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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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miles per hour is that average speed with under 10 minutes. not bad at all. on the other end of 77, around arrowwood road northbound, no delays. still early at 6:01 for folks heading from york county that is cleared of any accidents. liz? >> i'm in the breaking news center. we are asking how a suspect is doing after anniversary son county deputy shot him overnight. a live look near boat landing road where this unfolded around 11:00 last night. you see those two anson deputy squad cars there keeping us away from the scene. state investigators look through evidence at the boat landing. it's an area where people fish and camp at the pee dee river between wadesboro and rockingham. investigators haven't said what lead to the shooting but we know emergency crews influence the suspect to cnc in charlotte. none of the deputies were hurt. breaking overnight, i-85
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two hours after a driver hit a pedestrian in concord. crews reopened the road around 4:30 near concord mills boulevard. we are trying to figure out how the victim is doing and if the driver will face charges. we will update you as soon as we learn more. breaking news in east charlotte. firefighters are on the scene of this restaurant fire. you can see the flames burning in the background. crews reopened the inbound lanes of albemarle for the drive. joe bruno is there. >> reporter: crews just reopened a second outbound lane now. so, there is only one shut down as they try to figure out what started this fire. our eyewitness news director shot the video of the flames this morning. you can see them going through the roof of the el pay san no restaurant -- pasaino
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there is about $50,000 in damage. 50 firefighters were called to the scene. it is because they were worried it would spread quickly. >> this restaurant has been added to over the years. it's almost like there is four different wings to at this time. so, just the way they are connected, you get a little tighter, smaller areas. you want to be sure the fire isn't in the areas where the sides of the building are joined. >> and the owner is on scene talking with investigators. we are told he left the restaurant about an hour before the fire started. now, right now, there are two outbound lanes that are open. not a lot of traffic problems. but if we do see delays, we will make sure mark taylor has the alternate routes for you. joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thanks. happening today, the charlotte chamber will hold a lunch to answer your questions about the i-77 toll lanes project. it starts at 11:30 this morning at the pine island country club. they will discuss the projects, impacts on local businesses and
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the toll lane project was a big factor. some voters ahead of state primaries had on their minds. governor mccory won the republican nomination to keep his job in a landslide but voters in iredell county aren't happy with the stance on the toll lanes. >> they are dissatisfied with regards to the toll contract. >> charles jeter barely edged out tom davis in part because of the project. jeter initially threw his support behind the toll project but has since called on the governor to break off the deal. davis ran on a no tolls platform. 28 votes separated the two. tomorrow they will recount the votes. friends and family will hold a vigil for the a couple found shot to death inside their catawba county home.
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warrants of what they found in the bedroom, a bullet, shotgun and loaded handgun under the mattress they believe belonged to the couple. deputies haven't arrested anyone. they are trying to narrow down the time of death and determine a motive. >> we have a mother and father that has been murdered and a 10- year old daughter that now has no parents. >> the 10-year old was not home when her parents were killed monday. tonight's vigil is at south side park in newton at 7:00. closing arguments are expected today in the case of a lancaster man accused of killing his wife. investigators say y john gent stabbed his wife elaine in the chest while upset over her affair in 2013. family members say he texted them after the crime. they found him laying next to his wife's body. lgbt advocates will urge
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charlotte's new controversial nondiscrimination ordinance. lawmakers want to get rid of it saying it's a safety issue because it will allow transgender people to use whatever rest room they want. more than 200 other cities including myrtle beach and columbia have similar ordinances and have not seen a safety issue. lawmakers want to return to session early to reverse the ordinance as soon as possible since it takes effect april 1st. the governor says it's not worth the extra cost of returning early and take up the issue when the regular session begins april 25th. lawmakers need support from two thirds of the house and senate to go back early. new this morning, students in rock hill will be allowed to go off campus once a week to learn about religion. the superintendent suggested the policy which would allow religious organizations to apply for the program. students would have to get parents permission to take part during an elective class. the school board has not voted
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leaders are asking york county for 5 1/2 million dollars for a park they say would bring millions to the county. the money would come from hospitality tax revenue. the 61-acre catawba park would cost more than $12 million. with the county's help building the park could take three years. without it it could take 10 years to build. take a look at this video of a van smashing into a north charlotte business. we told you about this theft as breaking news yesterday on daybreak. police are still looking for the thieves who stole several items. call police if you recognize that van. a judge declared a mistrial for a man accused of raping a student. taken into a holding cell by a deputy before the jury left the courtroom which could give the jury an appearance of guilt. police arrested him last year. they say he kidnapped the student from her apartment building and raped her.
