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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  March 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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don't have to worry about the winner coat this morning. throughout the day, highs get being into the upper 70s. it will be muggy. the heat and humidity will lead to the threat for storms tonight. i'll have the timeline on when you could see downpours arriving in your neighborhood. let's get a look at the morning drive with mark. later this morning at 9:00 there is going to be restrictions up in the area, happening on north tryon, trying to get on j. w. clay. no left turns. that is currently the case on harris boulevard as well. so in the area, lots of restrictions. again this starts at 9:00, going to last for two weeks. mccullough drive that is how you are going to get around that. other than that, it is quiet as we look at drive times from the university area to uptown, 64 miles per hour heading southbound.
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a major story we are following, all eyes turn to north carolina just ahead of the state's primary tomorrow. >> several presidential hopefuls will hold events in our area today making a final push for voter support. britney johnson, both candidates women be in charlotte today for the democrats? >> reporter: they will be. we have talked to volunteers for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. leading up to today's rallies in charlotte. bernie sanders is up first, he is inviting voters to pnc music pavilion for his rally, called a future to believe in. doors open at 1:30 and he will discuss his plans on immigration restorm, college affordability and the economy. later this evening hillary clinton will speak at a get out the vote event at the grady cole center just outside of charlotte and doors open there at 7:15 tonight. we learned that it is up to each campaign, there are no
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we followed up with supporters who told us they have been making 10,000 calls a day, drumming up last minute support. >> she is not a perfect candidate for everyone, for me she is. >> once people understand what bernie is about, then they'll most definitely vote for him. >> reporter: sanders's campaign urged attendees to only bring items like cell phones and keys, and to leave things at home like bags, signs, sharp objects, and weapons. we have reached out to cmpd to learn about any additional security plans but we have not heard back. britney johnson channel 9 eyewitness news. 1500 people are expected to be in hickory this morning as republican front runner donald trump hosts a town hall event at lenoir-rhyne university. >> this comes days after trip was forced to cancel an event in chicago who protests turned violent. joe bruno continues our team coverage live outside the university. joe several police agencies
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>> this rally is nothing like any event university officials are used to preparing for. we have seen several police ages says out here in hickory already. they blocked off this road leading up to where the event is going to be held. they are preparing for thousands of trump supporters and any potential protesters. this comes days after violent protesters forced him to cancel a similar event in chicago. this morning trump will be speaking in a building that holds around 1400 people, but security will be prepared for anything. university officials tell us the newton police department, catawba county sheriff's office and emergency services and the north carolina highway patrol will be helping campus police. despite the other going protests at trump events across the country, university officials say security is ready. >> i have every confidence in our community that, we will handle this, whether you are pro trump or antitrump, that
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and be able to have open dialogue, which is what the university really wants to see happen. coming up in 30 minutes the new poll that breaks down how voters in north carolina feel about the presidential race and the connect nc bond issue. joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news. today ted cruz is campaigning in illinois after making a stop in concord yesterday. channel 9 was there as hundreds of people filled the dragway. the senator did not sway from his campaign pitch. if elected, he vows to repeal obamacare, pass a flat tax abolish the irs and secure the borders. senator cruz drew large cheers when he spoke with the about the need for another conservative on the supreme court and more support for the military. >> i believe we need a strong leader.
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candidates, cruz mainly targeted the front runner donald trump. he said he hopes the people of north carolina will help close the gap between them. several other states will be holding primaries today including florida, maine, missouri and illinois. you can count on channel 9 to bring you everything you need to know, leading up to tomorrow's primaries. we'll have extensive coverage on the 2016 presidential race on our website channel 9 is continuing to follow stories for your day ahead. today matthews town council could vote on a resolution to support break ago way from the charlotte-mecklenburg school district. leaders want to avoid possible negative impacts with student assignment. mint hill is considering a similar resolution. the towns are forming a task force to study the issue and have contacted state lawmakers about the issues. leaders want to make sure students get the opportunity to
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last week leaders in huntersville, cornelius and davidson all voted and passed a similar resolution for student assignment. those three resolutions asked cms leaders it make sure every student has a seat in their schools. lake norman sent a letter requesting the same. last week we told you cms board members released the results of the student assignment survey. more than 20,000 people responded. 80% said school staffing is most important to them. 67% said location and how close schools were who home. matthews board of commissioners will meet tonight at 6:30 i at the town hall. channel 9 will bring you all those developments on air and online. 11 people are in the hospital after this amtrak train derailed in southwest kansas overnight. here are pictures we are now getting this morning. the train was carrying nearly 130 people.
