly wrong. cluck sivertsen, abc news, new york. >> now to the race for president. donald trump's campaign saying it's going to beef up security
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that comes after a couple of violent incidents at trump events over the weekend. on saturday, in tucson, arizona, a protester was sucker punches and repeatedly kicked by a trump supporter. also, trump's campaign manager was seen grabbing a protester by the collar. at an event in palm beach, florida, last night, trump placed the blame for the violence on protesters. >> i don't even call them protesters. i think they're professional in many cases and had he see what's happening with our campaign. because we will beat hillary so easily, folks. we're going to beat her so easily. >> at that same event, trump said he will soon release a list up to ten judges he would consider nominating for the supreme court. he also said dr. ben carson will have a health carole in his administration. on the democratic side, bill clinton hit the campaign trail in arizona stumping for his wife. clinton's event came ahead of tomorrow's arizona primary. there are also democratic nominating contests tomorrow in
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hillary clinton hosts an event for herself tonight in phoenix. and for his part, bernie sanders will be hoping for more big crowds today at his events in idaho and utah. sanders held rallies that attracted thousands of people across washington state. the largest was in seattle, 10,000 people inside an arena. and more than 7,000 outside, as well. washington's democratic caucuses are on saturday. well, it may not feel like spring in the washington, d.c. area today. but it is. and the proof is in the large crowds that turned out yesterday for the start of the annual cherry blossom festival despite the cool weather. >> they're all bundled up as you can see. >> the lack of people actually in that shot. >> 3800 of the trees around the tidal basin and 70% of them should be in bloom. the national park service says the peak days this year are this wednesday and thursday. despite cooler than usual temperatures right now.
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because i'm going to be in d.c. wednesday and thursday. so look out for myselfie. i have. but i live for d.c. in years and my tendency was always to miss them because they come earlier than you think they're going to. they come when it's still chilly out. >> you never know. it's all over the place. >> march is still usually cold. >> yes. >> on the east coast. >> this year, by the way, is the 104 there anniversary of the cherry trees being right there. >> is that right? >> being a d.c. residents, next year will be the 105th anniversary just so you know. >> i'm glad. >> coming up "the mix," robotics and parenting. you'll see how it works for one dad. >> also ahead, the fireworksdy display in the skies over west texas. who ordered this bangup event and why. >> carb lovers are in for a real treat. french bread made by some of the best bakers in the biz. taking you inside "insomniac kitchen." it's the yeast i can do.
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and no sound track even. they were illegal explosives seized by alcohol tobacco and firearms agents in west texas. for those wondering why not keep them for perhaps a city or town to use next fourth of july, the atf says this is destruction was actually court ordered. >> it's kind of magical. >> it does. it would be better with some john williams sound track next to it. wouldn't it. >> i think it was good on its own. >> the fourth of july is still a long ways away. but this year's april 18th tax deadline is quickly approaching. > it can't come soon enough for people, right? wrong. but especially if you're filing your return electronically and you have been hacked before. we have a warning for you. if you got hacked last year and a victim of tax return fraud, it could happen again and make your life even more miserable this year. >> reporter: as millions of americans are preparing to file their taxes, a warning. >> there's an issue with your federal refund and it's been
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>> reporter: the growing threat of tax return fraud happening to victims not once but twice. >> you're the victim of fraud again this year. what was your reaction? >> i was angry. i was so angry. >> reporter: last year, hackers grabbing michele quinn's refund divert it to a bank account that wasn't hearse. this year crook beating her to it again filing a fake return. >> how much is this happening where someone is a victim twice. >> nobody's sure yet because this is sort of a new and unfortunately growing area. >> reporter: to combat the problem, the irs adding a layer of extra security for fraud victims. issuing pin flubs for 2.7 million taxpayers. this month, the irs suspending the online tool. they found 800 fraudulent returns using those very pins and those are just the ones they caught. to protect against fraud use long and strong passwords. don't fall for phishing scams asking for your personal
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saying it's the irs. they will put you behind bars. >> reporter: and if you've been a victim before, experts say you really need so sign up for a sophisticated credit monitoring program to follow who is using your identity where. hopefully just you. >> little did you know you have to think about that, as well in fax season. coming up, jailtime for texting while walking. sounds extreme but that's what some lawmakers are calling for. why a spike in accidents has led to drastic measures. >> first carb bow load baking bread with the masters of the baguette the french showing us
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"insomniac kitchen" is up next.