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arrested a man they say dragged a woman out of her car by her hair then stole the vehicle. that happened sunday morning. police say they arrested him one day later. he is charged with robbery and assault. we looked into his criminal background and found dozens of other convictions. ashore lot man accused in an international gun smuggling case is being held in jail without bond. a judge called rich manned atare a flight risk. prosecutors say he bought 63 guns, lied on federal applications and came back from a trip to ghana with $30,000
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they were still allowed access to secure areas. a florida congressman says this cannot continue. >> what is important is the vetting, monitoring these folks, making certain before they put that badge on or are allowed in the secured areas that they don't pose a risk. >> the tsa said it didn't have access to the particular database these employees were flagged in. the spokesman says the problem has been fixed. firefighters say the dry conditions and gusty winds that allowed this fire to spread in caldwell county will be worse today. they contained the fire in the woods here near businesses on highway 321 in hudson. the north carolina fire service believes someone started this on purpose. it only burned about a quarter acre but conditions made it difficult to fight. >> be careful outdoors. we are getting the march winds.
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weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> it is 6:10. we go to meteorologist keith monday with a much cooler day. >> it will be cooler. mild overall. in the 70s. to the north, 20s and 30s across the northern tire of the states. that cold air will be here as we work toward this weekend. in the foothills 30s and 40s. 40 banner elk. these may be closer to highs this weekend for the weekend. we will talk about a deeper chill for the weekend plans straight ahead. back out on the interstates with mark following the cameras. >> 85 traffic continues to build heading to the university area. but folks aren't seeing big delays. it's dry and clear. good news for commuters, 85, early morning accident that closed the southbound lanes near concord mills. that has been cleared.
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this is closer to the john belk freeway. no delays merging on the interstate into fort hill and rockville. liz? caught on camera, brazen thieves used a blowtorch to try to cut their way into a local gun store. ahead at 6:30, clues from the suspect vehicle that police hope can help them track down the suspects. >> surveillance video caught a brazen thief stealing 5th wheel
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faci charlotte's former mayor will head back to prison today. >> this comes after he pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge. he was sentenced to one day in jail.
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the hearing despite the cost to taxpayers. >> constitutional writes are not -- rights are not inexpensive. he had to be present for this hearing. >> channel 9 looked into how much it cost taxpayers to have canon back in court to enter his plea. we learned it cost $157.04 per day that he stays at the jail. he is staying two days. we can't get a final price for transportation until he returns to west virginia. canon is scheduled to be released from federal prison in january. a man accused of kidnapping a 12-year-old girl says he is innocent. he is being held on a half million dollars bond. he pleaded with a judge to lower that. she refused. police say he offered the girl money to get in the car with him then tried to grab her. he is a suspect in two other
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a family said they found a kkk flyer on the car windshield asking them to, quote, join the fight. the flyer directs people to the north carolina patriot brigade of the knights of the kkk. the clan has eight active chapters across the state. experts say activity among the groups has picked up in the last two years. distributing fliers like this is not a crime. people living in saved done county reported seeing similar fliers on their yards last december. they were holiday themed but encouraged people to join the clan. if you do get a flyer like this, give them a call so they know the clan is active in the area. the man accused in a deadly shooting rampage in michigan is suing uber for $10 million. he claims working as a driver caused him psychological damage. police say jason dalton killed six people and injured two
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dalton says uber's app took over his body and made him shoot at random people. right now he faces 16 criminal charges including 6 counts of murder. south carolina representative mark sanford heads to cuba as part of the delegation lead by president obama. this will mark the first visit from a u.s. president in more than 90 years. the state's former governor worked in the past to end the travel ban. sanford said he has long believed americans should have the right to travel to cuba. >> i think americans have a fundamental right to travel where they see fit as opposed to where government tells them. >> the trip is expected to further economic times between the two countries. weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> let's go to keith monday in severe weather center 9. grab a light jacket before you head
