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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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heading up towards john bellk and brookshire. . anson county sheriff says his deputies acted properly when they shot and killed a man. josh martin and kyle bean shot dennis penny after he shot at them at a boat landing. he hit and choke linda penny after she broke a three-day fast. pen she warned the officers penny had a gun. >> i knew he had a gun. be careful. >> the sbi is investigating. they have not said how many shots were fired between the three men, where penny was hit or what kind of gun he had. no charges will be filed against a truck driver who hit and killed a man on i-85 in concord. we brought you this story as breaking news on daybreak. the driver hit john curry while he was walking in the middle of the road. southbound lanes near concord mills boulevard were closed for hours while investigators gathered evidence there.
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why curry was in the road. many of you are getting ready to head out on your morning drive and channel 9 is learning some of you may be more at risk for crashes than others. >> this month alone there have been a half dozen crashes from gilead to sanford road in huntersville. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live along that road to show us some of the issues they're s. >> highway patrol troopers tell channel 9 that there isn't much they can do because of the i-77 toll lane construction and the placement of the safety barriers. now, according to highway patrol, i-77 is, quote, a mess of a road. so far this year, there were 228 crashes on the stretch through charlotte. 240 in february and 162 crashes in march already. troopers we spoke with say there isn't much they can do because of the construction. according to highway patrol, the barriers make matters worse. there is no way to move wrecks
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parts of i-77 resulting in long back-ups to an already congested inter. prior to the construction starting, if a vehicle was broken down or there was a collision, we can move that to the shoulder of the road. now there are certain spots where we can't move it to the shoulder of the road. >> according to highway patrol there have been double the amount of crashes on i-77 compared to i-85. reporting live in cornelius. joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. we've been covering the fight over the toll lanes on i-77 for months now. the issue even impacted local primary races. today, mecklenburg county officials will recount votes in a state house race. only 28 votes separate jeter and davis. jeter initially threw his support behind the toll lanes but has since called on the governor to break off the deal. davis ran his campaign on a no tolls platform. the boone town council voted unanimously to spend more $4 million on land for a new
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the plot of 53 acres borders u.s. 421 and south fork new river. the it would house the public works and police department. town leaders plan to sel department properties to pay for this project. governor governor sent a letter to commissioners saying that their services are no longer needed. legislators forth commission after duke energy's massive coal ash spill in the dan river. mccrory says it was his job to appoint members and the supreme court sided with him. it is still unclear whether the governor will appoint people to a new coal ash commission or if he will leave that task of coal ash over sight to the department of environmental quality. a charlotte man ac of killing a six-month old baby will face a judge instead of a jury. he is representing himself. jury selection started earlier this week but he worried the
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legal training and hold that against him. police say in 2012 they found broderick's daughter not breathing at a motel on tuck gee road. the fbi is investigating the death of a raleigh man. the medical examiner's office says it could be another month before the final autop dinkins is complete. he was shot to death in february by a police officer trying to arrest him. the officer claims dinkins reached for his gun. overnight, two suspects are dead and two more injured in a police involved shooting in houston, texas, a group of five people were robbing a furniture store. police opened fire after seeing the suspects point their guns. no officers were hurt. investigators are still working to figure out if the suspects
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petreas is expected to testify on benghazi. his prior testimony was cut short. new this morning, u.s. officials confirm north korea launched two missiles into the sea. this is the country's latest in a series of aggressive military acts. days ago. north korean leader kim jung un ordered a test of a nuclear warhead. south korea is closely monitoring this situation. this weekend, part of u.s. 74 will be shut down to repair a leaky water main. crews will close the inbound lane on independence boulevard near sunny side avenue and 277 tonight at 8:00. this morning, only the right lane is closed for testing. this is the very same spot crews had to close back in february because seeping water iced over on the road. crews will reopen those lanes by 5:00 a.m. monday. saint patrick's day celebrations will take over
