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tv   Eyewitness News at 600  ABC  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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roberts drew 400 people to a summit expanding after koon school option and last night's shootings bolster her resolve. >> it underscores the fact that there are so many reasons to increase capacity this after school program. >> reporter: today city council members listened as police requested funding for more police officers to hit the street but julie believes it will take more than that to make a difference in when-- >> when we accept it's community problem and not just a neighborhood or somebody's kid, that they are all our kids, then we can start addressing the problems as a community. >> reporter: and there's no question the gunfire out here on milton road has gotten the attention of community leaders and groupsch the question now is whether they can get enough moatium and cooperation together to -- moatium and cooperation -- moatium and cooperation to do -mow member
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>> not much currently in place to keep them against criminal actionance gangs there was a gang of one program that was shut down after a loss of federal funding. the group was run by cmpd and had an 8 member staff and worked one-on-one with at-risk teens. so far, there have been no programs to fill that void. you can find out more about last night's arrests and the recent string of crimes in charlotte related to teenagers by going online to look for jim's story there on home page. major breaking news happening in belmont. firefighters on the scene of a house fire here on clay street chopper 9 got this and being see the home has been gutted by the fire. "eyewitness news" reporter ken lemon spoke to crews who say there were people inside when the fire began but the people did make it out safely. you see firefighters hosing down the husk of the house right now. but it locks like it was very -- looks like it was very involved and the home has been gutted by fire.
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but we are hearing no one was hurt. clay steat from belmont. following the congressional district 12 is underway even though no one knows which voters will be in the district. today experts in the running told me they expect voter confusion during the special primary election. as it stands district 12 is most of mecklenburg county but after a second legal challenge and a decision still pending from judges, what it ends up looking like is very much up in the air. >> at the end of the day we don't. >> reporter: i met with mel came graham who left board of election to file his paperwork to run emsays the new lines are creating confusion among voters who -- he says the new lines are creating confusion among voters who don't know they need to vote. >> the only issue in the middle of the summer and high school graduation and we have to make a special effort to he inform voters to go out and vote. >> reporter: it's pop because
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primary will -- it's important because the democrat who wins the primary will most likely win. p rodney moore plans to run but because the judges could change the lines he is waiting to see what happens and so is trisha. i would like to have that final decision so we all know what we are dealing with however, no one can predict the court. >> reporter: uncc political science professor says that this adds up to a unusual election filing period. >> uncertainty about the district lines throws a paul over every thing because candidates want to know the voters are they need to talk to and where the base is and they can't really figure that out when they don't know what the district looks like. >> reporter: now republican leon threatt fied to did shall filed to today run for district 12. alma adams will move to charlotte. insideers think the judge's decision on the district lines could happen as early as tonight or tomorrow.
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story residential tower in the heart of uptown charlotte have been scrapped. developer says it crunched the numbers and learned the real estate market can't handel it. the project was the first high end condominium tower planned in uptown since the 2008 financial crisis. it was supposed to be located at east 4th anansouth brevard streets. the developer is now considering some other options for that property. las new this honoring -- also new this honoring, salisbury police and rowan county district attorney decided not to charge a shooting who -- shoot here killed a man and injured two others last september. the shooting on rachel lane was the result of an attempted armed robbery during a drug deal. police say nathan pant was shot and killed in self-defense during a fight over a gun. two people lin charged with drug crimes. chopper 9 flew over the scene of this shooting in north charlotte around lunchtime and officers outside the home on
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shot in the leg. she is expected to be okay. police say they believe this was a case of domestic violence. cmpd is looking for the man they say shot her. they have not told us his name. tonight we are pushing the police for some more information about a human trafficking arrest that happened in southwest charlotte. that quan broly was locked up on tuesday earlier in the week they were tipped off the possible case at he can tended stay america on yorkmont road. we are asking the police for more about the victim in the case. this year's panther play seat record. wove new numbers that show charlotte beat out los angeles and san francisco and new york for growth in january. charlotte was tops in the country for room rate and revenue growth in january. our room occupancy was up 4.5% and the third highest in america. this million dollar yacht has been stuck here in the
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they just can't get it moved. new tonight reporter joe bruno looks at what happened and the late of the attempt to pull the yot free. >> reporter: tonight a massive effort is underway to save a million dollar yacht after the owner got it stuck in less than 6 inches of water. this 50 foot yot is not having very good luck this st. patrick's day. chopper 9 flying over the scene shows the boat circling the shore off governor's island in denver. one of the shallowest parts of lake norman. >> you never know from a story at night what is actually happening it will you get throughout and standing beside it. >> reporter: this -- until you get out there and are standingbeside it. >> reporter: the board says the boat operator was on the lake at night when the electronics failed. without access to the gps the operator got the boat stuck. crews says despite minimal