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>> you won't need it all day long but it's cooler compared to yesterday. the tower is lit up in green for st. patrick's day. we are getting close to 30s in stanly county. albemarle 41. temps are cooler, 10 degrees, almost 15 degrees cooler in some neighborhoods compared to yesterday. 50s by 9:00. plenty tf blue skies and sunshine. 70 by lunchtime. the warm up continues but not as quick as yesterday. not as high as yesterday. we top out in the mid-70s today. ten degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. we enjoyed a record high of 86. summer yesterday. spring weather today. it will feel like winter as we head to this weekend. st. patrick's day plans going off without a hitch. rockville, main street should be a lot of fun. temps in the upper 60s at 8:00. mostly clear skies. not too cool just yet. that will change this weekend.
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we will still be dry tomorrow through friday night plans, no issues. even saturday, light sprinkle chances coming in. the gray skies are here all day saturday. light rain showers pick up in the afternoon and saturday evening. mostly west is where the steadier rain will be. not a big rainmaker, quarter inch or less. we will talk about that in the next half hour. it keeps the temperatures held down dramatically. 55 saturday. 53 sunday. the first full day of spring on sunday after early rain chance. back into the sunshine sunday afternoon. much more of a chill coming in through early next week. five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view, still spring-like today. we step the process down more tomorrow. pleasant, 70. 50s this weekend. 30s creep in on sunday morning. there may be a few snowflakes in the mountains this weekend as the cold air surges in. dry monday morning. down to freezing to start the
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with cold temperatures hanging on. mid-50s by monday afternoon. let's get back to mark taylor. anything knew. >> we are monitoring an accident statesville, minor outbound delays up to 85. if you want to use grand you can get around it but it should be wrapping up shortly. an update following the restaurant fire in east charlotte, an update from joe in a minute. but he let us know that all travel lanes are open on both sides of albemarle near central avenue. good news for commuters. heading 85 near graham street southbound busy out of the university area. no accidents, no big delays. an 11-year-old girl had a message for the president after her bracket beat his last year. ahead at 6:30, what he wrote in his replay. and the advice she gave him this season.
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more wheezing and sneezing as pollen blankets the city. >> the truth of the matter is
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exposed to the tree pollen. posed to the tree deputies in york county are looking for the man that they say stole giant campers from storage lots in the middle of the day. >> we have the surveillance video. it shows the 36-foot camper being taken from the regent parkway in fort mill. you can see a man in a black dodge pick up hooks up to it and tows it out of the lot. he was careful to cover the license plate. deputies believe he stole a camper from a lot on east main
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they say both could soon show up on an auction site. >> if anyone bought a trailer and thought they got a deal that was too good to be true, they likely did. >> they are worth about 30 to $40,000 each. a nationwide report shows two of north carolinas healthiest counties counties are here in our area. union is third in the state. mecklenburg ranked 5th for access to exercise opportunities and doctors and hospitals. the report looked at several factors including quality of life, length of life and healthy behaviors like a low smoking rate. in south carolina, york county ranked third healthiest. it scored highest in social and economic factors including residents with higher education and decrease in violent crime and ranked high for healthy behavior like nonsmokers,
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we could learn if a national brewery is coming to asheville. it would employ more than 100 people. officials say as far as they no a decision has not been made. >> we hear a lot of rumors. we hear a lot of things about maybe this, maybe that. no final decision made. >> now, this brewery is based in oregon and is looking to build in roanoke. they will make a decision this month. thieves caught on camera trying to use a brow torch to break into a charlotte gunshop. >> this is where they torched it right here. >> next this morning, the specific features on the suspect car. the owner hopes it can help police track it down. >> nice and clear on st. patrick's day.
