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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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training about a mile in this direction. deputies say it's understandable why that mother was so terrified. the barrel of the pistol in all of this was nearly eight inches long. >> i'm going to take my daughter to school. >> she showed us where the man approached her car. she was getting ready to take her daughter to the bus stop. >> i was so scared. he said get out. get out. i got a gun. >> he was yelling at you. >> he was trying to pull my door open. >> with the door's locked, she backed out of the driveway and got on her daughter's school bus telling the driver someone was trying to kill her. >> i didn't do nothing man. >> didn't do anything. weren't out there. >> didn't have a gun. >> i'm not answering your questions. >> deputies arrested wesley wright. they put him in handcuffs and placed him in this chair sitting near a curb in front of a home. he's charged with felonious attempted robbery with a
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15 swat members were training a mile away when the initial call came out. >> no word to describe it. within two minutes we had cars lined up down the street. >> they're looking out for you. >> that luck didn't run out. we were with deputies as they searched a 3/4 of a mile trail through the neighborhood looking for the weapon. they found the air soft pistol in woods behind a tree. he denied knowing anything about the pistol or what happened. >> keep that for your answer. get that camera out of my face or i'm going to spit on it. >> fortunately he didn't spit on me. he's locked up under a 50,000- dollar bond tonight. reporting live from hickory, dave faherty, channel 9 eyewitness news. now dave was tweeting pictures from the scene all morning long. you can follow him,@fahertywsoc9. a breaking story out of greenville south carolina.
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killed in the line of ty. earlier at 5:00 we told you the shooting happened while the officer was out serving a warrant. the suspect later shot and killed himself. we have new information right now about that warrant. greenville's police chief saying that his department has been focused on violence and gang activity in that community. and that this particular officer took that challenge head-on. the officer and suspect's names have not been released tonight. we're staying on top of this developing story for you. we'll bring you any new information ahead tonight at 6:00. governor pat mccrory's office says it will handle coal ash clean up from now on. a state coal ash management commission over sees duke energy's closure of coal ash ponds. but the governor sent a letter this week disbanding that panel. it comes after the governor won a court battle where he accused the legislature of over stepping its authority by appointing the commission. critics are slamming his latest move.
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that the legislative appointments to the coal ash commission were unconstitutional. not the body itself. so it's unclear on what basis the governor thinks he has the authority. >> it's still not clear whether or not the governor will appoint new members to that committee or leave the over sight entirely to the state department of environmental quality. it comes amide water safety ponds. last year the state asked people near the duke energy allen steam plant not to drink well water because of elevated levels of heavy metals. this month they said the levels aren't dangerous. neighbors still refuse to drink the water and they're meeting with statute officials next week. channel 9 has been covering the coal ash clean up and safety concerns for years. you can find all of our past coverage on south carolina state health officials are pushing to make some water safety policies after records unveil that some systems avoided led testing for
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the state health department says at least 20 systems went untested. raising concerns about whether children were being exposed to led. dhec said it's changing policies and will require tests every three years for small water systems and every year for schools. new developments tonight, firefighters say a cigarette started this massive fire at a home in belmont. yesterday we told you this six- year-old boy was able to get his mother and grandfather out of the home on clay street safely. he says he herd hard the smoke detector and saw the flames and jumped into action. the fire totally destroyed their home. the first day of testimony wrapped up for a man accused of killing his six-month-old baby girl. police say back in 2012, they found todd's daughter not breathing at a motel on tuckaseegee road.
