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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 430 a.m.  ABC  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the concern for one family member and the major piece of evidence officers were looking for as they waited to learn what happened. >> we'll have those stories for you in just a moment. first we are waking up to a slight fog. keith monday is with us right now and a little cooler. >> damp weather in a few spots but all of the rain is long gone. you may still find a mist in the mountains. again a few spots had some of the bigger down pours last night on the south side of town may find a little fog but that will move out very quickly. we'll show you the future cast in a few moments but a agreat day ahead. lots of sunshine, highs around 80 degrees. we may get warmer by the time it's done. coming to your neighborhood. stephanie. >> the polls will open in two
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>> two major presidential candidates are in north carolina yesterday. all held events to try and get your vote today. >> together we can build a future that really is consistent with our values, what we want to achieve as a nation. >> when wall street was in trouble they got bailed out. now it is wall street's time to help the middle class. >> we will beat the democrats and we will beat hillary who is so flawed. >> having all three candidates in north carolina on the same day is rare and shows the state's growing profile in the campaign when the state moved it's primary this year from may to march it hoped to give voters a chance to be more relevant and it worked. >> whatever they can do to really get people pumped up to
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in this state. >> a battle ground state should lead to the presidential candidates in the election. >> they will also be weighing in on a bond package that will spend millions on state. $90million for a science lab at unc charlotte and will not require a tax increase. when you head out to the poll today you have to bring a photo id. a driver's license, passport or identification card. this will be the first time the law will be implemented even though e though it's being challenged in court. you can download our app and get the results sent straight to your phone. i'm in the breaking news following an overnight shooting. a man was shot while he was
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investigators are searching for evidence. the shooting happened just before midnight. the victim was taken to cmc with non life threatening injuries. his name has not been released. we are asking what led up to the shooting and whether there are any suspects. count on channel 9 to bring your more as soon as we get it. a couple was found dead inside of a home north of clairemont. deputies say a man and woman were found dead inside of a home on rest home road. they are calling these deaths suspicious and trying to determine whether someone forced their way into the home. the couple had a ten-year-old daughter who was not there when the bodies were discovered. >> it's crazy because you took two lives, whoever you are. you took two lives and these two lives had a ten-year-old daughter who now has both parents gone.
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found the couple after not hearing from them this weekend. one person dead another injured after a shooting near the logan family resource center. officers kept our crews back while they investigated. this is video from about a block away on south west and second avenue. there's no indication at this point this had anything to do with the medical center itself. we are asking for more information about the shooting. we have to wait a while to find out when the school is going to be. city council decided to wait to make a decision on this until april. leaders are trying to find private developers to build apartments office and retail space on the 80-acre lot. it's been a battle. there was hope for a movie studio there but that proposal fell apart.
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about the developer and questions about financing and construction cost. charlotte mayor is working to learn more about after school programs in the queen city. mayor jennifer roberts held a summit yesterday. she spoke with members of the faith, business and non profit community to figure out how to suspend after school programs. she wants good access to quality programs. >> they argue stay in school and gain the skills you are going to use later to be successful. >> the mayor says she's also working with the community and private partners to create a central organization to help parents find quality programs. north carolina's jobless rate has not changed in four months. the u.s. bureau of labor
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the national unemployment rate is at 4.9%. the unemployment rate is slightly lower 5.5%. south carolina added 2600 jobs since december. a north carolina marine injured during his fifth deployment over seas. ahead at 4: 55 the action they are going to do to help him once he returns home. a teen's father spoke during a hearing. >> flash backs of how he was and what could have been. >> ahead at 4: 45 the role a father played in his son's arrest and how he feels about it now. town leaders say they
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district unless cms guaranteed strict unless cms guarant we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash. hi. welcome. dish soap? you may not feel it but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. oh. on my skin? that's really scary. dove body wash is different. oh yeah. it has only the gentlest cleansers. plus the unique care of nutrium moisture. it's so soft. just made me feel good. this is different. this is caring. this is dove. it's 4: 40 right now. matthews town leaders are making demands when it comes to cms assignments. >> leaders said they are prepared to lead the school district unless they guaranty to send to schools. they will start a task force to
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what the town must do to get the state's approval and form an independent district. >> i'm absolutely in favor of a exception from charlotte mecklenburg if they don't listen to what we have said. >> three potential resolutions including matthews forming it's own district, creating charter schools or breaking cms into three districts, north, middle and south mecklenburg. mint hill is also considering a split from the district but has not taken action yet. some have passed resolutions to make sure that every child has a seat in a school. when school children are labeled fat it does not start weight loss. student bmi reports are issued in many schools nationwide.
