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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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winter like temperature pattern here this weekend. 55 in charlotte. fairly mild this rning. high clouds around for most of last night. even those have cleared out. temperatures are coming down. 49 in lincolnton. 58 up in statesville and mid-40's into the mountains. our morning drive, pleasant. fall back closer to 50 this morning and bounce back again to the mid-50's by 9:00. a nice warmer start to the day compared to yesterday. this weekend, things are really changing after still in the 70s today. 50s, no doubt about it. we'll talk about the rain chances. we'll show you in the futurecast how quickly into our saturday the rain showers will be picking up. our time now is 6:00. let's health over to mark taylor watching 77. >> southbound out of davidson this morning with the traffic volume picking up here but there have not been any issues reported southbound out of iredell county heading in towards davidson down in mooresville into lake wylie. we're watching things closely because of all of the issues we're having in the area. southbound heading into
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construction zone so far, so good. we're looking at your drive times in the area. if you're coming down, yesterday, we saw an hour coming down from mooresville into huntersville. right now. currently. it is just nine minutes from 150 heading down towards sam furr at 65 miles an hour. as issues come up, we'll update you on channel 9 and twitter. follow me this morning at traffic team nine. i-77 is becoming really a constant headache for drivers who not only have to deal with toll construction but also a growing number of crashes. >> we tell you about the crashes on a regular basis they are happening between gilead and sam furr in mecklenburg county. we've investigated the efforts to keep everyone safe? >> the problem is they can't move some of them because of the
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channel 9 learned there have been more than 600 crashes on i-77 in 2016. there were 228 crashes on the stretch through charlotte, # 40 in february, and 162 crashes in march already. that is double the amount of crashes on i-85. according to the highway patrol, the safety barriers are making it difficult for them to pull a wreck quicker. there are parts of i-77 with little to no room to move crashes to the side of the highway. the drivers can help them out. they can police themselves. >> between exits 23 and exit 25 in huntersville. crashes already. news. >> the toll lanes are causing controversy within local politics too. today election officials will recount votes in a state race
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28 votes separate jeter and challenger tom davis. campaign strategy helped him gain supporters jeter initially is against them. you can see the past toll lane coverage by going to we posted links inside the story on our home page. >> sources say judges could decide as soon as today whether nornt's new congressional district lines can stand. the naacp is challenging them for a second time saying that they are are still drawn based off race. last month state leaders completely redrew the boundaries causing a big shake up in who you'll be voting for. the state is holding a special primary june 7th. it should give candidates and voters time to sort it all out. >> candidates want to know who the voters are that they need to talk to they want to know where their base is and they can't really figure that out when they don't know what the district looks like. >> candidates have until next friday to file to run. we do know congressman robert pit everythinger plans to file today. -- pittinger plans to file
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if the new lines start, he will represent a different group of people from mecklenburg east to bladen county. we have new details this morning after a couple was found dead in their home in clairmont on monday. an inventory from the search of mark wilson was released. according to the partners at hickory daily record. an unidentified green leafy substance was found in two silver grinders. they found a tray with a digital scale and eight cell phones in the house and one outside in a bush. no arrests have been made but authorities say someone did force their way into the home and killed that couple. they had a 10-year-old daughter. she was not home at the time. we're following the story and will bring you any new updates as soon as we get them. the cleveland county school district honored aid bus driver for getting a student out of a dangerous situation. in
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up brandy donaldson pulled up to a stop after a 12-year-old's parents were shot by a neighbor. she knew something was wrong and hurried the boy onto the bus. the boy's mother. myla oaks died in the shooting, jeremy, her husband; still recovering. robert bridges is facing murder charges jie former lincoln county employee will face a judge for allegedly using the county credit card to buy thousands of gallons of gas after he was fired. investigators say joseph gibson was terminated in january. since then he used the county issued fuel card to buy more than $18,000 worth of gas. he is facing fraud and embezzlement charges. new this morning, bank of america ceo saw a 23% raise in 2015. he earned $16 million in cash and stock. the company released the annual report yesterday. for tune reports he received a higher year end compensation reward than any other executive in the bank for the first time ever.
