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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> one issue we are following a stalled vehicle in dartmouth police south of queens but still not seeing any delays. watching the traffic flow so if you are heading out the next couple of minutes traffic is there. watching the interstate providence road from matthews on east john street the inner loop at 70 miles per hour a five minute ride. checking 485 closer towards west charlotte near i-85 coming in from gaston county both interstates looking good. haven't seen any issues here. northbound cleveland and gaston counties charlotte all free and clear. stephanie? >> in 30 minutes polls will open across north carolina for the presidential primaries. your votes are more relevant than ever this year after the state posted election day up to march. >> and several campaign stops right in our area. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno live outside of a polling site in u!university city to explain.
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polls open here in university city in about 30 minutes and all of the presidential candidates will be watching north carolina very closely this year something that hasn't passed. this is the first year the primary is in march instead of may. political experts say the move was to make the state more relevant in the primary season. off. almost all of rthe major presidential candidates made a stop in the charlotte area. donald trump, bernie sanders and hilary clinton came to town. despite the early primary voters can expect presidential candidates to be back before november. >> north carolina is pretty much a battle ground state evenly divided. a few thousands votes could tip things one way or the other. >> there's a warning this is the first year an id is needed to cast a ballot. coming up in 30 minutes the acceptable excuses for not
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you to still be able to vote. reporting live in university city channel 9 eyewitness news. >> none of the candidates will be in north carolina when the results come in. most will be in other states with primaries today. but hilary clinton bernie sanders and donald trump all made one last appeal to voters in our area yesterday. >> together we can build a future that really is consistent with our values what we want to achieve as a nation. >> when wall street was in trouble they got bailed out. now it is wall street's time to help. >> we will beat the democrats and we will beat hillary who is so flawed. >> watching election results come in from north carolina as well as florida, illinois, missouri and ohio tonight. we'll bring you live updates throughout the night starting at 7:30 when the polls close
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totals okcome in from all primary races at following an overnight shooting in north charlotte investigators confirm a man was shot while he was sitting on a wall drinking just before midnight. taken to cmc with non life threatening injuries. his name has not been released. we are asking investigators what led up to the shooting and whether they have any suspects. count on channel 9 to bring you more as soon as we get it. deputies are trying to figure out how a couple died inside of had i clairemont home. brittany johnson is live at the home where we hope to get more answers today. brittany? >> john, family members told us that the couple had a ten-year- old daughter who was not at home when her parents bodies were discovered inside but there is still crime scene tape surrounding this appropriate, also a sheriff's deputy vehicle manning this scene this morning. we were here last night as
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inside and outside of this home on rest home drive. investigators are calling their death suspicious. a family member discovered the couple inside of heir home yesterday after not hearing from them over the weekend. investigators are trying to determine if someone forced their way into the home and relatives had a message for the killer. >> this is crazy because you took two lives. whoever you are, you took two lives and these two lives had a daughter, a ten-year-old daughter who now has both parents gone. >> we are working to get more information about the victims and the next xdsteps in this investigation. we expect to get more details later this morning. live brittany johnson channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you brittany. in concord one person is dead and another injured after a shooting near the logan family resource center. officers kept our crew away and
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block away on lincoln street south west near second avenue. there's no indication this had anything to do with the medical center itself. we are asking police for more information about what led up to the shooting. jury selection will begin today for the charlotte father charged in the murder of his six month old daughter. police were called to the motel in 2012. his six month old was not breathing and died from her injuries which included fractures to her skull and ribs. her father is representing himself. a little bit longer to see if a school could be placed where eastland mall used to be. charlotte mecklenburg schools proposed kindergarten through 8 8th grade school. decided to wait to make that decision until april. also trying to find developers to build apartments, office and retail space. it's been a long battle to