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that will change this weekend. will change this weekend. we continue to follow several breaking news reports. we were with firefighters as they investigate a restaurant
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you can't really see much because it looks darker right now but earlier we were seeing the flames and the firefighters there still trying to put out hot spots. just ahead, other video you will see only on channel 9 of the moments right after the fire started. we are live at the scene of a deputy involved shooting in anthem county. the questions we are asking state investigators right now. thanks for joining us on your thursday morning, i'm liz foster. >> i'm john paul. right now a check of the forecast. keith monday is in severe weather center 9 with the cool down we are seeing on st. patrick's day. cooled down. temperatures are in the 40s. 43 concord. 48 officially out of charlotte douglas. valentine the warm spot at 51. for many of us, a jacket is required.
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nicely, just not record, close to the 90 that we saw yesterday. high clouds with lots of sunshine spilling through. the numbers for the weekend will keep going down more dramatically than the cool down today. we will look ahead to the rain chances and how much rain is adding up in your neighborhood. let's see what instances are showing up this morning. >> an accident near dalton avenue, not far from the studios here. we look from our tower cam not spotting anything in the area. traffic getting through on north tryon. no slowdowns. we will continue to watch that. we are checking the drive times, 85 in the university area. 68 miles per hour. folks are doing well. 77 out of north lake toward uptown, 68 miles per hour. that is 8 minutes. statesville out of huntersville no big delays southbound toward sunset. 37 miles per hour. liz? i'm in the breaking news center.
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updates on developing stories for two hours now. here is a live look at fire damage rat this east charlotte restaurant. el paisano could you tell fire around 3:00 this morning. firefighters have left the scene. crews have just reopened all the lanes on this busy road. that was in the past ten minutes. firefighters say the fire started in the kitchen, caused about $60,000 in damage. here is video you will see only on channel 9 that our director started. you can see the fire on the other side of that intersection. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is talking to firefighters and others at the scene right now to get the latest and we will bring you a live report in 15 minutes. also breaking overnight, anniversary son county deputy shot a suspect and now state investigators are on the scene. here is a live look near boat landing road where this
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you can see this anson county sheriff's squad car blocking the road to keep us away from the scene as they gather mo evidence. this is at the pee dee river. we are asking investigators what lead to the shooting and how the suspect is doing after being flown to a charlotte hospital. none of the deputies were hurt. we are asking how a police officer is doing after a crash in the belmont neighborhood. you can see the patrol car on the pack of a tow truck. the airbag was deployed. this is at the plaza. our channel 9 crews saw this on the way to a shots fired call nearby. this is video of the crime scene where police say someone fired shots at them in the parking lot of the boys and girls club on milton and barrington drive. it started as a family argument nearby. officers responded. they saw two people running.
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shots before they ran in the woods. officers took both suspects into custody. you may remember this is the same intersection of the timber ridge apartment complex when two officers were killed in 2007. dimitri use montgomery was convicted of the murder in 2010. two men used a blowtorch to break into a gunshop. it happened on south boulevard in charlotte. you can see the men back in the car then grab equipment from the drunk before a flash of light goes off. only channel 9 spoke to the gunshop owner. he told us the suspects didn't steal anything but he wants them caught. >> we don't need these firearms in the hands of the wrong people. >> the owner wasn't able to get a license plate number because he says the suspects put a plastic bag over the plate. he pointed out the car was
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he believes it was a light cool lord mercury grand marquis with a vinyl top. >> earlier this year, channel 9 covered several gunshop robberies across the area. police charged tyree in the statesville cases. atf are looking for leads in pineville and they haven't arrested anyone in that case. a warning for drivers in east charlotte. in a few hours, crews will shut down part of independence boulevard to make repairs. they plan to fix a leaky water main on the inbound lanes of independence near sunnyside and 277. this is the spot where crews closed it down because of water seeping out. it will be shut down until noon for prep work then crews close it down tomorrow night through the weekend. it will reopen monday in time for rush hour traffic.
