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tv   Eyewitness News at 600  ABC  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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where people have been coming by to see what happened. elsa? >> reporter: this has been a busy scene all afternoon with police collecting coming by. now, police left the scene just within the last hour and cmpd got the call before 2 this afternoon, regarding an assault with a deadly weapon. when they got here, they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound and he was pronounced dead at the scene. neighbors told me they heard several gunshots, as you said and police tell us they don't have a suspect or suspects in custody and that this is an active investigation with a lot of moving parts and questions right now and the shooting happened next to a ymca where a lot of people and children have been coming and going all afternoon. i spoke with several people shocked it happened inning door and scared for their safety. >> and the bullets have no eyes
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child or someone will come to get the child. it's bad. >> reporter: because it's a busy intersection, police hope someone saw something and can give them some information about what happened here today. we'll bring you updates on air and online as soon as we get them. reporting live in west charlotte, elsa gelis, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> and neighbors in west charlotte had been working together to protect their community from crime. in january, we told but the group one love. and they mostly help elderly neighbors who are scared to come outside each day. the group helps with tasks like outdoor chores and makes sure that locks are strong. eyewitness news reporter elsa gilis will stay on top of the latest homicide and she's tweeting updates when we're not on the air and you can follow her at elsawsoc9. and another homicide discovered hours earlier today. this is in east charlotte. police say a man was shot and killed and found in some woods off of central avenue right behind a restaurant.
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tonight as police try to piece together the case and find the shooter. type a. >> reporter: police say that they found that man's body in the back corner of this parking lot here and just yards away from several restaurants and dozens of neighbors who want answers tonight. it's a bustling area full of restaurants behind one of them, police made a chilling discovery. >> and i used to be here on the streets and -- >> officers say the victim had multiple gunshot wounds. the police were called to assist with a medical call when they found the body that canvassed the area for hours looking for clues. >> and that is -- [ indiscernible ] i'm fixing to move from here, anyway. >> reporter: crime statistics show there are no other homicide investigations within a quarter mile of the area since september and however, there have been 32 violent crimes like assault and armed
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a big problem that neighbors want to end. >> yeah, it is. >> reporter: so far, police have not named suspects or made arrests in this case and they have not released the victim's name but we'll pass that information to you as soon as we get it. live tonight in east charlotte, tina terry, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> and we sent out a breaking news alert as soon as we learned about both homicides in charlotte. seen up for those on the mobile app. and the clouds are rolling in and the warm temperatures we're getting used to are starting to disappear and john a rens is tracking the major weather changes. >> and we start to make this transition. we're going to see more pick up through the weekend and it's not a washout but you need to have rain in mind as you make your plans and a lot of palm sunday services for tomorrow. the rain needs to be thought of, at least, even in the morning time and right now, chesterfield county seeing the
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union county and into shirah within the next hour and this is the band we're watching for charlotte to get involved with later on tonight. morganton and table rack through old fort, part of drexel, lenore, collinsville and into taylorsville now and into the mountains. jefferson and into zionville and watauga county. we're going to track it for you. about 6:21 or so, it will be in hickory's direction. statesville before 7 and possibly lake norman around 7:00. and what is happening here is we have a messy weather maker pushing through and as it moves on, it's drawing in colder air from the north and totally changing the ballgame to the point that we're talking about freezing threats in the charlotte area. a freeze watch will be in affect for monday. i'll be mapping out the neighborhoods and they're going to be a reward of bringing the plants inside. that is coming up. >> thank you, john. and stay on top of the changing weather condition when
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download our wsoc weather app for free in the app store and on google play. and right now, dozens of protestors are marching in charlotte against u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement or i.c.e. saying agents are targeting the students. many wore t-shirts supporting cms student jeffrey sordo. he's among dozens of students who came to the u.s. without documentation and he is now in line to be deported. protestors believe that he was targeted and say i.c.e. agents picked him up at the bus stop. last month, an i.c.e. spokesman told channel 9 the judge ordered the deportation and that officers picked him up outside of the home. >> and there has to be a large number of young men who have been deported and killed already because of gang violence, and we fear for their safety. >> reporter: supporters will march three miles to the government center in uptown where they will hold a rally starting at 6:30.