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movie studio there but that proposal fell apart. city leaders were concerned with the developer and the questions about financing and q construction costs. charlotte's mayor is working to bring more after school programs to students in the t( queen city. mayor jennifer roberts held at missionary baptist church. the fade business and non profit community to figure out how to expand charlotte's after school programs. during her campaign she wants every child to have access to good quality programs. >> safe schools and grade level and. >> the mayor said she is also working with community and private t(partners to create an organization to help parents find quality programs. charlotte has had a bike sharing program for three years and now it's growing fast. lawmakers on capitol hill are considering legislation to maintain it and allow vskties to
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tax to build and maintain rental bikes. the board would keep it available for bikers but tax payers should not be on the hook for bike share programs. it's one of the largest systems in the southeast. there are 200 blue bikes and 24 stations placed throughout uptown and surrounding neighborhoods. cleveland county residents are not very happy that duke energy labeled two coal ash ponds low risk. people gathered last night to discuss the classified station- -the cliff side steam station and qrogers energy complex. those coal ash ponds have been labeled low risk which means they don't have to be closed until 2029. >> when people can't take a bath or drink water that should be an extreme priority. >> and we are focused on closing our ash basins throughout the state in ways that put safety first, protect the environment, minimize
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manage cost. >> the meeting comes one week after state leaders said well water is safe to drink. come look at this. winter has returned in south carolina but that is actually hail. the storm brought 70 miles per hour winds to parts of up state yesterday and thousands of people in greenville reported losing power. we just checked duke energy's outage map and power is back on in the area. that is such a big hail stone. >> insurance company is going to be busy. >> yes in south carolina. weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> keith monday we didn't see anything like that here. >> no. it was the same storm that came through especially york qchester and lancaster counties last night we had the left overs. the timing later into the evening kept it much less severe. those storms are off the coastline this morning. roads are dried up and still a little mist and a few spots
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for most of us the sky is clearing and we are going to see a lot of sunshine for the rest of the day ahead. talking about record temperatures on the way for tomorrow. high into the 80s you'll be climbing straight ahead. coming up 10 minutes after 6 mark taylor for the roads. >> still quiet and green conditions on the board. not seeing any big slow owns for the other states. earlier problems down myers park but no big slow downs. out of monroe and union county on u.s. 74 heading westbound between 601 and 485, 47 miles per hour for folks heading up towards indian trail into matthews. closer to town from 485 up towards the john belk and brookeshire almost 50 miles per hour, a 15 minute ride and folks make their way to the john belk and brookeshire split, out bound commuters doing just as well. a local teen with suspected isis ties now faces the death penalty after police say he
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ahead at 6:30 the family to the scene as the murder case moves forward. new development center road rage incident that led to the shooting. the reason the injured man is charged and the shooter is not. the possibility of a town splitting away from charlotte mecklenburg schools is closer to reality. >> they need to know how serious we are. >> just ahead the three options on the table and the one thing
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them from moving forward. if you're doing everything rightbut find it harder and harderto get by, you're not alone. while our people worklonger hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%.
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pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economyand democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. matthews rtown leaders are making demands when it comes to cms student assignment. >> leaders passed a resolution saying they are prepared to leave the school district unless they guaranty students schools. moving forward matthews will form a task force to find out what parents want and what the town must do to form an independent district. >> i'm absolutely in favor of a exception from charlotte mecklenburg schools if they don't listen to what we as parents and community leaders
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>> the resolution mentions three possible solutions including matthews forming it's own district, creating town controls charter schools or breaking cms into three districts north middle and south mecklenburg. leaders in huntersville, cornelius and davidson have passed resolution asking the district to make sure every child has a seat at a neighborhood school. north carolina prosecutors have charged a ceo of a second company accused in an $850 million scheme. the feds shut down in 2012. prosecutors just charged the chief executive of preferred merchant james myer with concealing rewards money after the sec began an investigation. he engaged in an elaborate obey instruction of justice scheme and even purchased a home.