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the construction of new homes. the commerce department released a report showing a spike in new construction nationwide. it found construction jumped 5.2% in february. that is the highest level in five months. construction on new homes fell in december and january. experts say the winter weather is partly to blame for the drop. meanwhile, the construction industry boosted the number of jobs in 29 states including north carolina. from december 2015 to january of this year, 3800 jobs were added in the tar heels state. 7900 jobs. new this morning, delta airline officials were forced to delay a flight out of atlanta after an electronic cigarette caught fire. this happened last night as passengers were boarding the plane heading for st. louis. delta officials say there were not any flames when the fire crews arrived but they
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passengers stayed in their seats. happening today, u.s. officials will announce a new agreement with automakers aimed at keeping you and your family safe on the roads. more than ten auto manufacturers agreed on a plan to make automatic emergency braking standard equipment on most cars by 2022. the u.s. department of transportation and insurance institute for highway safety will announce the deal in a few hours. no word on which car manufacturer made the agreement but we are told they represent the majority of current u.s. car sales. donald trump is well on his way to getting the republican nomination for president but it's not a lock just yet. if he doesn't get it, the front- runner predicts outrage. >> i think you would have riots. i think you would have riots. i am representing tremendous -- many, many millions of people. >> this comes after violent outburst from people at trump campaign events.
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wrestling a person to the floor after an argument. he says that is when deputies told him he had to leave too. as the student was being escorted out, he said a man in a suit called him names before taking a swing at him. five north carolina deputies have been suspended for their action at the rally. they continue to escort a protestor out even after a 78- year-old man punched him. that man was eventually arrested but not taken into custody right away. the cumberland county sheriff says the deputies involved were demoted and suspended without pay. march madness is officially underway. duke is playing against unc wilmington. just like many of you, the president is preparing his bracket but we are learning he had help from an 11-year-old charlotte girl. last year amelia sent the
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bracket predicted the winning team better than his did. she wrote, quote: the president wrote her back quag her a talented young lady with serious potential. this year he called her to get thoughts on how he should fill out the bracket. the president kicked kansas to win it all. >> i have kansas to the national championship but i picked michigan state to win it all. we will see how it unfolds. >> maybe that is the advice that he got. >> i will look at his first. >> we posted the story to our facebook page so you can share it with your friends. download a printable bracket and test your skills. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. keith monday is in severe weather center 9 where you probably noticed pollen is pretty intense.
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report yesterday. >> we are in the season. it has been a mess out there. you can see the yellow. one reason it's worse this year than usual years is because we had unusually wet winter that put more stress on the trees. when they are stressed, they produce for flowers. no doubt you have seen the pollen on your car. >> it's covered in pollen. maple sprouts falling in the yard. it's a mess. >> i rub my face then the allergies act up. >> impossible to keep your car clean. avoid the pollen in the morning hours when it's at its worse. we may get rain this ekend that will help dry things out, clean out the air with the pollen. but the pollen count over the last couple much days sky rocketed. it tripled on the tree pollen count from tuesday into wednesday, oak, pine, all the yellow stuff keeping the sniffling and sneezing in place. we are still in the beginning stages.
