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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 17, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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declaration blake filed yesterday, a court document givin his sworn written statement in the lawsuit he filed. page 3, quote, do not drink excessively, binge drink or drink vodka. i did not do anything that destroyed my marriage. miranda di catch me with a bunch of naked women in our home. miranda did not tape me when i had been drinking and then tell me about it is next day. >> all i really care about, is that got the girl, i've got the guy, care about the entertainment and the booze and the bar. >> how does blake explain all this? numerous tweets about drinking
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bird costume pretending t blacked out with a drink in his hand, with the caption happy easter. my tweets are intended to amuse and get a reaction from my fans. >> i have known and been interviewing blake for over a decade now and he's been nothing but professional and we reach out to in touch and they said no comment. all right well, let's turn to a scary situation for angelina jolie, she was completely swarmed overssas, so much so that you can hear her desperate pleas for help. >> you need to back up. fighting a huge and dangerous crush of people in greece. angelina had to use her entire body to shield her very young children from swallowed by this intense mob. yeste jolie eventually did
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4,000 stranded refugees my grants kept outside of athens as part of her work as a u.s. refugee agency envo yesterday's batman versus "superman" star henry cavill clearly asking for attention staying he got no love in new york's times square, okay, the starbucks lady noticed. just like those black flames allowed the man of steel go incognito. and now to l.a. where erin andrews is going public after her peeping tom place. >> maybe this the best place to ask you, but may have a million dollars? jimmy kimmel brought some levity after the host's $55 million victor
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of the details because of appeals and whatnot. but i wanted to tell you that i am very happy that won that. >> yeah, this is kind of my come out of hiding, whiley would i not want to be here? >> erin seemed a little nervous, understandably, blowing kisses two separate times like let's move on now. >> there's no many people that actually reached out. >> e is still cautious, leaving with four se guards, two assistants and she didn't stop for autographs. her focus now moving forward. much needed ballroom therapy. she handicapped the competition. >> lisa barton, we do know her from o.c. i don't think she's going win. kim fields, she was tooting real housewives don't traditionally do we on the
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>> but the real vegas odds geraldo as the first person to go home, so sorry about that geraldo. and the favorite to win it all is gma is's andrew z. >> back stabbers will be revealed. someone's got more on their hands. >> tell me you're not going to do anything stupid. >> and body count about to climb. >> we know a couple of things promo, first thing we know there's at least two more dead bodies,right? s >> that's davis's secret lover talking only to our
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steamy affair with his manipulative law professor. >> are you doing the sex scenes? >> no, i just know. >> and the superrip star is being supertight lipped about whether they'll ssill be together in still more sexy scenes. >> what do you do to prepar do you pop mints? do you flex? what do you do before you take it off? >> nothing. >> nothing? >> just show up. >> so viola was talking recently about ge injured on set. and she mentioned in particular one of the sex scenes. >> we both go through certain amount of pain for our passion and our maybe that's what propelled her over the top.
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next week called the catch that will film in the time slot vacated by how to get away with murder. . that's a look at the mo ambitious tv musical attempted. the passion airs palm sun on fox. the pressururis on, there's onl three days left before they go live. with arms wide open >> we can't stop talking about the sexy 27-year-old cuban actor who plays jesus. he did some investigate tiff work on insta gra. here's what we found ou he isn't afraid to go shirtless. he works out and he'smuy caliente. here's the passion by the numbers. it takes place nine different locations, there are seven
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intercut with the life action. >> there's going to be 20-foot cross that the people of new prleans are going to be carrying from one point of the city to another. >> to bring you to where you are going to be cruisified? >> there are more than a stars and an untold number of extras, the once host tyler perry. >> she knows that he's got a bigger purpose, but he's also her child, and so her suffering is for the world, it's also for her as a mother. that's just kind of where i'm going request it. >> a production this massive doesn't come cheap, the budget tops $11 million. >> coming up next, an orange is the new blac star on her yo-yo dieting past. find o plans to stay fit.
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the top spot fo we're just testing to see we can get back together. >> look at where she ended up,
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orange in new back is a big hit on neeflix, she used to have a weight problem andshe's telling everybody how she lost the pounds and she's sharing her tricks to keeping weight off. >> there was so many night where is i would wake up in the middle of the nig how do i lose 10 pounds in eight hours. laura says back when she first s on that 70s show, she a cycle of crash diets, starved herself and even injected herself with hormones to lose pounds, she said they always failed a she would always gain it back. >> it was a constantstruggle. >> together i nutritionist elizabeth troy, created the flash plan, aabook that's a "new york times" best se >> you have these eating sessions and every you build your meal from it, that's the crux of it.
