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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we will be pinpointing when from the news team covering the carolinas, this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 11. first at 11, charlotte faces a threat of severe weather pushing into our area tomorrow. tonight we're using the city's strongest radar to track the system. i am liz foster. >> i am john hanson. >> our latest computer guidance has this really when you are headed back home tomorrow. more likely after sunset. areas up to the north of spots could be a little bit earlier. our storm prediction center, i think of these guys like the except their focus is severe weather center 9. they paint a bull's- eye on top of charlotte. the timeframe we are looking at
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the latest guidance i am going over now has it later than that. the energy is certainly there for storms. we have got storms develop right now to the east. eastern stanley county over monroe. heavy rain. lightning developing. that will be moving in for our friends in montgomery county. tacking out this line push into a patrick, south carolina, between now and midnight. and then about the rockingham area after 1:00. a storm ways away in missouri. how long we will be dealing with this stormy weather in we come back. we are tracking the storm system overnight and the impact it will have on the start of your work week. watch eyewitness news daybreak tomorrow morning for weather and traffic updates every ten minutes. the charlotte area braces for an influx of candidates with several events tomorrow ahead of
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candidate donald trump will be at lenoir rhyne university days chicago. >> and all new at 11, eyewitness in place for tomorrow's event. >> we are preparing for big crowds. >> reporter: donald trump rallies have attracted of people. so lenoir rhyne university is preparing for a crowd they are not exactly used to. but monday's rally in hickory is still expected to be more intimate than other trump events. it will be a town hall meeting in a facility that holds over 1400 people. but they expect more will show up and are getting ready for all scenarios. >> we have our own university security that has been working with local law enforcement, the hickory police department, of course the secret service. >> reporter: several other agencies will also be helping out. the new land police department, north carolina highway patrol
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after trump canceled a rally in chicago when approaches got violent last week. the university tills us they are confident in the agencies and the public that all whether go well. >> they certainly never want to see anyone hurt or have those kinds of things happen at any event. we certainly don't want them here. but i have every confidence in our community that we will handle this whether you're pro-trump or anti-trump. that you will handle it with grace and be able to have open dialogue, which is what the university really wants to see happen. >> reporter: there is no question the anti-trump voice will be present. plans for peaceful protests are circling facebook, which some north carolinans tell me they hope will be allowed. >> he has a right to come, but i also have a right to protest. >> reporter: as for concerns from the community after violence at recent trump rallies, we got mixed reaction. >> no. none in hickory. >> i am not concerned. >> i wish he wouldn't come because of all the violence everywhere he seem to go. >> we reached out to trump's
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changes in security. they said guests should limit personal items and arrive early. both democratic candidates for president will be in charlotte tomorrow. >> bernie sanders will be in university city. hillary clinton will hold an event just outside uptown. and new at 11, eyewitness news reporter dashon brown learned more. >> reporter: volunteers have been working overdrive. decision time is almost here. >> the tempo has picked up. >> reporter: two days shy of the state primary, supporters for democratic candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton made their final push for support by phone. >> we are making 10,000 phone calls every day.
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>> we would canvass, you know, one day a week the weekend. now every day. >> reporter: both candidates are tops? the queen city monday with near uptown and sanders at the pnc music pavilion in university city. we will checked and they say security for both events will be up to each campaign. online, the sanders campaign urged supporters to leave their bags, signs, sharp objects, and weapons and bring only what's needed, like cell phones and keys. supporters i spoke with told me they have been working non-stop for weeks to make this moment all about the message. >> she's not a perfect candidate for everyone. for me, she is. >> once people understand what bernie's about, they will vote for him. >> reporter: bernie sanders will be the first to rally in charlotte. doors open at the pnc music pavilion al 1:30 afternoon.