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the 20th annual parade will begin at 11:00 a.m.. more than 136 people 18 floats will kickoff festivities at 9th and north tryon street. if you can't make it, don't worry, the charlotte goes green festival runs from 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and starting at noon there, will be several live performances including music and performances by irish dancers. >> we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday. will it be raining on the parade? >> we may see a few light showers tomorrow morning but it does look like the better rain chance will hold off until later in the day tomorrow. that is good news for the beginning of the saturday but it won't end that way. rain will move in. rains to the south this morning. it draws clouds in but those are thinning out quickly. beautiful, the next developing storm system out across the plains bringing rain and snow across kansas this morning. that system will strengthen across the gulf coast today and pull the moisture in into our area tomorrow, especially late into the day tomorrow. we'll show you the futurecast
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best rain opportunity and how much cooler air lingers into early next week. let's get you back on the roads for this morning watching this activity in uptown. >> the saint patrick's day parade is happening tomorrow. for now it is quiet looking in the area of where it will start. this is north tryon at 9th. they have the green lights out to celebrate. for tomorrow, we'll see some road closures and we'll see attendees. the closures start at 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow because of the parade and festivities going on in uptown and the tryon around 9th street where we showed you, heading south over to 3rd street turning left towards college, that is the route of the parade. any other roads that parallel. gram, caldwell or davidson street could be used as alternate route but it is quiet now heading around 277 from the john bellk coming from freedom and wilkerson p boulevard at 57 miles an hour heading over
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looking good at 55 miles an hour on the inner loop from i-77 and gram street heading over towards independence. >> shoppers in pineville will soon be losing a retail option. kohl's plans to close the south boulevard location by the middle of june. it is on the list of 17 other locations in seven states that have been under performing. we spoke with shoppers who just learned their store was shutting down. >> i find it easier. there is a lot more shops here. i'm going to miss it. >> kohl's says the 80 to 100 employees in pineville will be offered severance packages. the wisconsin company is opening several stores in states as a pilot program. dangerous pets targeting homes. they're getting more calls about better -- dangerous pests targeting homes they're getting
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children kept out of school for years despite living a block away. the reason school officials had
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eren't enr someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico.
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. we're back right now. 5:13. gorgeous look at uptown. you can see the buildings all lit up with a little saint patrick's day pride. they're having a parade tomorrow. pretty warm. 58 degrees. that saul going to change by this weekend. it might feel a little more like ireland when we have the saint patrick's day p. we checked overnight and this belmont mother is still in jail accused of keeping her children out of school for three . >> the judge increased her bond to $350.
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from stewart cramer high school. he used drugs while her 15-year-old daughter watched the siblings. >> when he passed away, i wasn't aware that i had to change everything. >> it is only a few days ago the that social workers realized that the children hadn't been in school. officials say they had no idea that the children weren't tracked because they weren't enrolled in public school. the children are in dss custody. union county administrator is retiring after a controversy involving laptops in the district. dr. mike webb is the deputy superintendent for the technology and operations. his last day will be june 1st. superintendent dr. mary ellis says her last day will also be june 1st. earlier she announced she is retiring. she has been the union county superintendent 2012. the school board plans to meet monday to discuss their search for the next superintendent. this all comes after the sbi and district attorney announced no charges will be filed against
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their company and the school laptop contract. channel 9 discovered back in november, ellis webb and another district educator have a company called edicatrix. lenovo sold thousands of laptops to the district. york county deputies arrested a woman after they found a group of teens partying ate home. they arrested a mother to one of the teens in november. this home was owned by former panther odem but he hasn't stayed there in years. a football player is under federal investigation under suspicion of medicaid fraud. adam leak got money for his health business and mo00
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they took four vehicles as part of the investigation including a porsche bought for cj leslie. they. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday to severe weather center 9. nice start but changes coming. >> big changes are on the way. it is a slow process to the process that started already. we have temperatures closer to 90. same with 70s yesterday. lower to the 70s today and colder this weekend. 52 charlotte. # nine in al martial. cool down. cloud cover left over into monroe and wadesboro and rockingham. you're still in the mid to upper 50s and running 10 degrees warmer this morning compared to early yesterday. charlotte, we're technically a few degrees cooler. we're in the warmer spot by far yesterday. hence why we're looking at that low minus two here in the city. it feels warmer compared to yesterday. high clouds still left over to start out. we're back in the mid-60's by noon. so the warm up today is a little