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chicago when it derailed just after midnight in cimarron. you can see the pictures here just east of wichita. highway patrol officials say there are five of the nine train cars flipped on to their sides inscrewing dozens of people. the remaining passengers were taken to a rec center nearby before getting some transportation to their final destination. at this point there is no word exactly what caused the derailment, but we are keeping an eye on there. happening tonight, charlotte city council members will vote on an agreement with duke energy allowing crews to continue work on the extension project. the extension would add 2.5 miles to the current track. tonight leaders will vote on an agreement calling for crews to relocate power poles and overhead electrical wires to accommodate the project. officials hope to start construction later this year. happening tonight people in charlotte will have the chance
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officials should consider a storm water fee. the measure allows developers to pay the city if they choose not to build their own storm water system on site. it also calls for added protection of quiet streams downstream from construction projects. the city environment committee approved that measure last month. this week the ncaa men's basketball tournament tips off with unc as a top seed. the tar heels beat virginia saturday night to win the actual cc. kansas is the overall number one, unc is in the east region with game one thursday night in raleigh. the record 15th number one seed for the heels and unc last won the tournament in 2009. meanwhile the duke blue devils are the number 4 seed in the west region.
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rhode island for a lunch time game thursday against unc wilmington. this is the ncaa tournament where every team has a chance to have the cinderella story. you can printout your nra abracket by going to ncaa .com. go to the water cooler section and it is right there on the home page. meteorologist vicki graf in severe weather center 9. we are not seeing showers out there now. >> we will keep the threat for the downpours, possibly storms later in the day. right now though, fog is going to be a problem in some spots. for your morning drive, that is where the threat will be. up until around 9:00, be on the lookout for that, some of the back roads, side roads and make sure to turn on your low beams. temperatures as you head out the door will be in the 60s. throughout the afternoon, it is going to be warm and muggy. close to 80 degrees in some spots well above average. the warmth and humidity will lead to the threat for downpours later today.
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patchy fog, storms develop this evening and we could see strong, possible even severe storms. we'll breakdown the threats coming up for you in the next 15 minutes. monitoring storm water work that will be going on later today. it is going to close an inside left lane of freedom drive. going to last until wednesday, so heading outbound. expecting delays, especially during the afternoon ride. keep that in mind, right now current conditions we are in great shape this morning. 85 from gaston county. a 20 minute ride, damp roadways on the ride in. for the most part we are dry down in south charlotte 77 with ease this morning. no action out of york county. checking wall street futures the dow is falling 10
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their 16-year-old son died in this crash in hickory over the weekend. ahead at 5:45, the mistake one witness says he watched the driver make right before the crash. tsa is preparing for a surge in travelers over the spring break holiday, adding to the long screening times at major airports. the specific steps the agency
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a man accused of firing an > a man accused of american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that providedignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs andindustries of the future.
