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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 430 a.m.  ABC  March 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it is 60 down in rockingham. 58 into monroe. mid-40's in the mountains. not that bad of a start out there compared to yesterday morning into the weekend, though, these numbers may be closer to high temperatures so this is the last day we'll enjoy the relatively mild weather with low to mid-70's. high clouds from time to time but we stay dry. looking over new data to talk about the rain chance. how quickly that starts into saturday and how cool it will stay all weekend long. >> we learned new details after a couple was find dead in their home in clairmont on monday. an inventory from the search was released. here is what we found. according to our partners, an unidentified green leafy substance was found in two silver grinders. deputies found a tray and glass jar along with an a digital scale, eight cell phones in the house and one outside in a bush. no arrests have been made yet. authorities say someone forced their way into the home and killed the couple.
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but she was not home at the time. we'll bring you any new details as we get them. city community leaders say a mentor is what is key in reducing youth crime in charlotte. >> a 13 and 14-year-old were arrested yesterday in connection with shooting at officers in east charlotte wednesday night. the local big brothers big sisters tell channel 9 the youth need more positive influences in their lives. >> we know that children who have a mentor are 52% more likely to enroll in college. >> the mentoring organization said it has 339 children on the waiting list right now and the majority are boys. cmpd chief putney addressed the crime and his frustration with what is happening across the city. >> it is a brazen act that we don't want to tolerate in this jurisdiction and we're doing all that we can to address that level of violence. but also, yeah frngs it is frustrating that -- yeah, it is frustrating that things would
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>> he gave his presentation yesterday asking for 125 more officers and 60 support staff. he is working on figuring out how much it will cost. community leaders came together talking about how to curb crime near mecklenburg high school. they're concerned about the number of students skipping school. >> we would like the children to be in school, get their education and help preserve the nice neighborhood that we have. >> police say if they see a group of kids 16 years or older during school hours, by law, they can't make them go back to school. police say they have ramped up patrols. in february, channel 9 investigated crimes people say were committed by students skipping class. a group of west meck students were accused of breaking into a church and trying to set it on fire.
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six-week old baby will have his fate decided by a judge. todd broad rick request -- broderick requested a judge to decide his fate. if it seems like you're waiting longer in traffic on i-77, you are. it is getting worse in the construction zone. we pulled the numbers after seeing the crashes. there were 228 crashes, 240 in february, and already this month, 162. we talked to troopers who say the construction zone is making things a mess out there and the barriers make the back-ups last longer. >> prior to the construction starting, if a vehicle was broken down or there was a collision, we could move to the shoulder of the road. there are certain spots where we can't move it to the shoulder of the road. >> troopers are keeping an eye on the area but they don't
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mecklenburg county officials will recount votes for a local primary race up in the air. as we told you it could be because of the fight over i-77 toll lanes. only 28 votes separate incumbent state representative charles jeter and challenger tom davis. jeter originally threw his support behind the toll project but has has since asked the governor to step down. the correctional district lines could happen as early as today. district 12 is most of mecklenburg county but after a second legal challenge and pending decision by federal judges, those lines are still up in the air. experts tell us they expect voter confusion during the special primary election. candidates have until next friday to file to run. a protester who was caught on video being hit by a donald
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rakeem jones was being led out of this rally when john mcgraw elbowed him in the face. jones says he is now getting threats but says he has some peace of mind after five deputies were disciplined after witnessing the attack and not doing anything. >> i applaud the sheriff's work in finding the deputy responsible. >> three were demoted and suspended without pay and the other two were suspended without pay for three days. a million dollar yacht stuck on lake norman. the drastic mature it will take to save -- measure it will take to save the boat and the area behind it. >> after two and a half years in jail, this man has been set free. >> knowing you were innocent, knowing i was innocent sitting in jail -- >> jason moore was found not guilty in the death of the baby he was watching. coming up, the evidence that
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taking a zumba class? . 4:40. north carolina largest health insurer says it is weeks away from revolving computer issues