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we'll still reach the low 70s. it will be a beautiful day. just not as warm as yesterday and then the bottom starts to drop out as we head into this weekend. we need rain fall though and we won't get some this weekend. look at zeros on this calendar. for the month of march, we're on order for the second driest start to the month. the rain we've had, we've had spots here, we've had a little bit. most in the order of a few hundredths of an inch. we may only get a quarter inch or less into the weekend. tomorrow morning there, will be light showers that try to sneak in by late morning. i don't see a wash out but stay tuned early tomorrow morning for 5:00 a.m.. we'll be on to let you know what rain chance will build in. as we work our way closer to the evening hours of tomorrow, into tomorrow night, that is when the rain chance really building in. the prime time for rain will be late saturday into very early on sunday morning, then things will start to dry out quickly as we wind our way into the afternoon
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keep the rain gear at hand. a small chance for a light shower rolling through but we stay in the 50s all day tomorrow and then even cooler as we wind our way into sunday. your five-day forecast with the weekend always in view, the temperatures going down. spring officially arrived late saturday night. sunday, the first full day of spring. 54 with the morning rain chance it will be cool and then next week frost and freeze concerns come back in monday and tuesday morning. we'll touch on the locations that will likely see the freezing temperatures here in the next half hour. stay up to date with the forecast right at your finger tips with a free download of the wsoc-tv weather app. download it from the app store and google play. let's get back out on the roads. >> 77, southbound coming out of catawba avenue from cornelius southbound, we're watching the traffic very, very closely because of all of the issues we've been having throug construction zone but right now it is clear. not seeing any issues.
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if you're coming out of iredell county from statesville southbound. we haven't seen any issues this morning. good news, no accidents or stalled vehicles. green conditions south and drive time technology showing 65 miles an hour from catawba avenue through sam fur and gilead at 64 miles an hour. from the state line around care winds. 64 -- carowinds. brian month han saw a 23 -- monahan saw a 63% race. for tune report reports he received a higher year end compensation award than any other executive in the bank for the first time ever. they say it is still less than other wall street ceos. spring is almost here but warmer temperatures are bringing new challenges for home owners. ahead at 5:45, the pests experts
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>> an innocent man released from jail after years behind bars. ahead at 5:30, he is speaking to channel 9 about this case. the moments he is trying to move on from. >> a protester punched on video. . the reason why he says this video put his life in danger. >> checking wall street futures
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is up nine and a h . 5:23 right now. we're taking a live look outside. it is pretty mild out there, still. five # degrees. keith was telling us clouds hung around overnight that kept the temperatures up but don't expect this to last through the weekend. a protester seen on video
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supporter says that he is now getting threats against him. >> deputies lead rakeem jones out of a rally last week when face. jones says he is still getting threats because of what happened in this video but has some peace of mind because five deputies were disciplined for witnessing anything. >> i applaud the sheriff's department for the work and, you responsible. >> three of the deputies were demoted and suspended without pay for five days. the other two were suspended without pay for three days. some gop leaders are still fighting the possibility of donald trump becoming the republican presidential nominee. if trump does not get the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination, republican leaders can nominate someone else at the convention. we have video of that assault at the trump rally and updates on the presidential race at
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>> drones flying dangerously close to airplanes across the country, including a close call near charlotte douglas. experts say it is happening more often. the new technologyment to target not just the drone but the owner. 100 poker machines. how investigators plan to use the money inside to benefit the community. a 13 and 14-year-old are behind bars after police say they shot at officers. taking to combat a rise in
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ur john de . a 13 and 14-year-old accused of shooting at cmpd officers. the action the community is taking now to reduce youth crime in charlotte. >> a man once convicted in the death of a child is now free after a jury found him not guilty.
