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tv   Eyewitness News Midday  ABC  March 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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they evacuated everyone quickly and no one was hurt. at this point, cms will only say some kind of liquid was thrown on the floor in the bathroom and caught fire. it did about 3,000 to $4,000 worth of damage to the bathroom. they canceled classes because of lingering smoke in the building. they're interviewing students. cms sent out a message and an email to parents telling them to pick up their weren't happy about it. >> this is a good school. a real good school. for something like this to happen, it's like shocking. >> reporter: and in fact, many parents are still here just getting off work and other things they have to do to come pick up their kids at this moment. cms said maintenance crews will work over the weekend to try to clean up this mess. the investigation into what happened is still going on. we're live in north charlotte, greg suskin, channel 9 eyewitness news. happening now, a group against charlotte's non- discrimination ordinance is
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government building. there's 25 protesters there now. the ordinance that goes into effect april 1st bans discrimination against the lgbt in various places. eyewitness news reporter jim bradley is live where a protester is asking the governor and the general assembly to stop the ordinance. >> ever since city council members voted to expand the anti discrimination ordinance, this issue exploded in controversy all over the state. supporters have been vocal over the last few week. opponents are taking their turn outside the government center. several dozen people gathering saying they want to ask the governor to call a special session in the legislature to ordinance. republicans in control in raleigh are working on legislation that would strike down the bathroom portion of the ordinance and keep other cities from around the state enacting laws similar to charlottes. the protesters want to make it
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1st. >> that's why we're out here. to get the governor to call it and get it going. that's what we want right now. a special session. that's correct. a special session. >> reporter: so far governor pat mccrory hasn't said he session. he's actually in town in charlotte today. we'll ask him about that. at the same time, legislative leaders are trying to hammer out their own agreement to get issue. we'll have more coming up on eyewitness news today at 5:00. live in uptown, jim bradley, channel 9 eyewitness news. let's take another live look outside from the charlotte cam. a beautiful shot there. some clouds in the sky. but lots of sunshine. today might be the last nice day in the area before that cool down that keith has been tracking. he's with us right now with a look at what we can expect. keith? big changes are coming in. we noticed a little change in the last few days in regard to seeing more cloud cover passing through. cooler temperatures. the high clouds are in place now. we'll thin out as we head into the developing storm system
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going to bring the rain and of course the cool down as we head into this weekend. still pleasant out there at the midday hour. we're at 67 degrees. quite a bit behind yesterday's pace. but this weekend, these numbers won't even be close. we're looking at a big chill down. how cold it'll be for your outdoor plans you still want to make for this weekend straight ahead. developing at noon, a woman jumped on a school bus loaded with children while trying to escape from a carjacker. that led to a massive search for the would be robber in hickory. eyewitness news reporter dave faherty is live near 27th street northeast, and dave, there was a child in the car with the woman when this all happened. >> that's correct, john. this whole thing unfolded in a neighborhood here along springs road in northeast hickory. follow me over here, at the same time, the sheriff's offices swat team was doing some training about a mile in this direction. take a look at this video. and that allowed, according to the sheriff, swat team members to get down there very quickly, set up perimeter, and take this man into custody. we just learned charges are
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and the suspect has been taken to the hospital this midday to be checked out. deputies say he went to this home and tried to force a woman and her daughter out of their car at gunpoint. the victim says the doors locked when she put the car in reverse and she could hear the man screaming at her as she tried to back out of the driveway, deputies say she spotted her daughter's middle school bus and got on it with her daughter to get help. we were there as deputies searched for an hour before finding what they believe was the weapon in this case, a large air soft pistol found in some woods. earlier i talked with the victim about the whole ordeal. >> i was so scared. i can remember he said get out, get out. i got a gun. >> he was yelling at you. >> he was trying to pull my driver's side, the passenger on the back, door. >> reporter: the woman got on the school bus, because of the location, the schools were
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morning. the lock down has been lifted. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, you'll hear what the suspect told me after he was taken into police custody. reporting live from hickory, dave faherty, channel 9 eyewitness news. we'll see you tonight. this story has been a top trending story on our website, we also posted it on facebook. you can share the story by liking our page. right now lincoln county sheriff detectives are looking for a catawba county man accused of shooting at a vehicle while there was a woman inside. right now they're looking for this man, bobby lee fish jr. the victim told deputies that she went to buy gas wednesday night in vail and noticed a man staring at her. she left the gas station but says fish followed her on to highway 274. eventually she says the truck passed her and the man fired a shot at her. no one was injured. right now a trial is under way in charlotte for a man accused of killing a six-month- old daughter. tom requested a judge decide his fate instead of having a jury trial.