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more than 45% of drug offenders were convicted of an offense that carried the manditory lowest rate on record down 5% from 2014. president obama will likely announce his supreme court nominee this week. sources say three federal circuit court judges to take over for justice scalia who died last month. they are preparing an elaborate campaign to convince republicans to consider the nominee and gain support. experts say the president's choice will likely depend on what he thinks has the best chance of being confirmed. a new york based private equity firm apollo just bought fresh market for more than $1.3 billion. they have about 190 stores across the country and six are in the charlotte area. apollo owns hostess and chuckie cheese. they have experience in taking
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them through boosting sales increasing efficiency and driving down prices. the deal is expected to close by the end of august. construction is now under way for a brand new house in wake county this morning and this house will be for marine staff sergeant brandon taylor and his family who suffered a severe back injury during a raid. during his fifth deployment. operation coming home is now building this house. >> i've always started to take care of other guys and take care of veterans and you get the same in return. >> it's truly a blessing and humbling to be given a home like this. >> taylor and his family hope to have the keys to their new home by this fall. how about that. >> great story. >> 6:17 right now. weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here's keith monday in severe weather center 9. temperatures help us dry out today. >> temperatures soaring the
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big warm up moving in. pretty mild. 69, 61 in hickory. you've been the warmest spot on the map all morning long. minor spots with light fog. i do not seeing this getting in the way of the morning drives or the polls. we are heading closer to 7:00. 59 and blue skies all day long today. a lot of folks helding out to vote at mid day today. 71 already. big warm up moving in around 80 degrees, about a degree or so warmer than what we've enjoyed yesterday afternoon. high clouds came in late in the day yesterday. we keep the sunshine rolling and we are way above our average high of 62, almost 20 degrees or more. tomorrow we could be close to record highs on wednesday. 74 thursday. we start to step things down into the weekend. back to that average on saturday so we get a little bit of an early summer preview for the next few days and evening
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the weekend. 83 tomorrow the forecast would tie the record set back in 1945. not a terribly old record but old enough for this time of year. working it's way through. st. patrick's day will start cooler and the cool down process thursday morning upper 40s in the morning hours back to the mid 70s still nice not as warm as wednesday or close to record highs but still above average into our thursday evening. we looked like we were maybe going to see a rain chance coming through thursday. that appears to be drying up. we'll show you the future cast and how dry air is looking to be rolling on in as we head our way towards the end of the week. may not be gone for long. next round of rain will be back as we wind our way towards the up coming weekend. your five day forecast with the weekend always in view. temperatures stay warm for now, very warm close to record highs
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thursday, 67 friday. we keep stepping down working towards the up coming weekend barely close to 60 by sunday and rain chances around this weekend. forecast models going back and forth for the better shot neither of which looks to be heavy rain or thunderstorms but st. patrick's day parade saturday in uptown and damp throughout the week. time now 6:20. let's get you back out on the roads. how is it looking mark? >> so far so good. monitoring a wreck in york county, rock hill 77 northbound. on sherry road where it was reported. i went to the dot cameras and checking drive time and traffic flows not having an impact. 77 north between east passing the road at 63 miles per hour. so as traffic builds we are going to start to see the slow downs that for now down to south charlotte 77 northbound.
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big issues here heading into uptown. a maryland police officer killed by friendly fire when a gunman ambushed this police station. ahead at 6:30 the bizarre details we learned overnight about the role his family played in the attack and his connection to south carolina. live pictures of the first voters already lining up at university city. this controversial voter id law is now in effect for the first time. new this morning the impact it had on early voting and the message to people without an id who still want to cast a ballot today. a shooter cleared and an injured man charged after a road rage incident. what driver's actions police say led to the fight.