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>> we do too, oprah, especially this guy who got a lesson in bread baking. i'm talking about kendis. >> i was apparently up for the challenge. no promises wla made is actually edible. it isn't. today is national french bread day. yes. >> i didn't know there was one. >> the day when americans say ola to french bread. let's head into the "insomniac kitchen" for a little late night baking. >> hey, insomniacs we're here for the latest science experiment that i'll call cooking or breaking. >> baking exactly. kendis, i will try to teach you how you can do a beautiful baguette. >> great. and i will teach you how painful that experience will be. >> we start with 500 grams of flour. >> all right. >> so see how i work. >> is it okay if i need to sneeze right now. >> no, you just need five ingredients. flour, water. salt. yeast. and a lot of patience.
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the water with the flour, you start kneading the dough. this. >> okay, sorry. >> you don't do cooking often i see. >> i'm not even trying to mess it up. it's just happening naturally. >> this is going to what, ferment for like. >> fermentation. >> for three or so hours. >> three hours outside. after we take the dough and we art to work with the dough. >> magic. >> this i'm sure you can do. you just need to cut part of the dough to prepare your future baguette. you just push a little of the dough. you close your dough at one time. after you start with one hand. >> one hand just massage it. >> and role. this is a beautiful baguette, kendis. between two and three hours. after we go to put in the oven.
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minutes, the bread is ready, kendis. so will take out. so i take mine. you take yours. >> take yours out, okay. >> they look good. >> yes. >> those are mine. >> whoo-hoo. voila, my bread. look at that. senator it's beautiful. >> when you look at it, you really can't tell whose baguette is whose. >> perhaps your baguette is most handsome, no? >> it looks so deformed. eat it. >> yes so you can eat your baguette. carbs. >> this is no carbs. >> natural. >> you can eat it straight from the oven like this. >> like there. it's way hot. >> it's great. nice job. it's a great way to celebrate the holiday. >> yes, it's a holiday.
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i try to teach you. but i think you're a better now. >> merci. >> clearly he's good at lying because mine was not very good. >> these are the baguettes that kendis baked for us. thank you. >> no, did you see that deformed thing? the key is to smell it at first. there's several different. >> like a fine wine. >> yes. the 2012 merlot. yeah, it's a baguette. >> it's delicious. >> be better with some fromage perhaps the. >> anything's good at this hour. kendis, it looks like you have a life if you want to go into bread. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected every week, every month, every year you ready ma? always life is unpredictable, so embrace it!
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3:25 am
keep in touch with his kids in australia, they're 7 and 9. it apparently follows them around. always keep an eye on them. they know their dad's always there. >> it's a little creepy. >> next best thing. australia's a long way away. >> so beak he's talking his kids with this little robot. >> he spent three years building it. >> i guess it's kind of cool. look at that. >> spent three years. he didn't have prior experience building robots. that's pretty dedicated to figure that out. >> he might have a future in it. no doubt. so everybody's all about this selfie craze nowadays, as well. there was this kid during the knicks gape last night who was trying to take a selfie just as the players were coming out and it just went completely wrong. take a look. he's there. oh. he gets knocked over. but he gets back up. he's all right. >> oh. >> let's go to the close-up. take a look. oh. >> man.
3:26 am
but that's a good lesson learned right there. >> yeah, this is better than a selfie. he's on tv on the news. and probably all over the internet. >> wiping out? >> yeah, wouldn't have been the case if he just had a boring old selfie and he learned a lesson. speaking of selfies we've seen a lot of selfies of celebrities and also maternity shoots. we're finally with demi moore has done -- that was have i iconic image of her on "vanity fair." jessica simpson, kourney kardashian. pregnant celebs something we're used to. what about pregnant dogs? oh, this is lilica. she is a dog. she apparently thought a maternity shoot would be a great idea for her pregnant pooch. >> so they can look at these memories in a few months and be happy about it. very nice. >> wish you the best with your pups. >>en ot pet beat for a second,
3:27 am
to tell you about in new zealand. this is bridgette. 6-year-old cat here who has stolen, those are the items bridgette has stolen. 11 pairs of boxers, some 50 pairs of socks from her neighbors in new zealand. her owner sent out a note to neighbors saying you might want to retrieve your boxers and your briefs. if you're curious, she seemed to have a preference towards boxers.