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ahead i will show you the futurecast. we get a rain chance that may help us somewhat. it won't ab lot of rain. we do need it. let's get to mark taylor. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. update on the roads. >> new wreck i learned about in the last five minutes. brookshire ramp to 85 north. minor delay. we will continue to watch. 77 out of cornelius toward huntersville, 35 miles per hour. a brother and sister got a special surprise at school after the father returned from a year-long deployment in bahrain. >> she is overcome with
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ahead on daybreak, year following three breaking news stories. an east charlotte restaurant caught fire overnight. >> this is video you will only see. joe bruno is live on albemarle road near central avenue. firefighters cleared the scene in the past 20 minutes, john? -- joe? >> in the past 20 minutes firefighters cleared the scene. there is extensive damage to the windows. fire crews are trying to figure out what caused the restaurant to catch fire in east charlotte. in this video shot by an eyewitness news director, you
6:44 am
roof of the restaurant. according to charlotte fire, the flames started near the kitchen. this is being investigated as a potential kitchen fire. we are told at least $60,000 worth of damage. the owner is working with investigators to find out how the fire started. he locked up and went home for the night an hour before the fire broke out. despite how large the fire was, 50 firefighters were able to control it in 30 minutes. reporting live in east charlotte, joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thanks, joe. i am in the breaking news center. we are asking how a suspect is doing after a deputy shot him overnight. here is a live look now at boat landing road where this unfolded around 11:00 last night. those blue lights right there in the anson county squad car are there because they are keeping us a welcome back from the scene. they are trying to get evidence at the boat landing, an area
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the pee dee river between wadesboro and rockingham. investigators haven't told us what lead to the shooting but we know that emergency crews flew the suspect to the hospital in charlotte. none of the deputies were hurt. breaking overnight, i-85 was shot down for two hours after a driver crashed into a pedestrian. crews reopened the road around 4:30 this morning in the southbound lanes near concord mills boulevard. we are asking how that victim is doing and if the driver will face charges. we will bring you any new updates on these breaking reports as soon as we get them. the charlotte chamber is hosting a lunch to answer questions about the controversial i-77 toll lane project. they will talk about the impact on local businesses. it comes as some believe the toll lane project impacted a local primary race. 28 votes separate state representative charles jeter and challenger tom davis. jeter initially supported the
6:46 am
governor to break off the campaign. county officials will recount the votes tomorrow to determine a winner. a 19-year-old will face a judge accused of shooting a man in the middle of uptown charlotte. he is facing several charges. police say he and another man were fighting outside the transit center on east trade street yesterday afternoon. they say smith shot the victim several times. just in to the newsroom, channel 9 learned a florida man charged in an armored truck heist on i-95 in north carolina will be in court for an arraignment today. the fbi tells us he mastermind the heist of 4.8 million in gold bars near wilson, north carolina. investigators say he used gps to track the shipment and used a remeet device to pepper spray the driver and passenger.
6:47 am
month in florida. more charges are expected. lgbt advocates will be in raleigh urging lawmakers not to overturn charlotte's controversial nondiscrimination ordnance. lawmakers want to get rid of it saying it's a city issues because it will allow transgender people to use whatever rest room they want. more than 200 other cities including myrtle beach and columbia have similar ordinances but have not seen a safety issue. let's go to meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9 with a beautiful shot of the sunrise. >> not a cloud to be found. we may see more high clouds spilling in off the mountains through the day today. but overall it will be a beautiful one. just not as warm. temperatures falling to the low 40s concord, salisbury. lincolnton is 42. we are at 48 in charlotte.
6:48 am
st. patrick's day plans looking good. later this morning, back in the 50s around 9:00. midday hours around 70. 75 for the afternoon high today. well into this evening, picture perfect weather hanging on. high clouds, mid- to upper-60s as the sun goes down. looking ahead to great weather, not the record stuff we had yesterday. clover in south carolina, lucky day with 76 degrees for the forecast high. temperatures warming up still and we stay dry for now with those two factors that will change into the weekend. we will cool things down and bring the rain chance up. starting saturday afternoon into saturday night. we will dry out quickly through the day on sunday. we are looking to most folks seeing a quarter to half an inch. into saturday night, sunday morning, the numbers slowly adding up. no big rain. maybe enough to help bring down the pollen a little bit. it will hold the temperatures
6:49 am
five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view, temperatures are in the 70s for now through tomorrow. 55 saturday. lower 50s, first full day of spring on sunday will not feel like spring at all. then freeze and frost concerns out the door on monday morning. so, a lot of changes coming our way for the weekend. stay on top of the challenge with the wsoctv weather app. get the current conditions and the forecast and look at the interactive radar. within a week we have experienced summer-like weather, spring-like weather. >> in the mountains a few wet snowflakes. it's a big change. >> keith, thanks. >> weather and traffic every 10 minutes on daybreak. let's get to mark taylor. update on an accident we told you about ten minutes ago on the ramp from 85 north to the berkshire. not having a huge impact on traffic for folks through the area. 277 right now, not affecting the interstate. that's for sure.
