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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  March 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a six-year-old boy describes how he and his family escaped before it burned down. this brave little boy named carter, only six-year-old, told us how he helped save his family. >> i hate that beeping noise. it was high pitch. >> the smoke detector alerted the first grader that something was wrong, then carter saw flames on the front porch here on clay street and warn ed his grandmother. >> my mom was in the shower and she had to quickly get her clothes on. displt we can see half the roof gone. the family made it out safely with their dog, but carter is worried about other pets inside. >> we went out to get my dog. i don't think my cats are alive. >> even though firefighters worked fast. >> extinguished the fire with 30 firefighters and about 15 minutes.
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now, just a charred frame soaked by the spray of firefighter's s ses. >> to see those flames again, go to we have that cell phone video, the images, and more video from chopper 9 sky zoom. you can find it all on the home page. charlotte's controversial nondediscrimination ordinance is set to take effect two weeks from friday. now city officials are making sure area businesses know what to expect from it. this week, the city's attorney's office handed out fliers. now the fliers explain who is covered by the ordinance, what is allowed, and how the city will handle any complaints. according to a recent poll, more than a third of people in north carolina say they want lawmakers to overturn the ordinance. we told you about a wral poll last week. it found that 36% want the state to act. 30% said that lawmakers should allow voters in mecklenburg
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while 27% said the state should just leave it alone. >> new at 11:00, this man is accused of leading troopers on a chase in north charlotte. highway patrol arrested carly bruce. he crashed on la salle street while trying to get away from a trooper. investigators say they found cocaine and marijuana in his car. bruce was taken into custody and is facing felony charges tonight. tonight, the sheriff is backing his deputies. he is saying they acted properly when two of them shot and killed a man at falls lake. >> deputies josh martin and kyle beam shot and killed dennis penney after he exchanged gunfire with them at a boat landing. deputies were called to the lake to check on linda jones who was camping with penney. penney assaulted her and she tried to warn the deputies. >> i was trying to let them
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you know, be careful. >> dennis penney lived in chest kier field county. it's not clear how many times he was shot or how many times he fired. both deputies are on administrative leave with pay. >> new tonight at 11:00, deputies just made an arrest after they say they caught a group of teenagers partying in a home that is owned by a former carolina panther. belinda is facing a contributing to the delinquency of a minor charge. she is the mother of one of the teenagers found inside this vacant lake wiley home in november. the home is owned by former panther, jeff ota, but he has not stayed there in years. >> just in the last four hours, a north carolina flight was struck by lightning. the american airlines flight from raleigh, durham, to laguardia had to make an emergency landing after the plane hit turbulence and then was struck by lightning. no one was hurt and the plane landed safely.
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investigating. >> just within the past three hours, community leaders wrapped up a forum about how to curb crime around west mecklenburg high school. several neighbors are concerned about the number of students who are skipping school. >> we would like for the children to be in school, get their education, and help preserve the nice neighborhood that we have. >> police say that if they see a group of teenagers over the age of 16 during school hours, by law, they cannot make them go back to school. police say they have ramped up patrols. >> in february, channel 9 investigated crimes police say were committed by students skipping class. in one case, a group of west mex students were charged with breaking into a church and trying to set it on fire. >> new tonight, democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton is the winner of the
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clinton with a less than 1% margin of victory over sanders. it wasn't declared add win for either candidate until sanders concession. clinton has now won 16 states, including north and south carolina. so south carolina u.s. senator and former presidential candidate, lindsey graham, says he would help senator ted cruz's campaign if it means stopping donald trump. our partners at the rock hill harold report graham says trump's campaign is quote, built on race bathing, and religious bigotry. >> insiders seem to think a judge's decision on north carolina's congressional district lines could happen as early as tomorrow. as it stands right now, district 12 is most of mecklenburg county. but after a second legal challenge and that decision still pending from federal judges, the lines are still up in the air. today, experts told us they expect voter confusion during the june 7 special primary