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trial but the state argued against it. >> he's making choices and putting himself in this position. because he will not accept over the past 3.5 years the help of the entire legal system. the judge denied the request. he heard testimony today from the medical examiner. and a cmpd officer who responded to the scene. testimony is expected to pick back up on monday. a concord man is facing charges tonight accused of pointing a shotgun at someone after a road rage incident. officers say they watched richard bond yell at another man on the concord parkway south this week. he grabbed the gun from his car and pointed it at the other man. police stepped in and arrested bond. he faces assault charges. there's a new analysis that shows that police in durham are more likely to pull over black male drivers. the group rti international
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stops from 2010 through october of 2015. they say they found the odds of a black driver being stopped were 20% higher during the day than at night. but they say they found the racial bias dwindled in the past two years. police say they've been focusing on higher crime neighborhoods which they believe often have more minorities. police say the improvement in racial disparity follows recent changes in their policies and training. you might remember last year greensboro police stopped pulling drivers over for vehicle infractions like broken tail lights. the chief says it was meant to address profiling concerns amide some growing tensions between police and the communities. a new york times analysis found that black drivers in greensboro were pulled over twice as often as white drivers. you can see this study out of durham. we posted it at click on the news tab. and then scroll down the page to latest links. the sbi could wrap up its investigation into a deadly
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raleigh as early as next week. but the wake county district attorney says it could be another two months before the state finishes the final autopsy of akil denkins he was shot in the back last month triggering protest. he says he shot in self defense. raleigh city leaders approved a pilot program that would give police officers body cameras. it's not clear how soon the officers would get them. there's no video from the shooting. tonight hundreds of young college republicans are meeting in charlotte as their party is considering a possible contested convention. at 5:00, we told you if no gop candidate wins a majority of the delegates, the nomination could be swayed by a small group of republican party insiders. new tonight, eyewitness news anchor brittney johnson spoke with local college students worried their votes won't matter. i talked to young voters in
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than ever, they want their voices heard, and their votes to count. >> it feels chaotic. >> it's been interesting. this is definitely the most i've been involved in politics. >> these students say the controversy 2016 presidential campaign season inspired them to dive in. >> i feel like it's my time to actually speak out, vote, and say what i feel is right and what's not right. >> as donald trump continues his winning streak, talks of a possible contested convention are heating up. which could mean having the full majority of delegates going into the convention in july may not be enough to clench the nomination. the chairman of the state's college republican says it's important for energized young voters to know their votes count. >> what is said at the poles should be said at the rnc convention. and whoever wins the most votes should have the nomination. >> zack almond says the sentiment among college republicans mirrored what we're seeing on the national landscape. but in the end, he's confident
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>> there are folks that really like donald trump. and then there's folks that he wasn't their top pick. but the bottom line is, we're going to get behind whoever our candidite is in 2016. college republicans are meeting at unc tonight and saturday. 34 chapters from across the state will be there. brittney johnson, channel 9 eyewitness news. lawmakers and candidates for attorney general and state representatives will also address the college republicans. you can follow all of our coverage of the election on there you can also see all of the results from tuesday's primary. we're covering the carolinas county by county, in lincoln county, a man died in a violent crash this morning. the accident stretched almost the length of a football field in vail. witnesses tell channel 9 they saw the pickup truck driver slumped over the wheel before the truck veered into the path of a larger truck.
