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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we have to bring it together. >> the gop field shrinks to three. and hillary clinton sweeps several states. >> this may be one of the most consequential campaigns of our lifetimes. >> since the polls closed three hours ago, channel 9 has been following the minute by minute updates of the results. we will be scrolling them along the bottom of your screen, i'm erica bryant. >> thank you for joining us on primary election night in north carolina. let's get right to some of the results on the democratic side of the presidential primary. tonight, hillary clinton easily beating bernie sanders. >> and a look at the tight race on the republican side. right now, we can project the donald trump is the winner in north carolina. again, in a tight race there with ted cruz. we have team coverage for you tonight of this major race and its impact. >> let's start with eyewitness news reporter live tonight. blake. >> scott and erica, another big night for trump nationwide. and he will get a majority of the delegates in north carolina.
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people thought going into today. some polls had trump with a double digit percentage lead. it shook out to be much closer. trump took 40% so far. cruz 36% in those votes still coming in. we'll wait to see how many of the state's 72 delegates go to trump and cruz. trump talking to supporters in the last hour, gave few specifics saying we need to bring the party together, saying he'll fire quote, bad people, and focus on making america safe. >> we need protection in our country and that's going to happen and all of a sudden the poll numbers shot up. >> a change of tone tonight from trump. he congratulates marco rubio on his campaign, rubio dropped out tonight. he previously in this campaign called marco little marco, cruz just spoke reiterating him being the solid conservative choice and questioning trump who saying he opposed conservative ideals.
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newsroom, blake hanson, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you. and now we turn to eyewitness news reporter, elsa who is with the democratic party tonight, they were there watching as hillary clinton won north carolina. >> yes, and there was a lot of cheering as people watch hillary clinton take the stage to speak tonight and as the race was called. the people here were split. mixed support for senator sanders and secretary clinton. one clinton supporter i spoke with told me he thinks she is great for north carolina. she's really focused on jobs and public education, which is something he says we need here. on the flip side, a sanders supporter told me while he's disappointed, he's not anticlinton. many people saw clinton speak in charlotte last night. from there, she visited raleigh before going to florida today. that's where she gave her victory speech a short while ago. she spoke fighting for families and the reality of job she is running for.
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hard, but being president is harder. it is the hardest, most important job in the world. and no one person can succeed at the job without seeking and finding common ground to solve the problems we face. if we work together, we can make a real difference in people's lives. >> clinton also took the time to thank bernie sanders and praise him for the campaign he's run and a lot of people here told me they're not surprised by the results. reporting live in south end, elsa gillis. >> channel 9 learned that thousands of people in north carolina switched their party affiliation right before casting their ballots in the primary. election records show between january 1 and february 19, more than 20,000 people changed their party affiliation. north carolina is one of five states that had primaries tonight. >> and florida and ohio were two of them.
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impact on the overall race. eyewitness news anchor, allison latos has been monitoring those results. >> voters in florida, ohio, missouri, and illinois also took to the polls for their state primaries today. donald trump took some big wins here in north carolina. and in illinois, and perhaps the big prize of the night, florida, after trump's commanding victory, florida senator, marco rubio officially dropped out of the race. governor john kasich won his home state of ohio tonight. as of right now, republican candidate, ted cruz, has not won any states tonight, but cruz and trump are in a virtual tie right now in missouri. we are still waiting for official results from that primary. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has won three states so far tonight here in north carolina, in florida, and in ohio. bernie sanders has not won any states tonight, but we are still waiting for a democratic winner in the illinois and the missouri primaries.