5:29 am
channel 9 about his time behind bars. the moments he says he missed the most. i'm brittney johnson. >> i'm john paul ii. those stories in a moment. the weekend just about here. meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 tracking cooler temperatures for us. >> bigger change will be on the way. the numbers we have throughout this morning will be much warmer than the lows we'll see heading by the end of the weekend. we're at 52 in charlotte douglas. 49 up into mountain island lake and 50s in waxhaw. we're cooling down this morning, we'll probably find a few more 40s in place before the morning wraps up. today is the last day we'll see mild temperatures in the 70s for quite some time. 73 this afternoon, still quite nice. not as warm as the upper 70s of yesterday but still well above average. we're about to go well below average through the week. we'll talk the rain chance, how much adds up to your neighborhood but the frost freeze concerns.
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likelihood of reaching those temperatures. >> stalled vehicles, we have a couple monitoring in south charlotte this morning. we'll start with westinghouse. the traffic volume is light. we're not anticipating a big delay but if you're headed out, look out. southbound heading inbound. nine minutes from 485 up the billy graham parkway and earlier one on south tryon to the southwest. both directions looking good. not seeing any big delays and drive time technology here showing about a 24-minute ride which is about average coming in from lake wylie heading towards uptown. and just to give you an idea of what we're dealing with, the traffic flow and the volume. here we are at south boulevard. not much happening in the area. john? two teens are accused of shooting at cmpd officers and community leaders say crimes like those are becoming all too common. >> they're taking specific steps to combat juvenile crimes. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno spoke with community
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they face. >>reporter: police say two people who shot at officers are teenagers. 113, the other 14. -- one is 13 years old. the other is 14 years old. they're looking at a way to combat teen crime. there have been three violent crimes committed by teens. two were running towards the boys and girls club when they started firing at officers. ironically, that is the kind of program city leaders say needs to be in place to steer kids away from crime. mayor jennifer roberts wants to expand after school activities to give kids something to do other than commit violent acts. the police chief is upset and concerned about this trend. >> we're doing all we can to address the level of violence. it is frustrating that things would get to that . >> two ways the cmpd police chief says he wants to combat this rise in teen violent crime is by hiring more police
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community and police relations. reporting live, joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. 5:31. a sanford man jailed for more than two years before being found innocent is talking to channel 9 about the troubles he faced behind bars. jason moore was accused of killing a three-month old that he baby sat in gaston county. the child had skull fractures and signs of abuse. a jury cleared moore. he walked away a freeman, but not unscathed. while in jail, an officer assaulted him. fa that officer has been fired. the whole experience was difficult to get through. >> knowing you were innocent, knowing i was innocent sitting in jail. how can you say something like that. >> moore is back at home with his 7-year-old daughter. he says he is ready to start over and make up for the lost time with his family. we asked police if they plan to start a new investigation into the child's death. we're waiting to hear back. you can see our past coverage on
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click on this story on our home page. a class president and model student at a raleigh high school is behind bars this morning. prosecutors say he confessed to shooting at a man in a hospital parking deck. a judge refused to lower the bond for 17-year-old javeon cooper yesterday. police say he fired a gun in the packed wakemed deck monday afternoon. he came there to make a drug deal when the other person tried to rob him. people visiting their loved ones were shocked to hear it happened at a hos. >> we have a lot of folks that work here. we have patients here. a lot of family visiting, a lot of children coming in and out. >> cooper a is charged with five felonies and could face up to 37 years in prison but his attorney says he has no criminal record. he is hoping for a lesser sentence. a measure that would make it easier for the public to see dash cam individual in officer forward in south carolina. it comes after state police refused for three months to
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shooting and killing 19-year-old zachary hammond in seneca. a senate approved the bill requiring video to be released unless investigators can convince the judge to keep it from the public. it is easier for people in salisbury to check on police activity in their neighborhood. salisbury police launched a police to citizen website that let's people see the daily bulletins, search for specific crimes and see recent arrest reports. they can also report nonemergency incidents for things like vandalism or lost property. south carolina state lawmakers are pushing harder for a bill to stop child predators online. the state newspaper in columbia reports they had a young woman tell her story yesterday about when a cyber predator kidnapped her. she is asking lawmakers to fund this bill to fund investigations of internet crimes against children. it would come from added fines for criminals. new video this morning shows a high speed police chase in asheville, check this out. this happened wednesday night. deputies say they tried to pull over christopher howell