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63 degrees, some areas are seeing fog develop. we talk with vicki graf in just a few minutes about what else is? store for us today. an alexander county man will be in court this morning after police say he shot at a north carolina highway trooper's house. >> two of the officer's neighbors got into a fight last week when one grabbed a rifle from the other's hand. ethan young got a second rifle and fired shots, hitting the home. union county law enforcement said it is trying to deal with rising heroin
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the county. our partners at the enquirer journal report an uptick of heroin abuse in the area started two years ago. last week the sheriff's office was called to five heroin overdoses, one was deadly. health and human services announced north carolina will get $2.5 million in grants to help treat prescription abuse and the heroin epidemic. it will go to seven centers in the state in hopes of approving and expanding substance abuse services. last week we told you the government announced it is holding a contest to create a mobile happen for patients hooked on opioids and heroin. $30,000 will be awarded in prizes for a winning app prototypes. officials hope the apps can connect patients to treatment options. a car bomb attack in turkey killed 37 people and hurt 120 others. kurdish militants carried out the suicide bombing at a bus
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the blast comes three weeks after a suicide car bomb killed 29 people. in west africa 16 people are dead after 6 armed men opened fire on beachgoers in al qaeda claimed responsibility. the terrorists, who were also killed, attacked three hotels in a resort town. this is the third attack on a tour center in the west africa can country since november. gaston county officials say plans to build a new ymca are moving forward quickly according to the gas to the gazette the $16 million complex would be built along robin wood lake in gastonia. architects engineers and builders have already been hired for this. crews expect to break ground from late spring or early summer and open a state of the art facility next year. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist vicki graf in severe weather center 9, pinpointing exactly who is
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>> reporter: a couple of things going on today. this morning the issue is fog. later in the day the issue will be storms. and we are tracking fog in boone, statesville, lincolnton, and albemarle. take it slow and make sure to turn on your low beams. we are dry on live early warning doppler 9 but this will be a different story heading through the evening hours. be weather aware going through the day today. mid to upper 50s to low 60s. temperatures just updated in the past couple of minutes. 62 in salisbury and 46 degrees in booneful waking up this morning, remember the sun vice gets underway a little bit later today. we are going to keep the threat for some patchy fog but really as we go throughout the afternoon, that is when we start to see more unsettled weather pushing through. around 8:00 or 9:00 tonight in the charlotte area, we'll need
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your neighborhood forecast for chester, patchy fog early on, by midday, sunshine mixed in with clouds and highs today yet again in the low 80s, so feeling more like the month of may than march so here's your planner for this evening. by 7:00 the threat for storms. by 9:00 still tracking downpours and some storms across the area. and some of those storms could be on the stronger side. the storm prediction center has put us under a slight risk for severe weather today. you'll need to keep an eye to the skies namely later in the day and that is when we are going to keep the threat for some of the showers. so by 5:00 some spotty showers here and there, but we are looking at this batch of heavier rain, possibly storms rolling through by 8:00 or 9:00 here in the charlotte area our main threats from this will be very heavy rainfall at times and then you can't rule out hail and damaging winds as well.
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pop up today, you'll want to be prepared with our weather app. download that at the app store and google play. it is going to be a warm and muggy day. we are tracking evening storms, some of which could be strong to severe. the storms clear out overnight, sunshine and low 80s for tuesday and wednesday, a few showers possible for st. patrick's day on thursday and looking ahead to next weekend, which is always in view, not quite as warm, highs closer to where they should be in the lower 60s with a threat for rain coming in on sunday. monitoring east charlotte this morning as folks head out to the roadways on independence boulevard right before the split with john belk and brookshire freeway, not steering any foggy conditions in east charlotte. outbound looking good heading out toward monroe. from union county inbound, looking good from matthews to uptown in 16 minutes.
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average speed. mint hill it is a 14-minute ride and same on providence road from around highway 51 from the arboretum to uptown. city leaders could vote to sell a portion of the old eastland mall site to cms for a new school. ahead at 5:30 the reason some neighbors believe a school at that property would hinder future growth. drivers in south carolina who have suspended licenses could get driving privileges back sooner. next this morning the specific criteria drivers would have to meet and the deadline to apply. a day before people in north carolina vote in the primary, channel 9 is investigating how much money each candidate is pulling in from vetters here. we found the donations don't necessarily match the recent poll numbers. and who workers at major
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a 9 investigation into a 9 inves there are two democratic visionsfor regulating wall says it's okay to take rmillions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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i-77 north of clanton road. the traffic is starting to pick up out there and this area not much fog but there is fog developing in some places with low visit bill.