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candidates have until next friday to file to run. new at 11:00, deputies arrested a former lincoln county employee. he's accused of using the county credit card to buy thousands of gallons of gas after he was fired. investigators say that joseph gibson was terminated in january. well since then, they say he used the county issued fuel card to buy more than $18,000 worth of gas. he is now facing fraud and embezzlement charges tonight. channel 9 investigates juvenile crime after a 13 and 14-year-old are accused of shooting at charlotte mecklenburg police officers. >> we first reported those shots as breaking news last night at 11:00. and new tonight, eyewitness news reporter, alexa ashwell fopped new numbers that could shed light on why crcres like this are happening. alexa. >> yes, allison, erica, tonight we spoke with city and community leaders as well as
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all said a mentor is key in helping reduce youth crime here in charlotte. they are becoming an all too common sight. vigils like this one tonight held in the aftermath of a violent crime. possibly more disturbing, those involved in these types of crimes seem to be getting younger. just last night, a 13 and 14- year-old shot at officers here in east charlotte. >> what is a 13 and 14-year-old doing out at 9:30 at night on the street and you know, in possession of a handgun. >> a question that weighed heavy on darryl gregory as he held tonight's juvenile crime prevention meeting. the con si distribute council handles the funds. when asked what is lacking, gregory said mentors, leaders of the local big brothers, big
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have 339 children on the waiting list. the vast majority, boys. >> we know that children who have a mentor are 52% more likely to enroll in college. >> the organization said a child with a parent in prison is seven more times likely to end up there themselves. hopes her push for after school programs will pave a different path for these kids. >> we need to support our young people and it starts as early as middle school. >> and yesterday's crime involving those two young teenagers happened near a boys and girls club. the hope tonight is that's enough for the community to do something about it. reporting live uptown, alexa ashwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> the chief addressed the crime and his frustration. >> it's a brazen night, but we don't want to tolerate in this jurisdiction and we're doing all we can to address that level of violence. it's frustrating that things
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>> the chief gave his presentation to city council asking for a 125 more officers and 60 support staff. he says he is working on figuring out how much it will cost. >> channel 9 just learned that former mayor is allowed to have visitors while he's being held. we just checked and cannon is still there. uptown in charlotte. it's not clear when he will be taken back to a federal prison in west virginia. that's where he's serving time for taking bribes. he was brought to charlotte to plead guilty to voter fraud. >> this weekend, part of u.s. 74 will be shut down to repair a leaky water main. crews will close the inbound lanes to 275 tomorrow at 8:00. tomorrow morning, just the right lane for testing. this is the same spot that crews had to spot back in february because seeping water
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new at 11:00, trying to determine what caused a driver to lose control of his truck south. ems broke out a window on the truck trying to get the driver out along mineral springs mountain road. a witness says that truck went off the roadway twice before it flipped around lunchtime. the driver was not injured in the crash. bond is increased for a belmont woman accused of keeping her children out of school for three years. jennifer elum must pay $50,000 to get out of jail. her family lives a block away. police say elum used drugs while her 15-year-old daughter watched her 13 and 10-year-old siblings. elum denies it. the children are in dss custody. >> new details as firefighters are saying a fire at this east charlotte restaurant caused $100,000 worth of damage. channel 9 first reported the
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firefighters had to shut down at central avenue. tonight, the road is back open. >> today, another day where we saw temperatures above average and pollen counts soaring. >> new at 11:00, accused of murder. he spent two years behind bars waiting for trial when he was found not guilty.
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that cleared him and how all new tonight at 11:00, this man was arrested, booked, and held in jail for more than two years awaiting trial. he was charged with killing a three month old baby. but just this month, a jury cleared jason moore and he walked away a free man. all new tonight, he spoke exclusively to eyewitness news report, d ashawn brown. >> erica, it took years for this trial, for this case to make it to trial, moore was in jail when an officer assaulted him. that officer has since been fired and was also charged.