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it is starting to sort through the issues. it started three weeks from now. company officials describ program. we've been following this since the beginning of the year. it affected 25,000 customers and included being put on the wrong plan, being double billed and money mistakenly withdrawn from accounts. customers watd for hours on hold when they called to resolve the issues. north carolina officials announce they plan to hit the company with the biggest fine possible. his fist has received thousands of call as and former complaints about blue cross this year. he even had to reopen dozens of cases because the customers issues kept going. you can find all of the past coverage along with the links if you've been experiencing any issues, look for that inside this story at the state released a new report showing the number of mumps cases in our area has gone up. there are 16 confirmed and
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and iredell counties. that is up one from the last report. there are seven confirmed and nine probable cases. the state has not released which county the new confirmed case came from. the mumps outbreak started when two employees in mooresville contracted the illness. this man spent two years behind bars awaiting trial for murder charges but a local jury just found him not guilty. only on channel 9, the evidence that cleared him and how he is adjusting to freedom. >> a 6-year-old helps his family escape their burning home. he tells channel 9 how he knew
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. good friday morning. take a look at this live look at the speedway cam starting off with clear conditions in the area. we're tracking rain for your weekend and cooler temperatures ahead. we'll get an update from meteorologist keith monday in just a bit. for the first time, a man cleared in the murder of a three-month old baby spoke exclusively with channel 9. >> a gaston county juror found charges. he is facing first degree murder and felony child abuse. moore baby sat the girl while her mother worked. waller showed signs of abuse
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hospital. >> how can you say something like that. that is something that is never going to be out of your memory completely. >> moore is back home in sanford with his 7-year-old daughter and looking for work now. we reached out to police in gaston county and asked if authorities planned to start a new investigation but we're waiting to hear their response. fbi is wrapping up its investigation into a shooting death of a raleigh man by a police officer. the district attorney received a portion of the sbi report and sdpoektsz have all of it by next -- and expects to have it all by next week. dinkins was shot to death in february by a police officer trying to arrest him. the officer claims dinkins reached for his gun. a measure that would make it easier for public to see dash cam video in officer involved shootings is moving forward in sooshgs. it comes after state police refused for three months to
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shooting and killing 19-year-old zachary hammond in seneca. a senate panel approved the bill requiring video to be released unless investigators can convince a judge to keep it from the public. the cleveland county school district honored a bus driver for getting a student out of a very dangerous situation. in january, brandy donaldson drove up to a stop after the students parents were shot by the neighbor. the 12-year-old witnessed it. donaldson didn't know what happened but could tell something was wrong and hurried that boy on to the bus and drove off. milea oaks died in the shooting. her husband is still recovery. their neighbor is facing murder charges. this home in belmont is likely a total loss now after fire ripped through it. take a look at that video with e showed you the fire from chopper 9 skyzoom as breaking news yesterday at 6:00 but it was this brave 6-year-old boy who helped save his family.
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1st grader that something was wrong. >> i hate that beeping noise. it was so, like, high pitched. >> that is what it is designed for. carter saw the fire on the pofry and warned his grand mode -- porch and warned his grandmother and mother. the crv gave us new numbers yesterday that show charlotte beat out much bigger cities like los angeles, san francisco, even new york for growth in january. charlotte was top in the country for revenue growth. our resume occupancy was up 4.5%, the third highest in america. plans for a 30 story residential tower in the heart of uptown have been scraped the developer says it crunchth numbers and learned the real estate market couldn't handle it. it was the first high end condo since the 2008 financial crisis. the developer is now considering other options for that property.
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are ramping up their efforts to stop the spread of wildfire. it burned 50 acres in the fairview county but the wildfire is not close to any homes or businesses much the dry conditions and strong winds could make it hard to keep control of the wildfire and another one in hudson. we told you about this one earlier in the week. officials are urging people to use extreme caution if they light a fire outdoors. fire season is expected to last until late april. meteorologist keith monday has your forecast in severe weather center 9. it is so dry out there. that is what is fanning these flames. >> we're under the second driest start to march on record. we need more rain fall. high cloud cover to our south last night. those clouds, while thinning now -- keep the temperatures up dramatically overnight. 56 in charlotte, still. still numbers from charlotte south close to 60. even the mountains in the mid-40's. so it is about 10 degrees warmer this morning compared to early yesterday.
