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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 15, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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didn't show on tv. >> first of all, we have to see the ring, oh, my goodness, it's gorgeous, i heard this is the most expensive spring in bachelor history. you have great taste. if you can't see your face, the answer is no. >> will you marry me? >> yes, bachelor fans melted last night when ben got down on one knee and proposed t 36-year-old flight attendant lauren bu >> the art deco style eng ring is 4.25 carets and was valued as under $100,000. >> another bachelor first, you admitted to being in love with two women, always a big deal. >> yeah, it wa big deal, i do love you.
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you for a while as well. >> i ended up feeling things you would never typically feel. >> jojo and lauren were given 18 dresses to pick from to wear on finale night. these were the backups. >> just hours after the world learned that ben chose lauren. >> how happy are you? >> excited. >> i think that's the part i'm most excited for, just to a couple in public. >> ben and lauren kissed during the "people" interview. >> we cut the cost on the wedding day photographer. >> exactly, we have that professional footage forever. >> but thenight's biggest prize wasn't in the final r but in this moment. >> please welcome bachelorette, jojo. >> we heard that kayla was going to bachelorette, we heard that she was filming and then suddenly it was announced it was jojo.
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>> i heard last night. i'm not in the inner circle. >> so glad you enjoyed the bachelorette, that's the least they can do, she found love on the show and then she didn't. jolie and -- who know to use their fame for good and no they're attacking a world crisis that's close to home for george's wife amal. >> my family is from lebanon and they also ran away from a war and were lucky enough to be accepted by a european country. >> amal told her own refugee story with those who had fled their country's civil war. george revealed his own family members were immigrants who once faced discriminatio >> i'm of irish descent and in america, 100 years ago, we were refugee refugees. irish were treated terribly in america for a period of time and
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>> t up with the international rescue committee, the from berlin to lebanon, angelinea jolie is also helping those who have fled the violence. >> today the fifth anniversary of the syrian conflict, that is where i hope to be in syria. >> the u.s. special envoy braved heavy rain in a war zone wearing little makeup and spoke out against the ongoing civil war that's preventing millions fr returning home. >> it's tragic and shameful that we have strayed is far from that point. >> last night in new york, carly -- turned into a birthday bash f of the stars and everybody got decked out for the occasion. >> there is some debate over whether i can wear a dress or not, but i'm so all about pants.
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for naomi watts. >> you guys are a ridiculously happy couple. >> that's trending. >> happy bi >> at the after party, mr. now 22 busted a move on the table. we were warned that this clearly can throw >> all the drinks are free. so i'll be buying a lot of free shots later tonight. and now to a new movie controversy? >> it looks like a kids' movie, but it is not. >> present reagansome mixed reviews on twitter, and last night's south by southwest preview knew it
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>> it's like ordering food [ bleep ]. >> and l.l. cool j.'s tournament fake-out fake-out. >> a tweet left the canyon for minutes. first it was this, today i officially retired from music, then today, i'm officially coming out of retirement and starting a new alb >> l.l. showed off his rap for dr. dre's radio show and yep, he's still got it. >> i want to break the myth that the hip-hop artists can't mature and continue to be relevant. and disney just announced there will be a fifth indiana jones movie. harrison ford will star.
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news that time her heart was in a millionpieces, now kristen has written a new book and she's opened up to our own jennifer perez about the brother she loved to dearly. >> i really found a lot of strength in my kids, so, i couldn't collapse, i had a new baby to look after. >> her family is her anchor, but this mom of three admits relationships can be tough. she and husband of almost three years jake cutler had to work at it. >> we have problems, we don have a perfect relationship. >> you're very open, when you were talking about therapy, you've got problems just like any other normal couple and therapy is something that helps you guys. >> we saw our therapist occasionally.
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the hills and laguna beach couldn't be busier, a successful line of shoes and jewelry has made a fashion staple. and new offers a new look into her li and body image issues. >> i did every and i was always countsing calories and i was beating myself up every time i was stingy or whatever. when i got pregnant with my first son cameron, i said i'm going to enjoy everything i eat, i'm not going to overindulge, i'm just going to enjoy everything i eat. >> before the of sailor, chris she told us that she was kind of nervous about having kids all under the age of 4. but like everything in herlive, she's making it look easy no and why is oprah bombing
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plus behind the scenes of ncis, ho will they replace michael weatherly.
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hur, what he told me about the that's coming up next. tomorrow on "e.t." >> blast me. >> our mary hart behind the
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shocker. that is one of the most
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that was charlieton herself on the in the iconic classic movie ben hur. >> it's an incredible honor to be stepping intocharlton's sandal sandals. >> i'm very excited about it. what can we >> this is the exclusive first look of themovie. no one has seen anyth before, so i'm really excited. this has such a beautiful message. >> what is your name? >> ben hur. you know i have done nothing wrong. crucified. no! >> it's about the love of two
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misunderstanding, they take ben hur from his family and nail him to the cross. >> ben will have your vengeance. >> should have stayed away. >> you should have killed me. >> i will. everybody is used to everything being so digital, was it really that real? >> every scene isincredibly authentic, we really did everything. when you me with four horses, nothing prepares you for that. >> you're making me sweat right now thinking about it. >> i think the first day you're there, the power, you realize the power. >> it looks amazing. and the most amazing producer at
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>> roma downey is the greatest. behind the scenes of t 300th episode of ncis, what the stars are telling about michael weatherly leaving the show. and then our oprah interview exclusive. >> i love brad. >> and star daughters, following in their mother's footsteps, find out who this young bikini
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mom, that's next. folks have some questionsabout my spicy, freshly-preparedworld-famous zinger sandwich. like,"is it freshly-prepared?" yes. "is the freshly-preparedzinger sandwich available in a $5 fill up?" if you have five dollars, yes. what a great limited time deal!