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>> thank you, allison. and we're also following the primary results in the race for north carolina governor. on the democratic side, attorney general, roy cooper won with 70% of the vote. that's with 83% of precincts reporting. cooper spoke to a group of supporters tonight right after his big win. >> i believe that we are electing a strong ticket that will put north carolina on the right path. >> cooper also told them to get ready for the battle ahead in november. >> on the republican side, in the race for governor, pat won handedly tonight, 82% of the vote with 83% of the precincts reporting. right after mccrory clinched the nomination, he said north carolina should be a model for how work can get done. >> so, while the rest of the nation is going through a lot of political divide as we see tonight, i want to just let you know that maybe north carolina can be a role model for the
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>> tonight, he thanked his supporters and promised to keep the work he's doing up for the people of north carolina if they reelect him in november. >> in the u.s. senate race in north carolina, debra ross has clinched the democratic nomination here with 63% of the vote. on the republican side of the u.s. senate race, incumbent, richard burr won, the gop nomination. right now with 62% of the vote. >> north carolina voters also approved a multimillion dollar bond referendum tonight. 66% said yes here. 34% no. in supporting the bond package that will spend millions on colleges and state parks, including $9 million for new energy plants and a $90 million science lab at unc charlotte. that will not require a tax increase. >> and the good news tonight, no major problems at the polling locations across north carolina today. but several districts did report some issues. >> the board of elections in north carolina said the trinity
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east 1st street stayed open an extra 30 minutes tonight after a chief judge overslept this morning. they say that four voters were impacted by this. they stayed open late. a chief judge overslept at the highland precinct, but polls there closed at the regular time tonight. in ashville, witnesses said more than a dozen voters were turned away because of a printer problem. the chief judge said the problem meant they did not have the proper paperwork to process the votes. those printers were down for about two hours. of course, stay with channel 9 for all of your major primary results. we have a complete list scrolling along the bottom of your screen. you can also find it all on the website. in other news this evening, former charlotte mayor, pat cannon was booked into the jail. it's the first time he has been back in charlotte since the beginning of his 44 month sentence in federal prison for taking bribes in office.
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judge to face a voter fraud charge. he admitted to voting in the 2014 election after he pled guilty to the corruption charges. he is scheduled to be released in january. : tonight, we're asking how a toddler is doing after police say the child fell out of a second story window in statesville. medics rushed the toddler from that apartment to the children's hospital in winston salem last night. officials say the child, who is about two years old is now in a medically induced coma. >> we worked on people who have fallen off roofs and everything else, and so much trauma can happen. yes. and with the baby, so much more. they are so delicate. >> investigators believe that the fall was accidental. >> new at 11:00, a woman in caldwell county pleaded guilty to killing her husband. donna harris stabbed her
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apartment in hudson back in april of 2014. officers say the two had a volatile relationship. a judge sentenced her yesterday to at least 16 years in prison. right now, deputies looking for the person who murdered a couple inside their home. we reported this first as breaking news last night at 11:00. since then, we learned somebody forced their way inside the home, police say, and killed deedra and mark wilson. can the couple had a ten-year- old daughter. police are looking into all possible motives, including robbery in this case. gets also new at 11:00, the fbi needs your help finding a serial bank robber who hit several places in north carolina and in tennessee. we have pictures here sent to us by agents of that robber. very clear pictures. a white guy 6'2" and 6'3" in
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also has a mole on his right cheek. he's used a variety of vehicles with stolen license plates. he used a dark blue or black toyota camry. a deadly crash that happened in chester county. henry allen, jr., rolled his car and hit his tree just before 3:00 this afternoon. allen died from his injuries. investigators are still working to determine what caused him to lose control. >> channel 9 learned some parents are looking at options for schools to avoid cms student assignment. we first reported this as breaking news last night at 10:00. now the town of matthews passed a resolution to lead the school district unless they guarantee neighborhood schools. matthews charter school does not open until fall, but it is at capacity and has a waiting list of nearly 700 students. the building starts going up, and students start
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wait list growing. >> leaders expect interest to grow across the board. >> i just spoke with a very angry father. after police arrested the man accused of trying to kidnap his 12-year-old daughter. >> it's not just my daughter. i mean, anybody who has a daughter. >> his message to the suspect. >> the third time this month, we saw temperatures touch 80 most everywhere east of the mountains, yes, it's mid march.
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a subaru, a su tonight, we are staying on top of all of the results. >> we want to take a look again at some of the big races we are following for you tonight. in the presidential race in north carolina on the democratic side, hillary clinton beats out bernie sanders with 55% of the vote to his 41%. and over on the republican side, donald trump is now the projected winner in a close race with ted cruz. donald trump walking away with 41% of the vote over ted cruz's 47%. tonight, marco rubio dropped out of this race after he lost in florida.