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>> how does she get in all these>> how does she get in all this morning on "world news now," president obama's arrival in cuba. starting a new chapter in relations with havana. the long awaited arrival, what he hopes to accomplish there today. campaign violence. donald trump responds to the protests at campaign rallies. the blame game from the republican front runner. >> new this half hour, a violent scene inside a busy shopping
3:30 am
>> caught on camera, the man posing as the easter bunny is seen losing his cool and in the middle of a brawl. who broke it up and who is investigating. >> wow. and later in "the skinny," birthday bash. there who she only turns 40 once. you'll see the superstars who sang and celebrated the big event in "the skinny" on this monday, march 21st. >> announcer: from abc news, >> good monday morning, everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lauren lyster. in for reena ninan. we begin this half hour with the big news. president obama in cuba. upon his arrival in havana he was greeted by top cuban officials. cuban president raul castro was not among them. >> mr. obama and castro will meet today, however and the obamas will be the guests of honor tonight at a formal state dinner. abc's arlette saenz is in havana. good morning.
3:31 am
stepped into the history books becoming the first american president to set foot on cuban soil in nearly nine decades. air force one landed in havana for the first time carrying the president of the united states. the last president to visit cuba arrived on a battleship. >> back in 1928, president coolidge came on a battleship. it took him three days to get here. it only took me three hours. >> reporter: president obama strolled through the rainy streets of old havana, prompting cheers from cubans lining the roads. the president's three-day visit restored diplomatic relations with cuba. the white house is hoping this trip will cement the president's cuba policy. >> this is a historic visit. and it's a historic opportunity. >> reporter: today the president raul castro. one year after they first met face to face in panama. but there's one famous cuban the president won't see.
3:32 am
fidel castro. the president will also take his message directly to the cuban people, delivering a speech to a crowd of thousands and meeting with political dissidents on tuesday. he'll even catch a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and cuba's national team. all part of an effort to forge a closer relationship between the u.s. and cuba. arlette saenz, abc news, havana. >> and with so much history pa being made in cuba, abc's david muir sits down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with the president tonight. you'll see that report on "world news now." >> overseas a suspect in the paris attacked captured friday was apparently planning more violence. salah abdeslam was charged in connection with the attacks. investigators say they found heavy weapons during the operation that resulted in abdeslam's capture. he was taken into custody not very far from his family home, which is in brussells.
3:33 am
california identified as the victim of a rocket attack in iraq this weekend. staff sergeant louis cardin of temecula was killed saturday at a coalition base. he was deployed with the 26th marine expeditionary unit which just arrived in iraq about a week ago. the marines are providing protection for the military advisors in that region. in central indiana, one sheriff's deputy is dead, another wounded after a gun battle at a mobile home. about 50 miles north of indianapolis. the suspect is also dead. the deputies were trying to serve a pair of warrants for drug related offenses. here's more from abc's gio benitez. >> we've got two officers down. we need somebody. >> reporter: you're listening to the moment two indiana deputies serving a warrant ended up in a gun battle. >> fired, county! >> we got shots fired. >> i've been hit. >> reporter: 27-year-old deputy carl koontz and 35-year-old sergeant jordan buckley coming face to face with a gunman when they went into a house. the deputies returning gunfire, but it was too late.
3:34 am
the force, dying from those wounds. buckley is still recovering. >> they got inside the residence and they were met with gunfire. we plan for it, but you're never fully prepared for that situation, if it is truly unknown to us. the alleged suspect is dead and his identity has not been released. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> investigators in western pennsylvania say a retired state trooper was behind a toll booth robbery which turned deadly. the retired trooper clarence briggs was killed in a shoot-out with on duty troopers. they say briggs robbed two toll collectors at gunpoint. one collector was killed, as well along with a security guard. >> donald trump's campaign is making a move to reduce violence at trump's events. more security personnel will now be hired from now on. at trump's larger gatherings that comes after new incidents at rallies over the weekend. the blame for those incidents according to trump should be placed on protesters. abc's mary bruce has more.