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that we'll talk to here in just a few minutes. starting today the south carolina dmv says south carolina drivers who lost their driving privileges for certain suspensions can apply to reduce or clear the remaining time. some of those include underage drivers suspended for excessive points, drivers suspended for operating an unlicensed taxi or vehicle. those who drove an uninsured vehicle they did not own and drivers suspended for driving under suspension, including alcohol or drug-related conviction. over the next few months the davidson fire department will test all the fire hydrants in town for water flow and functionality there are nearly 400 in davidson. approximately 12 will be tested each day. neighborhoods may see some sediment in the water during this time, they recommend running the water until it clears. relief could be in sight for passengers stuck in long airport security lines. next at 5:30, the aggressive
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get more workers at checkpoints. dense fog advisories were just issued for areas north of charlotte. but i'm tracking the threat for severe storms later today. tonight charlotte city leaders decide whether schools
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i'm britney l site. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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give u voters will decide on more than presidential candidates during tuesday's primaries. we are breaking down the other key races and the bond initiative that will have an impact on projects throughout our area. tonight the charlotte city council could decide the fate of part of the eastland mall site. the plan to sell a portion to cms and the concerns neighbors have about the proposal. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> and i'm john paul. meteorologist vicki graf is in severe weather center 9 keeping an eye on the fog that is developing. just within the past 10 minutes we have dense fog advisories for the mountains
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making visibility less than a mile. it is tough to see on the roads there. also from shelby, rock hill, concord, albemarle. watch out for the patchy fog, take it slow. you might want to give yourself a couple of extra minutes for the morning commute. fog not much of a problem through the morning commute but potential for storms later this evening and some of the storms could be on the strong to severe side. you want to be weather aware as we go throughout the day today. i just got new data on our futurecast. when the storms will pop up and how long they'll stick around. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's look at the morning drive with mark. >> reporter: traffic continues to build. watching things closely through uptown charlotte. no big issues 477, looking in the area of trade street. looking good heading to the brookshire southbound. light to moderate traffic over to the john belk freeway. south there iredell or north
5:30 am
85 in concord this morning around bruton smith southbound, no issues this morning. lots of room to move around south in cabarrus spa rowan, gaston county cleveland county north heading in guard gaston county all free and clear as well. stephanie? tonight charlotte city council members are expected to he side the future of the old eastland mall site. this is a story we followed for years now. eyewitness news reporter britney johnson is live in uptown. britney, leaders will be deciding whether crews can build a school there on that property. >> reporter: both city leaders and neighbors have been pushing for something to be built on this site for years. there have been different proposals in the past, but now the charlotte-mecklenburg board of education has made an offer to the city. the city bought the 80 acres in east charlotte back in 2012, and now, the school board is offering to build a school on the vacant lot. we looked at the plans and learned 11 acres of the site
5:31 am
language school. the idea was approved in 2013, but people who live and work near that site have mixed opinions on the plan. some think it would be a positive addition to the area. others worry it could stop other types of businesses from coming there. >> i feel the need in this area, especially, for education. >> especially with a school that starts limiting what could go in there after the fact. >> reporter: city leaders will vote on the plan tonight. their meeting starts at 6:00. live in uptown charlotte, britney johnson channel 9 eyewitness news. count on channel 9 to follow every development out of tonight's city council meeting. we'll have complete coverage on eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00.
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yesterday morning, she is in critical condition this morning. investigators say confronted her. republican front runner donald trump is cage to drum up support in hickory today. joe bruno is live there now and we just received a new poll from overnight joe. i see a big crowd behind you now? >> reporter: not much has changed in terms of north carolina polls. this new poll we received overnight shows donald trump has a massive lead over ted cruz, who is in second place. as you can see, there are hundreds of supporters here for donald trump, already in hickory. he will be on stage here in a couple of hours. as far as the democrat candidates though hillary clinton has a massive lead over vermont senator bernie sanders. no matter who you are voting for tuesday, everybody will be voting on the connect nc bond issue.