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other wall street ceos. north carolina's largest health insurer says it is weeks away from resolving computer issues that impacted 10's of thousands of customers. blue cross, blue shield says it is trying to sort through the issues that started nearly three months ago. the company officials describe that problem as an avalanche that started with the computer system and carried on over to other parts of the company. we've been following these problems for you since the beginning of the year. the issues affected 25,000 customers and included being put on the wrong plan, being double billed and having money mistakenly withdrawn from accounts. customers watd for hours on hold when they -- waited for hours on hold when they duld resolve the issues. north carolina officials plan to hit the company with the biggest fine possible. the state insurance commissioner says his office received thousands of calls and formal complaints about blue cross just this year. he says he even had to reopen dozens of cases because the customers issues just kept going. you can find all of our past coverage.
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and the links if you're experiencing any issues. it is all at new this morning, we are hearing from passengers on a flight from north carolina that was struck by ligh. >> i thought we got hit by a missile. >> no. >> it was a flash of light and big explosion the plane dipped about 100 feechlt i felt like i was -- 100 feet. i felt like i was on a rollercoaster. that is damage to the plane in these pictures. it was on the way from raleigh durham to laguardia in new york. the pilot made an emergency landing at jfk. the faa is investigating. the boone town council voted unanimously to spend $4 million on land for a new government building. the plot of more than 53 acres borders u.s. 421 and the south fork new river. the building would house both the town's public works and police department. town leaders plan to sell old
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pay for the project. 62 usc basketball players are facing charges accused of shooting a bb gun into a car with people inside. eric cobb was charged with assault for the shooting. he and his teammate jamal gregory were also charged for property damage in connection with the shootings. no one was injured. cobb and gregory were suspended tuesday right before the team's win over high point. south carolina's coach would not say if those suspensions were connected to the shooting. unc asheville will take on villanova in the first round of the ncaa basketball tournament. duke and usc chapel hill both won yesterday after letting their opponents get too close for comfort around halftime. wilmington was ahead of duke going into the half. chapel hill was just one point he did of florida gulf coast at the. being aggressor. i said that earlier, they were taking it and we were back on half.
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decided to be aggressor. >> now, the tar heels play providence tomorrow night. blue devils play yale. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. we're going from above average to way . >> a bunch of seasons here. we had summer this week with temperatures close to 90, generally spring now. fall may be winter like by this weekend. clouds are thinning out. we had thick cloud cover overhead with the rain chance far south. next weather maker across the midwest has the sights set on the carolinas. it will develop much more as we head into the weekend. the rain chances will start to slowly build. it won't rain a lot early on the day on saturday. i'll show you the timeline on the futurecast when a much better chance of rain rolls in and into tomorrow night. that is coming up here in less than 10 minutes. let's get you on the interstate tomorrow morning. >> 85 rolling right along southbound heading into the university area. things getting busy here but
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has been a quiet ride so far. good news there, checking some of your drive times this morning and looking at your traffic flows, green conditions this morning, coming in on 485. 77 out of south carolina, 485 between matthews and i-77 all free and clear. 85 from salisbury southbound between jake alexander and china grove. 68 miles an hour that is five minutes. so good news up in rowan county heading south towards cabarrus. 85 out of gastonia between u.s. 31 and uptown charlotte. you're right at the 18-minute mark. north carolina coal ash commission is no more. governor governor sent a letter to commissioners saying their services are no longer needed. legislators formed the commission after duke energy's massive coal ash spill in the dan river. mccrory said it was his job to a vaccinate members and the supreme court sided with him. it is still unclear whether the glor appoint freedom a new
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going to leave the task of coal ash over sight to the department of environmental equality. fire destroyed a home and a 6-year-old is credited with saving his family. >> i was this close about going outside. because i hated that beeping noise. >> his quick actions to get everyone out safely. >> a million dollar yacht stuck in lake norman. the technical problem that led to this situation and the complicated process to move the boat. >> neighbors on alert again as birds attack them just outside of their homes. story. the protection they're using now can do to stop these dive
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. we're back right now. 6:14. taking a live look. i-# 85 north of mall yafrpd creek road and we're seeing traffic running just fine at this hour, no issues to report. mark taylor is keeping an eye on it. we typically see traffic picking up over the next hour, any issues, he'll let us know about it first. this is the story we have to see.