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the road to dodge flying car parts. >> it looked like a nascar race, man. just everywhere. dust is all you seen. tires, axles going up in the air. that's it. i was thinking i was going to die. >> police identified the victim as roy. they're trying to figure out why he crossed the center line. the diocese of charlotte is building a new college seminary. the diocese released this video announcing the saint joseph college seminary. it will start at a charlotte church but the diocese then plans to move it on or near the campus at belmont abby. the seminary is in response to more young men who say they're considering the priesthood. so far, nine men are all ready enrolled for next year. in iredell county, statesville officials broke ground on a new park this week. the city is expecting the park on north center street to be open in late april, just in time for the downtown spring art crawl. our partners at the record and
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feature sculptures and promote art in downtown. city council though still needs to approve a name of the new park. after nickeling and diming customers. it could soon be airlines that have to pay up. the refunds passengers could soon get if the service isn't topnotch. pollen counts are very high. i'm tracking the threat for rain this weekend. i'll take you through the latest future cast to pinpoint when rain could provide relief from allergies, next. this charlotte road project is far behind schedule. and far from being finished. >> did they forget about it? so i'm asking what's taking so long and when the hundreds of
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orange construction zones, piles of gravel, and no one at work. this is a road project in north charlotte's community that was supposed to be finished nearly a year ago. and it's nowhere near finished. it's all part of the university city boulevard extension. and today, action 9 investigator jason stoogenke spoke with frustrated neighbors and went to the city for answers. yeah, well that's right. this project over here was
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it was supposed to rap up last spring. but look, here we are, almost a year later. and it's still not done. and i'm told officially, it's still about 30% from completion. cones, barrels, broken pavement. the work just stopped, left like this, and neighbors left feeling forgotten. >> finish it all ready. you know. we've been patient enough. i think we've been patient enough. so we do feel like we're a low priority. >> they're upset with how it looks and the traffic. and say children have been forced to play in a work zone. >> it's unexpected. we just don't know what's going to happen from day today with the construction. >> the city told me it couldn't get the contractor, triangle grating and paving to finish the work. the city tried fining the company $1,000 per day. the city fired triangle last month. now according to this city
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city is quote reviewing bids to select another developer to redo some defective work and complete the project. the target date, mid to late summer. 14 or more months later -- >> when can we get our streets back? >> and homeowners expect it. now i also found out triangle is now suing the city for at least $25,000 in the lawsuit it claims the city didn't pay the company on time, give the company good information on erosion control plans, or move certain utilities quickly enough. we're live, jason stoogenke, channel 9 eyewitness news. thank you. governor pat mccrory's office says it's saving the state $2 million every year by switching to more fuel efficient vehicles. the division of motor fleet management assigns cars to various state agencies and it says it's all ready saved $1.9 million on its vehicle order this year.
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than $460,000 in gas over the next seven years. now, you might remember two years ago, the state reviewed its air fleet and decided to sell a helicopter to try to save taxpayer's money. eyewitness news uncovered that helicopter logged only 15 hours in 2013 but it cost taxpayers $6 million to buy it. a bill that's on its way to the u.s. senate might mean you get a refund if your bags are delayed during your flight. a transportation committee wants mandatory refunds for baggage fees if your luggage is delayed by six hours or more. the bill would also require a refund for priority boarding, seat selection, and other premium options if those services aren't provided. the airline industry says that this bill would drive up ticket prices. it's been so nice this week, this is a beautiful evening from our charlotte camera. but big changes are coming, and
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severe weather center 9. >> and you will certainly feel the changes this weekend. not only do we have clouds moving in and a threat for rain, but it's going to be considerably cooler. in fact, by sunday, about 20 degrees cooler than where we were today, unsettled weather bring out the jackets as well as the rain gear. right now though, a gorgeous evening in uptown, in fact, temperatures right where we made it to the high today, 74 degrees in charlotte. some high clouds are starting to move in. that's the trend through the night. it's 60 in boone and jefferson. 73 in morganton. 68 in mooresville. a great evening. maybe to hit up the barbecue or light up the grills. 74 degrees in charlotte. 73 in rock hill. 72 in chester. if you are heading out to food truck friday, by 6:00, low 70s, more clouds move in by 8:00. we'll be in the mid 60s. but then over night, we're tracking the threat for some showers pushing through early saturday, and it's going to be
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not going to be much of a warm up as we go throughout the day tomorrow. by 9:00, low 50s tracking the threat for some showers. it won't else inly be raining all day tomorrow. but at any point, you could see light rain moving through. and highs for tomorrow, only in the mid to upper 50s. cooler than average. should be around 64 degrees this time of year. your neighborhood forecast for king's mountain, cloudy, cooler, and tracking off and on showers throughout the day. not exactly the way you want to start the weekend off. we're quiet right now on live early warning doppler 9. but i'm tracking this storm system out to the west. this is still more than 400- miles west of the charlotte area. go. as you wake up tomorrow morning, that's when we'll seal charlotte. by midday, catching a little break from the rain. but then more moves in as we evening. and then that threat for showers will continue through sunday as well. and watch what happens as we go throughout sunday afternoon. you'll notice a little bit of some pink shades in the mountains.
