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tv   Eyewitness News Midday  ABC  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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reporting live from outside the mecklenburg county courthouse, blake hanson, 9 9 c hannel -- channel 9, eyewitness news. >> and blake is sweeting along with jim bradley who is in the courtroom tweeting the live updates. you can follow him. the president is making his move to the u.s. supreme court nominating judge merrick garland. if confirmed, he will replace justice scalia who died. >> reporter: the president said he is nominating garland because throughout garland's career, he said she has shown a rare ability to bring people
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rose garden, he said that garland has the respect of everyone who has worked with including supreme court chief justice john roberts. his influence over national security matters has made it a proving ground for supreme court justices. garland was call aid consensus nominee by senator orin match in 2010 when his name was first floated as a possible nominee. >> judge garlands has brought com passion and the ununwavering passion for the rule of law to the court. >> reporter: he has built a reputation as a moderate and is said to be well liked by republicans. mitch mcconcell saying that the september won't even hold
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vacancy. jacqueline fell, channel 9, eyewitness news. donald trump and hillary clinton are claiming big victories in north carolina but right now, both raceses in -- races in missouri are too close to call with hillary clinton and bernie sanders separated by .2 of 1%. trump took florida and north carolina but could not claim o high oh john kasich's state. marco rubioy on loss in florida prompted him to drop out altogether, and they are looking forward to arizona, utah, idaho, and america samoa who cast their ballots next week. and democrat roy cooper won yesterday's primary in north
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more than 70,000 people voted for him. he will face governor pat mccrory with a big win yesterday with 22% of the vote. -- 82% of the vote. the $2 billion connect nc bond measure was passed yesterday. almost 2/3 of carolina voters passed the bond referendum. now, that package will spend millions on colleges and state parks and $9 million for a new energy plan at cpcc and $90 million for a science lab at unc charlotte bull not require a tax increase. at 5:00, we'll take a deeper look at the bond and how schools and parks will benefit. only 28 votes separate the north carolina house see the,
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because of the 77 toll lanes. the incouple -- incumbent faced backlash for his support, and anchor stephanie maxwell found out about the continued push for november. more on that tonight at 5:00. filings begin for the congressional race. those races showed up on yesterday's ballot and those results don't count. a june 7 primary will address the 13 u.s. house races and force judges to redraw voting districts including district 12 in our area. they said two districts were improperly drawn in 2011. but last friday, federal judges heard arguments about whether the new maps are racially bias. the naacp said they are unfair and wants the judges to redraw
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they hope to have a ruling as early as friday. multiple fire and medic crews are outside a school right now investigating possible carbon monoxide issues and several students are being checked out. alexander graham middle school is said to be fine. the possible exposure happened this morning on the school bus. we are told by cms that the driver reported not feeling well, and as a precaution, all the student who is took the bus are being checked out. and the bus and a second one parked nearby are being investigated. for the past hour, we had charlotte fire and charlotte- mecklenburg police come to the scene. all parents have been contacted. we have seen several come to the school and see what is
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one grandparent we spoke with said he trusted everything will be all right. >> i have faith in cms. they do a good job. >> we asked for the conditions of the students and the bus driver and we'll have a report tonight on eyewitness news starting at 5:00. new at noon, the highway patrol is investigating a crash at an intersection from caldwell county that has seen numerous wrecks at taylorsville highway and oak hill school road. a teen pulled into the path of another car and caused this accident. neither driver was seriously hurt. neighbors say they have seen more than a dozen wrecks including an intersection at where more than two people have been kill. >> i know we had had many accidents before and i to be i -- to be -- to see what happened.
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intersection. ahead at 12:15, the charges a death. a standstill. the concerns that prompted a 24- hour shut down and the problem that crews are looking for. and it looks like springtime.
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temps clos let's see how stocks are doing this midday. the dow is up 11 points. the nasdaq up 12. new details on our breaking news. former charlotte mayor patrick cannon pleaded guilty, and we now know the sentence. the plea was attempted voter fraud and the judge sentenced him for one day in jail to be
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extra time behind bars. the mayor voted in the last election after being convicted of bribery. the metrorail service in washington dc at a stand still as workers expect the system. it was announced after an electrical fire caused major delays on monday morning. the same component malfunctioned last year. the general manager said they want to make sure there are no more faulty cables. there are no reports of injuries from the monday fire. and today, workers at mac's speed shop will remember a co- worker hit and killed walking along a sidewalk. the lasting tribute that customers will notice. a man is on trial accused
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because she wanted to leave caus a couple accused of trying to bury a man's body in alexander county just made an appearance in court. liz foster is in albemarle with the new charges that the couple faces. >> reporter: robert hearne's funeral is less than an hour from now at a church less than a mile from here at the stanley county courthouse and a judge has ordered his nephew, tony hearne and his girlfriend, linsey lentz, held without bond.
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the courtroom when the judge read the charges, capital murder and concealing and failing to report a death. channel 9 has followed every development. so when hearne and lentz were caught dumping hearne's body, with tony claiming he killed him on camera in self defense. tonight at 6:00, what prosecutors said about the death penalty in court this morning. reporting from stanly county, liz foster, channel 9, eyewitness news. we're checking with cmpd to find out more about an overnight burglary at a north tryon business.