5:33 am
by democrats but republicans are also in favor. they have approved $2 billion to be sprinkled across the state for various infrastructure projects, that kloos $90 million to unc charlotte to build a new state of the art science building and $750,000 to improve crowder's mountain state park. critics say debt will be passed on to future generations. and in the race for the governor's mansion right now pat mccrory and roy cooper have heavy leads over their opponents. coming up in 30 minutes the massive support for donald trump in hickory and as well as preparations to make sure everyone attending this rally is safe. >> we told you 30 minutes ago democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be bringing their presidential campaigns to charlotte today. they are coming off a town hall last night that saw them attacking trump. sanders and clinton are pushing
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and four other states tomorrow. last night they took aim at how much money you are making and spending, including what you are spending on healthcare. >> i would like to see happen for you ask your family, is that if we can get the co-pays down, the deductibles down and prescription drug costs under control. >> almost all the income and wealth is going to the top 1%. we have the worst distribution of wealth of any major country on earth. >> former president bill clinton is campaigning for his wife today in greenville, north carolina. yesterday he campaigned in winston-salem and asheville. chelsea was in raleigh. north carolina is one of five states with primaries tomorrow. the others are florida, illinois, missouri and ohio. we have complete coverage of the candidates and the election results. anytime. go to
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elections. spring break is just around the corner which means packed airports and long wait times. the tsa is training work ners double shifts, and graduating nearly 200 officers per week to get up to full strength. they redeployed 28 teams to higher volume airports. tsa projects 7% more travelers during spring break this year compared to last year. last week we told you agents are discovering guns in luggage staggering rate. this time last year agents found four guns from carry on luggage but so far this year they have found 13 guns, all of them loaded. that is a 225% increase. today charlotte mayor jennifer roberts will host a school programs. there is no central organization for parents when looking to get their student involved in extra activities.
5:36 am
runs through noon at friendship missionary baptist church. parents in cabarrus county can register their children for kindergarten. children must be 5 on or before august 31st to be eligible. parents can register at your child's school or at home. all you have to do is until 18th, that is when you have to register your child by. tonight charlotte city council members will finalize plans to connect people in growing neighborhoods. a grant paid for five porch swings that will go near busy bus stops. the city is putting them in areas that are diverse to bridge the gaps between long time neighbors and millennials who are moving in. the council will vote on whether to buy a piece of land that borders the south fork river. the council will vote march 17th on whether to purchase this land near the county's brookshire park. several agencies would share the cost.
5:37 am
land would be used for. it was another hundredth of a second win in phoenix. edwards with holds on, gives the 4 car a bump, look at that. and before almost wiping them both out. look at the finish here. hangs on by 100th of a second to take it. >> i got up too high and wasn't able to stay on the bottom like i wanted to and then he got into me, like he should have. i knew i needed to get a good runoff the corner and i was going to have to get into his door and it worked out just barely. >> harvick led a race high 139 laps. nascar completes the west coast swing this weekend in california. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's get over to meteorologist vicki graf, keeping an eye on a
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>> reporter: the threat this morning will be patchy fog in some spots. dense fog north of charlotte from the mountains and foothills i just showed you. we have dense fog advise, from statesville to lincolnton hickory boone, shelby, rock hill, lancaster. take it slow, make sure to turn on the low beams and keep enough distance between you and the car in front of you. later today, fog won't be a problem but we have a risk for strong severe storms. later today. that is not going to get here until the second part of the day. so for your morning drive, fog will be a probably 9:00, right around 69 degrees. so already a warmer start to the day. don't have to worry about the coats this morning. and going through the afternoon, it will be warm and muggy. hitting the roads this afternoon, a few isolated or 5:00. but it is really as we head
5:39 am