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snow flurries. that's a sign of the cold air on the way. in the next half hour, i'll break down the mountain forecast for the weekend. rain chances, the best tomorrow, still a slight chance on sunday, if you do have any plans outdoor, it's not going to be a wash out this weekend. but take our wsoc-tv weather app with you so you can track the showers as they move through. we'll catch a break from the rain by monday, tuesday, and wednesday, it's also when temperatures will warm up. but it's still going to be cold in the mornings. in fact, some patchy areas of frost possible. and freeze likely in the mountains as temperatures will drop below freezing. we'll have to wait until tuesday before we warm into the low 60s. and we're looking at 70s by wednesday. so your five-day forecast shows unsettled weather through the weekend. clears out on monday, so not exactly the best timing. don't forget spring officially starts on sunday. we'll have to wait until next wednesday before it feels like spring. thanks vicki. the calls to over turn charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance are getting louder.
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>> all new tonight, how soon the leader of the state house could call a special session. then a local woman says a truck followed her and the driver fired a bullet into her car. tonight, how investigators managed to find out who he is
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him down. to a charlotte woman is working to change opinions about beauty. she says a health scare impacted every aspect of her life. in tonight's family focus, eyewitness news anchor stephanie maxwell shows how her fighting spirit is giving harass a national platform to inspire -- giving her a national platform to inspire others. everyday she gives her upper body a work out. because in her words, she likes to look good. but she struggles to tell you about it herself.
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seizure and a stroke. she lost 80% of her memory. and her talk is limited. >> when she first started out she was more like a vegetable. and to see how far she has come, it's truly a blessing. >> she's a fighter who has spent countless hours in physical therapy. now she won't let anyone help her get on the exercise machine. there's no lift in her 2-story home. this is how she gets down the steps. that's why she's also passionate about a career in modeling. someone noticed her modeling pictures online. that led to this moment when she was crowned 2016 miss heals for wheels. >> she always wanted to have that crown. >> i wanted to be in the beauty industry.
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think beauty is. to inspire others who are just like her. because you're in a wheelchair doesn't mean that you can't be crowned as a queen or that you're not beautiful. >> stephanie maxwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> inspiring. she started her own foundation, it's called modeling to fight stroke and epilepsy. to learn more about it, including a summer 5k that's planned, go to and look for stephanie's story. new info, breaking news out of greenville south carolina, an officer was shot and killed in the line of duty, the chief revealed the suspect was only 17 and turned the gun on himself. the officer who was killed, a father of two. his wife is pregnant with their
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's finger li now, from the news team that's covering the carolinas, this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00. the battle over bathrooms in charlotte is reaching a boiling point. >> men should be in the men's restroom and women need to be in the women's restroom. >> the lies that are being told about women and children being in harms way it's just not true. >> tonight the states is closer to getting involved. >> in exactly two weeks, charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance will take effect. i'm erica bryant. and i'm allison latos. for the first time we're learning that a special session in raleigh to try to stop it could happen as soon as next week. eyewitness news reporter jim bradley spent the day talking to leaders about that possibility. jim? that's right, alison, the house speaker told me today he'd prefer to have a special session happen next week if he could. the governor is avoiding
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when we tried to ask him, he wouldn't answer our questions. all that as protesters came out here to make clear they're calling on the governor and the legislature to make a special session happen. there's over 12,000 -- >> protesters stood outside the government center. making it clear they want the city's decision to be struck down, and they want it done before the city policy takes effect april 1st. >> today i call on governor pat mccrory to make good on his promise to protect the safety, privacy, and common sense of the people of north carolina. >> republican legislators are all ready working on a bill to reverse the charlotte ordinance and today house speaker tim moore told us he's still pushing for lawmakers to take it up soon. >> we could absolutely do a special session. and my preference would be that we have special session this coming week. >> with senate leaders undecided on a special session, the quickest route one for the governor pat mccrory to use his authority to call legislators back to raleigh.


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