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6:24 right now. new this morning charges were filed in the road rage incident that led to a shooting in canapolis last month. >> according to our partners at the tribune police charged ryan
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he was a passenger in a car that rear ended robert andrews in a brake checking incident. the two got in an argument and andrews shot barrett. andrews was not charged in the shooting. a gaston county grandmother is accused with threatening police charged with driving drunk with several children in the car. police say she crashed her car saturday night with five children in it. no one was seriously hurt but she appeared to be drunk and threatened to kill them and her family members during her arrest. the nfl is now acknowledging a link between football related head trauma and the condition known as cte, the nfl's first admission there is such a relationship siting the work of qa boston university professor who checked 90 brains. it can only be detected after
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among the players found to have this in their brains is hall of famer junior seau. fat does not spur weight loss. analyzing the effects of many bmi reports in schools nationwide. 19 states have instituted these including north carolina. supporters say it's an inexpensive way to address a major health problem but critics say it starts unhealthy anxiety about weight. a father with his teen son found out he faces the death penalty. >> he's safe than other people important thing. >> his son is wrestling qwith emotion despite his confidence in court. >> i'll explain how the next cold front may cool us off but not bring a lot of rain with it. and in just minutes these
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i'm joe bruno live in university city.
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american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that providedignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas.
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a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs andindustries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. a live look at a polling
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the doors just opened for today's primaries. we have new numbers showing the impact of the voter id law and what you should do if you don't have an id does the still want to vote. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> i'm john paul. let's get a check of the forecast with keith monday in severe weather center 9. pretty good weather for the folks at the polls. >> really nice after the rain last night. some fog left over but improving great visibility charlotte west. dry air has moved in. east and south maybe a little fog around lancaster, rockingham, wizards bureau and concord those numbers are not low enough to get in the way of your morning drives. metro temperatures very mild and dry. cooler at 51 degrees, 56 in york so the numbers will climb quickly as we head through this voting day today for the primary north carolina temperatures go back to around
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if you are heading out to the polls poll arrival at 80 degrees. summer time today. this won't last all week long. maybe the oils for a--80s for a while and explain the next sharp cool down and how a lot of rain will be coming with it. out on the roads how are we looking, mark? >> a new issue on providence road a stalled vehicle reported in the area of sharon amity. so heading out to use caution and 77 in rock hill we have an accident reported a hit-and-run being investigated north near cherry road in rock hill. no big slow downs there. also watch allege 85 and this is what it looks like out of the university area. southbound getting busy from the lower connector and rowan to counties south of charlotte and cleveland and gaston county not seeing any big slow downs. john?
6:31 am
polls open in north carolina and for the first time you have to show an id before you can cast a ballot. >> the impact the new law had on early voters live in the polling place at university city. joe? >> doors just opened in university city minutes ago. so far about 15 people have gone inside and the first question they'll be asked is if they have an id. election official a's say acceptable forms include a north carolina driver's license, passport or veteran's id card but voters who forget it at home aren't completely out of luck. people can claim it lost forgotten or stolen and illness the dmv. 650,000 votes were cast tan 50 people forgot an id. the new law hasn't had a negative impact on turn out. >> bring the id that you have officials help you.
6:32 am
around and deciding not to vote. >> in san diego minutes the reason why north carolina will still receive a lot of attention even after the primary. reporting live in university city, joe bruno channel 9 eyewitness news. >> joe thank you. voters in north carolina are making their voices heard ahead of the primaries we saw supporters and protestors at campaign stops as three supporters made their way into our area. hilary clinton ended around 10:00 last night more than 1,000 people cheered her on. >> hillary has fought for us and is going to make a strong capable leader. i'm really proud. my daughter is so excited to have a chance to--for a woman president. >> bernie sanders spoke to thousands of supporters early in the day. supporters hope he can win here like he did in michigan. and hickory return to see
6:33 am
auditorium could only hold 1400 people. loyalists say trump is getting more support as primary season goes on. >> it's time for everybody here to fight. let's go and make america great again. >> officers took six protestors into custody at trump's rally and gave them citations and out of clemson's rally with protestor's holding signs outside of sanders event. there are several other races including the primary north carolina's governor. pat mccrory and roy cooper are leading the polls for their parties. voters will decide whether to approve a multi billion dollar bond package and will spend millions on colleges and state parks and does not require a tax increase. channel 9 will post at as they come in and complete coverage on eyewitness news at 10 and 11. >> charlotte city council board
6:34 am
investigation into how the memo was leaked to the media days after we told you council woman clair faces scrutiny for having a charlotte fire employee and union official work as her intern. relationship could be unlawful or a conflict of interest. officials did not i]confirm if the leaked documents had to do with the case but the council man did make advertise concerns clear. >> i'm very concerned about this behavior and blah attitude about confidential personal information. >> the council asked the city attorney to provide an out line of the options to launch an investigation. the cost and possible ramifications and will discuss at the next meeting in two weeks. police are looking for a man who cutoff his electronic monitoring bracelet.