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grady cole center and doors at 7:15. reporting live, deshawn brown, >> thanks. we reached tout cmp about its security plans for tomorrow. we have not heard back. venues. neither have responded. channel 9 will have crews covering all of tomorrow's big events on our complete coverage ahead of tuesday's primary in north carolina. breaking news. a police officer shot in what's being called an unprovoked attack in maryland has died. right now police say they have two suspects in custody. authorities say 29-year-old officer jakai coulson and one other person were shot in landover. that's a suburb of d.c. it was around 4:30 this afternoon. that second victim is in stable condition tonight. the department said coulson was a four-year veteran. more breaking news tonight. highway patrol is investigating what caused a series of car
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there were nine accidents on i-40 tonight. the first at 5:45. 21 people were taken to the hospital. the interstate was shut down causing those major backups you see. it's expected to reopen any minute. tonight a family is mourning the death of a 16-year-old boy killed in this horrific accident in watauga county. earlier today, i spoke to a witness who saw the crash happened and called 911. >> i am guessing he just lost control of his car. >> our partners at go blueridge dot-net sent us these pictures from the scene. authorities say the car went off mass gap road and down an embankment this afternoon. that witness, jeff crow, saw the teen swerve into oncoming traffic before the car flipped and hit a tree. the teenager died. his 12-year-old brother who was in the car survived. crow told us he saw first responders pull the -- put the
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try to get the 16-year-old out of the car. >> we found out that he lost his life, and it was wow, you know. it was a matter of moments, basically, the way it seemed. >> troopers say the road was wet and may have played a role in the crash, but they are still investigating. new developments tonight. just in the last three hours police in hickory say they arrest manned accused of shooting a woman early this morning. madison merola is charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. police say they found helen balmer suffering from a gunshot wound. authorities say merola confronted balmer and another man and shot balmer. she is in critical condition. merola is in jail without bond. the case of a former south carolina trooper accused of shooting an unarmed man in
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the confrontation drew national attention. groubert is charged with assault and battery for firing shots at jones after pulling him over for not wearing his seatbelt. the newspaper reports prosecutors could call up the case as soon as tomorrow. new at 11 a york teen says he was beaten and robbed by a group of masked men. our partners at "the herald" report the 18-year-old was walking near congress and blackburn streets around three yesterday morning when a car with five or six masked men pulled open. they reportedly took the victim eights bag, cash, and a bank card. he says they hit him in the face and kicked him in the ribs. he was taken to the hospital. we are asking police they have any suspects after shots were fired outside this east charlotte burger king in the middle day. police responded on albemarle road this afternoon. officers told us that people involved scattered by the time they got there.
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troubling. >> it makes you feel very uncomfortable because it's daylight and we supposed to be safe. >> no injuries were reported. new developments tonight. officials in turkey said they believe kurdish militants carried out a suicide bombing today that killed 34 people and injured more than 100 others. turkey's interior minister confirmed a car bomb targeted people at a bus stop. it happened in the country's capital city. the blast comes three weeks after a suicide car bomb killed 29 people? west africa, 16 people are dead and six attackers killed after authorities say they opened fire on beachgoers in ivory coast. the government says six armed men staged attacks on three hotels in a resort town there. al-qaeda has claimed responsibility. a judge has thrown out a man's 30-year prison sentence
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attorney slept during the trial. that attorney was this former north carolina lawmaker nick mackey. the appellant judge in virginia overturned the case friday citing testimony from other attorneys and jurors, one who said mackey slept frequently almost every day, morning and evening, for 30 minutes at least. the suspect was serving time in prison on drug and prostitution charges. mackey ran for mecklenburg county sheriff in 2007. he won the race, but the decision was overturned by the state democratic party. he also pleaded guilty to a contempt of court charge after failing to show up for a client's trial in 2007. i called the number listed for mackey's law office today but did not hear back. new tonight police in winston-salem say they found the body after man who served nearly 20 years in prison before dna evidence cleared him. police say they found the body of darrell hunt inside a vehicle this morning. a silver alert was issued
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he suffered from a medical condition. in 1984, hunt was wrongly convicted of rape and murder that dna results exonerated him. right now tracking a powerful thunderstorm in chester county. lightning strikes starting to build up near the town of chester. will be pinpointing where severe weather could be coming up right after the break. looking ahead head to major changes in the cms student assignment process. the action one town says it may take tomorrow that could impact tons of students. two days before the north carolina primary, bernie sanders
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in just the last hour the democratic candidates for president wrapped up a town hall. >> it's two days before voters in five crucial states, including north carolina, hit the polls for the primary. tonight bernie sanders and hillary clinton answered questions from moderators and voters at ohio state university in columbus. the topics range from trade and the economy to police brutality and the country's prison system. >> my department of justice will investigate every killing of an american held in police custody or killed while being apprehended.