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charged the only surviving man accused in the deadly paris attacks. salah abdeslam faces terrorist murder and participating in a terrorist organization charges. he was released from the hospital after investigators said he was shot in the leg during a raid yesterday. authorities believe he drove the car to drop off the team of suicide bombers that targeted him at the soccer stadium about you that instead of detonating his own suicide vest, he fled back to belgium. >> and there will be interventions and today in the days that follow. >> and what is important now is that salah abdeslam has been under arrest. >> the attacks killed 130 people in paris. french and belgium prosecutors are working on a legal exchange to get him back to france. and the south carolina senate will continue its debate next week over a controversial bill targeting syrian refugees. and it comes after one of the
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syrian refugee to get into the country. it would require refugees to register with the department of social services in a public online data base and be tracked by state police but the phed sent the senate a letter saying the bill is unconstitutional. tonight, another flurry of attacks in the presidential race as some republicans try to stop gop front-runner donald trump. and candidates are pushing for votes in utah and arizona ahead of the tuesday contest. demonstrators in new york and arizona created chaos in the streets this weekend, trying to literally stop donald trump and this is as mitt romney announced he sent senator ted cruz and trump reacted questioning his opponent's faith. >> are you sure he's a mormon? are we sure? he choked. >> and that has no place in politics. that is wrong and disgraceful to call into question the faith of another.
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that no leader should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. leaders in cuba are preparing for a historic visit for president obama this weekend. he will travel to the island tomorrow for a three-day trip after a breakthrough in relations between havana and washington, including the ease of travel restrictions. this is the first time a u.s. president has been to cuba since 1928. >> i never thought a u.s. president would visit cuba and i hope the relations improve between the u.s. and cuba, the economic situation gets better. that is what cuba really needs. >> the u.s. economic embargo is still in place, which only conk can lift. the internet in cuba is some of the most restricted in the world. and president obama has vowed to push for more access. united states health officials are warning the risk of zika virus in cuba ahead of the trip for president obama.
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the island to the travel notice for the virus. the obama administration said the zika virus hasn't been a factor in the president's travel decisions and is not expected to be in the future. it's a mosquito-bourne illness that is impacting much of the world, especially brazil. the cdc said pregnant women are the most at risk. grit can cause birth defects and adult paralysis. there is six confirmed cases in north carolina so far. >> and the irs issued a consumer alert saying it's seen a surge in cameras trying to take your mean -- money this tax season and thieves are sending out e-mails and -- aimed at getting your personal information. the irs includes that it may include malware that can affect your computer. and the agency has seen in about 400% increase in fishing and malware incidents compared to last year.
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taxpayers by e-mail. and in the last 10 minutes, a candlelight prayer vigil started for columbus cj simons in concord. police say he was shot to death last monday night outside of a medical clinic on lincoln street. police are still looking for the person responsible and another person was shot but is expected to be okay. and police say there is no indication that the incident had anything to do with that medical center. the vigil is sponsored by the caabouterras chapter of murders and murder -- mothers and murderers offspring and started at the location of last monday's shooting. >> and a facebook post gone viral, killing two children with their -- showing two children with their hands and mouths duct taped. the mother's explanation. >> and a local fourth grader sent nude video to strangers. deputies revealed the apps she used and why this case will be a hard one to solve. >> and spring starts after midnight.
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. new at 6, cleveland county deputies say a nude video of a fourth grader is circulating online. the deputies tell channel 9 that she was on the app musically when she came across pornography. strangers messaged her to switch over to another app and record herself and send it to them. >> once she did the upload and download the twos, they can't be brought back. it's out and the internet -- . >> investigators said that because of the complexities of the internet, they will likely never solve the case. new at 6, a tennessee mother's facebook post went viral after posting her children duct taped. she said it was a joke. check out the photo of the
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their mouths and hands wrapped with duct tape. the caption reads, quote, kids for sale. 45% off because they're bad. parents in the area are not happy. >> that is no joke. it's nothing to play with. i don't find -- i find it offensive. >> i could not breath. it took my breath away. caused extreme emotional distress. these are children. they're human beings. >> reporter: memphis police are investigating. the tennessee department of children services said that they have limited information about you are looking into the situation. and a million dollar yacht that has been stuck in the mud in the middle of lake norman is finally free tonight. a large crane removed the boat after it was stuck in less than six inches of water for a week off of governor's island in denver. it was towed back to the all- season's marina. the boat owner said he was on the lake at night and his gps had failed before the yacht got stuck.
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ambassador to the united states served as grand national for this year's saint patrick's day parade. the ambassador visited with a small group of businesses and community leaders before the parade started and ambassitor anderson said it was an honor to serve as the grand marshal, her if of the time leading a parade. and clouds have dominated charlotte all day and meteorologist john ahrens will be tracking rain. >> and i don't it's going to be heavy but if you're heading out, be prepared. the showers will be around and for temperature also, palm sunday services, for some of us, it's going to be wet and a rainy, drizzly and nasty looking day. not necessarily a washout. we have good showers showing up in chesterfield county and moving off into the town of shifterfield and into shirah and hamlet and into your neighborhood by 6:30.