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a lot to move on from. >> there was a child that died, you know, and that blame got placed on me. >> jason moore says there's another side to the story. >> honestly, this is a very life changing experience. >> the sanford man spent three years in a gaston county jail waiting on his trial, while charged in the death of a three month old child. allison waller had a fractured skull and showed signs of abuse. this photo captures the moment moore walked away a free man earlier this month after a jury found him not guilty. >> it's a lot that i went through when i was out there. >> the trial lasted four weeks with the jury hearing from moore, the baby's mother, police, and medical experts. one expert said the child showed signs of abuse, even before she was taken to the hospital. >> knowing you were innocent, knowing i was innocent sitting in jail.
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says, is working to build new memories. he is back home in sanford with his seven-year-old daughter ready to start over. and a new chapter in his story. >> how can you shake something like that? it's something never out of your memory completely. been out of my daughter's life, you know, i've been through a lot. >> and i also reached out to police in gaston county and laurel where moore was charged. and asked if they plan to start a new investigation. tonight, i have not received a response. reporting here in the newsroom, dashawn brown, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you. months after declared ebola free, the government says two people tested positive for the virus. officials took samples from two bodies. they say there are three other probable cases. >> new at 11:00, the cleveland county school district honored a bus driver for getting a young student out of a
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it was back in january that brandi donaldson drove up to a stop on barrett road right after police say a couple was shot in the head by their neighbor. the couple's 12-year-old son witnessed it all. donaldson didn't know what happened, but could tell something was wrong and heard the child on to the bus and drove off. the boy's mother died in that shooting and her husband, jeremy, is still recovering. their neighbor is facing charges. >> tonight, firefighters are ramping up their efforts to stop the spread of wild fire. >> it's already burned more than 50-acres in the community. but right now, crews say the wild fire is not home to any homes or businesses. the strong windndcould make it hard to keep control of that wild fire and another in hudson we first told you about last night.
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use extreme caution if they light a fire jut doors. steve udelson is tracking the conditions causing that fire risk and also all this pollen we've been dealing with. >> this is mother nature's version of march madness. the first 17 days of the month, we went back to the record books and crunched some numbers for you. this has been the second warmest and second driest on record. our records in charlotte go back to 1878. that's saying something. and the pollen counts have absolutely gone nuts this week. mostly it is tree pollen and oak pollen, the main culprit. that is the yellow film you see on everything. not far from behind. we do have some rain. and rain will literally wash the pollen out of the air. it's going to pass well to our south tonight. we're seeing clouds with it. not that those clouds will have an impact. our next shot of rain coming
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afternoon or early evening. it's not going to be an entire weekend washout by any stretch. early sunday morning, the vast majority of that rain is gone. mid 40s, first things first, upper 0s out across the high country. wakeup forecast, you need a jacket, up into the mid 50s. a little cooler than we have been. forget about the 80-degree temperatures, that's more like mid june. 34eud 60s on lunchtime. especially charlotte points south. in the 50 s up across the high country. plenty of sun. by late day, we'll watch high clouds spill across the mountains and the charlotte area tomorrow evening at the sign of the next storm. neighborhood forecast up in statesville, plenty of sun.
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pushing 70 by late day. not bad for mid march. not what we grew up to. how ant food truck friday. temperatures will be falling into the 60s, pretty comfortable. a few showers saturday night. then the storm pulls away on sunday and the later forecast, suggesting the port of some snow showers. that's the cool air we're talking about. highs in the 50s saturday and sunday. by the way, sunday, the first official day of spring. we do go from 77 today, freezing in the charlotte area. the good news is, i see no sign of cold air with that lasting. but, notice a difference. >> hopefully gets the pollen out of the way. >> brief, but brutal. >> hundreds of accidents along i-77 just this year. why troopers say they are
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>> and hawks that are
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two hawks have been holding a community in hickory hostage on and off for years. and now, they are back at it. neighbors say they are using rakes, umbrellas, and helmets all to try to protect themselves from the attacking birds. north carolina wildlife officials say that the hawks have most likely layed their eggs somewhere nearby and trying to protect them. this is the 6th year that they returned this time of year, but because the animals are federally protected, they can't be harmed and their nests cannot be disturbed. >> it's a nuisance, you can't go out in your own yard and head.