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they say he slowed down but did not stop and then he took off. the chase went through neighborhood streets before the car. investigators say officers were trained to decide whether a chase through a neighborhood was necessary. >> when a person fails to stop enforcement, automatically, ha raises a lot of red flags and concerns about that person, what they've just done or willing to do. next month. a study of traffic stops by durham police department shows that african-american drivers were more likely to be stopped during daylight hours. the research group rti collected data for more than 151,000 traffic stops and found for 2010 through 2013, the odds of the driver being pulled over and being african-american were 20% higher during the day. they pulled numbers from daytime traffic stops saying race is more obvious during day skwlieth more than 100 poker machines
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gaston county have been seized. ale officers and police say the owners are suspected in giving illegal pay outs as gifts. the charges are misdemeanors but after the owners are prosecuted, the money in the machines will go to the gaston county school system. a rock hill community is planning a celebration of life service to honor a well known biker who was killed in a crash. police say samuel lowry -- sandra lowry had been in the hospital. instead of a funeral, they will remember her at a karaoke bar singing songs she loved. the service will be tomorrow from one until four at patty's back stage on anderson road in rock hill. bikers will gather at 11:45 at nearby sand bar for a last ride in lowry's honor. mecklenburg county officials say a homeless center will stay open in uptown charlotte for the next two and a half years. the group is in the howell marshall center which leaders
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after, that the howell marshall center. it is not clear what when will program after that. we have meteorologist keith monday. we're still seeing decent temperatures out there. >> we're still holding on to the warmth. you can see the green spilling into the carolinas still. you don't have to travel far to the north to see the changes that are working their way in for the weekend. we have 30s across the central appalachians. ohio valley. 20's in the upper midwest. the cold plunge is just slowly oozing in. we even see some of the pers working their way -- numbers working their way in. we're getting a little taste of what will be much more common as we head through the weekend and probably even for a couple of days into early next week. so the focus of the weekend still is the cool down but it will be a rainy saturday. i'll use futurecast data to show you how it doesn't really add up to much but we need more rain fall. we've been very dry so far for this month of march.
5:38 am
mark is previewing issues that will be here for this weekend. >> we have the saint patrick's day parade that will cause problems. it starts at 11:00 but the street closures will begin before that. we're looking where the closures begins. we're looking at north tryon at 9th street. no issues so far but we want to let you know what we're expecting along with the parade route and the 12,000 a attendees and 3,000 marchers, closure to begin at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning through 8:00 p.m., so for most of the day, you'll see road closures now, the parade route is on tryon. it will come from 9th street south towards third and turn left on to college street. that is the area that you want to avoid. you can use parts of gram or church street, any of the roads that parallel including caldwell and davidson street. keep that in mind. you can get updated on traffic concerns, including special events, construction projects
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head over to and click on the traffic tab. the cleveland county school district honored a bus driver for getting a student out of a very dangerous situation. in january, brandy donaldson drove up to a stop barrett road after the students parents were shot by their neighbor. the 12-year-old witnessed the crime. donaldson didn't know what happened but could tell something was wrong and hurried that boy onto the bus and drove off. the boy's mother, myla oaks died in the shooting. her husband is still recovering. their neighbor, robert bridges faces murder charges. a million dollar yacht stuck in lake norman. the reason why this could have been avoided and the complicated process to remove it. >> hawks attacking people when they leave their homes. the lengths neighbors are going to protect themselves and why wildlife officers have not stepped in. >> not a good sign here, better
5:40 am
targeting homes earlier than last year. the areas experts say they're drawn to and what it means for your home. >> taking a look out at i-77, this is at harris boulevard. not too many cars on the roads right now. traffic picking up just a bit but when will that change as people head out to work. we'll have a check on your weather and traffic every 10 minutes.