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the environment they have been struggling to remove the yacht from water. it's been there since early saturday morning. >> nothing on the lake is really equipped to deal with that. >> it takes a lot of time to do it right. >> reporter: workers from beuford have been called to assist. next step to use a crane barge to lift it and place ateite in deeper water. while the damage could have been worse workers say this could have been oided. >> running around at a high rate of speed, trying to figure it out on the fly is maybe works in daytime operations but not atnight. >> if you don't have to be out at night it's better. >> reporter: another problem crews are having is the yacht is 52,000 pounds and to give you an idea of how large that is it's all these boats combined. reporting on lake norman joe bruno. police don't believe the captain of the boat was drinking or anything like this before this happened. we posted more video and pictures on the website
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out why a man was walking down the middle of the road in concord when he was hit and killed. crash along i-85 in concord closed down the southbound lanes near concord mills boulevard. police tell channel 9 the man was in the middle of a lane and he was hit by an 18-wheeler. investigators have not released the man's name. the red cross in catawba county is helping three people after a fire destroyed this house. eye started on double oak drive near clermont. two different fire departments worked to bring it under control in 20 minutes. all new at 6 wove a better idea of how the winter storm affected travelers at charlotte douglas airport. it caused travel to drop 4% in january. during the same month in 2015, charlotte douglas handled 3.4 million passengers. this year p.2 million -- 3.2 million. the winter storm on the 22nd brought ice and snow and freezing rain over two daysch
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flights in and out during the event. and in less than an hour family and friends will gather to remember a couple that was shot and killed inside the home in catawba county. tonight deputies are working to try to figure out the timeline for the murders of mark wilson and deed ram ramsure they found a bullet in the bedroom wall of their home on rest home road and they discovered a shotgun and a loaded handgun under the mattress. deputies have not row vealed a possible motive -- revealed a possible motive and no one has been charged. tonight's vigil will be at the south side park on southwest boulevard in newton. it begins at 7:00. today 77 was not the record but it did make for the 13th straight day of above average temperatures. march can be fickle. i will show you how soon the coats will come back. >> termites trin into local homes swarming sometimes causing thousands in damage. >> never expected to see that kind of damage.
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that. >> next at 6, we are investigating what's causing
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this is channel 9 "eyewitness news" covering the carolinas. >> we go back live to the scene
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chopper 9 has been bringing you live pictures from the scene at this home on clay street. firefighters from three departments have been out there now going room to room to make sure the flames are all out. people were inside when the fire started thankfully they made it out safely. calls about swarms of termites are keeping pest control companies busy. >> the timing -- teeny insects are causing big problems and vicki graf uncovered the recent weather has a lot to do with it. >> reporter: temperatures have been warmer than average the past few weeks. leading to an early spring in charlotte and that may be driving termites into some homes. >> what the temperatures -- with the temperatures being so high earlier in the year you can anticipate it's going to be an early season which we have. and sure enough we have been seeing them emerging 30 days earlier than last year. >> reporter: part of the cause is the mild winter. temperatures never got too cold for a long period of time.
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temperatures and moisture so a soil temperatures continue to warmture termites rise to the surface. >> they need moisture. >> reporter: after a good rain, you might notice termites typically in bathroom or kitchen where there's more moisture but sometimes they can be hidden in the walls. julie clark noticed a mark above her doorway a few weeks ago. >> it threw me because we never saw them in the house and we keep it clean and just never expected to see that kind of damage. i had no idea they could do that. >> reporter: we stopped -- we stopped by as experts treated the home. >> the weather made them swarm now. because it's warmer and we got a little rain last week and made them come out in swarms. >> our team of meteorologists will track the threat for rain this weekend. that could cause more of a
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a list of what the evidence looks like at and look under vicki's story on home page. republicans in the south carolina house don't want you to pay a higher gas tax for road repairs in letter to governor haley they said the house will agree to a senate bill that uses 400 million dollars from the budget to pay for the roads or just pass the measure to change the way the d.o.t. is managed. south carolina roads are crumbling in some areas. few tonight at 6, shoppers in pineville will be losing this retail option. kohl's plans to close the south boulevard location by middle of june. pineville's is on a list with 17 other locations across 7 states that have been deemed under performing. today we spoke with shoppers who just learned that their store was closing down. >>i find it easier there's more shops here ill going to miss it. >> kohl's says the 8 to 0 -- 08
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offered severance packages the which consin is based company is opening smaller stores in several states as pilot program. a 19-year-old accused of shooting a person if he bonds out they will be tracking his move. he shot at a man several times during a fight outside the transit center yesterday. happening right now job seekers are talking to dozens of companies at a career fair in union county. 46 employers are therefrom a wide range of industries including the union countypublic school system look for bus drivers and carolina health care system and armed services recruiters and manufacturing companies and also the police and fire departments. job seekers can get help with their interview skills there. the career fair at union county ag center is until 8 tonight. outside another gorgeous
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see about the temperatures and pole en. >> temperatures are -- pollen. >> temperatures are high and white flag or what. pollen counts tripled between tuesday and wednesday and they doubled again between yesterday and today. oak pollen far and await great cull mit. the yellow film and cottonwood and pine tree not far behind. what we need is rain. that will wash it out and we are tracking some but it's going to take a while before that gets here. chance of rain increases on saturday and saturday night before dropping off again on sunday. that's the only shot for help over the next few days. still plenty warm outside. matthews checks in with 80. the local warm spot. a lot of 77s from concord through waxhaw and monroe. 76 ballantyne and 76 belmont. readings around 75 or so up toward the i-40 corridor and mountains. a lot of folks celebrating st. temperatures slowly falling