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could do to move them somewhere else. >> the north carolina wildlife plans to reach out to the u.s. fish and wildlife to see if there is, in fact, anything they can do. south carolina school systems want permission to start their school year earlier. approved a bill allowing schools to start august 15. right now the districts have to wait until the third monday in august. several districts like the idea
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first d a 16 seed has never beat a one seed. roy williams wasn't about to make tar heels history tonight against florida gulf coast. carolina led by one. 41-40 at the half. a monster game out of the senior, bryce johnson, 18 points, 7 rebounds and 8 blocks. carolina wins 83-67. they await the winner of the providence southern cal matchup. >> we have to go out there and play better. we are a better team. we have to go out with a better focus. >> i said that earlier, that they were taking to us and back on our heels to the whole first half. but then in the second half, we decided to be the aggressor. >> the blue devils find
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earlier under five to play in the first half, check out just how deep this three is by chris flemmings. my goodness, seahawks soaring high with the lead at the break. not a happy camper until the second half. duke wakes up. they force a turnover. all the way for the sker. allen with 23 points, just like that, tied at 46. under 5 minutes to play. allen can't get the lane to go, but that is marshall cleaning up the mess. he had 23. duke advances 93-85. >> we got into the game and we started playing like the free and confident team we have been all year. that's what you need to do. you can't think about losing, what if, what if, and enjoy the moment? >> another one seed from virginia in action against hampton, looking good in this one. jonathan left all alone and you know he's going to knock that one down. 11 points, but a scary moment happened during this game. tony bennett looked to have collapsed.
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he just felt a little dehydrated. virginia wins 81-45. former charlotte christian star, son of the late hornets bobby phils and yale with the first upset of the tournament this afternoon. his teammate had himself a field day. mason hits the three. holds off five seed baylor. phils scored two points in the wing. the charlotte horn hornets entered with their sights set on first place. a half game behind atlanta for first. charlotte down south in south beach a day after beating orlando at the hive. second quarter, winding down. kendall walker breaking ankles. he knocked down three of his 21, fast forward to the first. nice finish to dig out. jefferson with 21 points. three seconds to go, charlotte clinging to a three-point lead. how about that, charlotte wins.
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from first place. >> unc, duke, charlotte. not too bad for the state. we'll take it. >> we pulled the numbers and there have been hundreds of crashes along i-77 just this year.
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the spring home event is happening now.
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if it seems like you're waiting longer in traffic on i- 77 lately, you're right. >> and it's getting worse near the toll lane construction. we pulled the numbers after seeing six crashes in the construction zone this month and here's what we found. in january, there were 228 crashes on i-77 in mecklenburg county. 240 in february. and already this month, 162. troopers say the construction zone and the barriers are making the backups last longer.
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close, but not close enough. one more day of warmth. >> not quite the 80s like we were used to. 70, that's not so bad. underneath us. mid 50s on sunday with some rain. warm it up as we head through next week. >> a little shock to the system for a minute.
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>> watch dayb >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- henry cavill. from "empire," gabourey sidibe. snapchatting with dj khaled. and music from flogging molly. with cleto and the cletones. and now, good luck, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming.
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of you. i see a lot of green shirts in the audience. here in l.a. we celebrate a little differently than the rest of the places. we don't have pots of gold, we have pots of pot here. we call them medical marijuana dispensaries. st. patrick's day in america is the best day to be irish and the worst day to be an uber driver. legend has it, i looked this up, st. patrick used the image of a shamrock, the three-leafed clover, to teach the doctrine of the holy trinity, the father, the son, and the holy ghost. then he got everyone totally smashed, really super drunk, and they told holy ghost stories the whole rest -- did you know after st. patrick trove the snakes out of ireland he went to mexico and drove the worms into the tequila bottles? >> guillermo: that's right, you're right. >> jimmy: how much have you had to drink today? >> guillermo: two shots. >> jimmy: two shots of what? >> guillermo: of tequila, of course. >> jimmy: yes, the traditional st. patrick's day drink.


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