is when we are going to keep the threat for severe storms. going through your hour by hour forecast, as far as rain chances for today, you'll notice after lunch time, rain chances do start to bump up, but we are looking at after sunset. that is when we could see the threat for strong, even severe storms. some of these isolated storms will contain heavy rainfall at times, up to 2 inches per hour. also can't rule out hail and damaging winds. so if you haven't already, download our weather app to get severe weather alerts should we see strong and severe storms later today. i'll have the timeline on how long storms will stick around. let's get a look at the morning drive with mark. an earlier accident in chester, south carolina. injuries reported in this one on south carolina 9, west of interstate 77. not seeing a big delay as
5:40 am
area, but something to look out for. if you are traveling the interstates we are still in good shape, 64 miles per hour. closer to rock hill coming in from 901 toward dave lyle boulevard, green conditions through fort mill this morning. this is what it looks like for the northbound commute. if you are heading south into york county, no issues there, and that includes iredell county and the other interstate including 85 and 485. independence boulevard. a debate is brewing over a proposal to put in god we trust in south carolina schools. the reason one state lawmaker says the motto needs to be mandatory. a judge throws out a 30- year prison sentence because of a lawyer. the connection the attorney has to charlotte and what other lawyers say he did during the trial. troopers are investigating this crash that killed a 16- year-old driver and sent his 12-
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while our people worklonger hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economyand democracy that works for all
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the powerfu one person was shot, this happened about 45 minutes ago, the shooting was on rich avenue
5:44 am
the medic confirms one person was taken to cmc. they have life-threatening injuries. we have britney johnson on the way to this. also we are following this breaking news in southwest kansas of the take a look, 20 people have been taken to the hospital, this is an amtrak train that derailed overnight. it happened just after midnight in cimarron, just east of wichita. highway patrol officials say five of these nine cars flipped on to their sides. we are getting pictures now into the newsroom of the cars. there is no word yet what caused this derailment. a 16-year-old boy died in a terrible crash in watauga county yesterday. we spoke to someone who saw the crash and called 911. >> i'm guessing he just lost control of his car. >> reporter: our partners at go blue ridge dot net sent us pictures from the scene in cove
5:45 am
brandon aldridge went down an embankment. the car swerved into oncoming traffic before it flipped and hit two trees. someone living near the site said he ran to the scene and found the victim's 12-year-old brother, who was a passenger, standing up in the roofless car. the boy had nonlife-threatening injuries. crow told us he saw first responders put the 12-year-old in an ambulance and try to get aldridge out of the car. >> we found out he lost his life and it was wow, you know. it was a matter of moments, basically, the way it seems. >> reporter: troopers say the road was wet and may have played a role in the crash. one trooper told go blue ridge dot net several other crashes have happened in that location in the past. a heads up for drivers heading out right now. we have fog in some areas. >> we have dense fog advisories until 10:00 in the mountains and foothills. this is where we are having the
5:46 am
it is really tough to z visibility is less than a mile in some of these areas, so make sure to take it slow and turn on the low beams. it is a dry start to the day right now. however we are tracking the potential for storms later today. we had downpours push through last night that packed a little bit of a punch. we will keep the threat going through tonight, however it will be a dry start to the day. so taking you through futurecast, until lunch time, a mix of sun and clouds, warm and muggy with highs in the upper 70s, close to 80 degrees. the heat and humidity will lead to storms later. by 5:00, starting to see isolated downpours popping up mainly in the mountains the foothills west of the charlotte area. as we head toward 8:00 or 9:00, you'll notice the line of stronger storms developing close to the charlotte area and some of the storms could be on the strong to severe side. so be weather aware later tonight. they don't last long though, they clear out as we head
5:47 am
couple of days ahead of us. our threat trackers, and i showed you this earlier but it bears repeating. our main concerns will be isolated storms, containing heavy rain, can't rule out hail and damaging winds as well, so make sure if you haven't already download our wsoc weather app to sign up for weather alerts there as well. a warm start to the die already. mid to upper 50s to low 60s. you don't have to worry about the coats this morning and it will be warm and muggy again today. your bus stop forecast low as patchy fog, making it tough to see on the roads. then through the afternoon, that is when we'll start to bring back a slight chance for downpours by 4:00 or 5:00. but it is really tonight that will be the biggest threat for some of the storms. your neighborhood forecast for statesville, we will see fog early on. it lifts by 9:00 or 10:00, and through the afternoon, warmer. in the upper 70s. and then the threat for showers and storms as we head through the evening hours.