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60s by 9 on our way to lows in the mid-40s. typical mid-march fair. mid-50s by 9 a.m. tomorrow. a light jacket should do you fine. tomorrow's futurecast stopping at lunp time lower to mid-60s a lot cooler than during the day today. and what we ever we have grown used to we will nudge 70 tomorrow afternoon and many communities east of the mountains. but staying in the 50s to low 50s up across the high country. plenty of sunshine early and we will see the clouds from the band of rain i showed you roll in during afternoon. and the clouds will thicken up from there. your neighborhood forecast in statesville plenty ofearly. high clouds late in the day and enough to filter the sun and temperatures still in the upper 60s as you work towards albemarle afternoon highs tomorrow right around the 70 degree mark but all in all it's mid-march and fabulous friday. here's futurecast on saturday. outdoor plans get it done early because as we head through late saturday and saturday night, here comes the rain. fair amount of it latest
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half ionch or more. that would be great news. enough to offer at least temporary relief. more good news we get sunshine back by sunday afternoon. and so it's not going to rain all weekend long by any stretch. best chance is saturday night. look at highs though. upper 50s saturday and mid-50s on sunday. and that's the first day of spring. spring officially starts a little after midnight saturday night. and we go from 77 today and by the time the heart of the cool air comes in early next week, how about a late season freeze. you get down to 32 in charlotte and next tuesday morning but don't worry the chill doesn't last long. temperatures will stay in the 50s for few days and then start to warm up again next week. i see signs of 70 by next wednesday and this may be it as far as winter goes. >> good-bye. >> yeah. we hope so. >> so sad. >> thanks steve. coming up all new tonight at 10, and 11 accused of a horrific crime a man spent two
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trial before a local jury found him not guilty. >> happy to be with my family and. >> the evidence that set him free and how he is adjusting to his new life.
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street the dow up 155 today reet the do coach k said the blue devils wouldn't take unc wilmington lightly but they got the party started kicking off in providence with a very entertaining game to say the least. the seahawks gave the blue devils the best shot under 5 in the first half check out how deep this is. my goodness. seahawks soaring high with a 43- 40 lead and coach k not happy. second half duke wakes up and force a turnover he and allen taking it for the score. allen with 23 points and we are tied at 46. and under 5 minutes to go duke
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allen can't get the lay-in but there's plumlee cleaning it up with 23 and blue devils 68% from the field in the second half. duke advances with a 93-85 win over seahawks. >> they woreous out and wore us down and second half we played a lot better. and we are a little bit more of the aggressor in the second half but that's a good basketball we beat a good team. >> the other one seed virginia in action versus hampton they are look good in the opening round. jonathan left alone and he is going to knock that down. with 11 points and scary moment head coach bennett looked to have collapsed by the benchp and he says he is okay about felt dehydrated and he returns to the bench later in the second half. virginia rolls 81-45. former charlotte christian try phils son of bobby phils with the first upset versus baylor his teammate mason had him sea of field day and mason hits a 3
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check out this one they hold off baylor 79-75. phils scored 2 points in the game. duke and virginia advance to the round of 32 all eyes will be on north carolina tonight. the tar heels beginning the quest to make it back to the national championship for the first time since 2009. one thing is for sure this team is loose and ready to rock. head coach williams says what they won't do is take florida gulf coast light thely due to the athleticism. >> generally speaking i think the size and athleticism that they have you don't see on a 16 seed. >> florida gulf coast is a good team and we are preparing the same way we would prepare for any other game. >> we have to wait and see. >> take everything seriously. >> yes. >> we will cool down heading --
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's tonight, the new backlash
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riots at the convention if he's blocked by the republican party. leaders now calling his words unacceptable. breaking now. the new video. the young american captured, accused of fighting for isis. you will hear his explanation, right here. now saying it was a bad decision. lead in the water. the grilling on capitol hill. our reporter, tracking down authorities. why didn't they act sooner? and the new report that this is far beyond flyntint. locations in 4 the states? the tearful plea. the young american sobbing, begging to be free. now we see the alleged prank in north career ya that landed him 15 years in hard labor. the effort now to get him home. sea change, bowing to public pressure, sea world announcing a major change tonight. and prince harry, right here this evening. revealing to robin roberts the moment he was broken.
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and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin with several dropping stories at this hour. first, new claims that some of donald trump's personal information has now been hacked. the trump campaign responding at this hour. there is also new backlash tonight after donald trump's warning that there could be riots at the republican convention, if the party stands between him and the nomination, if there's a contested convention. tonight, house speaker paul ryan slamming the comments, calling them, quote, unacceptable. all of this comes after the images we've seen from trump rallies, protesters and supporters clashing. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl on the backlash and on the claims that trump has now been hacked. >> reporter: donald trump was denounced today by republican leaders in washington and ohio for predicting riots if he loses the nomination this summer at the convention in believe land. >> i think you'd have riots. i think you'd have riots. i'm representing a tremendous, many, many millions of people. i think you would have problems


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