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off, the democrats roy cooper winning with 70% of the vote tonight. on the republican side, incumbent winning big, he had 482% of the vote coming in. you can find a complete list of the primary results on click the bar at the top of the page tonight. tonight, this man is facing charges that he tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl. >> we first reported rickie townsend's arrest as breaking news. all new at 11:00, reporter alexa ashwell dug into the charges against him and spoke with that little girl's dad. >> right now, rickie townsend is here at the gaston county jail. this arrest warrant shows he's accused of crimes involving three different girls. the most serious, the attempted kidnapping of a 12-year-old girl. i spoke with her father. >> i was relieved. >> simple words from a very angry father. tonight we spoke outside his home just hours after police
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tried to kidnap his 12-year-old daughter last week. authorities identified him as 28-year-old, rickie townsend. >> he offered her $400 and told her to get in the car. >> we told you police received a report that a man tried to grab a girl by the arm here on global street. the girl's father told me he and members of a local volunteer organization, glc main, have been out looking for the suspect. >> i can sleep easier tonight. >> police are saying little about what led them to townsend, mening he was taken into custody in the nearby town while in his dark colored vehicle. a description originally given to police. following his arrest, townsend's mother reached out to channel 9. she said her son is innocent and his vehicle doesn't match the picture police showed her friday. >> i said, are you sure? i said yes, i'm sure. >> this father is convinced police have the correct suspect. and he's resting a little easier tonight. >> it's not just my daughter.
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>> now the other crimes involve two 17-year-old girls and smoking marijuana. the suspect's mother told me she plans to attend her son's first court appearance. we'll let you know when that is. reporting in gaston county, alexa ashwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> channel 9 dug into townsend's criminal past and found several convictions, including assault on a child and felony drug charges. by now, he has pending charges against him for breaking and entering and possession of a firearm by a felon. >> a new contractor is taking over the widening project on independence boulevard after job. in january, channel 9 started to investigate deveer construction after the company stopped work on another project on u.s. 29. the owners say they are in a money. today the state said lane construction will finish the job. it's on track to be done in october. >> let's take a look from our charlotte cam. a gorgeous shot of uptown charlotte.
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>> a mild night, which will mean a mild start tomorrow morning. temperatures of solid 10 or so degrees. mid 050s in most of the immediate metro. statesville, hickory, mid 40s up across the mountains. the bus stop forecast calls for a quick warmup. as the kids get back into school, temperatures to 60 or so. the one thing we'll keep an eye on, tracking the morning drive, up across the high country, there's showers way to our west. you see a line trying to form. a few showers may approach the north carolina border as we head toward 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow morning. you see them very scattered about here. none of that action will survive the trek to the charlotte area. in fact, see just some passing clouds as we head through early to mid part of the afternoon. it's not going to slow the warmup at all. here's a look at our hourly temperatures. our average high this time of year, 62. i'm forecasting will be there by 9:00 a.m.
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again tomorrow afternoon. way above average and closing in on a record. tomorrow's all-time record, 83, set back in 1945. we'll come close, i think we'll see just enough clouds tomorrow afternoon that we'll probably fall a degree shy. as far as the threat tracker tomorrow, chance for rain, maybe across the high country. unusually warm temperatures and this is the thing that is knocking a lot of folks for the loop. tree pollen has been rising. it's that oak pollen, that yellow film you see on everything, that's what gets most of us. that's not going away any time soon until we get meaningful rain. we had some south of charlotte last night, no one else really shared in the wealth as far as that rain fall goes. a quick shower, your neighborhood forecast, upper 40s, still manage to reach the upper 60s, if not close to 70 tomorrow. neighborhood forecast toward monroe, lower 80s tomorrow afternoon. i don't have temperatures on here, follow the shades of blue. that's the cooler air and as we
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we head through late saturday and into sunday and here's a look at how that looks on a temperature forecast. low 80s tomorrow and by the time we hit the weekend, which is when we kick offspring, we'll be lucky to see the mid 50s by sunday afternoon and there may be a few showers as well. so we go from 82 tomorrow to a chilly 39 degrees on sunday morning. roller coaster temperatures very typical for mid march. our five-day forecast doesn't call pr for much, but i don't see a lot of rain then either. in the meantime, wear the sunglasses and enjoy. >> we'll have nice weather for awhile. >> thanks, steve. tonight, the nfl admits there is a link between football and brain injuries. the work the league is doing to try and make sure players get help. >> and officers hurt in raids connected to the attacks in paris.