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this is interesting. a thunderstorm is showing up. west of lake lord and chimney rock, weatherford county and looks like it's starting to lose steam. we might see this getting closer and closer to charlotte and probably after 8:00 tonight and in the meantime, between, that we're looking at about 7:00 and to like a6:55. and lenore into morganton and hudson, and granite falls and into taylorsville. and statesville, get ready for this one. light rain if you plan to barbecue or have folks out on the deck, you're going to need to bring that inside and the activity and this is going to change to snow. as we make a major weather transition. and this is the future cast. and we're not talking about anything terribly heavy tonight but there will be showers around and at five:00 in the morning, you're get -- 5:00 in the morning, there is going to be rain around. seven:00 in the morning, the
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drizzily and into albemarle and concord and mount pleasant. three:00 in the afternoon, there is not a lot of rain but there is a lot of clouds and that i go nowhere. i don't think we're going to see a lot of sun at all tomorrow and that is going to make a major difference on the big story, what is happening to the temperatures. you see 55 in charlotte and focus on the blue, though, that covers that and digs into charlotte and that is cold air trying to get itself formally in control of charlotte and watch what happens with the temperatures. by sunday, tomorrow, 1:00, it's 44 and that does not make much improvement at all in the afternoon and that is incredible. and you can follow us on the weather app. and in uptown and into plaza billboard tomorrow, that is going to be scattered showers with cold temperatures without any kind of major warmth compared to what we have seen the past few days and in mooreesville, 49 and that is it.
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late-day sun. snow in the forecast in the he country and not going to add up to much but that is going to be 35. the throat tracker, showers, yes and more in a cold fashion. you're going anywhere tomorrow, you're going to need the jackets and watch this. near charlotte on monday. 32 and i think it's going to be colder on tuesday morning and check out the five-day forecast on, all of this is happening as spring begins. winter said hold on a minute. i have more to say. and the next couple of nights into the morning, it's going to be cold. >> and i could have used the rain, though. and there is that -- . >> yeah. >> the pollen on your car. >> and that is the biggest weekend yet. >> and thank you. and -- [ indiscernible ] the third time the past four
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how brandon . >> the duke blue devils look good in the win over unc wilmington. they find themes in a matchup with yale. the bulldogs in the a round of 32 after shock the country with a win over baylor. and the reigning national champs one win away from reaching a sweet 16 for the 29th time in program history and well on the way in the first half and under 10 to go and the pump fake in the corner and goes around the defense for the land and extending the duke lead to 8 points and blue devils in cruise control as yale struggled shooting and they plan like a veteran. the 18-year-old drapes the 3 and -- drains the 3. 48-25 and the second half, a bit of a different story as yale battles back under 12 minutes to go and mason driving.
6:24 pm
and justin sears is there to clean up the miss, a 15-0 run by the bulldogs and with the cut to 7 points, 54-47 and blue devils flex their muscles and kicks it out to ingram and he's heading downtown and with 25 points, duke advances with a 71- 64 and the third sweet 16 appearance the last four years. >> and when you have three 18- year-olds out there, sometimes they get lost in the amuseth park. you have to -- amusement park. we have to put those where are you leash. not like a dog but a kid leash and we have grown up and have been a -- beat a good basketball team today. >> and duke will head to anaheim for the sweet 16 and play the winner of the oregon- saint joseph's matchup. and north carolina will take the floor at 9:40 versus providence. the tarheels seek the 32nd sweet 16 in program history. >> and they have to play to make a deep one in the
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defensive side of the ball and versus f frida gulf coast. shot 60% in the first half and will head coach said that number and the lack of health is alarming. >> and we would have one guy help and the other guys standing out three to 15 feet watching and they would penetrate and help and drop down the other guy. we never had a third guy involved saying every time the ball moves, five guys on defense should move and that was probably the most frustrating. >> what is not frustrating, the play of the acc right now. they will last one game so far. >> that is pretty good. >> and interesting. >> yeah. >> and that is history. >> yeah. >> and i have to show you the temperatures. watch this. keep your eye on the 44, 7:00 tomorrow. >> oh. and that doesn't move. >> no. >> and no. maybe the upper 40s for most of us tomorrow.
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ts. it's good welcome to "world news tonight." protesters trying to stop donald
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taking to the streets in arizona, blocking the main road to a trump rally. the massive delays, the arrests and the rallying cry from phoenix to new york. >> while donald trump doubles down tonight. the passenger jet plunging to the ground, killing everyone onboard. a fireball lighting up the sky, was the pilot disoriented? details from the investigation coming in right now. the winter storm crashing spring break. from heavy rain to freezing temperatures, how much snow is in the forecast? the move to ban texting while walking, the number of pedestrian fatalities on the rise, is texting to blame? and the picture-perfect pontiff, now on instagram, and breaking the internet in hours. #amen. good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday.


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