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black season 3 cliffhanger, we left laura in dire straits, new photos from the upcoming seas we see her making a run for it. in other pictures, la verne cox is seen without her and laura says their behind bars looks makes i very real. >> makeup while we're wearing catchy jumpsuits. and having that stripped away and having it just the m by moment between my fellow actresses is unreal, it's awesome and think next season is one of our best seasons. >> in fact the girls a new inmate, blair brown, she plays a martha stewart type character that got busted for insider trading. fashion secrets from the star's stylists. and hear what rihanna just
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rivalry. and the big bang on the show baby shop shell. >> you're pregnant? >> are you excited to be working
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>> that is next.>> tha the big bang theory is of the most successful sitcoms in tv history. big bang just passe the 200 episode mark this season. so there was a whole l to celebrate at a big bash thrown in their honor. >> it's always very movin but frankly in a kind of overwhelming way. >> to hit that milestone in this season is really special. >> 200 episodes, you only see that once in a lifetime and we're just sue peer honored. >> katy got the pa started early by taking in yoga class. she turned own camera on
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we kind of hoped kaley would be wearing those trendy bachelor leggings she put on instagram for monday's finnaturalably. so does this supermom think ben made the right besituation? >> obviously it's an extremely unattractive couple, which is very sad for them, hid youeously ugly. >> which celebrates tv excellence including this big bang bombshell. >> it says you're pregnant. >> i'm pregnant. >> it's a shocking moment for my character, it's actually i think of where i started. >> i'm a fan of children. does that sound weird? >> are you excited to be working with some twins? >> no, i'm not. >> i think it would be great for the baby to have around, because then they have
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olsen twins. >> how does sheldon feel? is fine with a baby coming on the show because it's not minee how does sheldon feel? i don if he's going to be excited about it. i hope not beca i might have to hold it in some episodes or something like babies, but fake babies. simon has a big film coming up with meryl streep a hugh grant called florence hawkings junior. it seems like just about every star in hollywood has a stylist who gets ready for the red carpet and jennifer garner is a perfect example, but what you don't know is that you cannot imagine the torture that can go into getting r jennifer was actually screwed and bolted into her oscar gown corset. >> what they do is they move organs around.
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feat of engineering. >> there was two men who in with screw guns, and screwed m into a metal corset. it wasn't a metal corset. but it was two people who were talking very quickly and the next thing you know, my ribs were compressed. >> was it like spanx? >> it's so intense. there's inside it and these people move your ribs and they move your li to the side and they pop you in. >> jennifer won an -- her favorite red carpet look was this calvi stunner. >> i do think that the golden globes was really, really spectacular and special. when i put that dress on for the first time i overwhelmed and it was the first time i have ever cried over a garment of clothing.
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christina eh >> now the hollywood reporter is profiling the top 25 fashionista fashionistas who choose the dresses stop us in our tracks. >> i said i don't wear pink, i don't wear spark and i don't wear anything floral. >> oscar dominated foo brooklyn had a lot of rules before she met elizabeth salesman. >> all she had pink, glittery and sequins, and i put them all on and everything felt like me. >> who doesn't have goals to look like beyonc one of her stylists was a gooir who had that clas moment of arranging h train al the met gala. he created the new timeline phone cake. stars like gaga used it. three lights help create that perfect beyonce face.
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people use fo club settings, it gives you t glow and you can't go wrong, and the next one is brilliant which is really superbright. >> >> i actually saw that ligh michelle williams had it on her phone at the super bowl. everyone was so excited about i >> did you bring it back for me? >> i will get you one, i promise, i will get you one. >> rihanna talked to "vogue" for their new issue that's out on the 29th. rumors of rivalry starting. rihanna says, quote, that's just not what i wake up to because i can only do me and nobody else is going to be able to do that. now that is nom confidence. >> that's rihanna. we can't remember without remembering frank sinatra jr. who passed away from a heart
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he was ten years younger than when his fatherdied. >> mary hart sat down with both frank jr. and sr. and they opened up about their relationship. >> frank did you ever feel that yo robbed because your dad was so famous? >> not for any lengtime, no. now people realize i have a life to lead on my own and it's all the more pleasant that i get to work with my old man today at age than it ever could have
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new york snechbd i wann to sh up. i want to date her well. >> ben takes laura bushnell on their first date. and the other reality star whowho ended up cras why they credit harry styles for keeping them together. and adele on stage in tears, find out what her son did that
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at celebrating an "e.t" birth day, rob lowe is 52 and kurt russell is 65. we're going the leave you with a look at tomorrow's "e >> gwen stefani's newalbum. >> represents picking myself up off the ground. >> what singing about blake.
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