6:35 am
entering into a motor vehicle and felony conspiracy. he cutoff his electronic monitor yesterday in the metro lawn parkway area. if you know where he is you are asked to contact police. a morganton teen accused of trying to help isis is facing the death penalty in a murder case. justin sullivan planned to launch a large scale attack but first he killed his neighbor and buried his body in the back yard. his father reported him to police after discovering him acting strangely. he doesn't see his son as an accused killer though. >> he's still scared though. life back how he was and what could have been. >> the lawyer helped defend him on the murder charge. he already has a employer representing him on federal charges. mother theresa will become
6:36 am
to u.s.a. today which reports this morning pope francis signed a decree for the candidateize ice that will take place september 24 during the holy year of mercy. back in december the pope signed off on the miracle needed to make mother theresa a saint nearly three decades after his death. >> coalson was killed in a shoot out just outside of his station. the investigators say he wanted to die in a police shoot out. his two brothers drove him to the station while he did his last will and testament and then opened fire on the officers and was shot but is expected to be okay. the two brothers recorded the whole attack. they were arrested and face dozens of charges. police in greenville north
6:37 am
of assaulting his wife bun day earlier. in chicago someone shot police officers during a drug investigation last night. they were trying to talk with two suspects when a man pulled outgun and started firing. a woman he was with wasn't hurt but was arrested. the officer suffered non life threatening injuries. the jobless rate has not changed in north carolina for four months. the u.s. bureau of labor reports 5.6% a fraction lower than january 2015 and 5.7%. north carolina added 23,000 jobs since december. the national unemployment rate is at 4.9%. the same as it was in december of 2015. south carolina added about 2600 jobs since december. >> 6:38 right now. new documents show why american
6:38 am
from charlotte to cuba reviewing requests from several airlines after the u.s. approved commercial flights between the two countries for the first time in decades. american wants most of it's flights to originate in miami but charlotte and dallas would connect more than 70 cities that don't have flights to miami. charlotte city council voted to extend the contract through the budget process and give him a raise. council members made that vote last night. ron carly's traffic was supposed to expire next month. he did agree to stay on through june to help charlotte leaders iron out a budget. weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here's keith monday. folks may find it still a little damp. >> drying things up quickly a big surge of warm air from the south west the 60s are working in and a significant jump in
6:39 am
today. 50s and 60 astuter out but a few spots in the 40s in the mountains. mid to upper 40s in banner elk. morganton and hickory and granite falls all around 60 to begin the day today and cloud cover to the north keeping temperatures up quite a bit. as we work our way towards the weekend numbers are going to cool down quite a bit. we'll talk about the cool spell for the weekend plans. construction issues. >> overnight work going to be closing harris boulevard. live in the area things are getting busy in the university area heading towards the heart of rush hour lots of construction heading into the university area. lots of turn restrictions as well. it starts at tonight at single mom p.m. until 6:00 a.m. harris boulevard will close each night through thursday. heading west north trion to jw
6:40 am
trion curuniversity city boulevard back to hearsay so will stay extra time. a car hit on i-77 but not seeing a big delay. john? video of a store owner committing food stamp fraud. the technique he used to tale more than 100,000 tax payer dollars. relatives discover a couple dead in their home. i'm brittany johnson. the big question investigators
6:41 am there are two democratic visionsfor regulating wall says it's okay to take rmillions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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prove this about 6:44. primary day is officially under way in north carolina. the polls opened about 15 minutes ago and close at 7:30 tonight. >> our primary is getting a lot more attention from candidates this year than the past with the state pushing it up to march. joe bruno is live at ate following place to explain the significance and have seen several people going in to vote. >> the primary used to be in may typically when the presidential dan tates are excited. it gives north carolina voters a more influential say and a
6:44 am