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into the weekend. cooler start. not anticipating the concludeds this morning. lunch time. i believe we'll be in the mid to upper 60s by noon. highs will reach the 70s even though the futurecast gets us barely close to the mark. we'll only be close to 64 today. that is where the most dramatic temperature change will be heading through the weekend. some of the mountain counties will not be in the 30s. dry chance, nothing to worry about. there is a high chance of rain tomorrow, there is not a high amount of rain coming on through. we'll talk about this coming up at 5:00 a.m.. how much adds up. you can see the rain chances will start to build as we work through the day on saturday. tonight we stay dry. the clouds come in early tomorrow morning. if you have early plans saturday, running a 5k. it should be quiet and dry. by the midday hours and late morning, showers develop from charlotte west, hit and miss variety into the afternoon. most of it will be concentrated
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there will be a half inch of rain fall. elsewhere into the metro, i would say a quarter inch or less. it won't be a lot of rain but it will stay cool. low to mid-50's for highs as we head to the end of the weekend. first full day of spring on sunday it is sure not going to feel like it. the five-day forecast, looking ahead to the weekend around the corner, the other story here, not the cool temperatures but overnight hours heading into early next week, 34 out the door monday morning 367892 early tuesday, so -- 32 early tuesday. so frost and freeze concerns. >> clouds and rain come just in time for the weekend. >> maybe a little bit of a dreary saturday it looks like. >> thank you. >> way to welcome spring! >> a belmont woman is accused of keeping her children out of school for three years. ahead at 5:15, why she says she kept them at home even though the school is just feet away
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. take a look. this massive lock, it ran ground early saturday morning and it is still stuck today. >> it is huge. crews are working to remove 50-foot yacht from the water but they're having trouble because of the size. officials say the operator of the boat was on the lake at night when he lost access to his gps and got stuck on a shoal off
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it is one of the shallowest parts of lake norman. it could have been avoided. >> running around at a high rate of speed. trying to figure it out on the fly, maybe it works in daytime operations but not at night. >> worker have been called in to assist. the next step to use a crane barge to lift the yacht and place it in deeper water. mecklenburg county first public beach is set to open memorial day weekend. the lake norman chamber of commerce will update us on the progress of the beach which will be ramsey creek park in cornelius. surrounding city leaders advocated for a public beach. they planned to s$425,000 to build the beach which will hold about 500 swimmers. after nearly a year of debate, south carolina senator passed a bill which would use more than four # hundred million dollars from the general fund to cover road repairs in the state. governor nikki haley has been outspoken about supporting the bill and a calling on house leaders to adopt. it the house is expected to vote
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a lot of folks are expected to head out on the roads. let's check in with mark taylor. >> first thing looking at east charlotte on independence boulevard. this is what we're dealing with and that is a light volume of traffic. we're dry and clear this morning to start things off heading up towards 277 although we do have a utility project down closing lanes over the weekend near uptown. we'll get you caught up on that next. >> nice, dry clear morning. high clouds overnight kept the temperatures up. those are thinning out now and all of the rain is to our south for today. as we work our way to the weekend. the next storm system will start to creep its way in, especially towards tomorrow afternoon. the shower chances will pick up. i'll show you the futurecast extending into tomorrow night. how the rain chances really begin to move in. >> thanks. this is probably what your morning commute usually looks like, back-ups, crashes, slow downs, all in the same stretch of i-77. >> what troopers say is making this worse and why they can't do etch about it.
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every 10 minutes.
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is . hundreds of crashes reported on the same stretch of interstate 77. the problems plaguing drivers and reason why they say they can't do much to help. >> two an son county deputies are on administrative leave after an officer involved shooting. what led up to this shooting. thanks for joining us, i'm john paul ii. >> i'm brittney johnson. let's go ahead and check your weather leading into the weekend. it started off pretty nice but we're expecting rain. >> the rain shower chances building into the weekend but all clear today and clearing up this morning. we had clouds last night. now that blanket of the cloud cover is moving out so we cooled to 52. 48 in al martial. mid-40's for the mountains. we'll likely fall into the 40s before the morning is done here but warm up nicely through the day today. not as warm as yesterday which wasn't as warm as the day before. the step down process does continue. mid-50's through 9:00.
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mid-70's for this afternoon. tomorrow we'll likely be stuck in the 50s. i'll show you on the futurecast how the rain chances start up on saturday but really pick up as we head into your saturday evening plans. time is 5:00. let's head over to mark taylor in the traffic center. >> over in east charlotte where we'll see work later on in the weekend. we want you caught up 2 right lanes will be blocked. that is where we're looking now. that has been going october we were telling you yesterday about it. where we had the leaky water. 8:00 p.m. through the weekend, they'll close the 2 right lanes. during saturday afternoon, sunday afternoon, you can see some delays heading in toward the john brook and brookshire. we showed you for now it is clear. we're not showing any big issues.
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heading up towards john bellk and brookshire. . anson county sheriff says his deputies acted properly when they shot and killed a man. josh martin and kyle bean shot dennis penny after he shot at them at a boat landing. he hit and choke linda penny after she broke a three-day fast. pen she warned the officers penny had a gun. >> i knew he had a gun. be careful. >> the sbi is investigating. they have not said how many shots were fired between the three men, where penny was hit or what kind of gun he had. no charges will be filed against a truck driver who hit and killed a man on i-85 in concord. we brought you this story as breaking news on daybreak. the driver hit john curry while he was walking in the middle of the road. southbound lanes near concord mills boulevard were closed for hours while investigators gathered evidence there.


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