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is really at work inside the criminal justice system. >> again, north carolina is one of five states with primaries this tuesday. the others are florida, illinois, missouri, and ohio. happening tomorrow matthews town council could vote on a resolution to split from the charlotte-mecklenburg school district. this all comes while the school board considers changing student assignment. mint hill is also considering a similar resolution. many town leaders say the district's proposal that could move thousands of students to different schools is creating a lack of stability and predictability for parents. leaders in huntersville, cornelius, and davidson all voted and passed a similar resident floorings student assignment just last week. those three resolutions asked cms leaders to make sure every student has a seat in their neighborhood schools. lake norman's chamber of commerce also sent a letter to the school board requesting the same. more than 27,000 people responded to a student
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and this week leaders released the results. 80% of those surveyed said school staffing is most important to them. 75% said school environment. 67% said location and how close schools are to home. matthews board of commissioners meets tomorrow night at 6:30 at the town hall. tonight loved ones gathered to remember a woman hit and killed while trying to cross a busy east charlotte intersection this week. you can see those there tonight wearing white and holding candles in honor of kameka collins. police say collins ran into sugar creek road on wednesday. police say the driver tried to avoid her. starting tomorrow part of an intersection near unc charlotte will close for work on the links blue line extension. transportation officials say a portion of jw clay boulevard at at 9:00. the work is expected to last
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next two weeks. after rain today, now a threat for storms tomorrow. >> it looks like the latest guidance we have been checking is going to paint it later on, on your monday, probably around sunset for a lot of the charlotte area monday night. any storm that does develop could be strong to severe. first things first. a powerful storm over the area right now. look what's emerged in chester county on the city's east side. a powerful storm here. lightning strikes and rain rates at an inch an our or so. gusty winds out ahead of it floating into richburg at 45 miles per hour. while the storm goes up in union county, north carolina, moderate rain. it's weakened a little bit. still coming down in the norwood side and antville in anton county. putting a track on this, chesterfield county needs to be ready for this. ruby pageland probably not.
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northside of jefferson, north carolina. s you go down to gaston county, rainfall out there south of belmont. for all intents and purposes, we are winding things down. i think tomorrow morning when you get ready for work there is not going to be a lot of issues out there other than the later sunrise. you know, sunrise at 7:30. might be tough for a monday. it's going to be cloudy outside at 57 to start things out. mostly cloudy skies for a lot of the day. muggy, but not wet for most of it. 78 at 4:00. there is not a whole lot happening in charlotte. after that we are going to be tracking the activity. you need the wsoctv weather app because we will provide updates of weather that could occur. guidance that we have coming in for our monday. 2:00, 3:00 very quiet in charlotte. here's the line starting to emerge. so it's late. 6:00 showers, storms up across
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look how they jet out into charlotte and lake norman about 9:00 or so. huntersville, cornelius, rock hill, chester again. any storm that develops with that kind of environment and the weather maker helping things along could see lightning strikes for sure, but maybe even some strong wind gusts over 60 miles an hour. best places for this still charlotte points to the north. boone showers and thunderstorms in your neighborhood forecast. and certainly up across concord we see that threat. but again i think it's going to be a little later for you. in south carolina, we will look for that possibility. but until that storm develops, warmed and muggy. high of around 80. in between the stormy weather you might get some great video or images of these rainbows that we had up in shelby. great pictures sent to our website. should one happen in your neighborhood, send it our way. we will get it on the air. here is your five-day forecast. settles down for primary day on
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talk about a return to normalcy. quieter, cooler weather. the weekend only at 60. better more typical this time of year. >> we just have to get through tomorrow, and then it's going to be nice and warm. unseasonallably warm? >> right, for a few days. it's ncaa selection sunday. see where north carolina and duke will be heading to play in the ncaa tournament.