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himself and decided against giving an opening statement this morning. police found broderick's daughter not breathing at a motel on tuckaseegee road in 2012. three men accused in a shooting that sent more than 50 bullets flying in uptown charlotte during the ciaa weekend will be in court in april. today's hearings were rescheduled for howard wright, kevin thomas, and derrick balton. they found him after a dozen shots were fired into this van. sources say judges could decide as soon as today whether north carolina's new congressional district lines can stand. the ncaacp is challenging them for a second time saying they're still drawn based on race. last month state leaders completely redrew those boundaries causing a big shake up in who you'll be voting for. the state will hold a special primary june 7th to give candidates and voters time to sort it out. >> candidates want to know who the voters are that they need to talk to.
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and they can't really figure that out when they don't know what the district looks like. >> candidates have until next friday to file to run. we know congressman robert pittinger plans to file today. right now he represents voters from union north to iredell. but if the new lines stand, he'll represent a different group of people from mecklenburg east to bladen county. we're working to get specifics on 400 jobs that will come to charlotte. the charlotte chamber scheduled news conferences at 3:00 this afternoon to make an economic development announcement. there. the chamber isn't saying what company is coming to town. eyewitness news reporter jim bradley will be there with the details for you tonight on eyewitness news at 5:00. we were on scene when fire destroyed this house in belmont. chopper 9 sky zoom flew over as firefighters work to save what they could. new at 12:15, what we now know caused the fire and the quick action this six-year-old took
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last weekend planes had a very close call with drones near charlotte douglas, next, the new technology that lawmakers are considering to help find drones near airports and prevent a disaster. this entire week has been more of a summer preview than a
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even as ng preview. take a look at stocks right now. the dow surging 106 points. the nasdaq up as well. david patraeus is expected to go before a house committee on benghazi. he led the cia when a terror attack killed four mens in
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agreed to come back because his prior testimony was cut shorts. congress is trying to make sure a drone doesn't interfere with flights in and out of charlotte douglas airport. a senate committee approved a bill that would start a program technology. it would spot a drone in the air and the location of the ground. this week two planes were trying to land at charlotte douglas saturday and had to quickly change their path to avoid hitting a drone. investigators say the drone was flying to the brookshire but it was far enough from the airport. but it was flying higher than the faa regulations allow. people in a local town are living in fear of these hawks. saying they swoop down and attack. at 12:25, the tools the neighbors are using to try to protect themselves. a north carolina honor students behind bars now
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this is all over the city's controversial non- discrimination ordinance. these are live pictures. folks there right now. they're asking the governor and the general assembly to stop the ordinance that bans discrimination against the lgbt community. we got our crews there now talking with folks. it looks like they have a few speakers as well. and the ordinance is supposed to be taking effect april 1st. we'll see what comes of all this. a raleigh high school class president is behind bars accused of firing a gun in a hospital parking deck. a judge refused to lower the yesterday. he went to make a drug deal rob him. people going to the hospital say they're shocked to hear about all this. work here. you have patients here. visiting. visiting.
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in prison. but his attorney says he has no criminal record. new at noon, channel 9 learned a cigarette started this massive fire here at a belmont home. we told you yesterday, six- year-old carter heard the smoke detector going off and knew something was wrong. when he saw the flames on his front porch, he warned his grandma. a video from chopper 9 sky zoom shows half the roof gone. the family made it out safely. but the home was destroyed. hundreds of college republicans from across the state are kicking off a conference at uncc. students and organizers will hear from republican nominees for governor and attorney general as well as other races. tonight on eyewitness news at 5:00, brittney johnson is speaking with the college republicans about the conflict within their party over the candidates and the impact on season. cyber attacking group anonymous says its declaring total war on donald trump. in a new you tube video, a masked man claimed to have hacked trump, releasing some of
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hopes of making his life miserable. trump's campaign says law enforcement is involved now. they're looking for the people behind this attack. a protester seen on video being hit by a trump supporter says he's now getting threats. deputies led rhakeem jones out of this rally in fayetteville last week when officials say john mcgraw punched him. jones says although he's gotten death threats he's glad deputies who saw the attack but didn't do anything are being disciplined. three deputies were demoted and suspended without pay for five days. two others were suspended without pay for three days. a lancaster man has been sentenced to 59 years in prison for stabbing his wife to deather. a jury found john jent guilty of killing his wife elaine in october of 2013. he stabs his wife to keep her from leaving him. deputies say jent confessed to the family and he told a paramedic who treated him. a lawsuit filed against
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accused of gunning down six people is fake. we told you jason dalton filed a lawsuit against the ride sharing service. dalton is accused in the kalamazoo shooting last month but the sheriff said the handwriting in the lawsuit doesn't match daltons and it was postmarked from philadelphia. the warmer weather we're having is causing a headache for homeowners across the area who are dealing with termites earlier than usual. local experts say they were getting reports of pests 30 last. termites thrive on warmer temperatures and moisture. after a solid rain, experts say you might notice termites typically in a bathroom or a kitchen where moisture is. we may see some of that meteorologist keith monday is tracking the time line of when the showers will hit the area. and those cooler temperatures. >> yeah, it's all going to change quite a bit by tomorrow. even in the morning tomorrow,
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starting up in some neighborhoods. a little cooler this afternoon compared to this time yesterday. mid to upper 60s. in the 70s this time yesterday. mid 50s for the mountains. still pleasant today. it's not that dramatically cooler. but we'll see the numbers spike in the low 70s for the afternoon. last mild day we'll enjoy. take advantage of this through the evening. a mostly clear sky in the low 60s through 11:00 tonight. it's not going to chill down too fast. all dry through the over night hours. early tomorrow morning the rain chances begin to move in. we won't see a lot of rain for the st. patrick's day parade tomorrow morning. in uptown, that starts at 11:00. we'll be in the 50s still. but we may stay in the 50s all day saturday with a few spotty showers to start out. a better chance of rain tomorrow afternoon and saturday evening. here's the time line for the future cast into the weekend. most of the rain early is to the west. a few spotty showers roll through charlotte around the start of the parade time. we may have wet weather to deal with by then. by.