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l be right back. . good friday morning. your time is now 5:43 and check this out. we have a lovely view here from the lake norman tower cam. waking up to warmer temperatures too. going to get up to 70 and that is it for awhile. coming your way. we'll check in with just a bit. the state released a new report showing the number of up. there are 16 confirmed and probable cases in mecklenburg and iredell counties and that is up one from the latest report. nine probable cases.
5:44 am
county the new confirmed case comes from. the mumps outbreak started when two employees at lowe's contracted the illness. an emergency meeting is planned for today for leaders in guinea after new cases of ebola variety. they were free of the virus at the end of december. two victim who died are from the same family. two missioners are with tied to charlotte were among the first two contracted. they were given an experimental syrum to help them recover. local experts are getting reports of termites 30 days earlier than this time last year. it is partly because we winter and the temperatures didn't get cold enough to drive them away.
5:45 am
>> they need moisture. that is the number one goal once they merge. >> after a solid rain, experts say that you might notice termites typically in a bathroom or kitchen where there is more moisture. federal scientists describe last month's heat as astronomical. it was the most above normal month since meteorologists started keeping track in 1880. speaking of above normal. we've had quite a week. let's get over to meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9 where those temperatures will be coming tond soon. >> yeah, a taste of reality and really even not even a taste of reality but a review of what happened over the winter time meaning much colder temperatures coming back in. you can see the lincolnton updating to 49. we'll see a few more 40s spilling in from i-885 and north through the rest of the morning. south, still clouds left over. upper 50s in monroe.
5:46 am
in statesville, your neighborhood forecast will clear the sky up. lots of sunshine, warm back up to the 70s. should be picture perfect all day long for today and relatively mild. al martial. you're looking at a -- ablemarle, you're looking at high temperatures around 70 to 73 for most of the metro. other than high clouds, we stay completely dry and quiet. it is the last mild day we'll see for awhile. the rain chance starts to build through the day on saturday. especially saturday afternoon and evening. it starts to wraup early sunday and dry again as we go back to work and school for next week. it is not going to be a continue to of rain fall. through midday tomorrow, a 10th of an inch will add up. parade tomorrow in uptown there, is a threat for light rain. take the rain gear with you. we'll show you how the rain chances slowly build here. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. watch how the numbers add up much more tomorrow night. we're talking about at most a half inch to 3/4 of an inch of rain fall.
5:47 am
estimating on the amount of rain. i say between a quarter to a half inch. probably a common number for most neighborhoods. the temperatures really change this weekend with upper 50s tomorrow. we'll see a chance of the rain drying up on sunday and cool down even more at 54. spring officially arrives tomorrow night. first full spring day on sunday is not going to feel like it and we get more of a winter like pattern into early next week, especially from monroe, rock hill north where you'll all have freezing temperatures likely into monday morning of next week, far southern counties maybe not quite close to the freezing point but it will be close. hopefully it dries out so there is not much of a frost issue. next week be starting out much colder. five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. we'll see the chance of rain drying up after a quick shot tomorrow night and sunshine is back monday and tuesday but so is the chill. we're still in the 50s for highs
5:48 am
tuesday. we start to rebound through the middle of next week. stay on top of all of the changes with the weather app and use the interactive radar for the weekend plans. see how quickly the rain chance neighborhood. >> as soon as you thought you cading. >> march does that for you. entire wardrobe. weather and traffic every daybreak. let's get over to traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> checking conditions on independence boulevard. it is quiet for now heading towards the john bellk and brook shir freeways. we want to get you updated on work happening this weekend. we've been monitoring the issues we've been seeing back in february when there was reported to be a leaky water main causing all of the crashes, crews will be out and about exploring exactly what the issue is. in order to do so, they will close two lanes at independence boulevard heading inbound before
5:49 am