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about prevnar 13 a lancaster man could be sentenced to prison after confessing to stabbing his wife to prison in 2013. on trial for the murder of elaine. she wanted to leave him, he wouldn't let her, and he stabbed her in the chest in their bedroom. their son forced open the bedroom door and said he found his mother dead and his father holding her. tomorrow afternoon. new at 11:00, police arrest the man they say robbed the twice. officers charge rodriguez walker were holding up employees at the metro pcs store on eastway drive in january and earlier this month. they say in one case, he showed a gun and then in the second robbery, they say he threaten the the workers with a knife and demanded cash.
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the robberies. >> new information tonight, belgium authorities say shots were fired at this house during a raid. all connected to last november's terror attacks in paris. they went to the apartment this afternoon. they thought it was empty, but there were people inside who started shooting at them. police say three officers were wounded, but they'll be all right. one suspect is still on the run. >> 129 people were killed in the attack. multiple shootings happened around the city, at a restaurant, in a theater packed with hundreds. 350 people were hurt. >> south carolina governor says she is almost certain that she will sign a bill that bans abortion in the state passed 19 weeks of pregnancy. the house is expected to vote tomorrow on a compromise that the senate passed last week. the only exceptions would be if the mother's life is in
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determines that the while we wait for the basketball to fade, that's the tournament. the first round tipped off davidson visiting florida state. one. payton to brian sullivan. from way out. he knocks down the three, 13 for sullivan.
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malic beasley working inside. smith for the alley the -- seminoles lead quickly up to 9. great ball movement on the break. dunk. make st it a two-point game. the wildcats couldn't maintain that lead. and off the miss, davidson fans might want to look away, because this is beasley rising for the flush. davidson falls 84-74 the financial. south carolina hosting high point. just ten active players. a freshman and sophomore was suspended for a conduct issue. it didn't look like much of an issue early on. leads for a trailing -- kind
11:28 pm
huge game. he had 30. south carolina up 5 at the half. second half, wacky play, panthers nearly throw it away. andre fox runs it down. he gets tripped. then blocks the ensuing shot for miles. balls on the ground. i feel like sack should be playing right now, nobody can get a hand on it. meanwhile, the shot clock is ticking down, mcintyre finally hits a three with a shot clock and won. that was tired. that makes me tired watching it. south carolina won on a 20-1 run to pull away. cruising to an 88-66 win. south carolina disappointed in the ncaa tournament. >> all right. >> the main tournament hasn't started and already the zaniest. can only imagine what next week holds. the nfl is publicly admitting a
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injuries. tonight, there's a link. >> the statement was made during a house committee meeting and it's the first time that the league has publishly acknowledged the link. willie green used to play for the carolina panthers. he says knowing the risk would not have deterred him from playing the sport that he loves. >> we, as players, we know there's a risk. there's always a risk. it is what it is. >> the nfl earmarked nearly $1 billion to try to help retired players who have suffered head trauma. green says he called two months ago to get an appointment, but the earliest they said they could see him is july. >> we are still watching primary races in illinois and in missouri tonight and illinois, we're awaiting the results of the primary. hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders 51% to 48%. the big story, missouri where republicans donald trump and ted cruz are in a virtual tie right now. on the democratic side, bernie
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hillary clinton. we'll stay on top of these races overnight and have the latest tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. >> it's clear, mild, and feels
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we'll show march. that is some close recollection results and we are going to come close to a record tomorrow. the record is 83. forecasting 82. a little cooler as we head through thursday and looks like a very nice st. patrick's day. after that, we really cool it down.
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we head into the weekend. >> all right, just in time for march madness. >> that's right, thanks for making us your choice for news tonight. >> get the latest overnight news and the forecast for your morning commute on daybreak starting at 4:30 a.m. >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! from "batman vs. superman: dawn of justice" gal gadot, and music from jake bugg. with cleto and the cletones. and now, to get things rolling,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] it is the middle of march, and can you feel the madness descending upon us? how many of you filled out a bracket for the ncaa tournament? [ cheers and applause ] you're all under arrest. it's illegal, you know. [ laughter ] did you fill one out, guillermo? >> yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: you did. and it was what? $10? >> yeah. 10ds. $10. >> jimmy: i didn't have time to fill out a bracket this year. so i just sate a $10 bill. [ laughter ] i'll get the same result. it's an exciting time of year whether you like basketball or you like learning the names of colleges you never heard of. there's something for everything.


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