really targeted north carolina. just yesterday our area saw a visit from donald trump, bernie sanders and hilary clinton. the attention is not likely to go away no matter who becomes the nominees. north carolina will be a swing state in november and more from candidates before election day. there's also another primary in june because a federal judge struck down the districts forcing the congressional primaries to be held on june 7. joe bruno channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thanks joe. florida, ohio and missouri all holding theirs today too. marco rubio and john kasich are hoping for wins in their home state for winner take all. on the democratic side bernie sanders is open for wins after upsetting hilary clinton in michigan last week. channel 1 where bring you live updates on the hear throughout the night as north carolina
6:45 am
also have complete coverage on and eyewitness news at 10 and 11. also following another big story today. deputies are investigating a couple's suspicion death annoyed of a clairemont home. >> brittany johnson has the questions they hope to answer. brittany? >> deputies say a family member found the couple's bodies inside of this home yesterday after not hearing from over the weekend. you can see right here behind us there's still crime scene tape up surrounding the property and the deputy inside of that vehicle manning the scene this morning. investigators are calling the death suspicious. they are trying to determine if someone forced their way into the home and spoke to relatives on the scene who told us the couple had a ten-year-old daughter who was not at home at the time their bodies were discovered. we are working to get more information from the sheriff's office about the victim and about their next steps in the investigation. going to bring that information
6:46 am
live in county brittany johnson channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you brittany. we are asking police if they have a suspect in a shooting that left one person dead and one injured. it happened near the logan family on lincoln street but the shooting was not connected to the medical center. asking what led up to the shooting channel 9 will have app update as soon as we learn more. jury selection will begin today for a charlotte father charged with murder in the death of a six month old daughter. police were called to the motel in 2012. the six month old was not breathing and was rushed to the hospital. she died from her injuries including fractures to her skull and ribs. her father is representing himself. this week marks one year since mecklenburg county stopped allowing smoking in county parks.
6:47 am
tobacco law is hard to enforce at parks. only police can issue citations. not park rangers. weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> keith monday in severe weather center 9. we are going to see a big warm up today. >> a lot of people out and about with shorts and t-shirts an early summer frei view. a little bit of a sunrise glow starting to get under way an hour later after daylight savings time. 61 hickory low 50s in the mountains. cloud cover hanging in up north want all enjoy a lot of sunshine today allowing our temperatures to move up quickly. already low 70s by lunch time our average high this time of year is around 62 nowhere close to that today. a lot closer to 80 degrees. computer model upper 70s to 80 in charlotte. mid to upper 60s today. boone topping out around 68
6:48 am
plenty of sunshine rolling back in. in davidson your neighborhood forecast picture perfect, 71 degrees heading out to do boating today at noon. gorgeous. we'll top out around 80. the warmth is going to happening around for today and tomorrow but we do have a cold front that isn't going to bring a lot of of a change for wednesday, the rain to our west and multiple shopper chancest tomorrow morning and the left over showers off to our east by tomorrow evening so it's a quick mover will not be around for bob and won't be much of a rain chance what it will do is dry things out quickly. a touch of mugginess in the air for the next few days and future cast humidity from green wednesday afternoon through the yellow in the mountains sweeping through fast. into thursday wiping out the rain chance looking ahead for st. patrick's day. dryer skies with us all the way through the end of the week and if you are ready for the
6:49 am
down and the rain chance will likely start back up again. low to mid 50s, cool, damp and may not get much into the 60s as we head our way into the weekend. a big cool down is on the way but it comes back for some fantastic weather for the rest of the week. the five day forecast the weekend always in view 80 for tomorrow and 83 on wednesday tying the record high. mid 70s on thursday, mid 60s on friday and even further for the weekend won't rain all weekend long but a big noticeable change what we are enjoying for the next few days. weather changes all week and there will be plenty so the weather app company be downloads from the app store and google play. >> it's getting a decent week here. march is tricky so we are going to get a lot of different weather. >> weather and traffic every ten minutes. here's mark taylor.