6:50 am
no big slowdowns. something we will watch, the other interstates as well as we minutes. futures. the dow is down 65 points. nasdaq is down about 21. some mint hit students thought they were going to an assembly during school yesterday but they got a huge surprise. you don't want to miss this. next, the first order of business the family took care of as soon as they returned home. >> president obama's pick for the supreme court will meet with democratic leaders.
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happening today president obama's pick to fill the vacant supreme court seat is expected to visit capitol hill and speak to democratic senators. >> the president nominated merrick garland to fill antonin scalia's seat. senate republican leaders vowed
6:54 am
mitch mcconnell said garland won't get a hearing. some republicans have said they will speak to garland. watch "good morning america" following "eyewitness news daybreak." terry moran will have a live report from the supreme court. you have to see this heartwarming reunion between a father and his twins at mint hill middle school. the past year sergeant lewis grady was stationed in bahrain. yesterday his only duty was to his family. he surprised his children at a special school assembly. it was the best surprise they could have gotten. >> when he returned home, he and his family cut down the yellow ribbon hanging on this tree, a symbol for a soldier serving away from home. >> how about that. no idea.
6:55 am
>> love to see those stories. we appreciate sergeant grady's service. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> let's talk to mark taylor and a look at the roads. >> a tractor trailer fire. d.o.t. is monitoring the cameras. they are spinning it around to see if they can find it. 7 northbound in the -- 77 northbound in the area of arrowwood road. this is something that we will watch as we flip to t v6 4. i can tell you traffic is very, very slow. this is 77 northbound right around arrowwood road. keith this? plenty of sun today. not as warm as yesterday but nice for st. patrick's day. back into the 70s. ten above average for this time of the year. mild and sunny. only around 70 tomorrow. by the time we head to the weekend, back in the 50s. rain to deal with, especially saturday afternoon. not a great weekend, not a wash out either. that rain will be out of here.
6:56 am
than the nice warm weather we enjoyed this week. >> breaking news coverage continues with eyewitness news this morning on t v6 4. >> join us there now as we push state investigators for answers
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involved shooting.
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in good morning, america. donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton. >> and the last person hillary clinton wants to face is me and i mean i know that for a fact. >> as he backs out of the next debate his chief rival says he's ducking him and the president prepares for an epic showdown over his supreme court nominee. breaking news, seaworld's stunning announcement, the end of the orca shows. the park now partnering with the humane society. the tides now shifting. is this the end of shamu? family first. a major league star drops a baseball bombshell walking away from his team and $13 million after management stopped him from taking his son to work. did the team go too far? a royal exclusive. prince harry one-on-one revealing the mission that's changing his life. >> i'm new lucky enough to watch someone who should be dead run the 100 meters. you want a definition of
7:00 am
the moment he says almost broke him and why he's being called air legend this morning. and good morning, america. you really enjoyed your time with the prince, didn't you? >> i certainly did. was there last week, spent time with him at his childhood home which is also his current home kensington palace but why he's so passionate about the invictus games coming up. where are our manners. top of the morning to you. happy st. patrick's day and a great crowd with us decked out in green getting in the spirit. >> wow, they are not kidding around. a factoid americans are expected to spent $4.4 billion to celebrate. >> is that all in beer or -- >> that's a lot of green beer. >> exactly. >> corned beef, too. >> true. that is all coming up. we begin with the race for the white house and donald trump focusing on hillary clinton. she's fighting back and abc's cecilia vega is here with the


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