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folks have some questionsabout my spicy, freshly-preparedworld-famous zinger sandwich. like,"is it freshly-prepared?" yes. "is the freshly-preparedzinger sandwich available in a $5 fill up?" if you have five dollars, yes. what a great limited time deal! it's finger lickin' good! okay, so it's finally time to reveal this daughter, the 18-year-old is taking a page from her mom's playbook, making her modeling debut. the blue eyed look alike mother
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another example of how the hollywood perfect gene pool. finally meet the sisters who are out to be the next kendall and kiley. lori laughlin's beautiful daughters are out to do the mommy makeover, a sister q and a and trying to catch sister lauren playing. >> is full house your favorite show because of your mommy? >> why people, why? and have seen the gorgeous new cover shot of oprah, she has dropped pounds, you go girl, all the while tells ss us s eats bread every day. that's one thing i really wanted to know about when we got
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>> i said i eat bread, people, it doesn't mean i'm eating a loaf every day. i love bread. >> there you have it, that's oprah's bread rule, don't eat the whole loaf. she auctioned off her wardrobe on ebay. items include the skirt she wore for thth season premier and the dress she wore on this o magazine cover. opening bid, 99 cents. >> i have had so many clothes, most of them i never wore more once or twice, or i literally put them on as i was going down to in the chair and then took them off. so i all these like louie vuitton shoeings you paid as much for aashoe as you did for a down payment on your house, it's hard to let that
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>> oprah has raised thousands for her leadership academy. but what she's superexcited about now is returning as an actress on a series on tv. because i play on the blues club, because she has a bar and different problems and she uses [ bleep ] a cou times. >> is that hard for you t actually have to spit out? >> not really, boop. >> almost claire few, that just sounded a lot worse than it was.
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swar. . >> that is the scan from tonight's nc oourksis and this one is truly special and that is because it's episode 300, and that is a rare number to hit in tv. we were with mark harmon and the whole gang as they celebrated this milestone achievement. >> has it really sunk in? i mean you're a modest person, has it really sunk in what this means? >> no, it hasn't. it's a rounumber, but it's a lot. >> did you ever think you would make it to 300 episodes? >> yee, did. i think it's the greatest show ever. >> it's a team effort, sometimes we have to carry each other a little bit.
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understand, 300 episodes is a landmark i television world, a major milestone, and now ncis joins the ranks of csi, law and order, ander. >> what is your favorite moment as you look back, your favorite moment? >> honestly my favorite moment, is every morning when i get up and i thank god for my dog. i'm like, yes. >> beyond 300. here are some more impressive numbers. ncis is the number one tv in the world, it's broadcast in over 60 languages and gibbs, he's conducted ov310 interrogations. >> especially what you did on the records book. >> you did? >> i can't, i can't help you. >> tonight stars in this year's would bed warrior, and it's the last for michael weatherly who's leaving after seasons. >> this is what theydo? michael actually does this on set to me every day in the morning.
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>> will you miss this craziness? >> i mean, yes. are you serious? i'll miss him so much. >> our job here is to really move forward and to to take the change and not so much replace, as it is renew and find something new, and that's what we have been able to do for a while here and we see if we can't keep doing it. >> when this is ov the one memory i will always have of ncis is this guy right here, he has taken good care of me over the years and he's the best. that was incredibly sweet of mark mark. well now in our
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birthdays. at hamilton creator lyn manuel miranda freezed out with is president. i'm getting to say some free styling that you never plus dirty dancing star tackling that iconic lift. >> are you ready to do the lift?
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>> it's all at travel consideration provided by. wrab to the show, everybody, and in tonight's "e.t" birthday, which desperate housewives star once appeared on 90210? that's eva longoria. we are out of time, but take a look at what we're working on for tomorrow's "e.t." >> bye, everybody. our batman versus "superman" exclus so who got more buzz, ben affleck or henrycavill, we are first on the set. and a hollywood smile makeovers.
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>> why are you crying? a life boat 2016 update. >> the results are starting to trickle in already. three clinton and donald trump card we want to show you a live look right now. with just one percent of the precincts reporting clinton is ahead of bernie sanders 64% to 34%. on the republican side there is a closer race, trump is leading with 40%, ted cruz at 30% and too early to call either race.
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watch i miss new this is an abc news special report. your voice, your vote. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. >> we are coming on the air now with breaking on a night that could send this campaign into unchartered waters. five contests today, some of the biggest states so far. illinois, missouri, north carolina, ohio and florida, where the polls have just closed. abc news can project the winners. for the republicans, a big win for donald trump over marco rubio in that senator's home state. rubio will now drop out of the race. and for the democrats, hillary
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florida, big win for her, adding to her already formidable lead in delegates. i'm here with our political analyst matthew dowd. another impressive win for trump. he gets 99 delegates. the end of the road for marco rubio, and all eyes now on ohio. >> absolutely. a huge win for donald trump. i think florida puts an exclamation point on how much the gop has changed. this is a magazine cover from "time" saying that marco rubio, the republican savior, from just a few years ago. and now donald trump just won his state. and keep in mind, marco rubio last week said, whoever wins the florida primary is going to be the gop nominee. we don't know what's going to happen in ohio, but if ohio doesn't go for trump, where we are in unchartered waters. >> no question about that. we're going to be here as soon as the results are in from ohio. the night begins, though, with big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton in florida.


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