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hickory community hostage for years now and are back at it. >> neighbors have using rakes, umbrellas, helmets to protect birds. take a look at this. the hawks have most likely laid their eggs and are protecting them. this is the 6th year they've returned but because they're federally protectete they cannot be harmed and their nest can not be sdurned. >> this is a nus -- disturbed. >> this is a nuisance. you can't go out in your own yard without being hit in the head. i wish there was something they could do to move them somewhere else. they plan to move out to the u.s. fish and wildlife to see if there is anything they can do to make things safer. shopper in pineville will be losing a retail option. the kohl's in south boulevard plans to close the doors by the middle of june. the store is on a list with 17 other locations in seven states that the officials there say have been under performing. we spoke with shoppers who just learned the store was shutting down.
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lot more shops here. i'm going to miss it. >> kohl's says the 80 to 100 employees will be offered severance packages. wisconsin company is opening smaller stores in several states as part of a pilot program. after nearly a year of debate. south carolina senators passed a bill that would use more $400 million in the general fund to cover road repairs throughout the state. governor governor has been outspoken about -- governor nikki haley has been outspoken. the house is expected to vote next month. the number of children sent to the emergency room for accidental medicine over doses is sky rocketing. a report found that 60,000 children were rushed to the er in 2013 after taking prescription pills adults left on counter tops, purses and pill organizers. that breaks down to 160 children a day. new this morning, authorities say a lawsuit against uber filed in the name of a driver accused
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earlier this week, we told you jason dalton filed a lawsuit against the ride sharing service. dalton, who is jailed, denied filing the lawsuit. dalton is accused of shooting and killing six people and wounding two others last month between picking up passengers in kalamazoo. >> firefighters are ramping up their efforts to stop the spread of wildfire in bunkam county. it build 40 acres in the fairview community. the wildfire is not close to any homes or businesses. the dry conditions and strong winds could make it difficult to keep control of that wildfire and another one in hudson. we told you about this one earlier in the week. officials are urging everyone to use extreme caution in they light a fire outdoors. fire season is expected to last until late april. definitely dry out there, but it will be changing. we need weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9. you've been tracking this new stham will be bringing rain. >> rain is on the way.
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a lot of zeros for the month of march. we've seen a quarter of an inch of rain for march. second dry driest. we're adding a half inch in some spots. we'll see how much your neighborhood will see. rain is on the way. we're dry this morning. cooler into lincolnton and salisbury in the upper 40s. for most of us, 50s to start out. it is warmer thanks to cloud cover from last night. overall, still a pleasant day 66 at noon. still warming up well above average today by 10 degrees but we've been noticing the step down process every day this week after peaking close to 90. into this weekend. morning. for the parade in uptown, chance of rain starts to move in with a light shower chance the parade starts around 11. likely take some rain gear with you to start out. rain chance still will be small
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it will pick up as the day goes on. you'll see the scattered showers in the morning hours becoming a little more widespread in the afternoon but still, not a heavy amount of rain. watch whatat happens tomorrow night. saturday. the showers west, really fill in late tomorrow night right around midnight into sunday morning. that is the prime time for most of the rain to start to work its way back in and that will exit into sunday but in the mountains on sunday, maybe cold enough for a little bit of light coating of snow. this will be on the grass. so warm this week. tough for this really to accumulate. higher ridge tops in avery county. beach mountain way. you may find an inch or more. this is mainly going to be on the grass. do not anticipate any travel issues coming along with this. the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. it will much colder this weekend. temperatures in the upper 50s.