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of the afternoon until late with more showers developing. maybe more of a moderate shower working in into tomorrow evening as the rain begins to take over into tomorrow night. this will not last through all day sunday. it'll wrap up mainly in the morning hours. but it has a big impact on the temperatures. and even up in the mountains. it may be cold enough for a little snow for a light coating up here. the highest ridge tops in avery county, around the edge, we're talking on the grass, it's been so warm this week, not much if any of this will add up. but when we dry out next week, and then really cool down, the most likely spot for freezing temperatures will be from charlotte northbound, monday morning and again on tuesday morning of next week. tuesday may end up being the colder of the two mornings. so stay tuned to the forecast throughout the weekend. looking at a pretty cold blast coming our way for a couple days. your five-day forecast with that weekend right around the corner from 70s to 50s over the next couple days. and then the nighttime numbers really chill down. 33 on monday morning. 31 early tuesday.
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tuesday afternoon. it's fairly short lived. the first full day of spring on sunday is not going to feel like spring at all. more like midwinter time with clouds lingering for a good part of the day. >> and of course all that sunshine comes back just in time for the workweek actually. >> oddly enough. the weekend grey gray and workweek pleasant. a road project a year behind schedule is still a long way from being finished. coming up, jason stoogenke is pushing for answers about what's being done to get this project back on track and how much longer neighbors are going to have to wait. starting tomorrow, crews will shut down part of u.s. 74 to repair a leaky water main. crews will close the inbound lanes of independence boulevard near sunny side avenue and 277. that will start tonight at 8:00. early this morning, only the right lane was closed for testing. it's the same spot that crews had to close back in february
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on the road twice. crews will remain -- open lanes by 5:00 on monday morning. the extreme lengths some are going to protect themselves
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reason wildlife officials reason w we're following breaking news right now. chopper 9 just got to the scene of a two-car crash that shut down lincolnton highway. this is at highway 27 near shole road. we learned in the last ten minutes. witnesses saw a pickup truck suddenly the driver slumped over and then veered into the
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kind of push in, that's the pickup truck involved. you can see there's really not much left of it. lots of debris there. highway patrol's investigating. a medical helicopter was also called to the scene here. you can see the damage done to the vehicle. we are trying to follow this breaking news and get more details for you. we're trying to talk to investigators on the scene. they are very busy. we'll have much more tonight at 5:00 and we're posting constant updates at two hawks have been holding a hickory community hostage for years now. and channel 9 learned they're back at it again. neighbors are using rakes, umbrella, helmets, trying to protect themselves from these dive bombing birds. north carolina wildlife says the hawks have most likely laid eggs and now they're just protecting them. this is the sixth year they've returned but because they are federally protected they can't be harmed and their nests can't be disturbed. >> it's a nuisance when you
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worried about getting hit in the head. >> north carolina wildlife plans to reach out to u.s. fish and wildlife to see if anything can be done to make things safer. a vote to spend $4 million on land for a government building. the 53-acre plot here borders u.s. 421 and south fork new river. the billing would house both the towns public works and police department. town leaders plan to sell off the old department properties to pay for this project. still a nice day out there. i mean great time to head outside and maybe barbecue. anything outdoors, do it today. this weekend, we may not want to be out too long. 70s this afternoon. sun down after 7:30. the evening. t going to stay mild for tonight. but the clouds come in over night tonight and then the rain starts to roll in. today at 5:00, we'll have the time line on the future cast for the weekend plans and the
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we'll keep an eye on the crash
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