3:35 am
violent confrontation yet. a protester at this trump rally in tucson escorted out when a trump supporter sucker-punches him, pulls him to the ground, and repeatedly kicks him. the supporter, arrested. but donald trump seeming to blame the man who was hit. >> these people are very disruptive people, george. these are not innocent lambs. >> but does that excuse punching and kicking a protester? >> well, you know, he or his partner was wearing a ku klux klan outfit. this happened to be an african-american man who was very, very incensed at the fact that somebody, a protester, would be wearing a ku klux klan outfit. >> reporter: fact is, the man who was punched was wearing a stars and stripes shirt. still, trump on "this week" says protesters share responsibility for the unrest. >> at what point do people blame the protesters? these are people that are professional agitators. >> so, you're blaming the protesters, not the person who actually punched and kicked the protester? >> no, i'm saying this, these are professional agitators and they should be blamed there, too. >> reporter: trump also
3:36 am
corey lewandowski, after grabbing a protester by the collar. watch again. lewandowski in the grey suit. >> i give him credit for having spirit. he wanted them to take down those horrible profanity-laced signs. >> reporter: this is the second time lewandowski has been accused of getting physical at a rally. he also allegedly grabbed a female reporter. but trump standing by his campaign manager, bringing lewandowski onstage at his last victory celebration. now, trump was pressed about his prediction that his supporters will riot at the convention if he doesn't win the nomination. trump says he'll tell them not to, but suggests it could happen anyway, saying they are "fervent." mary bruce, abc news, the white house. >> in the meantime on the democratic side, bill clinton will be on the campaign trail in washington state today stumping for his wife. clinton's event yesterday in arizona came ahead of tomorrow's primary in that state. and there are also democratic nominating contests tomorrow in utah and idaho. hillary clinton hosts an event herself tonight in phoenix.
3:37 am
hoping for more big crowds today at his events in idaho and utah. sanders attracted thousands of people at rallies across washington state, the largest in seattle, 10,000 people inside. more than 7,000 outside. washington's democratic caucuses are on saturday. the northeast coast is bracing for moderate to heavy snow on the first day of spring in time for the morning commute. with flurries falling on new york city overnight east of the city on long island, several inches of snow are expected. the boston area is also expecting heavy snow overnight. half a foot or more by daybreak. boston schools will be closed. connecticut schools are also closed or delayed because of slick roads. >> so in today's forecast in the meantime, the rest of the northeast will get no more than a coating, and all of it will melt away a little later on in the day because you see those temperatures. some frost overnight in the south. a new storm is moving in from the pacific bringing rain to the
3:38 am
mountains. >> highs in the northeast in the 40s to low 50s. good-bye snow. upper 40s in the upper midwest and our hot spot today, phoenix at 94 degrees. >> wow. scorcher there. we're expecting some modest product announcements from apple today. the company isn't saying, of course, but analysts expect we'll see a new iphone, new ipad. the fon will be smaller, mort size of the 5 than the more recent 6 but also less expensive for the 6. it will be intended for price conscious customers who think smaller is better. the new ipad will be a mid range option. >> smaller price tag is better maybe for those customers. twitter is celebrating its tenth anniversary today. initially the service was spelled twttr. no vowels. it now has 300 million users and is a publicly traded company. it's become a major force in social media and really in all media. one of the first things
3:39 am
arriving in cuba, for example, was send a tweet. analysts do point out the company is still not making money. >> yeah, his tweet saying cuba, what's happening. it was seen all around. >> that's cool. but probably not in cuba where only 5% get the internet. kind of interesting. >> it's getting there. going to the mall to take pictures with the easter bunny should be a happy time, right? >> in theory. it should be. but it didn't turn out that way at one new jersey mall. take a look at this. after its resident easter bunny got tangled up in a brawl. oh, my gosh. it's so bizarre to see a headless bunny doing that. it's a little hard to see in the chaos. but the bunny is there wearing his blue jacket with no head and no floppy ears but those ared dead give away. >> yeah, he was separated from one customer. then he pulled his gloves off and went back for more till security guards were able to finally subdue him. it's unclear what started the brawl. mall officials aren't necessarily talking about it.