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like they got time to put on your dancing shoes. announced earlier today. north carolina earp a one seed in this year's tournament. the tar heels capped off fantastic season beating virginia late last night in the game. carolina is a one seed in the philadelphia regional with their sights set on making to the final four for a 19th time in program history. the last time unc won a title was 2009. check out roy williams having fun with the team last night. celebrating that big win. it's a record 15th number one seed for carolina. they will play in raleigh thursday night. tar heels roach roy williams says he is confident his team can make a deep run. >> we are a well rounded basketball team. we pass the ball, defend, rebound the ball. we are good on the backboards. it's a basketball team that we, as coaches, have appreciated and pushed and pushed and pushed.
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do this week, too. >> the duke blue devils have their work cut out for them. they will be the four seed battling unc wilmington. the game is on thursday in providence. big south winners unc ashville play villanova friday in brookshire. they receive an automatic bid with a win over winthrop. unc ashville is in the south region. the one seed in that region overall is kansas. well, it may not be the ncaa tournament, but the davison wildcats accept a bid to play in the nit tournament. the wildcats are the five seed and will play four seed florida state in the first round on tuesday night at seven. it's davidson's seventh appears in the nit. one team that felt like they got snubbed is south carolina. the gamecocks fell 21 wins -- he felt 21 wins was enough. fans definitely not impressed once they found out they were not dancing. heartbroken over not making the tourney.
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plays in the nit tournament. first appearance since 2009. >> all i can do is worry about our program, our team, our players. i can't ask our guys to have done more than what they did three years into our program. you set a school record for wins and it's history in the regular season. disappointing, but, you know, what can we do? >> the charlotte hornets eighth straight win tomorrow night.
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every day, for life. arguably, hottest team in the nba, the charlotte hornets marked the strongest lead in the league. >> charlotte is three wins away from tying the franchise record for most consecutive wins since the 1998 season. they beat a team that had their number the past ten games.
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rockets last night 125-109 snapping the ten game losing skid to houston. kemba walker 45 points. charlotte has won 13 of their last 15 games. head coach steve clifford says it's no surprise how well his team has been playing. >> i believe that we have a way to play that fits for the playoffs. we have a way that we practice. we have a way we do shootaround so you never want to get to the end of the year and have to change anything. >> preservation. it's what you do leading up to the games. guys work hard, man, each and every day to make shots. when guys get the opportunity to shoot, they are making plays. >> the coaching staff, the players, we focus on the task at hand. everybody puts everything into it. >> the mavericks have lost five straight. the nascar boys turn in
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kyle busch won the xfinity race on saturday and looked to be in the hunt for another win. today a driver with a winning history in phoenix that hung on for the win. this one so good we got to go to the finish. in overtime on the final lap kevin harvick battling carl edwards. harvick holding on to the first two turns but finds himself in trouble. edwards hot on his track. gives the 4 car a bump. almost wiping them both out. harvick giving a nudge of his own before the finish line. harvick hangs on by one-hundrethses of a second for a win. >> i got up too high and wasn't able to stay on the bottom like i wanted to. then he got into me, like he should have. once i got to -- i knew i needed to get a good run off the corner and i was going to have to get in his door and it worked out just barely. >> back and forth in nascar. that's kind of like how you guys speed out of here after the show. > [ laughter ]
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a look at your five-day make sure you have the wsoctv weather app. download it and ready to go tomorrow. >> everything tomorrow is fine. it's after 6:00 showers and storms, some could be strong severe. meteorologist vicki graf is with you tomorrow morning with the latest futurecast. we will be tracking the storms via facebook and twitter as well. should be quieter the rest of the week. >> all right. thanks, john. that's eyewitness news 11:00. >> thanks for making channel 9 your choice for these creamery shakes are so rich and creamy.finally a shake foran aficionado like myself. you're a shake aficionado? not a shake aficionado. the shake aficionado. handcrafted, slow-churned creamery shakes are here.
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here. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of goingto college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will bea birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an americawhere after a lifetime of labor, there is timefor rest and grandchildren.


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