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spring officially here. we will bounce back up as we head into the middle of next week. your time now is 6:20. let's head on the roads with mark. where is the latest trouble at. >> it has been quiet. keep up the good works, folks heading out in a few minutes. we've been watching independence as it builds heading up towards 2277. a moderate traffic flow. we want to get folk caught up on what is headed next weekend. this will last from the early morning hours of monday. crews will be out and about examining the water issue. the water main break happening back in february it was causing those issues. so in order to do so, they will close those lanes, monroe and east 7th street during the weekend. we're expecting delays during the afternoon hours or central avenue can be used as alternates around the closures curren 14 minutes, not bad from matthews heading up toward
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>> charlotte leaders reaching out to businesses to explain the nondiscrimination ordi. >> concerns among neighbors in charlotte leaders after a 13 and 14-year-old were accused of shooting at off. >> what is a 13 and 14-year-old doing outside at 9:30 at night on the street in possession of a handgun? >> the key factor to prevent youth crime and why it is such a challenge. >> a complicated plan to free this 50-foot yacht stuck in lake norman. the malfunction that led to the problem and how experts stay
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>> let's checkid . 6:24. gaston county pastors are working with police to help improve their relationship with the community. >> the gaston clergy and citizens coalition and police signed the pack in gastonia yesterday. it follows police shootings and unrest across the country. the group wants gaston county to continue to be the model for the
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and justice. >> we believe our law enforcement agencies have a high standard. let's hold one another to such high standards as we move forward. >> the clergy will push for better funding and proper saving for police department. both groups pledged to hold each other accountable. check out this massive yacht. this ran a ground on lake normal early sunday morning and it is still stuck. crews are working to remove the yacht from the water but they're having trouble because of the size. officials say the operator of the boat was on the lake at night when he lost access to the gps and got stuck on a shoal off governor's island in denver. crews say it could have been avoided. >> running around at a high rate of speed, trying to figure it out on the fly, maybe works for daytime operations but not at night. >> workers from buford have been called in to assist. the next step to sea to use a crane barge and place it in deeper water.
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consolidating the programs for people with mental health and substance abuse needs. the dhhs leaders say it will improve services and accessibility. right now there are eight manage care networks. there will be four that will each cover a different part of the state. a first grader helps save his family when this happened. look at the flames here as this home burned. >> i saw a fire. >> what his mom happened to be doing that made it more of a challenge to get everyone out quickly. >> clouds left over out here. we see plenty of sun to warm us today. the chill is right around the corner. >> two teens are facing charges
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the one thing community leadersthe one thin . growing concern after police say a 13 and 14-year-old shot at cmpd officers much the key to preventing more violent crime
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advocates face. leaders reaching out to the community about the new nondiscrimination. 6:30 right now. meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 with your first weather and we're starting off pretty nicely. >> a little cloud cover last night have kept the temperatures more mild this morning compared to what we enjoyed early yesterday. you can see some of the cloud cover from the lake norman camera vantage point. the clouds are thinning and you see plenty of sunshine through the day today and the numbers are cooling down. 50 in harrisburg. 49 over into waxhaw. from belmont to gastonia. university area into the mid-50's as the temperatures are slightly warmer overall. compared to yesterday morning. we'll warm up as much as we did as yesterday. still quite nice and still above average. those temperatures though, getting much colder this weekend but the real cold stuff is likely coming after our weekend. i'll preview the possibility of
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our way into early next week. first, though, let's get you out on the roads. time is 6:three is 16789 mark is previewing issues for the weekend. we have a special event. festival and the saint patrick's day parade that will cause some issues for travellers heading towards uptown charlotte later this weekend. we're looking where this begins. north tryon at 9th street. not much happening in the way of issues we've been accident free. starting at 10 a.m., that is when the festival starts at 11:00 a.m. is the parade. we're expecting 12,000 attendees. 3,000 marchers, and then the closures start between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. happening tomorrow and then we have the parade route which is on tryon heading south towards 3rd street from 9th street heading on to college street. any of the roads that parallel can be used including gram street. use church and caldwell and davidson street as alternates.
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special events, go to our website, click on the traffic tab. neighbors and charlotte leaders are calling for action after a 13 and 14-year-old shot at officers. >> they want to keep teens off the streets and away from violence. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live to explain the challenges they face. joe? >> community leaders say the key is making sure kids have something productive to do after school. ironically cmpd officers tell us that the 13 and 14-year-olds charged for firing at police were running towards a boys and girls club. that is the flam they want to -- the program they want to guide potentially troubled students to. they provide funds to oorg observations that help at -- organizations that help at risk youths. there are 339 children on the waiting list. the vast majority, boys. mayor jennifer roberts says she is fighting to get more after school funding for things like
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recent shooting can be prevented. >> it under scores the fact that there are so many reasons to increase capacity in after school pro. >> cmpd police chief putney is concerned as well. he wants to add more forums like the forums he had over the summer and add more police officers. reporting live in cornelius, joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> thank you, joe. yesterday, chief kirk putney called the crime frustrating. he is trying to figure out how much his risk for 125 more officers and 60 support staff will cost. . in two weeks, the nondiscrimination ordinance will go into effect. they handed out flyers to businesses so they know what to expect. channel 9 looked through the fly to read what it says about the most controversial element. it allows transgepder people use any bathroom. it is not an excuse for nontransgenders people to go
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a crime. they have the right to remove the person, call police if needed. a new law applies to hotels, restaurants, stores and more. it does not apply to private clubs, churches or schools but it reminds people there are federal laws protecting discrimination at schools. many state lawmakers want to over turn that ordinance. it is unclear if they will return to raleigh early to vote on this or wait until the regular session begins next month. a 60-year-old boy helped his family escape from this burning home. check out these flames, chopper 9 skyzoom flew over the fire on clay street in belmont as breaking news last night at six. you can see right there. half of the roof is gone. this 6-year-old boy, his name is carter, he first realized something was wrong when he heard the smoke detectors and saw fire on the porch. he then ran to tell his grandmother but his mom was harder to. >> my mom was in the shower. she had to quickly get her clothes. >> the family made it out safely.