5:48 am
as much of a rain chance. we stay dry tuesday through thursday and looking at a slight chance for showers later in the week. but with any changes to the forecast, you can track them with our weather app and get your hour by hour forecast as we have some inclement weather on the way for us today. so going through your 5-day forecast, warm and muggy today, that will lead to storms later tonight. clearing overnight, looking at sunshine, low 80s for tuesday and wednesday. a slight chance for showers there for st. patrick's day. and you'll notice looking ahead to next weekend, not quite as warm. this is where we should be this time of year. our average high is 62 degrees and we have been spoiled with 80s lately though. it will feel more seasonable later this week and a little bit of a change. we'll take it though. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. on eyewitness news daybreak. let's get over to traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> great conditions throughout charlotte for the interstates and secondary roads, including
5:49 am
loop out of matthews this morning. 66 miles per hour, heading over toward providence road, just 6 minutes. folks heading out of matthews on independence boulevard, 485 toward 277. closer toward albemarle road. no big slowdowns. as soon as weee any issues. a busy section of i-40 shut down for hours after nearly 100 vehicles crashed. ahead at 6:30, the two factors troopers say contributed to the lie number of wrecks. a virginia man's conviction is overturned because of what his lawyer did during the trial. ahead at 6:15, the similar issues that attorney was punished for in mecklenburg county. today three major presidential candidates will be in north carolina ahead of two
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state's prim
5:53 am
this morning, one person was shot about 45 minutes ago. the shooting happened on rich avenue at north tryon. medic confirms one person was taken to cmc with life- threatening injuries. we have britney johnson on the way there now. we are keeping an eye on this. as we get new details we'll be bringing them to you right here on daybreak. police need your help to find a suspect wanted in two bank robberies in cabarrus county. take a look at the surveillance pictures. you can see the man has sunglasses on in both robberies, but had changed clothes. the robberies happened 10 minutes apart on saturday. the first was at wells fargo on highway 49 south at 10:00 456789 ten minutes later the fifth third bank was robbed on highway 49. anyone with information is asked to call police. starting today, part of an intersection near unc charlotte will close for work on the blue line extension.
5:54 am
boulevard and north tryon streets will shut down this morning at 9:00. the work is expected to last for the next two weeks. fog out there this morning. >> got a lot to talk about today. fog this morning, but later today, we'll see the threat for storms, some of which could be strong to severe. these won't pop up until after sunset. this is when you want to be weather aware. our main threat will be heavy rain embedded in these thunderstorms. can't rule out hail and damaging winds. make sure you are prepared for quickly changing conditions. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's get a look at the morning drive with mark. watching things closely quiet for interstate 77 near uptown and the john belk freeway. southbound flowing freely coming down toward the state line. northbound as well, so if you are heading out of rock hill or fort mill i just checked in with highway patrol there no accidents or stalled vehicles. stephanie? nearly 20 people
5:55 am
crashes on i-40, involving nearly 100 vehicles. ahead at 6:30 the problems one driver said nearly caused her to be involved in the crashes. university officials are busy preparing for it thousands
5:56 am
trump. uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going tobelieve this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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5:58 am
rvice is there are two democratic visionsfor regulating wall says it's okay to take rmillions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sandersand i approve this message. we are starting off in the breaking news center this morning. i'm john paul. in the last 15 minutes there has been a shooting in north charlotte. i want to give you an idea where this happened.
5:59 am
avenue, right near north tryon street. here's what we know at this point. medic is telling us one person was shot, taken to cmc with potentially life-threatening injuries. we have a crew arriving on scene right now, talking with investigators. they are going to have much more on exactly what led up to the shooting and the details they are getting. you can count on us we'll have a live report in the next few minutes. i'm stephanie maxwell. also following a major story for your day ahead. donald trump, hillary clinton and bernie sanders all in the charlotte area for one final campaign push. you can see in these live pictures from lenoir-rhyne university, folks are already lined up to see trump this morning. the security measures to keep supporters and protesters safe aemployed growing tension. first we have meteorologist vicki graf tracking a chance for storms today. >> reporter: in fact the storm prediction center has issued a slight risk for severe storms across the carolinas. that goes through the afternoon.
6:00 am
those storms really won't get here until tonight. as you are heading out, be on the lookout for fog. we have dense fog advisories for the mountains, the foothills north of the charlotte area. that is where it is tough to see right now. also visibility is updated in lancaster, really tough to see. less than a mile. same with shelby, albemarle and concord. fog will be a problem early on and as we go throughout the afternoon, that is when we'll start to see more storms popping up so for your drive, fog in the morning and by 5:00, starting to see scattered showers coming closer to the charlotte area. however i'll take you through futurecast to show you when the best chance for the severe weather will be. first weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's get a look at the morning drive with mark. >> more blue line construction that starts today, more lane restrictions as well. this is happening in the area where we have been seeing it. it has been happening on north tryon, harris boulevard at north tryon, and this morning,


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