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into a 1 koncepts. the business sells motorcycles and cell phones. we were asking what was taken description. we'll bring you any details on air and online. a jury could decide today if a lancaster man is guilty after he confessed to stabbing his wife to death in 2013. john ghent is on trial for the murder of elaine ghent. she asked him to leave but he said he had normal to -- normal to go. police say that ghent called his daughter and left a voice mail. she called her brother who forced open the locked bedroom door and found his mother dead and his father's arm draped over her.
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what did you do to my mom? >> he set he punched and kicked ghent 20 times. many law enforcement agencies happened over officer- involved investigations to sled but now, there is a bill that would make that uniform protocol for the state. and surveillance video shows a man attacking a deputy. police say marviano white was trying to steal beer from the columbia gas station last week and resisted arrest and hit the deputy and continued to punch and kick him. happening today, south carolina governor nikki haley will jien children services advocates for a news conference
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columbia. they still face high caseloads putting children at risk. state senator were told that there are caseworkers that have 50 children assigned to them each. channel 9 very a crew at meeting. the agenda does not mention the school assignment issue but it's at the forefront on many parents' minds. matthew mint hill charter school is already at capacity and has awaiting list of nearly 700 students. >> once the building goes up and students start rolling, we expect the wait list to grow. >> mathews pushed the resolution to leave the school
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to have neighborhood school attendance. you can watch eyewitness news at 5:00 for the new developments. new at noon, if you're planning a trip to myrtle beach this summer, make sure you don't litter. horry county leaders passed a measure of zero tolerance for litterbugs. if someone is caught littering, they will get a warning, but now you will get a ticket and you could get up to 30 days in jail. it definitely seems like a beach day, beautiful and warm temperatures. here's meteorologist keith monday. a preview. and this is it. after today, we'll have a stop- down process. it won't be that dramatic, but weekend. beautiful skies and a touch of haze and the pollen is increasing. the pollen number professor
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points on the tree pollen scale. it's borderline, the oak, the yellow coating on everything. this will be the case for a couple of weeks. we have a long way to go. the temperatures this weekend will drop and a very small rain chance but that won't do a lot to help out the pollen problem. 80 in most neighborhoods, and that's why the tree pollen is coming on fast. the mountains, close to 70 already and a small chain rans in the mountains already, and that has passed us by, and the wind will stay up, but it won't change our temps. low 80s at least, 83 would tie the record and staying in the mid to upper 60s through 11:00 tonight. and then as you come out the door tomorrow morning, the temps cool a bit from this morning, mostly around 60.
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the mountains, so there is the first step-down process. but overall tomorrow, it will still be a beautiful day for all the events going on, st. patrick's day parades and events, 75, and the real cool stuff is on the way for the weekend. even friday, in the 60s for sunshine. and saturday, the clouds build in, and clouds, a small chance for light rain and 40s at 10:00, and 50s all day on saturday. we won't get out of the 50s even on sunday, and then the bigger plunge comes in on sunday morning with a batch of really cold air starting to work in as the chill will drop us into the 30s on sunday. not much of a frost or freeze issue on sunday, but monday morning of next week, temperatures will get colder, and we are looking at more freeze issues in the region. the 5-day forecast with the
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basically get almost all the seasons in a matter of days. today, spring like today and tomorrow and friday, and this weekend, highs in the 50s and a 32 for early monday. soy -- so it will be cold. >> all condensed in a week. >> everything all in one. >> a good way to but the -- put it. thanks. next at noon, when work could resume on a construction
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and let's take a with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't the spring home event is happening now.
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soy it . work on the widening project on independence boulevard in east charlotte will start again soon under a new contract. the work stopped in january. owners say they were in a fight with the state over money. yesterday, the state announced lane construction will take over with the original bid of $51 million that is expected to stay the same and so is the comcompletion date of october 2016. >> we feel confident moving forward that we can deliver the project as we initially anticipate today. >> nc d.o.t. officials say they will meet with the new contractors soon to develop a work strategy. a south end restaurant will dedicate the new patio to an employee hit by a car. a launch at mac's speed shop in honor of kelly putnam. putnam was hit and killed in
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south boulevard by the restaurant. gregory wheeling was charged with her death and officials say that alcohol and speed were a factor in the crash. the annual booze it and lose it begins today meaning that officers will be on the road looking for drunk drivers. and today is the last real warm day for a while. yeah. it's not the last nice day, but really warm. and if you want to get the barbecue fired up, we'll stilling in the 70s by 8:00, and overnight, we'll be in the 40s and so we'll be cooler out the cool it morning, and then temperatures will take a nosedive. spring officially arrives this weekend, and it won't feel like it. >> we'll bounce back. >> we will.
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st joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you doing? thank you very much. how you folks doing? thank you very much. thank you very much! welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for the second day with a total of $20,000 from raleigh, north carolina, it's the villafranca family. and from little rock, arkansas, it's the carlton family. yep, everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new
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there. let's get it on. give me gabby, give me liz! let's play the "feud!" ["family feud" theme plays] ladies, here we go. we've got the top 8 answers on the board. name something a woman does before putting on an itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie bikini. gabby. >> a bikini wax. steve: get a bikini wax. >> play! >> steve, we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. hey, jessie, what do you do, darling? >> well, i work at the arkansas state hospital, and i am a behavior health aide/caregiver. steve: all right, jessie, let's go, darling. name something a woman does before putting on an itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie bikini. >> i would say lotion up. steve: lotion up. >> good answer! >> that's all right. steve: abreil? >> yes, sir. steve: abreil, that how you say it? good. how you doing, darling?


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