3:40 am
disturbed in the process of seeing the easter bunny do that? >> yeah. all right. maybe he'll be next year's santa claus, as well. we'll see. >> you can only hope, right? >> coming up in "the skinny," super hero embarrassment for henry cavill and ben affleck showing up for a batman versus superman film premiere. and also ahead, the bald eagles welcomed into the world with millions of people discreetly watching. why the baby birds were so wildly anticipated. >> the dangers of walking while texting. the serious injuries that can result and why one state is now illegal. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by . weather brought to you by resolve. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it, resolve it. our formula with a special
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(sounds of birds whistling) music introducing new k-y touch gel cr me. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes.
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a 17-year-old pilot had to make an emergency landing on a wichita, kansas golf course after his engine failed. the teen and his girlfriend had saved up money to rent the plane for a trip to nashville over spring break. they were almost home when they ran into engine trouble. both were treated for a few broken bones but he's getting lots of praise for landing in the open space and avoiding some nearby homes. kind of a bummer. if you're one of those people that has trouble walking and chewing gum, then the whole walking and texting thing is probably out of the question but it doesn't mean you don't do it. >> we practice it all the time. and that's what some lawmakers are trying to do right now by banning what they call a high risk habit. >> reporter: the new push to make this a criminal offense, distracted walking. > even headphones are bad. you're not paying attention to where you're going. reporter: so dangerous -- >> i've been caught a couple of times like about to get hit by a
3:45 am
assembly woman introduced a bill making violators subject to a fine or 15 days in jail. >> reporter: it doesn't matter if you have the right-of-way. the bill states if you're in a crosswalk, your phone has to be put away and your hands have to be free. one after the other in just an hour, pedestrians caught texting in new york city where it is legal. this as cameras capture mishaps of distracted walking. this man nearly runs into a bear in a california neighborhood while a robber in london takes advantage of this guy's distraction. recent numbers show a 10% spike in pedestrian fatalities in the first six months of last year. >> the smartphone is the newest and arguably one of the most dangerous forms of distraction. >> reporter: now lawmakers hoping to stop this increasingly dangerous habit in its tracks. >> many lawmakers are saying this is basically akin to jaywalking. so if jaywalking is illegal in so many states and so many communities, why shouldn't this
3:46 am
going to be around the corner. there it is that. there's also this. is there a higher penalty if you are using one of these phones? >> one of those. >> if this law goes into effect? >> we call it old school. that's -- those are the days when i was reading right on magazine and just using that. >> big phone. i like it. >> what's right on magazine? >> that was my question. i'm not going to lie. >> the kids know it. from the '90s. coming up, the all-star birthday bash featuring a private taylor swift concert. >> sounds like fun. who wore it better, batman or superman? "the skinny" is next. "the skinny"ing is next. this is how you say it's going to be okay
3:47 am
that, yes, we'll find you somewhere to stay and yes, your children will have breakfast. every 8 minutes the red cross responds to a disaster and makes this promise.
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tt2wmrst@! po j# , d tt2wmrst@! p!!*n \ , tt2wmrst@! p4!j# *6x tt2wmrst@! px#*&`:-8, tt2wmrst@! pt#j'`:98h tt2wmrst@! pt#j)`:2x, tt2wmrst@! pp#j*`:%c0 tt2wmrst@! pp#j,`:`:p tt2wmrst@! pl#*.`:m0\ tt2wmrst@! pl#*0`:v&4 skinny, so skinny so leading off the "skinny" this morning, the biggest most fantastic party over the weekend that we weren't invited to. >> no, we were working. we couldn't go. >> our excuse. >> those invitations might have been lost in the mail but hey, it's okay. we'll forgive you, reese witherspoon, of course. luckily others made it out for her 40th birthday party. >> it was a who's's who have hollywood party at the warwick on sunset boulevard. many stars shared the fun on social media including kate hudson.