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they have not said how the fire started. you can hear more from carter and see the video of that damage on our website. it is on the home page, tomorrow, dozens of students and teachers are expected to march to the charlotte-mecklenburg government center. they say immigration and customs enforcement agents are targeting students for deportation. students from the education reform and latin american coalition are scheduled to begin their march at 4:30 p.m. and hold a rally at the government center starting at 6:30. last month, we told you this student jeffrey sorto was arrested. his mother says it happened at the bus stop where he waiting it to go to school. in a statement, a spokesman said he ordered his deportation, adding that officers picked him up outside of his home and not at his bus stop. immigration agents told us they try to avoid sensitive areas including schools and churches. new this morning, at 6:35,
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stop child predators online. the state newspaper in columbia reports it had a young woman tell her story yesterday about when a cyber predator kidnapped her. she is asking lawmakers to pass the bill to fund investigations children. that funding would come from added fines for criminals. a group of republican leaders met behind closed doors to talk about ways to stop donald trump from getting the presidential nomination. house speaker paul ryan admitted an open convention to select a nominee is more likely. it is his job to chair the process and he says he needs to brush up on the rules since this hasn't happened in decades. even senator lindsey graham from south carolina is endorsing and fund raising for ted cruz to help him beat trump. in the past, gram has talked openly about his discontain for cruz but -- distain for cruz but
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trump out of office. >> i think his campaign is race baiting and religious bigotry. i think it would be a disaster for our party and i think cruz is a republican conservative who i could support. >> marco rubio, who dropped out of the race on tuesday has not endorsed anyone but did say he does not think donald trump can you knowite the party and win -- unite the party and win the general election. sanders conceded the primary to hillary clinton losing by a couple of hundred votes much the republican primary is too close to call. >> community leaders and neighbors came together to talk about how to curb crime around west mecklenburg high school. neighbors are concerned about the number of students who are skipping school. >> we would just like for the children to be in school, get their education and help preserve the nice neighborhood that we have. >> police say if they see a group of kids 16-year-olds or older during school hours, by
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back to school. police say they have ramped up patrols though. in february, channel 9 investigated crimes committed by students skipping class. in one case, a group of west meck students was charged with breaking into a church and trying to set it on fire. the state released a new report showing the number of mumps cases has gone up. there are 16 confirmed and probable cases in mecklenburg and iredell counties. that is up one from the latest report. there are now seven confirmed, nine probable casey's the state has not released which county the new confirmed case comes from. the outbreak started when two employees contracted the illness. the panthers playoff run helped charlotte hotels set a record. the crv gave us new numbers that showed charlotte beat out much bigger cities like los angeles, san francisco, and new york for growth in january. charlotte was top in the country for room rate and revenue growth.