that will start at 8:00 p.m.. through lanes blocked through early monday morning. on saturday and sunday, you could see inbound issues. monroe and east 7th street or central avenue could be used as alternate routes. 44 miles an hour. 15 minutes coming in from matthews. charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance will take effect in two weeks. ahead at 6:30, the action being taken to make sure no one abuses the controversial part about bathroom use. >> home owners are forced to use shields to protect themselves from birds. these guys right here. the reason wildlife officials say these animals are attacking people on the street. computer issues are still plaguing blue cross, blue shield customers. when company officials hope to have those problems resolved and the action that north carolina
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. we're back right now. it is 5:53 taking a live look from the speedway cam random looking at the temperatures here on the screen, 58 degrees. still pretty warm out there this morning but you'll have to find your coat for the weekend. we'll talk to keith. he will line up how he expects the weekend to pan out. plans for a 30 story residential tower in the heart of uptown have now been scraped the developer says it trenched the numbers and learned the real estate market couldn't handle it. it was the first high end condo project planned since the 2008 financial crisis. it was supposed to go up at east 4th and south brovard street. the developer is planning other options for the property. congress is looking at ways to make sure your flight doesn't hit someone's drone.
5:54 am
it would start a program to test radio signal technology to spot drones in the air and the location of the person who is flying it on the ground. two planes were trying to land at charlotte douglas on saturday and had to change paths to avoid hitting a drone. the drone had been flying near the brookshire. it was far enough away from the airport but it was flying higher than the faa regulations allow. we've had such great weather lately, people can't help to get out, fly the drones, play football. >> anything outside and still do that today and have a great friday evening. it still looks beautiful. the next friday evening developing across the planes, see the snow fall through denver and wichita kansas, that is the next storm developing. we'll just be looking at colder temperatures and rain rolling in. i have new data on the futurecast to pinpoint the timing of how soon the rain starts for the saturday plans coming up here at 6:00 a.m..
5:55 am
with mark. >> traffic continues to build this morning heading towards the 6:00-hour but around west the interstate from the collector lane heading south. we're in great shape out of the state line. well. keep up the good work. 12 minutes. the carolina panthers big post season gave charlotte a huge boost. the benefit the queen city got that over shadowed new york city and los angeles. >> also, how charlotte city leaders are getting local businesses ready for the new nondiscrimination ordinance due to take effect two weeks from today. . there have been six crashes towards the future i-77 toll lanes. the part of the project making to do anything to solve the
5:56 am
uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going tobelieve this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
rvice is there for you . morning after morning we tell you about crashes after this one. channel 9 investigated the problem making it even worse and why there is not much troopers can do about it. >> make sure to enjoy this last gorgeous day as we track falling temperatures. how cold we'll get this weekend and when you'll see rain. i'm john paul ii. >> i'm brittney johnson. your time is 5:59 with first weather. meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 letting us know how much longer we can enjoy the pleasant temperatures. >> you've got today. that will be really about it.
6:00 am
winter like temperature pattern here this weekend. 55 in charlotte. fairly mild this rning. high clouds around for most of last night. even those have cleared out. temperatures are coming down. 49 in lincolnton. 58 up in statesville and mid-40's into the mountains. our morning drive, pleasant. fall back closer to 50 this morning and bounce back again to the mid-50's by 9:00. a nice warmer start to the day compared to yesterday. this weekend, things are really changing after still in the 70s today. 50s, no doubt about it. we'll talk about the rain chances. we'll show you in the futurecast how quickly into our saturday the rain showers will be picking up. our time now is 6:00. let's health over to mark taylor watching 77. >> southbound out of davidson this morning with the traffic volume picking up here but there have not been any issues reported southbound out of iredell county heading in towards davidson down in mooresville into lake wylie. we're watching things closely because of all of the issues we're having in the area. southbound heading into


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