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north carolina have issued these. supporters say it's an expensive way to fix a problem but it starts unhealthy anxiety about weight. fresh market is changing hands. ahead at 4: 55 the reason some say this multi billion dollar deal cole could actually help sales. new charges in a road rage shooting. ahead at 4: 45 the surprising
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y there are two democratic visionsfor regulating wall says it's okay to take rmillions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes,
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then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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prove this time now 4: 44. we are giving you a live look from our speedway cam. it's a bit damp after the overnight storm, cooler as well and areas are seeing fog. we are going to check in with keith monday to find out what this means for the afternoon weather ahead of day break. a morganton teen is facing the death penalty in a separate murder case. >> he is accused of killing his neighbor just months before he expressed allegiance to the terror group. he planned a large scale attack but he buried his neighbor's body in clark's back yard. his father reported his son to police after discovering him acting strangely. he does not see his son as an
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>> he's still scared. flash backs of how he was and what could have been. >> sullivan was given a second lawyer yesterday. he has a lawyer representing him on federal charges. jury selection will begin today for a charlotte father charged in the death of his six month old daughter. police were called to a hotel room in 2012. she was not breathing and was rushed to the hospital. she died from her injuries which included fractures to her skull and ribs. todd is representing himself. new this morning charges were filed in the road rage incident that led to a shooting in canapolis last month. according to our partners at the tribune police charged ryan barrett the man who was shot with assault. barrett was a passenger in a car that rear ended the car on
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the two ended up arguing. andrews was shot charged in the shooting. the ceo of a second company accused in an $850 million scheme. you may remember the feds shut down zeeker lords in 2012. now they charged the executive with concealing rewards money after the sec began it's investigation. he engaged in an elaborate obey instruction of justice scheme and purchased a home using the funds.
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in the last back to 83 for the forecast on wednesday. could be running into--making a run to tie okthe record high for that date. then we start to cool down. we'll talk more about this coming up ahead at 5. a bit of a change for thursday friday and the weekend but not much of a rain chance for now but much cooler temperatures. back into the 80s in the short term. your five day forecast and weekend always in view. low to mid 80s tomorrow and the 70s come back on st. patrick's day and the forecast for the end of our week.
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big rain chance both days but a couple of showers around and cooling down to 60 by sunday afternoon. >> we've been spoiled by the 70s and 80s and the weekend. >> a little reset this weekend. >> okay, all right. charlotte has set a bake sharing program for three years but it's growing so fast lawmakers on capitol hill on considering legislation to maintain it. a new bill would make it clear cities can use money from federal gas taxes to build and maintain. it would keep it affordable for bikers but opponents say federal tax payers shouldn't be on the look. one of the largest in the southeast. right now there are 200 bikes and 24 stations placed throughout uptown and take a look at this. massive fire and smoke at a home in valentine. ahead at 5 on day break how firefighters believe it started and the other problem that made that damage even worse.
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help a marine injured in afghanistan.
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win under way tha 4: 54 right now a new york based private equity firm bought greens borough based grocery store fresh market for $190 billion. it has six stores in the charlotte rarea. they currently own hostess and
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they have experience in taking grocery retailers that are doing well and xdimprove them by boosting sales. the deal is expected to close by the end of august. and a community is coming together to build a new house for a marine who was injured in afghanistan. >> it's being built for brandon taylor who suffered a severe i] back injury during a raid. it's called operation coming home. it features wider doorways and a wheel chair accessible shower and vanity. they will have the new home by the fall. john taylor. >> okup in the university area 85 near university city boulevard the traffic volume not seeing much in the way of slow downs. we do have some blue line construction that's going to be
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for now the dam damp roadways and drying up. >> it's drying up quickly so no big fog concerns this morning. the cloud cover and mist in the mountains and all of the rain we dealt with last night off the coastline. it will be a couple days before we see another rain chance. in the meantime tracking numbers for record highs over the next couple of days. up to the 80s in just a moment. in less than two hours north carolina primary voters will be able to cast their ballots. ahead at 5 on day break joe bruno tells us the reason the state is playing a larger role in the presidential primary. eyewitness news day break eyewitness news da
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but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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it's election day. in 90 minutes voters will start casting ballots across north carolina. the experts say it will make voters more relevant than past election years. a couple found dead inside of this home. the message loved ones have for the person responsible and the questions we are rasking about the couple's daughter. good morning thanks for joining us.
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>> i'm stephanie maxwell. keith monday is in severe weather center 9. it's a bit damp. temperatures are really going to go up. >> warm rand plenty of sunshine. most of the fog issues we had overnight after the rain is already out of here. 54 charlotte, 55 in concord this morning and 62 in hickory so the temperature very warm. lower 50s in the mountains with mist and drizzle still left over but clring out quickly. the roads still a bit damp drying out quickly working our way later this morning upper 50s by 9:00 back to 80 degrees with sunshine this afternoon. ahead as i'm looking over data w3 through the middle part of our week tomorrow it will be close to record numbers. how high into the 80s we'll climb. let's head out on the roads with mark taylor looking at structure issues.
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road closure which is for instruction. harris and north trion very busy with lots of turn restrictions in the area because of the blue line and overnight starting tonight from around 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. through thursday nightly you'll see the intersection of harris and north trion is going to close so heading westbound you access north trion and back to harris. and eastbound take harris over to 29 to 49 back towards harris so either way will take extra time for your overnight commuters so look out. current conditions on 85 from the university area rolling right along the average speed just 11 minutes heading into uptown. stephanie. in just 90 minutes north carolina voters will head to the polls. >> joe bruno is live outside a polling site in university city. they moved the primary to make voters more influential in the


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