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plans for a 30 story residential tower in the heart of uptown have been scrapped the developer said it crunched the numbers and learned the real estate market couldn't handle it. the project was the first high end condo tower planned in uptown since the 2008 financial crisis. it was supposed to go right there at east forth and south prove yard streets. the developer is considering other options for that property. >> mecklenburg first public beach is set to open memorial day weekend. the lake norman commerce will update us on the status of the beach. for years, county and city leaders have advocated for a public beach. the county planned to s $425,000 to build it. the beach, which will hold about 500 i didn't meaners. weather and traffic every ten minutes. this week and been good if you wanted to go to the beach. it has been so warm. >> we want to hold on to it but we know rain is coming our way. here is meteorologist keith monday tracking this system. >> cooler temperatures, rain,
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forecast for this weekend. fairly mild this morning. we're at 55 look at the numbers change. look at the colors, blue shades spilling in from the upper midwest. in the teens, 20's and 30s and this that is rushing in here. it is not in place yet, although there are spots in the mountains that have fallen back into the 30s. in avery county, banner oak and 32 in blowing rock. we'll show you the bigger chill, the frost/freeze concerns likely coming in after the rain chance arrives tomorrow. let's get you out on the roads, see if alternate roults are needed. >> -- alternate routes are needed. >> still quiet. checked in with highway patrol there. not much happening engine as we look at your -- northbound as we look at your drive times. 74 miles an hour. folks are flying through the area six minutes rather through that small stretch. a little further north, heading 77 to the state line, 63 miles
6:41 am
less than 10 minutes. once you make your way over the state line and into south charlotte, we're looking at 77. here is the northbound commute getting heavy around arrow wood road but too early for any delays. 640 heading to 64 #1shgs no issues. a new push for students to start school year earlier, the benefits supporters say would come from the change. >> channel 9 investigated multiple crashes a week near toll construction on i-77. the bigger problem it is causing
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drivers are getting frustrated with wreck after wreck. they're happening in the toll lane construction zone between gilead and sam furr roads. joe bruno is live along i-77 right now where we investigated how troopers are handling this problem? >> troopers say a major responsibility is on drivers to be alert because this i-77 construction is causing problems when they're responding to crashes. so far this year there, were 228
6:45 am
through charlotte in january. 240 in february, and 162 crashes in march already! between exits 233 and 25 in huntersville. there have been six crashes this month. each caused by massive delays on an already busy interstate. highway patrols say it is difficult to respond to some of the crashes because of the i-77 toll lane construction. the barriers make it harder to move them to the side of the road. there have been double the amount of crashes on i-77 reporting live in cornelius. channel 9, eyewitness news. >> we just learned about a wreck on i-77 near sam furr road. we'll have much more on the toll within local politics. he will give us a check up on the accident. we'll also check in on this issue. davis.
6:46 am
anti-tolls campaign strategy helped him to gain supporters. jeter initially supported the toll lanes but now he is against them you can see our past toll lane coverage on sources say judges could decide as soon as today whether north carolina's new congressional district lines can stand. the naacp is challenging them for a second time saying they're still based on race. they redrew them causing a big shake up on who you will be able to vote for. the state is holding a primary june 7th to give them time to sort it out. a new trial will start today for a man accused of killing his six-month old daughter. todd broderick decided to have the judge decide instead of a jury. he is representing himself.
6:47 am
breeting on tuckasegee rd -- breathing on tuckasegee rd. they excused the jurors at his request. prosecutors will not charge a truck driver who hit and killed a man on i-85 in concord. we brought you this story at daybreak. the driver hit john curry while walking in the middle of the interstate. they are not sure why curry was in the road. southbound lanes near concord mills were closed for hours during the investigation. unc asheville will take on villanova for the first round of the basketball tournament. duke and unc chapel hill won yesterday after letting their opponents get a little too close for comfort around half time. unc wilmington was ahead of duke going into the half. and chapel hill was just one point ahead of florida gulf coast university at half. saint patrick's day celebrations will take over uptown tomorrow. the 20th annual parade begins at 11:00 a.m.. 18 floats will kickoff festivities at 9th street and north tryon but if you can't make it, don't worry, the
6:48 am
runs from 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. starting at noon there, will be live performances including music and performances by who else, irish dancers. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> and you'll need your umbrella for tomorrow. just in case. here is your meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9 where ifz been tracking this new system. >> later in the morning, a few clouds will be around. in the meantime, we're dry. the clouds overnight are moving along. nice clear picture to our west. we'll see plenty of sunshine through the day. we'll see close to 70 for quite at least a week. 55, the current temperature in charlotte. more 40s in the mountains spilling in. lincolnton down to 47. 49 in salisbury. cool temperatures, much, much cooler, more cooler weather on the way as we head through this weekend. lots of sunshine in statesville. your neighborhood around 70 degrees. same case in ablemarle. lots of sunshine, high clouds from time to time through the day today.