6:50 am
about in the university area north trion at the split with university city boulevard. minor delays here on both roadways if you want to jump on 85 coming south from the university to uptown still moving at 66 miles per hour in just 11 minutes. that traffic volume picking up starting to see the slow downs now on 77 heading south towards huntersville. 30 miles per hour and does breakup smooth sailing in uptown charlotte. john? >> checking wall street futures this morning the dow is down 74.5, the nasdaq down 19.5. only channel 9 was there where this popular store owner pleaded guilty to food stamp fraud. the impact his arrest is having on safety in a troubled charlotte neighborhood. and look at this fire at a valentine home.
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after a lightning strike after a lightning we built our factories here because of a huge naturalresource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something inamerica means so much, to so many.
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proudly made
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lightning may be to blame for the house fire in valentine when storms rolled through the area last night. >> lightning hit the roof of this house and caused a furnace to explode. two people were displaced but fortunately no one was hurt. at that time our meteorologists were using early doppler 9 to track lightning in that area. a charlotte store owner accepted a plec=i 100,000 tax payer dollars. the moment thomas taylor pocketed that money. he told the judge he only wanted to help but police say at his corner store at grier heights he was committing food stamp fraud. he would swipe customer cards for cash give them a cut and keep the rest for himself. since they shut his store down crime in grier heights has gone down. >> we were probably in this rural area right here hitting
6:55 am
easily in this little section right here. >> and now? >> we have no calls right now. >> the building is scheduled to be torn down and become a pre- school for children in the neighborhood. he pled guilty to the charges and will serve 90 days in jail and was also ordered to pay back $75,000 in restitution. mark taylor has a look at a crash near clanton. >> that's right. it is blocking the left lane just underneath the sign you've got a car here. this is the ramp starting to back up traffic with it in the travel lane just a little up the road here about a mile near remount you can see where the line of traffic is starting to back up from the john belk freeway southbound so i would avoid the interstate and take south boulevard or trion. getting word of an accident 485 near exiting 3 and 4 talking about that on t.v. 64 in just a few minutes. keith?
6:56 am
a lot of sunshine today and big warm up into the afternoon. numbers around 80 degrees if you are rheading out to vote late in the day today it's going to feel like early summer time with temperatures around 80 degrees. tomorrow closer to record high in the low 80s on wednesday. it won't last. back into the 60s and a rain chance for the weekend but i]for t( now feels like summer time. >> keith thank you. your local news continues on t.v. 64. >> complete coverage of vote 2016 on north carolina's primary date.
6:58 am
she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
6:59 am
good morning, america. primary showdown. a make-or-break day as voters head to the polls in five states. gop front-runner donald trump looking to clear the field. >> you're gonna be dead in three weeks, doesn't matter, get out tomorrow and vote. >> sarah palin addresses violence at his rallies. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty, punk ass little thuggery stuff. >> bernie sanders eyeing another hillary clinton upset. >> people come out. we're gonna win here in ohio.
7:00 am
donald trump and john kasich join us this morning. breaking overnight, severe weather alert. a tornado tears through the midwest, rain, thick fog and hail lead to dangerous driving conditions as the south tries to clean up from those massive floods, now, the new dangers beneath the water. the real o.j. simpson, a former guard who calls o.j. his prison best friend speaks out about the juice's privileged life behind bars and who o.j. told him really knows the truth about those murders. hey baby i think i want to marry you bachelor ben pops the question after telling two women he loves them. >> lauren, will you marry? >> yes. >> inside his decision and the live wedding that almost happened. ben and his new fiancee lauren


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