3:49 am
house spoon within taylor swift performing for the crowd. reese did a little performing herself. she sang on stage with keith urban playing guitar on this lynyrd skynyrd crowd-pleaser. sweet home alabama >> and she looks great and sounds great. at the risk of name dropping we'll tell you that the other guests included matthew mcconaughey, robert downey junior, jennifer aniston and justin theroux. >> there were quite a few folks there. the guest of honor was her mama who flew in from tennessee for the event. happy birthday. >> speaking of celebrations, beyonce kicked off spring with early easter festivities starring little blue ivey carter, her daughter. >> queen bey threw her 4-year-old daughter a very cute tea party complete with photoshopped flower crowns,
3:50 am
adorable smiles and blue super cool aunt solange even joined in on some of the easter fun. >> lucky for us, beyonce shared photos with the caption "happy spring." >> all righty. thank you. next two super heroes getting a lot of attention right now. batman and superman. >> yeah, at last night's new york premiere has fans buzzing but earlier in the weekend, mexico city hosted its own premiere with ben affleck who plays batman taking to the red carpet. >> henry cavill, of course, plays superman who was also there. some had a hard time telling them apart. both rocking a white suit. so cavill with the three-piece option and affleck with a slightly more relaxed look. now the real question is, what would bruce wayne and clark kent do in this situation? >> they would change into their super hero outfits naturally. >> who wore it better? i'm going with henry. >> i'm going to go with ben. >> i'm going henry. >> something for everyone.
3:51 am
for all you insomniacs, tonight is the season premiere of "dancing with the stars." >> the cast has been hard at work and there will be some slight adjustments in personnel. derek hough is out as well as his sister julianne hough and old judge len berman returning from sabbatical. >> let's take a look at the odds-on favorites according to bookies in las vegas. abc's very own ginger zee is the top prospect. jodie sweetin from "fuller house" positioned as her top competition. >> and super bowl mvp von miller the favorite among the athletes. we'll see how it all shakes out tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central here on abc. at 8:00, 7:00 central here on abc. alright kiddos! everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! finally there's a disinfectant mist designed for sofas, mattresses and more. introducing new lysol max cover. its innovative cap has a 2x wider spray
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fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me >> and with that in mind, a couple of baby bald eagles are internet superstars after millions of people watched their arrival into the world. >> they're pretty cute. webcams were focused on the new arrivals and the break-through moments for both birds. abc's rachel smith was part of the excitement. >> reporter: the bird watchers across the country captivated by this baby bald eagle born in washington, d.c. the hatchling breaking free of its shell friday morning live on the national arboretum's webcam. the proud parents dubbed mr. president and the first lady seen doting on the patriotic peep since its birth. the little fellow even caught on camera opening its mouth for mom. >> the bald eagle almost gone from our country has come back tenfold, 100 fold. >> reporter: the presidential couple the first nesting eagles in the area since 1947 are now
3:56 am
tidy, feeding the chick, mr. president even seen here flopping a fish into the nest before going back out to hunt. >> they're more like a modern family in the sense they both take turns sitting on the eggs, they both go and hunt. they both brood the babies, both feed the babies. >> reporter: social media obsessed. #dceaglecam trending worldwide. conservationists also on the edge of their seats as that second egg finally breaks its way into the world almost 48 hours after its sibling. >> one of the greatest things that i think anybody could view is our national bird being hatched and being grown up. hopefully they'll show all this over the next few weeks. and to see that bird take its first flight, oh, my gosh. >> rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> this is much better than what i watched when i saw the webcam live which is eating a rotting fish. a lot of flies on it. >> why do you have to be a buzz kill? experience i guess. >> wow. you are experienced. >> like eagle whisperer there.
3:57 am
>> i should tell you, you know, the sad part as much -- as cute as they are, there was no knowing the babies will actually survive. you never know. they're wild eagles. >> nature is unforgiving. >> i will tame them. >> you will? you'll come to their rescue. >> don't miss our updates on facebook >> coming up, more news from abc. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for
3:58 am
3:59 am
two decades.omniacs for making news in america this morning -- historic visit. president obama waking up in cuba. a full schedule including a meeting with raul castro. and controversy surrounding the visit. we're live with the e details. spring snow, a storm sweeping up the east coast right
4:00 am
winter's last gasp. bringing several inches and closing schools. who's expected to get the worst of it? risk rescue. the earth opening up. two boys falling into a sinkhole. plus march madness buzzer beaters and the moment that left this expression on bill murray's face. >> uh-oh. good monday morning, everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm lauren lyster. we begin with president obama's historic trip to cuba. air force one touching down in havana last yesterday. the first time a u.s. president has visited the nation since 1920s. >> sasha and malia, michelle obama and her mother, tropical rains as you can see, greeting the group as they walk through


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