6:49 am
tomorrow and while it is a high chance for rain, especially tomorrow evening it is not a high amount of rain fall as things really will dry out fast into midday sunday and next week will be dry but it will be much cooler, see the rain chances build up with the accumulation. about a 10th of an inch around midday it is no big rain for the morning parade tomorrow, there are light showers around. watch these numbers add up tomorrow night as this blue shade spreads in. closer to a half inch. of rain. a quarter to a half inch. numbers. it is not a lot. we need a lot more than this. it has been a dry march to out. the dry weekend is a dreary one to start out. rain clouds will dry out. the first full day of spring. not going to feel like it whatsoever. early next week, especially from the charlotte metro northbound, freezing temperatures likely on monday morning especially tuesday morning, so you may have
6:50 am
reprieve from the spring weather with more mid to late temperatures working their way in. the five-day for, temperatures with overnight lows monday and tuesday morning. we bounce back up to the low 60s on tuesday a. warming trend will be back next week, probably just not as warm as we saw for most of this week. stay on top of the weather changes all weekend long. check the forecast. the interactive radar to track the rain in your neighborhood. all of the information and right down to your area on the weather app. >> it felt really nice to be in the 70s. >> while the 50s aren't dramatically cold but compared to where we've been, it will feel cold. we do weather and traffic every ten minutes. something we've been talking about all morning. we're seeing issues. >> 77 northbound near catawba avenue, exit is towards cornelius but it looks like it
6:51 am
i'm not seeing a huge delay. right now, southbound is building but that is the merging delays at 33 miles an hour. we have a crew out. we'll continue to monitor the issues we are here toward catawba avenue wher bruno has been reporting. john? >> checking wall street futures this morning, the dow up almost 47, the nasdaq up nine.
6:52 am
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start earlier in t . 6:54 right now. some south carolina schools want permission to start the school year earlier. >> that would mean cutting into your child's summer vacation. it would give your family more time together over the holidays. the bill was approved by the senate sub committee yesterday but it still has to go before the education committee. the current law makes districts wait until the 3rd monday in august to begin but this bill would allow them to start
6:55 am
this would allow schools to end their 1st semester before christmas. >> some members of congress are calling for the governor of michigan to resign a mid the flint water crisis. governor rick schneider testified in front of congress about the contamination yesterday. while he accepted some of the blame, he also pointed the finger at the u.s. environmental agency. top officials silenced an epa water expert to try to raise alarms about elevated levels of lead in the drinking water. those concerns in michigan carried over to charlotte but charlotte water says that our drinking water is safe. it says the water from mountain island lake and lake norman is frequently monitored but in york county, testing found lead in the water in two subdivisions. officials believe it came off of pipes that serve 3,500 chers but all of the levels -- customers but all of the levels are back to normal. good morning america is live in washington with the next step crisis. daybreak.
6:56 am
we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. traffic team 9's mark taylor is monitoring a crash at 77 right near that construction zone. >> that's right. we got an update on 77. it is happening right now. northbound near sam furr road. d.o.t. saying it is not blocking any travel lanes but huntersville fire saying they're waiting on law enforcement. be sure to tune over towards tv 64 coming up and i'll keep you updated. 77 northbound in the area of sam furr, the slightest delay here. use 115 but not a big issue now. 77 near tyvola road. shoulder. heavy traffic flow but no big issues out of the state line. today. mild, lots of sunshine, all of that will change for the weekends. the clouds, rain, cooler temperatures roll in. low 70s today. above average. by sunday, we'll be 10 degrees . most of the rain chance tomorrow
6:57 am
evening but it may not be a wash out of a saturday but it will be a great day for tomorrow, s changes for this weekend. >> your local news continues with eyewitness news this morning on tv 664. >> look at this. this -- tv 64. >> look at this. this is a live look from the
6:58 am
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good morning, america. spring on hold. a snowstorm and freezing temperatures targeting millions in the northeast after record-breaking heat as more violent storms slam the south. two reported tornadoes touching down and blinding hail putting drivers in danger. donald trump under attack. hackers reveal his personal information in an attempt to take down the gop front-runner. >> we are serious about stopping any proposed forthright fascist donald trump. >> new attack ads. >> the woman who found the world's most wanted man. how mexican actress kate del castillo tracked down the drug lord authorities hunted for years now speaking out in an abc news exclusive about what drove


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